Win a Date with Quinn_(0)

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In the not-too-distant future a law will be passed. I do not really
know all the specifics or exactly why the law makers did this, but do any
of us really know why politicians do anything? To be perfectly honest I do
not really care why they did it, because, to make a long story short, the
outcome of the passing of this law has completely eliminated the `age of
consent’ and has made all child pornography legal. It did not take long
after this law was passed for `kiddy porn’ to move out of basements and
warehouses and become professionally produced at Hollywood studios. The
actors and actresses who perform in the films made at these studios have
become big stars. It is an interesting new world I live in, but if you
enjoyed these types of materials like I do, you would love it as much as

It had been one of those days. You know the ones I am talking about.
All you want is for it to be over, but it just drags on and on and on. It
did help that it was Friday, and the end of a long week working in the
steel mill. When the clock on the wall finally struck 5:00 and my day was
finally over I was very pleased. I hopped into my beat up old Chevy and
drove to my tiny run down house. The first thing I noticed upon opening my
front door and stepping inside was the bright red light blinking on my
answering machine. I set down my work bag and crossed the room to the
table where my phone sat. I was just about to push the button to play back
my waiting message, but decided to check the caller I.D. first. I picked
up the cordless phone and scanned through my missed calls. They were
mostly all 800 numbers. “Bill collectors”, I thought. Then I noticed one
more missed call. This one was from Erin. Erin and I had been seeing each
other for a couple months now. She was a sweet little piece of ass. She
was in her early 20’s, but looked much younger, just the way I liked them.
My mind flashed back to our last date the week before. The farthest I had
ever gotten with her was the heavy petting we did sitting on my couch that
night. With hopes of my message being from her, and the possibility of
picking up where we left off, I pushed the play button on the machine.
First I got very excited, and then my heart sank.

“Hey Joe, it’s Erin. Didn’t want to do this on the phone, but oh well.
It’s over. Bye” was all that the message said. “Fucking fantastic,” I said
out loud, knowing there was no one around to hear me. Suddenly the phone
began to ring in my hand. It startled me for a moment and I push the talk
button to answer the call without thinking. I placed the phone to me ear
and said “Hello” quite a bit louder than I should have. The small voice
that came through the other end of the phone sounded a bit scared, but said
“Umm hello sir. This is Wendy with Gravity National Bank. We are calling
to see if you received the statement in your mail tod-” Click. I was in no
mood to talk to another bill collector today. Best to just hang up before
I went off on the poor girl, I thought. Her mentioning mail, though, did
remind me I should probably check to see what bills I received that day. I
went and opened my mail box, and pulled the stack of contents out. Mostly
bills, just as I assumed. But then I noticed the package at the bottom of
the stack. It was a rectangular shaped box, wrapped in brown paper. I
instantly knew what it was. How could I have forgotten about it? I
immediately got excited.

“Well things are starting to look up,” I said once again to no one. I
threw the rest of the mail on my coffee table and ripped the paper from the
package. Inside was a DVD case. It put a smile on my face as I studied
the cover.

“Girls Next Door” was an innocent enough title, I thought to myself.
But the picture below it is what revealed what this movie was really about.
The man on the left side looking over his fence into his neighbor’s back
yard could have been harmless enough, until you see the girl sunbathing
naked beside her pool, all of 14 years old, that he is starring at. I
could not blame the guy though, the girl was absolutely beautiful.

I quickly pulled open the case, removed the disk, and popped it into my
DVD player. I took my place on the couch, and unzipped my pants. I then
pushed play on my remote and the first scene of the film began to play.

This first scene featured the characters from the cover of the DVD box.
The scene opened with the young girl stripping off her already skimpy
bikini and beginning to rub tanning oil over her body, especially on her
budding breasts. I was instantly hard. I pulled my cock out of my pants
and began to slowly stroke it. As the scene on my television screen
continued, the young girl had finished rubbing oil on herself, and was
laying on her chair on her back. She was wearing sunglasses and nothing
else, and her legs were slightly spread. The camera was giving the viewer
a great view at the girl’s bare pussy between her thighs. The viewer was
not the only one with a great view though. The young girl’s neighbor was
watching her from over the fence that separated their yards. The man was
about my age, in his 30’s, and was also stroking his cock, much like me.

The man began moaning a bit too loudly though, and the young girl
realized he was there. Instead of freaking out on the man, she got excited
and invited the man over. Soon the man and his young neighbor were fucking
on her chair next to the pool. Just as the man was pulling his slippery
cock out of the girl’s tight hole and shooting his load over her perky,
budding tits, I too shot my load over my own chest.

Before the next scene of the film could start I stopped the DVD. I
needed to get myself cleaned up a little after my day at work, and I was
also pretty hungry. So I went and got a quick shower. I threw on a pair
of gym shorts and a t-shirt and walked to the kitchen to fix something to
eat. I was very excited about the rest of the evening would bring, so I
tried to quickly scarf down my food, but I was only about half done with my
sandwich when I started to get hard. Just thinking about the scene I had
already watched, and imagining the scenes still to come was getting me very

After finishing my food, I went back into the living room and prepared
myself to watch the rest of the film. I carried a towel with me and sat
down on the couch, ready for a nice long evening. I pushed play on the
remote and the second scene started.

It was several hours, and numerous jack offs, later when the movie
ultimately came to its end. It was by far one of the greatest movies I had
seen, and I had seen quite a few from this particular studio. I knew
images from this film would be dancing through my head for a long time to
come, but it was getting late and the weight of the day was starting to
press upon me. I got up off the couch and went to take the DVD out of the
player. When I opened the case to snap the disk back into its place, I
noticed there was a piece of paper slid behind the clips on the inside of
the cover. I did not pay any attention to it, however. I was very tired
and just shut the case, set it on the table, and went to bed.

I was very happy the following day was Saturday. I needed a day to just
sit around and do nothing. All through the night and into that morning,
one particular scene from my new movie kept going through my head. This
special scene was the reason I choose the video to order in the first
place. After watching all the scenes on the DVD it was by far the best. It
was the scene that featured Quinn.

It had been years since I discovered the company and the videos they
produced, but from that very first video I feel in love with the little
star named Quinn. She was around 10 or 11 years old then, and had grown
into an absolutely beautiful 13 or 14 year old now. Quinn had light brown
hair with blonde streaks that hung down a little past her shoulders. She
was thin and fit and had long slender legs and the nicest small budding
breasts. Quinn had the most adorable face with her slightly up turned nose
and full, pouty lips. It was Quinn’s eyes, though, that I feel for. The
way she would look into the camera with those cool gray sparkly eyes made
it feel as though she was looking right at me and it was me that she was
making love to.

And that is exactly what I imagined, or what I intended to. I got
myself out of bed and went directly to my living room on a mission to put
my new movie in and watch the scene featuring Quinn while I jacked off
imagining it was me she was with. I may have been a bit too eager though,
because as I pulled open the case with much more force than required the
case fell from my hands and the contents spilled out. I bent to pick up
the case and the disk, and only then did I notice the slip of paper which
had also been in the case all along.

I picked up the paper and turned it over, looking for the first time at
the image on the front. I nearly exploded in my pants at the sight.
There, looking back at me, with those eyes that looked directly into me,
was the object of my affection, Quinn. The image was incredibly erotic,
while not even being nude. The pose Quinn had, along with the clothes she
wore, would have given anyone a thrill. It took a great deal of will
power, but I did finally pull my focus away from the image to read the
headline at the top of the page.

“Win a Date with Quinn!!” it read.

I nearly fainted.

I could not believe what I had just read. In fact I had to read it
three more times to make sure I really understood it correctly. I read the
entire card. It seemed all I had to do was fill out my personal
information on the bottom half and mail it back to the studio. It was a
“luck of the draw” sort of thing. I knew that if it was based on luck, I
really had no chance, based on the luck I had recently, but I wasted
absolutely no time. I immediately filled out the card, threw it in an
envelope and put it in my mail box. I raised the red flag on the right
side of the box to indicate to the mail carrier I had outgoing mail.

