Wild Ride

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Wild Ride

This is adult fiction containing explicit sexual descriptions.
If you are not over eighteen years old….

The package arrived in her office by special courier on a late Friday Afternoon. It came with a note attached that said not to open it until 9:00 am the next day. Her level of anticipation was on the rise and she was tempted to open it early, but she knew she wouldn’t because he had commanded that she not open it.

All through the rest of the day, she could feel herself getting wet with excitement for whatever he had in store for her. Her dreams that night were filled with all sorts of possibilities and by the time 9:00 am rolled around on Saturday, she was frantic to see what lay in store for her.

As she unwrapped the plain brown paper around a large box, her pussy spasmed with anticipated pleasure. When the lid came off the box, she was confronted with a biker’s leather pants and jacket. The note inside told her to wear only what was in the box and be ready by 10:00 am.

She started from totally nude and found no panties. She noticed two zippers on the pants that started at the belt loops in back and front and met in her crotch where she sat. There was some sort of bumpy hard plastic nub sewn into the flap of leather covering the zipper inside the crotch. When she finally got the tight leather breeches up over her firm little ass, she noticed the nub had been placed right over her clit and vaginal opening. It would make sitting on the half, golf ball sized knob a gingerly experience.

The snug fit of the pants and the close fit of the black leather jacket made her feel warm and secure and totally at his beck and call. Her pussy juices started soaking the black leather of the pants almost as soon as she got them on. Her thoughts of anticipation were really warming her up. Her sexual aroma began to build as it leaked through the leather crotch of the pants. The black, biker boots in the box fit over the legs of the pants and looked really great with the three inch stiletto heels built into them. There was a pair of handcuffs in the box also with a note attached to put them on with her hands in front.

He arrived with a roar on his Harley at precisely 10:00 am. It had taken her only a few minutes to get dressed. The rest of the time had been spent in high anticipation of what he would have her do next. When he pulled into her garage, he could smell the juices flowing through the soaked crotch of her biker pants and it aroused him.

Turning off the engine and lowering the kick stand and dismounting the bike all in one smooth gaziantep bayan escort ilanları motion, he turned to her waiting figure and just stared at her quivering form. She stood a full head shorter than him with shoulder length, auburn curls, head bowed and black leather thighs pressing rhythmically together as she waited his next command.

“On your knees, Slave” he addressed her in a stern and commanding voice. She immediately dropped to her knees in front of him as he took off the handcuffs. “OK, now I want some mouth action on this prick.”, he said. He was wearing black leather pants and jacket to match hers. She used her hands to unzip him and reach inside to get his hardening prick out so she could suck and kiss it. Although the garage door was open to the street, she didn’t care if all the world saw what she did.

“Now, suck it slave girl. Make me cum,” he said in an excited, husky voice.

She made juicy love to his dick with her tongue and mouth. She sucked it all the way down her throat and left it there for a few seconds so she could swallow and work it over with the muscles in her throat. Then she began a steady back and forth on his shaft that had him breathing heavy in no time. He grabbed her by the hair and ears and held her face still as he moved back and forth in her mouth and throat. When she felt him about to cum, he allowed her to pull back so that only the tip was in her mouth. She used her tongue to lick at the sensitive nerve around the coronal head of his prick to push him over the edge into orgasm. When the warm, bitter man seed gushed across her taste buds, she mewled with pleasure in knowing she was pleasing her Master.

When she had swallowed all of his semen, cleaned him up and put his prick away, he had her stand with her back to him. He reached up under her and found the hard nub sewn into her black leather pants. He made sure it was properly seated in the mouth of her cunt, just touching her clit. Then he had her mount the “sissy” seat, with the back and side arms, behind him on his black and chrome Harley. As she sat down, the nub pushed even further against her cuntal opening and she shifted around to get a little more comfortable position while she put on her helmet.

He got on the bike, grabbed her hands and brought them around in front of him. She felt the steel snick of handcuffs placed on her wrists and she knew she would have to hug him closely during all of their ride. She was happy and content to do so. His smell had mixed in with the smell of the leather jacket to present gaziantep bayan eskort her nose with an incredible aroma that went straight to her pussy and made it more and more wet.

