Wild Oats – The Football Team

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“Sally,” John called me at work. “Saturday night we are having an informal get-together at the frat house. The only guys who are back are those on the football team. They have been having 2-a-day practices and are looking for some casual down time Saturday night. I know they would love to see you if you want to drop by. They have a midnight curfew, so it will be an early night.”

“John, that sounds like fun. It will be good to see the guys again. I work until 9, so I will not be there before 10, if that will work.”

“Ten is great. See you then.”

Saturday night I hurried home after work to take a quick shower and change into Jeans and a pull over top with a built-in bra. I wanted my DD breasts to have some support and definition.

When I got to the frat house, there were only about seven guys still there. John, of course; Tim, a 6’3″ tight end; Jake, the quarterback; Bob, the fullback; Bull, the defensive tackle; Steve, the offensive guard; and Tyrone, a defensive back.

I knew all of the guys from last year and did not think anything about being the only girl with the seven guys.

I kissed and hugged all the guys and they offered me a beer. They had been playing pool and watching TV when I arrived, but someone switched on some music and I could not help moving with the beat.

Tyrone, the defensive back, grabbed my hand and pulled me to the center of the game room floor where we proceeded to show our steps to the guys. After Ty, the rest of the guys wanted to dance also and I did not get a break.

It was John’s turn when the music changed to a slow dance. I was like putty in his hands as he began touching me while we danced. I literally forgot there were six other viral men in the room. As we danced I closed my eyes and enjoyed his hands as he caressed my body. John kissed me. I sucked on his lower lip and played tag with his tongue.

As the third slow dance ended, John led me to a sofa cinsel bilgiler along the wall and began loving me. I had felt his erection while we danced, so I knew that he was excited and that turned me on.

I was his to do with as he pleased.

He slid his hand under my top and found my nipples standing out like corks on my firm, full, natural DD breasts. I raised my arms and he slid my top over my head. He fastened his lips on my breast and began to suckle. His tongue was like magic on my nipple. I pulled his head up, gave him a loving kiss and moved his mouth back to my breast.

He reached down to unfasten my jeans and I lifted my hips to help him get them off. He laid me down on the sofa and ran his fingers lovingly all over my body. As his feathery touch came up my inner thighs to my pussy, I opened my legs to give him access. I still had my eyes closed and was just enjoying his touch.

He tongued me through my panties and then hooked his fingers in the waistband and pulled. I raised my hips to help him and he buried his face in my crotch. He was very thorough with his tongue and I began humping as he explored my womanhood with his tongue. My legs fell open as I became more and more sexually aroused.

Something brushed my cheek near my mouth and I opened my eyes. John, who had his clothes on, was making love to my pussy, but there were six naked men, all in their early 20’s standing around us with beautiful erections of different sizes and colors. Bull was about 6 inches long and as thick as a water glass. Tyrone, the only black, was also the only uncircumcised dick and he was impressive in both length and girth.

The other guys were all about 6 or 7 inches and what I noticed about them was the heads of their cocks. Jake had what looked like a purple ping pong ball on the end of his penis and after the big head, the rest of his penis was not nearly as thick. Bob had a bright red head on his penis and Steve’s was a nice shade of pink. He cinsellik bilgileri had a smaller head, but a thicker shaft. Tim’s cock was just beautifully proportioned and showed more definition of veins standing out along the sides.

Tim’s cock was the one that had touched my cheek and I took it in my mouth to savor it. I caressed both Bull and Tyrone with a hand and the other guys began loving my breasts or just standing and watching with their cock in their hand.

John got up to take his clothes off and one of the guys began rubbing his cock through my slit to get it coated with my love honey. He placed his cock against my vaginal opening. I pushed with my hips to get him in. My nether lips opened for him and he slid right in.

He started slowly pumping in and out. I tried to let him know I wanted it harder and faster by thrusting up to meet him. I could not say anything because my mouth was full of Tim. He finally got the idea and fucked me harder. I guess being in my warm, slick hole was too much for him because it was not long until he came. He must have been saving up for awhile because his cock sent stream after stream of cum into me until he just got smaller and slid out.

The guys did not mind sloppy seconds and as soon as he was out, someone else slid in.

When it was John’s turn, he lubed my ass and his tool with cum and took me in the ass. It was the first time tonight anyone had used that love opening, but I was loose and ready for him. I had my first orgasm of the night with John in my ass. We both came together and he shot his cum deep into my bowels.

Everyone had had me except for Bull and Tyrone and they were discussing who should go first. They actually flipped a coin to see who would fuck me first. Ty won the coin toss and had me roll over so he could take me doggy style. He gently rubbed his dick around in the combined love juice, rubbed against my clit, and positioned himself at my vaginal opening. My love lips opened cinsel bilgi for him and he gently and slowly began working his huge love member in and out of me. He slid in a bit further with each thrust. When he was fully inserted and our pubic hair had met, he stopped for a minute to allow my vagina to adjust to him. We began to move together. I felt so full and he felt so good inside me.

I actually had another orgasm during the minute he was just holding still inside of me.

As he slid in and out, I moved to meet him and for the first time tonight could hear the slap of flesh on flesh as we came together in love.

Ty had great staying power and we must have fucked like that foe ten minutes before he started thrusting harder and faster. I could feel him begin to swell inside me and I knew he was going to cum soon. “Fuck me, Ty. Fuck me! Don’t stop. Fill me. Yessss.”

We came together and just lay there, joined at the sex for several minutes.

Ty slid out of me, still semi-hard, and Bull moved over to take his place.

Bull asked if I would ride him as he would like to enjoy my breasts while we made love.

He lay down on the sofa with his feet on the floor and I moved over him. My vagina was wet, loose and sloppy and even though he was thicker than any of the other guys, I was able to lower myself onto him. He filled me in an entirely different way and every time I moved up or down on him, it seemed like we rubbed my G spot. I had an orgasm just getting on him. As I bounced on Bull, he enjoyed my breasts. He pulled me down so he could nuzzle them and at the same time began thrusting up into me with incredible speed and power as he approached his climax. He ejaculated more cum into me than I have ever had before. He just seemed to drain his balls into my vagina. Because we had such a tight seal, none leaked out and he wrapped his arms around me and held me tight. It was an incredible feeling.

By now it was approaching midnight and the guys had to get back to the training dorm by the witching hour. They all kissed me and headed out.

I had cum running down my legs and I really needed a shower. John took me upstairs and I showered in the hall bathroom before retiring to John’s bed for the rest of the night.

I slept like a baby and made love with John in the morning before I went home to dress for work.

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