My mind was racing with the dreams and fantasies of what a date with
Quinn would be. I knew it was a one in a million shot, so I knew it would
probably never happen, but it would not hurt anything to imagine would it?
I popped the disk back into my DVD player and went directly to the scene
featuring Quinn, and imagined I was the guy she was making love to with a
renewed vigor, knowing there was a very slim, but still possible chance
that one day it really COULD be me.

The scene with Quinn opened with her walking a small dog through a park.
The camera continually changed, giving us many views of her from all sides,
allowing the viewer to get great views of her face, body, legs, and of
course her fantastic butt. Quinn is wearing a tank top and very short,
very tight shorts. We then see a man jog by Quinn going the opposite
direction. As he passes her, the man cannot help looking at her. As he
passes, he turns and looks at her from behind. The man stops running, then
as Quinn continues to walk and gets farther away, the man begins running in
her direction. Soon the man catches up to Quinn. He appears to want to
say something to her, but stops himself and runs past her.

The man gets a few yards in front of Quinn when we hear her begin to
call for him. He turns and we see her dog has somehow gotten away and
running toward him. Quinn is yelling, asking him to catch her dog. The
dog runs up to the man who grabs the dogs leash and holds it till Quinn
comes running up. Quinn thanks the man with a twinkle in her eye. Quinn
and the man begin to chat. Needless to say one thing led to another, and
before long Quinn and the man are on a blanket together naked. As the man
thrust himself in and out of Quinn’s sexy naked body I could not help but
think, “what happened to the dog?” Then I realized what a foolish thought
that was as I was stroking myself, imagining being with Quinn myself.

As the mas in the video pulled his cock out of Quinn and began to shoot
his cum onto her sweet young face, I too began to cum, squirting my seed
onto my towel. “One day,” I said to myself, “one day that’ll be me, my
dear Quinn.”


Weeks had gone by since the weekend I first received the video and sent
out my entry form for the contest. During that time, things had gone from
bad to worse. Work was terrible, and my love life was non-existent. I
still watched my video over and over again. I had just about every moments
of it memorized, and of course the scene with Quinn was still my favorite.
I had, however, just about forgotten all about the contest.

Then one day, when I was feeling especially down on my luck, I came home
from work to several new letters and messages from creditors wanting money.
It seriously upset me, but it was not anything new. I got myself cleaned
up, and was just getting ready to fix myself something for another lonely

Suddenly, my door rang. My immediate thought was that coming to my door
was a new tactic for the creditors. I went and looked out of the window in
my front door, to see who was knocking. To say I was shocked by what I saw
would have been a huge understatement. I nearly fainted. I think I had a
mild heart attack. I quickly threw open the door, and standing there in
front of me was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen.

Quinn stood there with a wide smile on her face. She was wearing a
short skirt and a button up pink blouse. As our eyes met, she looked at me
with those wonderful eyes, just like I had seen her do in several videos
and pictures. Only now, she was ACUTALLY looking at me for the first time.

I was speechless, but like music to my ears, Quinn spoke to me.

“Hi!” she said, sounding very excited. “Are you Joseph Reeves?

“Yeah, I is, I mean Yes I am, I’m Joe,” I stumbled all over my own words
trying to answer her.

“Well, congratulations!” Quinn said, “You’ve won a date with me!” She
extended her hand to me. I took it and shook her hand, making actual skin
to skin contact with the girl I had fantasized about more times than I
could remember.

Suddenly, two men dressed in business attire walked up behind Quinn.
Maybe they had been there the whole time and I was blind to everything
except Quinn, or maybe they had just arrived on the scene, but this was the
first time I noticed them. They introduced themselves as a producer for
the company, and Quinn’s manager. It was difficult to pull my attention
away from Quinn, but I finally did and invited them all into my house so we
could talk.

I offered them all drinks. The two adult men politely said no, but
Quinn said yes, asking for a glass of milk, “Chocolate if you have it,” she
added. Thankfully I had a weakness for ice cream, and kept a ready supply
of chocolate syrup in the house. I went to fetch my future date’s drink
and brought it to her in the living room. I was walking on cloud 9, the
glass was shaking in my hand as I handed it to her. I could not believe
this was actually happening.

The four of us sat in my living room. Quinn sat on my couch along with
her manager. The producer sat on a chair next to the couch while I took
the chair opposite the couch. I could not take my eyes off Quinn, even as
the men began to talk.

“Okay, Mr. Reeves,” the producer began “as Quinn said, you are the
lucky winner of our ‘Win a Date’ contest. And as such you entitled to take
Quinn here on a date.”

I was so excited I could hardly contain myself. I still found it hard
to take my eyes off the little angel sitting across from me. Quinn sat in
a playful manner, leaning back with her legs uncrossed, but close enough
together to not allow me to see up her cute little skirt. I know I had
seen up that skirt several times on film, but I desperately wanted to see
it with my own eyes. Quinn was looking all around my house, taking
everything in. She looked to the men as they talked, and occasionally our
eyes met. When my eyes met Quinn’s she would give me the most beautiful
smile I had ever seen.

The producer continued, “So the specifics have been set up for the date,
Quinn will arrive here this Saturday at 7:00 pm. The two of you will be
taken to dinner, then to a club for some dancing.”

Then the manager began talking, “This date, Mr. Reeves, Joe if I may,
is specifically dinner and dancing, NOTHING more, unless initiated by

“And there will be one camera man to follow you throughout the night,
and others stationed at each stop of the night to film” the producer added.

This last statement caught me by surprise, and drew my attention away
from Quinn for the first time. “Camera?” I asked. “Film? Film what?”

The two men looked at each other a bit confused. Then the producer
said, looking back at me, “To film the date. You did realize the date was
to be filmed, did you not?”

“Well I, um, no I guess I didn’t” I said.

“So you didn’t read the terms on the back of the entry form?” asked the

“Um no” I said, realizing I had gotten so excited by the entry form, I
did not take the time to read all of the rules in tiny type on the back of
the card.

“So is filming the date a problem?” the producer asked.

I was a little confused as to why they wanted to film the date, and
honestly a little nervous about it, but I looked back toward Quinn and our
eyes met again. She gave me another smile and I realized that I would do
absolutely anything to spend more time with her. “No, it’s perfectly
alright to film it,” I said.

“Okay, good,” the producer said. “Now then, if you’ll just sign this
release agreement.” He pulled a piece of paper from the brief case he
carried and handed it to me along with a pen.

I took the items from the man and looked at them. I began to read, but
then once again, Quinn caught my eye, and that smile, ohh that smile. I
signed the papers without even reading. I did not know what I was signing,
possibly signing my life away, but it would have been well worth it for a
date with this beautiful young girl.

After I signed the paper the men got up. Quinn joined them and they
started toward the door. I stood up to walk them to the door. Quinn
handed me her now empty glass. “Thanks for the milk Joe,” she said. “I
can’t wait for our date.” she added, giving me that smile one last time
that day.

“Me neither,” I said. I wanted to say so much more to her, but I could
not find my words. I felt like a little school boy.

They all said their goodbyes, and they went out the door. But then the
producer turned back to me. He pulled an envelope from his coat pocket and
handed it to me. I opened it to find several large bills inside.

“Get yourself something nice to wear and get yourself cleaned up,” he

“Um thanks,” I said. I thought I looked okay, and I thought I had nice
enough clothes, but what the hell did I know? For a date with Quinn, it
would be worth it. I knew the worst part would be waiting till that


It seemed like it took forever, but finally it was Saturday. I woke up
that morning very anxious. I did not sleep very well the night before. I
was up all night thinking and dreaming about my date with Quinn. I knew
that it would take forever for 7 o’clock to finally come around. I found
myself not being able to sit still or focus on anything. I would pace
around the room, then sit and try to watch TV, then be up walking again in
minutes. I felt an itch in the pit of my stomach all day that made eating
anything impossible.

Finally at about 5:00 I decided to get ready. I shower and shaved. I
had the new clothes I purchased spread out on my bed. I put on my new
pants and slipped into my new shirt. I buttoned it up and then put on my
new Sex hikayeleri tie. I looked at myself in my mirror. I thought I looked good. I
hoped I looked good enough for Quinn and her producers.

