Winter’s Warmth

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The snow lay in a solid sheet of unbroken white as she looked out the window; the strands of her hair golden in the morning’s glow. The sheets fell away from her body as she shifted to look out the window. The warms rays of sun lay greedily on her skin as the blanket and sheets fell away from her breasts, her nipples hard in the cold, still air.

The field of crisp new snow was dazzling, dancing with light as she put swung her legs out of bed and put her bare feet onto the hardwood floor. The wood, with it’s old grain worn smooth by decades of soft foot falls was cold against her feet yet held some dormant warm. She shivered and stretched her body, arching her back she flexed muscle against muscle while turning her closed eyes to the sun.

Stepping away from the bed her hair was a corona of burning gold as the sun ravished her skin. She walked through shadow and sunlight before standing in front of the sink with her palms on cool metal.

The world was so still and silent that the faucet sounded like a waterfall to her ears. She left her glass half filled, better to savor winter’s calm. Raising the glass to her lips she tilted her head back and felt a thin wave of icy water reach her lips, almost burning; she swallowed hungrily.

Lowering the glass from her lips she felt electricity race down the back of her neck. For a single, jeweled instant she was fully aware: eyes open, heart beating fast and strong, breathing even the cold air in deeply. The sound of two knocks against the front door made her blink.

She toyed with the idea of walking up to the front door naked. It was early in the morning, and a Sunday at that. With a light in her eyes she deiced to opt for limited modesty and scooped up a white sheet which was lay in a puddle on her bed. She draped it over her body as she walked towards the front door.

The air that met her skin as she opened the door was bracing, quickened her breath. Framed in sunlight stood a man who she’d seen in town at least a dozen times but never said a word to. Every time she saw him she couldn’t help but notice what deep eyes he had.

He stood before her now and simply smiled without speaking.

The winter sun felt good on her skin, his smile felt good. Her eyes danced with light as she stepped aside.

With a hint of a bow he stepped through the door. When his bursa escort boots touched the floor, although they were caked with snow, there was hardly any sound. The dry crunch of snow withheld itself and he knelt down to remove his boots.

She felt time slow around her as her eyes feasted on details; his fingers working to undo the knots in his laces, watching his shoulders (such broad shoulders), watching the hair which fell in front of his eyes as he knelt before her. She felt as if 1000 years had passed. She let out the breath she had taken when he stepped through the door.

He stepped out of his boots (she watched as the leather clung to his feet almost greedily) and set his feet (thick socks, soft) down on the floor.

She looked at his face and met his eyes. He stood relaxed in front of her, that same easy smile. (that slow fire in his eyes).

She shivered, felt her nipples grow hard against the fabric of the sheet, rough now though it had seemed so smooth before. The air: crisp, cold. She opened her lips and the tip of her tongue traveled across her lips almost involuntarily.

He blinked and she looked away. The house she was staying in was small but cozy, out of the way… her gaze swept the room, four chairs around a table, a couch, and her bed with the sheets still tangled.

She met his eyes again and walked over to the bed. He sat down to her left, gently leaning his head to the side and looking at her face in the sun.

For six heartbeats she thought about excusing herself to get dressed in the bathroom, offering him something hot to drink, putting on music…

She sat down and turner her head to ask him something, anything, to make small talk. And felt his lips brush against her, skin against skin but dry in the winter air. (His breath against her face, his heat, his warmth.) She felt herself shiver. (His lips on hers, his tongue gently against her mouth)

She sighed gently as she opened her mouth to him. Their tongues met and ran over and around each other (his mouth open to hers, her tongue in his mouth his tongue in hers). She let the sheet drop without even noticing.

His fingers played across her skin. Feather light caresses over her stomach, long slow strokes up and down her sides. The full area of the his palm and fingers outstretched, slowly moving up from the small bursa escort of her back.

His fingers traced the curve of her breasts, avoiding her nipples at first but slowly allowing his fingertips to circle.

She broke the kiss and craned her head, arching her back. He began to kiss and lick his way over her body, down her face, nibbling and nuzzling, over her neck and her shoulders.

Her fingers curled into the sheets as he began kissing her left breast. (His lips, his tongue, his teeth) Kneading her right breast and pinching her nipple rhythmically he sucked and licked at her nipple, grazing her skin with his teeth, nibbling with his lips, firm against her.

Without thought she spread her legs, felt the cold air against her pussy and was surprised to find herself practically dripping. He kissed his way over her body and took her other nipple in his mouth. (his hand on her hips, cupping her ass, the lips of her pussy slick and open)

She moaned as he left her nipple, wet with his saliva, in the cold air and then lightly blew across her chest. As he switched back to her other nipple his fingers slowly moved up and down her slit, spreading her pussy lips open and dipping into her lightly, spreading her wetness over her and up to her clit.

As he kissed his way down her body she raised her hips up, felt his hands slide under her ass and hold her up.

He kissed, slowly, down her belly. His tongue grazing her skin randomly. She arched her hips up to his mouth as he slowly but firmly licked up and down her slit, spread her open wider with each long, lingering, lick.

He nuzzled his face against her pussy, letting his nose, his lips, his chin brush lightly over her clit. As he closed his lips around her clit and began to lightly suck he slid one finger inside her. His palm up, he stroked her pussy and felt her gripping his finger tight as her breath began to quicken. (His fingers, his tongue, shivering)

As he slid a second finger into her he began to lick directly around her clit in circles, allow his tongue to rub across her clit and he suckled gently. As he began to pump his fingers in and out of her started to move his tongue over her clit almost roughly, rolling slowly and firmly from side to side and up and down, in quick diagonal strokes and long broad circular bursa eskort licks.

He curled and stroked his fingers deep inside of her pussy, feeling every fold and ridge of her against his skin. With his lips and tongue he push her clit hood so that he could suck and lick directly on her clit. She felt her body shake with wave after wave of warmth as he sucked hard and fast on her clit, licking with quick strokes all the while.

As she cried out she let her body go limp. She was still shivering and felt rather than saw him move around her body. He knelt in front of her, her legs spread wide, her body still convulsing.

She felt the head of his cock between her pussy lips. He did not roll his hips forward, simply looked her in the eyes. She shivered once, and nodded.

In one stroke he was buried totally inside of her. He rolled his hips up, getting as deep into her as possible. Reflexively she wrapped her legs around his body.

His rhythm was almost playful at first, several short strokes followed by one of two deep. He reached out and held her breasts, massaging her as her pussy massaged her cock.

As he began to quicken his pace he bent over her, kissing and biting at her neck, her lips, holding her close as he slammed in an out of her, his cock wet with her juices and cold in the air until he plunged back inside of her.

She bucked her hips up at him, squeezing him with her pussy in rhythmic waves of wet tight friction.

When he reached down to rub her clit with his fingers she stopped moving and simply trembled. Curling her toes and clenching her eyes shut she let out a long low moan. He brushed the hair out of her face and bent to kiss her lips as his body stopped moving against hers, both of them shivering in the sunlight.

With a contented sigh he collapsed on top of her. Feeling her breasts against his chest, hearing her breathing, seeing her face still flushed. He shifted positions and she opened her eyes, gasping for breath even as he did.

They wrapped their bodies around each other as he lay with her, her head between his shoulder and his neck. As they burrowed under the covers and became warm together, they looked into each others eyes.

“It was so quiet this morning, you walked through the snow without making any noise, I didn’t hear you walk up…” her voice trailed off as her finger tips played lazily with his hair.

“The snow here knows me, walking is not a problem. And I was wondering who was going to speak first.”

“Oh?” she asked, languidly.

“Yes. Next time, simply…” His voice trailed off as he kissed her lips.

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