Wild Asian Adventure Ch. 03

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We woke up early our last morning in Cambodia, we were heading to Bangkok today. We were still wrapped around each other, we kissed good morning but kept things rather tame I think we were both still tired from the night before, we took a shower together and while I was washing Karin’s body I couldn’t resist turning her around and slipping my hard cock into her, we fucked in the shower as the hot water cascaded down our bodies, my arms were around her my palm rubbing her hard nipple and fingers playing with her clit. I felt Karin’s pussy throb around my cock as she came, then I pulled out and shot my load up her ass and back. We rinsed off, and had to get dressed and ready quickly so we wouldn’t be late for the bus trip.

Again at breakfast the woman of the couple in the next room gave us a smile and wink when she walked by, but I didn’t see any other signals from either. While we ate I asked Karin if we should invite them to join us one night. She just laughed and said she didn’t think they would be into the same things as us.

The bus ride was long, about 8 hours, we passed the time sleeping, talking, and fooling around some, at one point I had my hand down Karin’s pants playing with her clit, till she had a very quiet contained orgasm.

We arrived in Bangkok around 4 pm and all went to our rooms agreeing to meet for dinner at 6. We went up and saw we had different neighbors this time, the 2 English girls were in the next room now.

We dropped our bags, Karin went to pee and I just laid on the bed to stretch out. She came out of the bathroom bottomless, just wearing her shirt but no pants or panties, I sat up and smiled, “I like the look” I said. “I just peed and was hoping you could clean me up” I rolled onto my back and she climbed on my face lowering her pussy to my waiting tongue. I lick off any remaining drops of pee and kept licking as her juices started to flow out between her lips.

We stopped so I could take off my pants and we got into a 69, I was running my tongue from her clit to her ass, at times using it like a little cock pushing it into both her holes. She was taking my whole cock into her mouth while playing with my balls and ass. I knew it wouldn’t take me that long to cum, it had been building up on the bus ride all day. We managed to cum at about the same time her juices filling my mouth while my cum shot into hers.

After she turned around so we could kiss and share the taste of each other. While we laid there in each other’s arms I asked now that we were in Bangkok should we go out for some real fun after dinner? She said ” I was hoping you would ask” I suggested we could get a couples soapy massage tonight “to help relax” after the bus ride. Karin said it sounded like an interesting idea.

We hung out a while longer before we got redressed and joined the group for dinner. As we were waiting for the elevator to go down to the lobby the two English girls came out of their room. We all said hi and got into the elevator together, Karin and I against the back wall and the girls in front of us. As Hari turned around to face the door, she gave me a wink, confirming they had heard our afternoon fun.

After dinner, parts of the group were going out to drink and party, we excused ourselves and headed to the street to get a cab. We hopped in a cab and gave the driver an address near where we wanted to go, knowing if we told him exactly where he would try to bring us someplace he would get a kick back from. We got out and walked a couple of blocks to the red-light district.

On the way to the massage parlor we walked past the many bars with “shows” all trying to get us to come in. We got past all the bars and found the building we were looking for, the outside was fairly tame compared to the rest of the area, but from what we read on-line this place would be just what we were looking for.

We went in and were greeted by the “hostess” we explained what we wanted and she escorted us into the main room where we could pick our “masseuses” we had fun looking at the girls behind the glass finally deciding on two beauties. To this point I still didn’t know if Karin was only kinky or if she was bi also.

We were first taken to a room and the girls undressed us both my eyes switching between watching a sexy Thai girl undress me and watching an equally sexy on undress Karin right next to me. We were then led to a shower room, it had 2 rain shower heads coming out of the ceiling, then girls each took off the robes they were wearing reveling their naked bodies to us for the first time, “my” girl was about 5 ft 2 with long black hair, she had the typical Thai tan skin, small but perky breasts capped with nice brown nipples, her body was trim and fit and she looked like she just had a thin strip of hair above her pussy. Karin’s “girl” was very similar maybe an inch taller but with shorter hair and slightly larger rounder breasts and a shaved pussy. The showers were turned on and we were lead into them.

My girl bursa eskort bayan grabbed a washcloth and added soap and starting at my feet, slowly lathered up my legs, as she got higher my hardening cock bumped her shoulder, she turned her head to look at it and gave it a little kiss on the tip of the head. She continued to soap me up, I looked over to see what was happening with Karin, her girl was starting to clean her breasts, I could see that Karin’s nipples were already hard, and she was enjoying the cleaning she was getting. The girls finished washing our fronts at about the same time and we were turned around so they could wash our backs. We were now facing each other I leaned over and kissed Karin as we were both getting our asses cleaned, my girl even worked a finger into my ass to make sure I was totally clean, from the look on Karin’s face, her girl did the same.

I could feel my girl rubbing nipples up and down my back and could see Karin’s girl doing the same as we kissed. The girls peels off of us and turned off the water, without drying us off they led us to a second room, it looked like a large shower room, all tiled but this one had a large inflatable mattress on the floor, we were instructed to lay down, we were each on our fronts, my hard cock pinned under my stomach, I was naked in a room with 3 naked women, not a bad place to be.

As we laid there Karin and I held hands while the girls started on our backs. The each poured warm oil on our backs and at first started to rub with their hands, With my outer hand I search and found the legs of my masseuse and started to rub her leg, when she moved to get a better angel at my ass and legs it gave my hand perfect access to her pussy, which I started to rub and then slipped a finger into. While I was fingering my girl I was looking over at Karin, and her girl was laying on top of her spreading the oil on her back using her tits like paint brushes. I still wasn’t sure if Karin was Bi or just very sexual and just enjoyed the situation.