Getting dressed may not have been the best decision, because I was now
even more nervous than before. I felt like I was sweating through my
shirt. I ran into the bathroom to put on more deodorant and maybe some more
body spray. Just as I was about to spray I heard a knock.

It was the front door. Quinn was there. She was knocking on my door.
My heart stopped and I froze in place. My dreams were about to come true.

I rushed to the front door and pulled it open. Quinn stood there, the
loveliest sight I had ever seen. She wore a tight red dress that was cut
very short. She looked amazing. She smiled at me and said, “Hi Joe, ready
to go?” A camera man stood behind her, filming.

“Hi Quinn,” I replied. “Yes, I’m ready.” I stepped out and pulled my
front door closed behind me. But then I remembered. How could I have
forgotten? I suppose I was just so damn nervous. I told them I would be
right back, and rushed back into my house. I returned just a couple
seconds later and presented Quinn with the bouquet of roses I had purchased
for her.

“Aww thank you, Joe,” Quinn said. I felt a twinge deep down inside me
every time she said my name. It was like music to my ears. I could not
believe she was actually here with me, talking directly to me.

Quinn and I walked down my sidewalk toward the curb. In front of my
house on the street sat a long black limousine. As we approached the
driver appeared and opened the rear door for us. Quinn climbed inside. As
she bent to climb in, I was treated to a wonderful view of her bottom in
her tight dress. It was so magical.

I climbed in and joined her in the back seat of the limo. The camera
man joined us, sitting across from us, and continuing to film. I sudden
realized he had been filming the whole time. Had he filmed me glaring at
Quinn’s butt as she climbed into the limo? I assume he had, but who could
blame me for looking when there is such a beautiful sight directly in front
of me? Besides, I was on a date with this girl, of course I found her
attractive, so why should I be embarrassed and try to hide it?

The driver got into the front of the limo and we began to pull away. It
would not be a terribly long drive to the restaurant where we would be
having our meal, but there was a long enough time that Quinn and I could
talk. I was so nervous, though, that I really did not know what to say. I
just sat there for a minute or two. I was looking around the limo and out
the window, and then I turned and looked over at Quinn. She noticed me
turn toward her, and she turned to look at me. I still could not believe
how beautiful she was. She smiled at me.

“You look absolutely beautiful,” I told her honestly.

“Thank you, Joe,” she replied, “and thank you for my flowers. They are

“You’re welcome,” I said. I hoped she could not tell how nervous I was.

“Is the restaurant good?” Quinn asked me as we continued down to road.

“I’ve only been here once,” I said, “and that was a little while ago.
It’s a little pricey for me on a regular basis. I remember it being pretty
good, and I hear good things about it all the time.”

“Ohh ok, what kind of food do they have?” Quinn asked.

“Italian,” I answered, “mostly pasta and stuff like that.”

“Ohh good!” Quinn commented, “I LOVE Italian.”

Suddenly the limo stopped moving. We had arrived at the restaurant,
just when Quinn and I were beginning to open up and have a conversation.
But we still had dinner, plus dancing later, so we still had plenty of
time. However, as I climbed out of the back of the limo and helped Quinn
out, and she gave me another of those smiles and said “Thank you, Joe” I
knew that the amount of time we had would never be enough for me to spend
with her. I just had to make the most of the little time I did have left.

We entered the restaurant, followed by the camera man. The host at the
front greeted us by name, obviously well aware of our coming. We were led
to a small side room of the restaurant which was empty. We were sat at a
table set with candles and the entire room was lit with low lighting,
creating a very romantic atmosphere. On either side of the table sat video
cameras on tri-pods, set to record each of us head on during our meal.

I pulled a chair out for Quinn to sit in, trying to be as gentlemanly as
possible. She thanked me and sat, and I took the chair opposite her across
the table. A waiter then appeared, delivering menus and filling water
glasses for the two of us. Quinn and I scanned the menus in silence as I
secretly kicked myself for losing the moments of conversation we began in
the limo. It seemed we had fallen back into a mode of silence.

“I think I’m going to get the ravioli,” Quinn finally said.

“I’m going to have the alfredo,” I said.

“Mmmm that sounds good too,” Quinn replied. “Ohh I can’t decide. It
all looks so good,” she added then giggled.

“Well get both,” I joked.

“Noo then I’ll look like a pig,” Quinn laughed. She had such a cute
laugh. Of course she did, what wasn’t cute about her.

“Okay, then I’ll get the alfredo and you can share it with me,” I said.

“Mmm good idea!” Quinn said.

The waiter came round and took our order, and thankfully my conversation
with Quinn continued. We got to know each other, me telling her about my
job and her telling me about her family. I learned she lived with her
parents whom also worked for the production company. Quinn’s father was an
editor and her mother a writer. And I learned that she had grown up around
the company, filming her first movie when she was 10. We really did not
talk that much about her career in the movies though. It seemed that once
we popped the cork on our conversation the talk just kept flowing. We
talked about anything and everything. We talked about music and movies.
We talked about things we liked and did not like. We talked about sports
and we even touched on politics. The more we talked, the more I liked
Quinn. I found that as the night went on I started looking at her less and
less as a porn princess, and more as just a regular girl, like any girl off
the playground.

I was still very nervous during the whole meal though, and I noticed
something a little strange about Quinn’s behavior as well. I did not know
her well enough to put my finger on it, but I could tell there was
something she seemed to be holding back from me. That being said, I was
having the time of my life.

When dinner finally wound to a close, Quinn and I departed. We climbed
into the back of our waiting limo, ready to continue the date at a night
club across town. We rode in silence for a few moments. I knew it was
bold of me, but I decided to take a risk. I noticed Quinn’s hand resting
on the bench seat next to me, and deliberately laid mine on top of it.
Quinn allowed it to sit there for a moment, but then seemed to realize what
I was doing and pulled her hand away.

“I’m sorry,” I said, feeling like a total idiot.

“Oh, no, it’s ok,” Quinn said. “It’s just… um…”

“What Quinn?” I asked.

“Nothing,” Quinn said, turning and looking out her window.

“No, tell me,” I said, resting my hand on her thigh. I knew this was a
once in a life time opportunity for me, and I did not want to let it go.
“Is there something wrong? You’ve seemed a little bit off all night.”

“I don’t know,” she said. “I guess I’m just nervous.”

“You’re nervous?” I said. I was a bit stunned. “I’m the one on a date
with a beautiful celebrity. I’m sure you do this sort of thing all the
time. I’m the one who’s nervous.”

Quinn turned back toward me and said, “No, I don’t.”

“You don’t what?” I asked, our eyes meeting.

“I don’t do this all the time,” she said bluntly. “This is my first

“Your first what?” I asked.

“This is my first date,” Quinn said, starting look away.

I reached out and placed my hand on the side of her face, pulling it
back toward me, our eyes meeting again. “I’m sorry Quinn,” I said. “I
just… I just assumed.”

“Everyone does,” she said, looking sullen. “That’s why I never meet
anyone. They all assume I’m either always in a relationship or that I’m
too much of a slut to date.”

“Oh Quinn, I don’t think that,” I tried to tell her, but I do not think
she was listening.

Quinn continued, “I’d just like to meet a normal guy who likes me for

“Quinn, look,” I said, “I’ll admit when this night started I might have
thought those things, but then I got to know the real Quinn, not the movie
star, and I’m… I’m falling for that girl, for the regular girl.”

“You’re falling for me?” Quinn asked.

“Yes, I am,” I replied. “I’ve never felt this way before.” I leaned
forward, and so did Quinn. We were within inches of each other. I could
feel Quinn’s warm breath on me, and I’m sure she could feel mine. I
finally took the plunge and our lips met. We kissed lightly at first, but
then I felt Quinn’s mouth open. I opened mine as well, and our tongues
met. We continued to make out in the back of the limo until the car finally
stopped in front of the night club.

We were let out of the limo and walked toward the front door of the club
hand in hand. There was a fairly long line of people standing in front of
the club, waiting to get in. Quinn and I, however, were led directly to
the front of the line where the bouncer quickly let us slip directly into
the club. I could not help but notice the looks on the faces of some of
the people waiting in line as we passed. Each one showed a look of pure
jealousy. I could not help but wonder how many of those looks were simply
because we were skipping the line, and how many were because of beautiful
young girl on my arm.