When he started the bike, a vibration began throughout the whole frame that shook and surprised her. Interestingly, the hard nub in her pants picked up on them and began vibrating vigorously against her pussy mouth and clit with every stroke of the powerful engine. She snuggled in even closer to him and put the side of her face hard against his back as she squeezed him to her. The next hour was lost to her as she was vibrated through city streets and country lanes to the tune of the little nub playing havoc on her open pussy and clit. She was getting very sloppy in the crotch. Her pants were soaked with her own pussy juice. She was very close to cuming and kept her eyes closed most of the time so she could concentrate on how wonderfully sexy she felt.

After a time, he stopped the bike. She hadn’t quite cum yet, but she was so horny that she had to ask “Oh, Master. Please Master… May I cum now? Please make me cum. Your slave needs to cum so bad!!! Please sir?” she was mewling like a kitten now, and didn’t care who saw or heard her. He unlocked her hands, got off the bike, re-cuffed her hands in front of her and pulled her off the bike. They had stopped in a public park at one of those wooden shelters with only one wall and a fireplace. He had previously laid in kindling and newspaper and went over to light it quickly as the wind was a bit chilly on this bright autumn day. She hadn’t felt the cold so close to his back, but now she was glad to see a source of heat.

The shelter had it’s back wall to the road and was surrounded by woods that fell off the top of the ridge where they were. He came to her, slowly put both hands on either side of her face and began kissing her forehead, eyes, nose, lips and chin in small little pecks that just turned her sexual thermostat up further.

Without a word, after he had teased her in this manner for about ten minutes, while she quietly whimpered with her need, he turned her around, put her hands against the wall at about waist height, reached under her crotch, grabbed the rear zipper tab and slowly unzipped the black leather pants to expose her aroused and swollen cunt lips from the rear. He stared at the sight of cunt lube dripping off of her most private parts while she watched him over her shoulder. The fact that he enjoyed watching her in her nakedness and horniness really made her feel that she was truly loved. Then, he gaziantep escort snapped open his own fly, bent her over and had her arch her back and slid his hard boner home into the depths of the juiciest snatch he had ever known. She began to cum immediately and it was all they both could do to stay on their feet.

After about only eight or nine strokes, he emptied his balls into her. He stood up and told her to turn around and clean him up. She did so with her mouth and put his prick back inside his pants. Meanwhile, the jism ran back out her open cunt and down the legs of the leather pants she was wearing.

“Oh baby, you look so sexy, with the cum running out of you and your hands cuffed like that,” he said in a very husky voice. ”I just love that sight.”

She was pleased she had fulfilled her master’s wishes and made him so happy. She knew she was secure and that he would take care of her. And he did. From a side compartment, he produced a sandwich and a bottle of wine and two cups.

They enjoyed the afternoon with the fireplace, the fall colors of the woods and the tasty picnic he had provided. She had drunk a bit too much of the wine and was warm and sleepy by the end of the day. Her cunt was still exposed and twice more that afternoon, he satisfied her horny itch by banging into her cunt once and her ass hole once. He left the zipper undone done from front to back also. The pants she was wearing looked like chaps She was bare in the middle. His stamina was incredible and she loved the slutty way he treated her when he took her.

When they got ready to leave, he produced a double dildo from a saddlebag. It was one designed for both anal and vaginal penetration at the same time. It had a wide base that stuck down below the split of the two pricks and he indicated she was to get on the motorcycle while he held it in place. She noticed a dollop of lubricating jelly on the end of each and was thrilled that her Master had been thoughtful enough to make entry of these two objects into her body as comfortable as possible.

As she slowly slid down on the vaginal prick, the more slender anal prick slid home in her ass. When she had gone down as far as she could, he put the end of the double cock against the seat cushion and a depression that was made just for this device absorbed the rest of the handle. She was seated relatively comfortably with a cock in her ass and pussy and the split in the crotch of her leather pants was clearly noticeable even around the seat back and side arms. She flushed to think that the world might see her nakedness on the ride back and was glad of the darkness that was falling.

He got on the bike in front of her and cuffed her hands again in front of him. She shivered as the bike started up and she felt the vibrations start deep up inside her as the bike transferred those wiggley feelings to the double dong in her orifices. She knew her ride cuming home was going to be a wild one!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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