Once inside the club, I was a little disappointed by the volume of the
music. I knew that this portion of the evening was supposed to be
dedicated to dancing, thus the loud music was necessary, but I could not
help but be a little bummed that the conversation with Quinn would be all
but impossible in the club.

We were led through the club toward the back. In the back corner of the
club was a VIP area where a large muscular bouncer stood at the entrance.
Upon seeing us, he stepped to the side and allowed us to enter. In the VIP
area there was a short couch, and a stylish table. Quinn walked around the
table and sat on the couch. I followed and sat next to her. The music was
a bit softer in the VIP area, which I was thankful for. Suddenly a
waitress appeared and asked if we would like drinks. I ordered a rum and
cola, and Quinn ordered a ginger ale.

Quinn and I sat next to each other on the small couch and I put my arm
around her waist. Quinn leaned into me and rested her head on my shoulder.
I attempted to pick up the conversation we were having earlier.

“I don’t come to these kinds of places very often,” I said.

Quinn lifted her head and looked at me. “What?” she said, obviously not
able to hear me over the noise.

“Never mind,” I said. Quinn probably read my lips more than heard me.
The waitress returned with our drinks and we both took quick sips of our
drinks. My drink my very strong, stronger than I had hoped. I did not
want anything to affect my memory of this evening.

I continued to have my arm around Quinn’s back and began to move it up
and down her spine. Quinn looked at me and smiled. Then she slowly began
to lean toward me. I likewise leaned toward her, and our lips met again.
We continued kissing the way we had in the back of the limo. I decided
that this was better than talking anyway.

After a minute of two of making out, Quinn broke our kiss and stood up.
She held her hand out to me and said, or rather mouthed, “Let’s dance.”

I took her hand and got to my feet. Quinn continued to hold my hand and
led me out of the VIP area and onto the dance floor. Quinn began moving to
the rhythmic pulse of the music. I knew that I was by no means a good
dancer, but I did know how to find the beat and move to it, which is
exactly what I did. Quinn continued to dance, and before long she was very
close to me, our bodies rubbing together as we danced.

Quinn looked even sexier as she moved her hips to the music, her entire
body moving to the beat. As I felt her body press against mine, I felt
something else begin to move. For a split second I tried to think of a way
to hide it, but hiding it would not be possible with the way Quinn pressed
herself against me. That second quickly passed though, and I decided I did
not want to hide my erection from her. I wanted Quinn to feel it, and to
know just how she was making me feel.

I know she felt it. She had to feel it. But if she did, she did not
seem to have a reaction. She just continued to dance, and press her body
to mine. For my part I had wrapped my arms around her and was pulling her
toward me. My hands were continually moving while we danced, but I made
sure they found the gentle curves of her butt several times as we danced.

At one point Quinn turned around as we danced and pressed her back
against me, her butt rubbing up and down my stiff cock. It felt amazing.
As we danced in this new position my hands continued to wonder, now on her
front. I started with my hands on her sides and her hips, but soon they
moved around to the front. I was feeling rather adventurous, getting
caught up in the music, and our bodies pressing together, so my hand slowly
moved toward her chest. I just barely touched the side of her perky young
breast when the music in the club stopped.

We stopped moving, and Quinn stepped away, our bodies no longer pressed
against each other. I looked around and noticed there were hardly any
people left in the club. I looked at my watch and realized we had been
dancing for hours. The club was closing down for the night. I was
extremely sad, knowing that my night with Quinn was coming to an end.
Quinn and I began moving toward the exit, neither of us saying a word. I
was in a surreal place, having just had the time of my life with a girl I
was really falling for, but knowing it was over and I would never see her
again. I thought maybe it was just wishful thinking, but I swear Quinn had
the exact same look on her face. We exited the club, our arms wrapped
around each other’s, and the limo was sitting at the curb in front of the
club. The door to the limo was opened for us by the driver. Quinn started
to get into the limo, then suddenly stopped and turned around to face me.
She wrapped her arms around me and clung to my chest “Are you ok Quinn?” I

“I don’t want the night to be over,” Quinn answered. Then she looked up
into my eyes and asked “Will you come back to my room with me?” She looked
up at me with a slightly scared look on her face, almost as though she was
afraid I would say no.

“I’d love to Quinn” I said.

“REALLY!?” Quinn said, suddenly very excited.

“Oh yes,” I replied. “I don’t want this night to end either. I don’t
ever want this night to end.” And then we kissed. We wrapped our arms
around each other and rubbed our bodies together.

Somehow we made it into the back seat, and somehow the driver knew to
take us to the hotel Quinn was staying at. But neither of us knew how, we
were too busy kissing the entire time. In fact, I’m not even sure how we
made it upstairs to her room. The next thing I clearly remember is the
door to the room opening and us stepping inside. We entered and I went to
shut the door behind us, almost shutting it on the camera man. I had
gotten so wrapped up in the date with Quinn I completely forgot we were
being filmed the entire time.

I let the camera man in, and shut the door behind him. I turned back to
Quinn, and again shut the camera man out of my mind. At that moment the
only thing that mattered was Quinn and me. I did not care that there was
another person there, and I did not care that the events of that evening
might eventually be seen by thousands of people.

As I turned back I watched as Quinn stepped out of her shoes. She then
walked up to me in her bare feet. It was at this moment, now that Quinn
was not standing on her high heel shoes, that I realized the height
difference between the two of us. It made me think about the fact that
Quinn was still such a young, beautiful girl. I was walking on cloud nine
by just being with this wonderful girl, and things were just getting
started because as Quinn stepped up to me she reached up and gently
loosened my tie, then took it off of me.

My heart felt as if it was about to beat right of my chest, and my cock
had been raging hard since we walked into the room. Quinn and I looked
into each other eyes, not saying a word. After removing my tie and
throwing it to the floor, Quinn began to unbutton the buttons running down
the front of my shirt. When she finished and my shirt was opened revealing
my bare chest, Quinn began to run her hands on my bare skin. I was so very
excited for where this was all going.

I was not sure what to do next, but an idea popped into my head and I
just went with it. I grabbed Quinn, lifting her into my arms. With a yelp
of glee from her I carried her to the bed and laid her down. I then
climbed into the bed next to her, her laying on her back, me on my side.

On the bed the kissing continued. My hands began roaming over Quinn’s
body, and her hands began moving over my bare chest. Her hands felt so
warm and soft against my skin. It was incredible. My hand brushed the
underside of Quinn’s budding breast. Quinn seemed to momentarily freeze
when I touched her there, and she let out a soft sigh. I continued roaming
with my hand, but soon returned to her chest, and this time I deliberately
cupped my hand under her breast. I squeezed it gently in my hand. Quinn
moaned as I rubber it. She then broke our kiss. She leaned up off of the
bed, and pulled the straps holding her dress up off her shoulders. It fell
to her waist, and she leaned back onto the bed now topless. Quinn’s
breasts looked amazing, so perky and just the perfect size, not to small,
not too big. Her nipples stood up, puffy and pink. They looked so
delicious. I wasted no time, and leaned toward her, taking on of her
breasts into my mouth. I sucked on it while Quinn moaned and panted. I
used my tongue to flick her puffy nipple, and sucked her entire mound into
my mouth. I used my hand to play with her other breast while I sucked. I
would rub and squeeze it, and flick and pinch the nipple with my fingers.

As Quinn and I began playing I was suddenly aware of the camera man in
the room. I know this was the portion of the evening that the producers
most wanted to capture on film, and I had seen enough movies to know how to
position myself and Quinn so the camera could get the best views of the
action. I was enjoying suckling on Quinn’s amazing breasts, but I wanted
more, so I started kissing and licking my way down her body, over her
stomach and to where her dress still covered the lower half of her body. I
got up on my knees, and I pulled Quinn’s dress down her body and off her
feet. The first thing I noticed was that Quinn was now completely naked,
meaning she had not worn any underwear that evening. I was immediately
sent to another level of sexual excitement I never imagined possible as I
looked at the nude girl in bed with me, the girl I always thought was the
most beautiful I had ever seen.

Before I could admire Quinn’s body for too long, and before I could
crawl back to her, Quinn suddenly rolled and got up on her knees as well.
She Sikiş hikayeleri crawled toward me, and we kissed again. This time, instead of Quinn’s
hands rubbing my chest, her hands went to the waist of my pants. She
skillfully undid my belt, and then my pants. It amazed me that a girl of
her age was so skilled, but that was not the end of the skills Quinn put on
display that night. Before I knew it I was on my back and Quinn was
pulling my pants off of me. My penis stood erect, harder than it had ever
been, and Quinn looked at it impressed. Quinn came to me and wrapped her
soft hand around my shaft. She began to stroke it up and down, and at the
same time she looked up into my eyes, and once again gave me that smile I
had fallen in love with. Then her smile disappeared as her mouth opened up
and lowered toward my cock. Quinn wrapped her lips around the head of my
penis and began to lick the tip. It felt so wonderful. Then she began to
suck, and lower herself farther down my shaft. Soon she was bobbing her
head up and down, sucking on my extremely hard cock. It was one of the
greatest sensations of my life. Quinn was obviously a pro at this action.
Quinn continued to suck, knowing how to bring me right to the edge and then
stop before I went over. Then suddenly, just when I did not think I could
take any more, Quinn completely stopped and pulled my cock from her mouth.

I knew it was her turn when she rolled onto her back and spread her legs
wide. She smiled at me again and I began crawling toward her, between her
long beautiful legs. I could get my first good look at her entire naked
body and it was the most beautiful sight I have ever seen. She was the
sexiest woman I had ever seen. I got closer to her waiting bald pussy. I
leaned close, and began to kiss her thighs, then above her slit. I was
kissing all around, trying to make to moment last longer. Finally I could
not take it any longer and I kissed her directly on her slit. I began to
lick and work my tongues between her lips. She tasted so sweet and the
smell alone was intoxicating. I continued to lick up and down Quinn’s
little slit and found her clit. I flicked it with my tongue, making Quinn
moan and yelp. I then went back down and found Quinn’s hole with my tongue
and stuck it in as far as I could. I continued going back and forth
between Quinn’s hole and her clit.

Quinn’s breathing became very quick, and her moaning was reaching higher
volumes. I knew she was close. I decided that two could play her game
though, and just when I thought she was about to climax I pulled my tongue
out and leaned up. Quinn looked up at me, and for a moment I noticed a
hint of anger, then she changed and smiled at me. Without saying a word,
we both knew what was about to happen. I got closer to Quinn, and she
wrapped her arms around me. I positioned my rock hard cock on her moist
lips and began to push.

Quinn was so tight, tighter than I expected her to be. I pulled back
and pushed several times before I was able to get the entire length of my
penis inside her. Then I began to push in and out of her. Quinn used her
arms and wrapped her legs around me and pulled me toward her with each
thrust. Within the first several thrusts of my cock Quinn began to pant
and moan. I knew she was close again and this time I let her cum. With
one big thrust Quinn let out a long yelp and I felt her pussy contract
around my cock. I gave Quinn a moment to recover, and then I continued to
thrust into her. She felt so unbelievably good that I knew I would not
last much longer myself. I kept making love to her until I felt my orgasm
building deep within. My motions in and out got slower and more deliberate
till I knew it was time. With one final thrust I pulled my cock from
Quinn’s vagina and Quinn grabbed it and pointed it toward her chest. I
began to shoot streams of semen, covering Quinn’s chest and belly.

I fell in a heap next to Quinn and our lips met. We continued to kiss
for a few moments till we both fell to the bed exhausted.

Soon, though, Quinn sat up. I looked at her and she smiled, and then
said the first words either of us had spoken in hours.

“We should probably get cleaned up,” Quinn said.

“Yeah, I guess so,” I replied, looking at my cum covering her body. We
both went to the bathroom and Quinn started the shower flowing. The water
did not take long to warm up, and we both climbed in. I helped Quinn wash
the cum from her skin, and she returned the favor my soaping up my penis.
Having this beautiful girl run her hands over my manhood, though, caused me
to become hard again.

Without a word, Quinn gave me another smile and I knew what she was
thinking. I lifted Quinn’s leg and pulled her to me. My cock once again
slid inside her tight pussy, this time with a little more ease. As the
warm water of the shower rained down on top of us I thrust into Quinn’s
tight body, this time not holding back as much as I had the first time.
Quinn responded by moaning and practically screaming as she came again. I
too was about to cum and pulled my cock out of her pussy. Quinn suddenly
got to her knees in front of me. I was surprised when Quinn opened her
mouth and took me into her skilled mouth again. I began to shoot my load,
the first couple squirts going into Quinn’s mouth. She then pulled my
penis out and I sprayed more on Quinn’s beautiful young face. Quinn smiled
at me again, this time with my cum dripping from her face. I hoped the
cameraman, who had followed us into the bathroom got a good shot of it,
because it was incredibly sexy.

After washing off again and dressing, Quinn and I went back into the
hotel room. The camera man stopped filming and shut his camera off.

“I’ll give you guys a minute,” he said, then added, “The car will be
waiting to take you home Joe” then he left the room. For the first time,
Quinn and I were alone together.

Quinn stood in front of me and wrapped her arms around me. I wrapped my
own arms around her, hugging her close to my rapidly beating heart.

“Don’t leave,” Quinn said, looking up into my eyes.

“Believe me, I do not want to,” I replied, “but I don’t have much of a
choice in the matter.”

We both knew our night had to end, although neither of us wanted it to.
We kissed again. Despite everything inside of my telling me to stay, I
knew I had to go. I broke our kiss and headed for the door.

As I reached the door I turned back to Quinn. She had sat on the edge
of the bed. She sat with her head in her hands. I could not leave her
like that. I went back to her and kneeled in front of her. I took her
head into my hands, lifting her eyes to meet my own.

“I don’t know how, and I don’t know when,” I said, “but one day we WILL
see each other again.” I then kissed her lips lightly.

“Ok, it’s a promise.” Quinn said, and then smiled at me.

“Till then,” I added, “thank you for the best night of my life.”

We kissed one last time and I left the room. Although I think I heard
Quinn began to sob as I left, I did not dare turn to look again, because I
knew I would never leave if I did. As I reached the lobby of the hotel I
noticed the producer walking toward me. He stuck out his hand toward me,
and I accepted his hand shake.

“How’d it go?” he asked.

“It went great,” I replied.

“Well we will be reviewing and editing the footage soon. We are hoping
to test the film as soon as possible. I’m not going to guarantee the
release of the film to market, but we will make sure you get a copy either

“Thank you,” I said. I walked out of the hotel, the cool air of the
night hitting me in the face. The car was indeed waiting in front of the
building for me. I got in and shut the door. I looked up at the building
as the car pulled away. I wondered if Quinn and my promise to see each
other again someday would come true or not.


About a month after my amazing date with Quinn things were starting to
go downhill. The company I worked for was slowly laying off more and more
people, and I was continually in fear for my job and livelihood.

Then one day I returned home from work and found a box sitting on my
door step. I really could not imagine what it was, as my date with Quinn
was a distant memory. I picked the box up and carried it into my house. I
grabbed a knife and quickly cut the tape holding the box closed. I opened
the flaps and inside I found a case to a DVD. The title at the top of the
package read “Win a Date With Quinn” and below the title was a picture of
the beautiful Quinn and… me!

I pulled the case out of the box, and found there was a piece of paper
under it. I unfolded the paper and found it was a typed letter from the
producer. It read, in short, that the film had better than expected
reviews and would go into production immediately.

To say I was excited would have been an understatement. Without a delay
I ripped open the case and popped the disk into my player. I then sat back
and watched the entire film twice.

I could not believe how beautiful Quinn was. I thought I looked a
little dorky, especially on our date, but the sex scenes with the two of us
were magical. I could remember each touch, each kiss, and each smell just
like it had happened yesterday. I came I do not know how many times using
the film to relive my most cherished memories. I knew I had been given a
gift that was priceless. I had an opportunity to relive this experience
forever, knowing that I would never again see this beautiful, wonderful
girl, the love of my life. Or so I thought.


Time went by and eventually the inevitable occurred. My company folded
and I was unemployed. I did not know what I was going to do. I was given
a small amount of unemployment pay from the government, but I knew I needed
to find a new job soon or I was going to be out on my ass and sleeping in
my car.

A few days after I lost my job I began getting phone calls from a
bizarre number that I did not recognize. I assumed it was a bill collector
and ignored the calls. They kept coming though, day after day after day,
and at all hours of the day and night. Finally I had had enough and
decided to answer the call. I got quite a surprise.

The voice on the other end of the line was one that I had heard before,
but did not immediately recognize. Suddenly, though, it hit me. It was
the producer, the one who made the film of my date with Quinn. I had
watched the DVD numerous times over the last few months since I received it
in the mail. Jacking off to that film was the only sex life I had. I had
not even been on a date with a girl since Quinn. I did not want to date
anyone, but Quinn.

“What can I do for you?” I asked the producer.

“The film we made of you and Quinn is a hit, man!” he began. “Our
bestselling film to date. Reviews are outstanding. Everyone loves the
film and especially you in it.”

It made me feel really proud. This was the first good news I had in a
very long time, but I had a feeling he was not just calling to tell me
that. I knew there had to be more that he wanted.

He continued, “The reviews and comments we received all say that the
passion and chemistry you shared with Quinn was like magic. They all want
to know when we are going to do a follow up to the film.”

I was suddenly a little upset. A follow up? That means a sequel. That
means they are going to do another date with Quinn. Why would he call me
up just to tell me that they were going to film Quinn on a date with some
other guy?

“Oh yeah?” I said. “Well I’m sure if this one was that big of hit that
another film would do just as good.”

“Right,” the producer said, “and we here at the company think a studio
shoot would be better than another location shoot. So when do you think
you will be able to fly out here?”

“What?” I asked.

“You know, man.” The producer said, laughing. “Fly out here to the
studio to film the follow up with you and Quinn.”

I could not believe I did not realize that is what the producer had
meant. He wanted to shoot another film with Quinn and me together. I
almost jumped up and down. Not only was I going to get to see Quinn again,
but I was going to get to make another film with her.

I told the producer about my employment situation and that timing was no
longer an issue.

“Well then get your ass out here, man!” the producer told me. He told
me to get some bags packed and he would arrange for a plane ticket to be at
the airport the next morning. He said that we would discuss contracts and
pay when I got to the studio the next day.

I did not sleep that night. After packing and making multiple trips to
the store to buy things I thought I would need I watched my film with Quinn
again and again. I could not wait till the next day when I would get to
see her again. I wondered if she would be as excited to see me as I was
going to be to see her. These were the thoughts that kept me awake. I
knew that I had a long flight ahead of me the next day and hoped maybe I
could get some sleep on the plane.

I was wrong. I was even more excited as the plane soared through the
air. There were several people on the crowded plane, and a few not to bad
looking girls, but none of them could compare to my Quinn. She was the
only girl I wanted to see.

As the plane touched down and I got off I went to retrieve my luggage
then went to find my ride. The producer had told me a car and driver would
be waiting for me. In the back of my mind I was hoping Quinn would be
there waiting for me, but she was not. The only person waiting was a
chubby older looking man holding a sign that had my name written on it. He
helped me with my bags, and he began to drive me toward the studio. We
began to have a discussion as I rode along.

He told me that I would be staying at the residential suites at the
studio. At first I was a little put off by this, but then he added that
they were nicer than any hotel I could stay at and that most of the actors
lived in the suites.

After a little more small talk, the driver brought up the subject I
believe he had wanted to talk about since we first met.

“I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed `Win a Date’. That is one
hot film.” He said.

“Umm thanks” I said.

“That Quinn, she is one sexy little gal” he continued.

“I know she is” I answered. He continued to ask me questions about
Quinn, about how she tasted and about how it felt to fuck her. I tried to
answer all of his questions, but as he talked about her I kept getting more
and more excited about seeing her. I also felt like this guy was a bit of
a creep, so I could not wait to get to the studio.

Finally we drove through the front gates of the studio compound. It was
massive. It was a huge, sprawling campus. The driver stopped for a moment
to check in at the gate and then continued toward one of the numerous
building. We pulled up and stopped in front of a building that appeared to
be offices. The driver told me to go inside and he would take my bags to
my suite.

I got out of the car and walked in the front door of the office
building. I was greeted by a secretary sitting at a large desk. She was
speaking on a phone, so I waited till she was finished. She was young and
attractive. She appeared to be about 20 to 25 years old.

After she completed her call and hung up the phone she smiled at me and
welcomed me to the studio. It made me feel good to know that she
recognized me and knew exactly why I was there. She told me to continue
into the office where the producer was waiting for me.

I greeted the producer and we sat down to talk. After about an hour or
more of discussion I had signed a contract to star in a new film. I was to
be paid a very sizable sum for the film. We talked at length about the
possibility of future films, which we agreed would be considered based upon
the outcome of this new film, and we also spent a great deal of time
talking about me receiving a portion of the sales of the film.

After finally coming to a deal, the producer told me he would take me on
a tour of the facility. I was taken to see several studios, editing
offices, production and distribution facilities, and other offices. The
producer, though, saved the best for last. We entered a soundstage where
the producer told me filming was currently taking place. He told me to be
quiet to not ruin the production.

We walked toward where the production was taking place and I was
completely taken off guard. The stage was set up to look like a young
girl’s bedroom. Sitting on the edge of the bed was a girl who appeared to
be about 18 or 19 years old. Lying face down on the bed was a young girl.
She had light brown hair, but I could not see her face. The older girl was

“It’s ok” she said. “There will be other boys. What happened anyhow?”

The young girl responded without lifting her head. “He wanted to have
sex, but I haven’t done anything and I was scared.”

“Well that’s a silly reason” The older girl responded, now rubbing the
younger girl on the back. “You just need to have someone teach you what to
do and then he will want you back, trust me.”

“Yeah, who am I going to find to teach me?” the young girl asked.

“Umm maybe someone who has taught you lots of things already like
cheering and dancing” the older girl said, now touching the young girls

Suddenly the young girl partially rolled over and looked at the older
girl. My heart stopped beating. It was Quinn. I could not believe my
eyes. As I watched the scene continued and Quinn and the older girl began
to have sex. As I watched the girls started kissing. Soon the older girl
had Quinn’s shirt off and was sucking on her young breasts.

I was immediately hard. The scene continued, though, and soon the older
girl was also topless while Quinn was completely naked. The older girl
started licking Quinn’s pussy while Quinn was in intense pleasure. I
wanted very badly to join in or at least drop my pants and touch myself as
I watched this incredible scene, but I knew all I could do was stand there.

The scene concluded with the older girl pulling a small vibrator from
her purse and first teaching Quinn to suck it and finally fuck her with it.
After the older girl made Quinn cum a few times the director called `CUT’
and the scene ended. Several stage hands walked onto the set, and both
girls were handed robes to put on. Another stage hand took the vibrator to
clean in. The director told everyone to take 5 and come back to reshoot
from different angles. I did not know what to do. Should I go up to
Quinn? Would she see me? For several seconds Quinn talked and laughed with
a few people. I thought at one point she looked and saw me, but just went
on with her conversation. I guessed she did not care that I was there.

The producer told me he would be right back and walked over to the
director. They talked for a few moments and then he walked over to Quinn.
He talked for a moment then pointed toward me. Suddenly Quinn’s face lit
up and she got a huge smile. She ran toward me and my heart began pounding
like a jack hammer. Quinn ran up to me and jumped into my arms. I wrapped
my arms around her and spun her around. I set her back to the ground, but
kept her wrapped close to me. We kissed, passionately, our tongues
wrapping around each other.

“I cannot believe you are here!” she said when our kiss finally broke.
“What are you doing here?”

“They didn’t tell you?” I asked.

“No, no one told me anything” she said.

“Oh, well then I’m glad I get to be the one to tell you” I began.
“Since our film did so well they brought me here Erotik hikaye to do another movie with

“So we get to do another movie?!” Quinn asked, very excited.

“We sure do” I answered. Quinn practically squealed with delight and we
hugged and kissed again.

The director called everyone to their places to shoot another take of
the scene. I did not want to let Quinn go, but I knew I had to. I let go
and Quinn grabbed my hand. She began dragging me toward the set.

“Come on, I want you to meet someone” she said. I let her pull me
toward the bed.

“Hanna,” she said to the older girl from the scene who was sitting in
her spot on the bed “I want you to meet my boyfriend Joe.” Boyfriend? Did
she just say boyfriend? I thought I was about to faint. She just called
me her boyfriend. Then Quinn continued. “Joe, this is Hanna. She’s like
my big sister and best friend. She’s taught me everything I know about
this business.”

Hanna stood up from the bed and shook my hand. “Nice to meet you Joe”
she said, but then she turned to Quinn and said “You need to get dressed,
they want to shoot again.”

“Oops!” Quinn said and rushed off to get dressed.

Then Hanna turned back to me and said “I love that little girl, you hurt
her and I’ll kill you.”

I really was not sure if she was serious or not, but I knew exactly how
she felt. “I love that girl too” I said. “So you don’t have anything to
worry about.”

“Do you?” Hanna asked, looking deep into my eyes.

“I do” I answered trying my hardest to make Hanna believe me.

“Good!” Hanna said, hugging me. Quinn came back wearing her wardrobe
for the scene. I thought it was funny that she had to put the clothes back
on just for Hanna to take them back off again. I wondered how many times
those same clothes would go on and come back off before they were done. I
realized that my one shoot would be starting soon and I would find out just
how many times.

Quinn came up to me and hugged me again. “I have to go back to work
now, but I will see you later, ok?” she asked.

“I would love that” I said. I stepped back to allow them to film again.
When I was clear of the stage and the girls were in their places the
director called action and the scene started again. I watched for a while
and soon Quinn and Hanna were having sex again.

After a few minutes the producer came up to me and said “Why don’t we
let them finish. I’m sure you’re worn out after the morning you’ve had.
I’ll take you to your place and you can rest for a while.”

I reluctantly left with the producer. I had just finally gotten to see
Quinn again after all this time, and I did not want to walk away again so
soon. I knew, though, that I would get to see a lot more of her now, and
that knowledge allowed me to continue on to my suite.

The producer took me across the compound to a large building that looked
like a hotel. He told me that many of the actors and other staff lived in
these suits. I would be living in a medium sized room on the second floor,
the rent for which would come out of my pay. He took me to my door,
unlocked it, and handed me the key. I thanked the producer for the tour
and for the opportunity. The suite of rooms was nice. It was larger than
my apartment back home with much nicer furniture.

“The script for the film is on the coffee table in the den” the producer
said and made his way toward the door to leave.

“Who… um… who else lives here?” I asked him.

“Well on this floor a couple of sound techs and production staff. Most
of the actors who live in the building are on the upper floors, but I know
what you really want to know and yes she does live here.”

“She does?” I said, trying to hide my excitement. I could not believe
that I lived in the same building as Quinn.

“Yes, she lives on the top floor,” he answered, and then after a pause
added “with her parents.”

I was a bit taken aback by his final comment. I had never really
thought about Quinn’s parents. She is only 13 I thought to myself so it
does make sense that she does not live alone.

The producer left me with my thoughts and the script for me to read.
After exploring my suite for several minutes I settled down in the `den’ as
the producer called in and flipped the television set on. I was in no mood
to watch TV though.

I kept thinking about Quinn. I could not believe I was here. I could
not believe that she was going to be living just a few floors above me in
the same building. I could not believe that just a little bit ago she
called me her boyfriend. And I could not believe that soon I would be able
to make love to her again. This last thought reminded me about the script.
I picked it up off the table. The title on the cover read “Softball
Slumber Party”. I opened the first page and read down the list of
character names and the actors who would portray them. I noticed my
characters name was Coach Bill and I found Quinn’s name next to a character
named Mackenna. I began reading through the script. As I expected, this
being a pornographic film, there was very little dialogue and a lot of
descriptions of sex acts.

The story of the film was rather simple. I was to play the coach of a
young girls’ softball team, Quinn the star player. The day after we win
the league championship I invite the team to my home for a pool party and
sleep over to celebrate our victory. Throughout the film there are several
sex scenes with various different people. There is a scene with one of the
assistant coaches and a player and the player’s mother, a scene with the
father of another girl and a player, and of course several scenes with the
teammates playing together both on and off the field. I read the entire
script and other than my several speaking parts I could not find myself in
any of the sex scenes. Finally, as I neared the end of the script, I found
what I had been waiting for. At the very end of the film there was to be a
scene when, at the slumber party at my house and while the rest of the team
had an orgy in the living room, I would take Quinn, the star player, to my
bedroom for a reward for her MVP season.

I read the entire script twice. It seemed very good. I know it would
make for a very hot and erotic film. I could not wait to film my scene
with Quinn, but deep down I hoped I did not have to wait for filming to be
with Quinn again.


After a few hours sitting around my suite I was starting to get bored. I
considered going out and exploring the compound myself. I knew there was a
recreational building nearby and thought maybe I would walk there and
possibly find something to eat.

I left my room and then out the front door of the building. As I turned
to walk toward the rec. building I noticed two people coming toward me.
One was a man around my age, and the other was a younger girl. The man I
did not recognize, but I had watched enough films made by this company to
recognize the girl the moment I saw her. She had been in numerous films
over the years, most of with I greatly enjoyed. She was a little bit older
now, around 16 or 17, but still looked incredibly sexy. She had an Asian
background and a thin youthful looking body. As I approached this couple
my eyes were glued to the girl and she smiled at me as we got close. My
gaze was pulled away though when the man began to speak to me.

As we got close the man held out his hand to me and said “Hey, you’re
Joe ain’t ya?”

“Yes” I replied and shook his hand. He had a strong grip, but a
friendly smile.

“I’m Chris,” he continued. “Me and the misses here are your neighbors,
we live next door to ya.” I was a bit taken aback when he referred to his
beautiful young star as his wife. But I did not have time to consider this
because Chris continued. “I’m a sound mixer here at the studio, and I’m
sure you know Kimmi here from her movies.”

“Um yes,” I replied. I was not sure if acknowledging I had recognized
his wife in several pornographic films was appropriate, but he was the one
who brought it up. “I’ve seen her once or twice” I continued. Kimmi
smiled at me and I smiled back.

Chris continued, however. “Ya know, we absolutely loved yer movie with
Quinn. It was super hot.” I suddenly realized that I was not the only one
who had been seen in the movies. It made me feel a bit excited knowing
that Kimmi had seen me in the same way I had seen her.

“I’m glad you both liked it” I said. I tried to put more emphasis on
the word both and I made eye contact with Kimmi as I said it. I do not
know exactly what I intended, but I had an urge deep down to hear from
Kimmi’s own mouth what she thought.

Finally Kimmi spoke for the first time. “Yeah, it was really exciting
how you and Quinn really seemed to be into each other” she said. My heart
was pounding quickly as I heard this sexy young girl tell me she enjoyed
watching me have sex.

Before Kimmi and I could continue, though, Chris started talking again.
“We can’t wait till you and Quinn do yer next movie. In fact I’m going to
be doing the sound for it.”

“That’s great” I said, trying to sound excited even though I was really
not that impressed. I honestly hoped to see more of Chris’s wife than of
him, but at the moment there was only one girl I wanted to see and the
conversation I was having with Chris and Kimmi reminded me of her. “Let me
ask you guys something,” I said. “I was told Quinn lives in the building,
and I was just wondering if you see her out and about a lot? I was hoping
to catch up with her soon.”

Chris and Kimmi looked at each other and both gave a kind of shrug.
“Well actually,” Chris said, “not really. She kinda doesn’t go out much.”

“Yeah, she pretty much stays in her suite, unless she’s filming that is”
Kimmi said, then added “So I guess if you want to see her you should try to
catch her on set.”

I now had a new destination. I made quick goodbyes to Chris and Kimmi
and turned toward the studio where I had seen Quinn filming earlier. When
I arrived I saw no one around. I entered the building and found most of
lights turned off and not a single soul anywhere. I had missed her. I was
suddenly feeling very down. As I walked across the deserted studio I
noticed the set was still dressed as the bedroom used in the scene I had
watched being filmed earlier. I approached the bed and sat on the edge of
it. I fell back. I knew I would eventually see Quinn at some point, but
knowing I was so near to her, in the same spot where she had been just a
few short hours ago made me want to see her and hold her and be with her
right that moment. Now that I was in this place I did not want a day to go
by that I did not see her. I felt like she was right there with me. I
could almost smell her. But then I realized that I actually could smell
her. She had been on this very bed not long ago having sex. She had
obviously leaked onto the bed and I could smell her juices on it. I
thought to myself that it smelled good enough to eat, but the thought of
eating made me realize how hungry I was. I got up from the bed and left
the studio. I walked to the recreational building and got a quick bite to
eat. There were several other people around, but I paid them no attention.
After a lonely meal I walked back to my suite.

I approached my door and pulled my key from my pocket. As I slid the
key into the lock and turned I realized the door was not locked. I ran my
mind back to when I had left earlier that day. I realized that I had
completely forgotten to lock the door when I left. “Oh well” I said out
loud and opened the door.

As the door opened I was suddenly aware that several lights in the suite
were on. I knew I left without locking the door, but I had left well
before night fall and had not turned any of the lights on. Were the lights
on some sort of a timer? Or had someone entered my rooms while I was out?
I thought it was just my luck that someone would burglarize me on my first

I cautiously entered into my living room. I walked slowly, looking
around to see if there was anyone in my suite. To my surprise there was
someone in my living room, sitting on my couch. As she heard me come in
she stood up. We stood there for several moments just looking at each

Finally Quinn said “Hi.”

“Hey” I responded.

That was the only words we spoke that night. We rushed into each
other’s arms and began to kiss. I lifted Quinn into my arms and spun her
around as our lips and tongues met and swirled around each other. I could
not believe she was here. I could not believe she was in my room and in my
arms. I did not know what this meant. I did not know what was going to
happen or where we were going from here. All I knew was she was in my arms
and I was not going to let her go.

I carried Quinn to my bedroom and laid her down on the bed. I took a
moment to look at her. She looked amazing. She was dressed in a pair of
short cut-off jean shorts and a white t-shirt. I found it incredible that
she could look so sexy in something so simple. However, as great as she
looked in her clothes, I wanted to see her out of them.

I quickly pulled my own shirt off over my head, and then did the same to
Quinn. We were both breathing very heavily. I climbed onto the bed with
Quinn, now topless, and began to kiss her. I started kissing her bare left
shoulder and then upward to her neck. Quinn developed goose bumps all over
her body and shivered slightly as my lips and tongue teased her flesh. I
kissed down her neck to her chest and began to kiss and suck on her
nipples, first one and then the other. Quinn was moaning while I did this
and was running her fingers through the hair on the back of my head.

As I continued to suck on Quinn’s breasts my hands fell to her waist and
I undid the button and zipper on her shorts. I leaned up and began pulling
her shorts off of her legs. Quinn was wearing a pair of cute cotton
panties with rainbows on the crotch. It sent a thrill through my body
seeing them and realizing how juvenile Quinn still was. She was so
beautiful, so sexy, and so young. She was absolutely perfect.

I pulled Quinn’s cute panties from her and wasted no time diving in and
kissing her sweet bald vagina lips. Quinn’s fingers returned to the back
of my head and her moaning continued as my tongue worked its way into her
love canal.

Soon, though, Quinn removed her hands and slightly pulled on my arms. I
knew what she wanted. I removed my pants and climbed back onto the bed.
My cock was rock hard as I neared her. Quinn reached down and took my
penis and then guided it into her. I began to make love to Quinn, staring
straight into her eyes as we moved in rhythm in and out of each other. I
was worried that I had built the sensation of having sex with Quinn up in
my mind after all this time and it would not be as good when I finally got
to do it again, but on the contrary Quinn felt even better than I
remembered. I knew I would not last long before I would cum. With all of
my might I made sure I lasted long enough to know that Quinn could orgasm
too. As her moaning and panting hit their highest level I knew my
beautiful little angel was cumming. I was about too, also. I started to
pull out of Quinn’s tight pussy, but Quinn suddenly wrapped her arms and
legs around me, pulling me back into her. I could not help it at that
point though, and I shot my load deep inside her.

I lowered myself to the bed, turning to my side. Quinn rolled with me
and lay on her side facing me, my dick still inside her. We kissed for
several moments, and then we both fell asleep.


The next morning I awoke first, Quinn still slept soundly next to me. I
laid still for several minutes watching her sleep, then I leaned down and
placed a light kiss on her beautiful cheek. Quinn began to stir. She
opened her eyes and looked up at me, and then she gave me that smile I
loved so much.

“Good morning, beautiful” I said to her.

“Good morning” Quinn replied.

We kissed lightly. I got out of the bed and went to use the restroom.
When I returned Quinn was sitting on the edge of the bed. She had put on
the shirt I wore the night before. I noticed my own nakedness and found a
pair of gym shorts and a shirt of my own to put on. Quinn came up to me as
I pulled the shirt on. She wrapped her arms around me, hugging me close to

Quinn looked up at me and then she said “I love you.”

“I love you, too” I replied, and I really meant it.

Quinn and I talked for a long while that morning. We had a lot of
catching up to do. I told her about my troubles and she told me about a
few movies she had starred in since we last saw each other. I was really
desperate to talk to Quinn about more personal things, though.

“Quinn, can I ask you something?” I asked.

“Sure” she replied.

I let out a little sigh, preparing myself to ask Quinn to open up to me.
I knew we had not known each other very long at all, but I could tell that
we had such a strong connection that I knew it would be okay to ask.

“That night, the night of the date, why was it so hard for you to let me
go?” I asked her.

Quinn just looked at me for a few moments, but then she seemed to give
in and decided to open up to me. “I guess I just didn’t want my first time
to end that way” she said.

“Your first time?” I asked. I knew it was not her first time. I had
numerous videos at my house to prove it was far from her first time.

“My first real time,” she said. “My first time that wasn’t for a movie.
Like, I know they were filming it too, but like it wasn’t scripted or
anything. It was just like real. It was my first time just like really
having sex with someone because I wanted to.”

I was seeing a different side of Quinn. Different than I think she had
ever showed anyone. Our conversation continued for a long while. Quinn’s
parents had been in this industry for a very long time and she was born
into it. It was not that they pressured her into it or made her do it.
She loved every second of it in fact, but she had always felt like there
was something missing in her life. With all the sex in her life, what
Quinn was missing was love. There was no shortage of people in her life
that would die to be in love with her, but Quinn wanted someone who was
grounded in the real world, not someone as detached from reality like all
the people at the studio. So when they looked for volunteers to do the
`Win a Date’ film, Quinn jumped at the chance to meet someone from the
outside world. According to her, though, she expected whoever she met to
be much like those people in the industry, but when she met me she knew she
found someone different.

“And now here you are and we can be together forever” she said.

I could not believe how mature Quinn was for her age. I loved how she
was not like most of the people in the industry. I loved how she wanted
someone more grounded. I loved her. I did not know what the future held
for us, but if she wanted forever, I was willing to give it to her.

I wanted to lighten the mood after the deep conversation we had been
having, so I asked Quinn if she had seen the script for our new project
yet. She said she had not, so we sat down together and looked at it
together. She seemed to be very excited about it, and about being able to
film with me. I could not wait to film either.

I hope you enjoyed this story. As I began to write this tale, it took
me to places I did not initially intend. It seemed to have a life of its
own and ended up being something completely different than I originally
wanted. That being said, I believe there are a few ways I would like to
continue this story line, but I’m not sure if this is the type of thing
most people would enjoy. Please drop me comments at
[email protected]. If I get enough support I will continue.
Thanks for reading.

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