Soon my girl climbed on me and was rubbing her whole body up and down my back, I could feel her hard nipples on my back and her pussy on my leg. I hard cock was pinned under me. The 2 girls had their routine down pat, and were doing the same moves to both of us at the same time, this way you could see on each other what we were feeling. With our back fully oiled up, they climbed off and asked us to roll over, as we did we faced each other and stopped and kissed for a bit, Karin grabbing my hard cock and giving it a few jerks, once we were both on our back the girls started at our feet and worked their way up our legs teasingly up and close to my cock and her pussy but not touching either, then up to our chests, my girl worked my nipples pinching and pulling on them with her oiled fingers, I could see Karin’s girl working on her tits and nipples, and I could see Karin was enjoying it, the girl leaned down and took one of Karin’s nipples into her mouth and sucked on it. Karin held her head there with her hand to keep her going.

My girl was still working my nipples with her finger and mouth, I was able to reach one of her tits and starting playing with her nipple. With my other hand I started rubbing Karin’s other nipple I heard her let out a moan as both of her nipples were being treated. My girl was now completely flat on top of me my cock between our bodies, she still hadn’t touched it with her hands. My cock was trying unsuccessfully to wiggle its way into the masseuse’s pussy. She then slid down till she was between my legs and finally took my cock in her small hands, one on the shaft and one on my balls, and started to stroke me, the hand on my balls pulling and twisting she knew just how rough to be. Then she took my head into her mouth and as she did she slid one of her well-oiled fingers into my ass. As her mouth went down my shaft her finder went deeper into my ass. I looked over and Karin was in a similar position with her girl between her legs eating her pussy.

Karin was moaning more, the girl must have been working on her clit. Then I am still not sure how she did the move but suddenly she spun around and we were in a 69 position, and I was looking at her very cute and wet pussy, and felt my cock slide back into her mouth, looking under her legs I was able to see Karin’s girl move into a similar position. Karin told me after that the girl asked first and she had agreed. Now we were both lying next to each other 69ing with a beautiful Thai girl. After a few minutes of this my girl got off and went over to join her friend with Karin, Karin’s girl got back between her legs to eat her and my girl was working on her tits. I just laid there watching slowly stroking my hard oily cock. As I watch I saw the signs of Karin’s orgasm coming I leaned over to kiss her and tasted the juices of the Thai girl’s pussy still on her lips. When she came, her moans I was sure could be heard by everyone in the club.

Once she was done cumming bursa merkez escort the girls came over to me, one sat on my face and the other blowing me the one on my face leaning down to help the other on my cock. I was getting close, I could feel my balls tightening as the cum built up. Then they stopped, and asked who I wanted to fuck, I had 3 pussies to pick from. Told Karin to pick which one I should fuck? She was laying next to me gently stroking her pussy. She reached over and squeezed my shaft, stroking it slowly as she contemplated whose pussy I would be shoving it into. Karin decided I should fuck her girl, who quickly climbed on and lowered herself onto my cock, Karin got up and sat on my face grinding her pussy down as I ate her, “my” girl crawled between my legs, and was licking my balls and rimming me as I fucked her partner.

With all this going on I knew I wouldn’t last to much longer. My girl had pushed 2 of her oiled up fingers into my ass and that sent me over the edge, as I was about to cum the girl ridding my cock got off and stroke me till I shot my load across my chest, I had ribbons of cum from my cock to my nipples. As soon as I emptied my load the two girls started cleaning it off with their tongues. Karin was still riding my face once I was clean, the girl moved up to Karin, each taking one of her nipples in their mouths. It didn’t take much longer till she had another powerful orgasm. Once we all caught our breath the girls showered us off again and our time was up.

We dressed and headed back out. As we walked the streets of the red light district we wondered into a sex shop. We looked at all the different toys, and dildos they had on display. Karin suggested that we each buy something as a surprise we could use later. I stepped outside and waited, a few minutes later she came out with a bag, gave me a big kiss and I went in, I knew what I wanted to get to use on her, I bought a set of nipple clamps that also had a third clamp for her clit, and a chain running between all of them. I also bought a vibrating dildo. We headed back to our hotel, each carrying our bag of surprises and I am sure both of us wondering what the other had in store. We hopped in a cab and spent most of the ride making out and over the clothes touching. I also asked her about her with the massage girls and if she had been with other girls in the past. She said she had never really been 1 on 1 with a girl before but had as part of a group a few times and really like it, and may want to try it more.

We got back to the hotel around 11 and on the way into the hotel we saw some of the group all we wanted to do was run up to the room and fuck, but they stopped us and we chatted a bit, they asked us where we had been, we just said out exploring the city, and shopping to things to bring home, we made up a lame excuse when they asked to see what we got. Once in the elevator alone we both started laughing from what just happened. We tumbled into our room, and quickly our lips locked together and our cloths started coming off as we made it towards the bed. By the time we crossed the few feet to the bed we were both naked we fell on to the bed our lips still locked together, tongues exploring each other mouths.

We broke the kiss. I asked Karin if she wanted to go first with what she had bought. She smiled and said yes, but before she took it out of the bag she said she needed to blindfold me. She took a scarf she had and wrapped it over my eyes and then gave me another kiss and a quick grab of my semi hard cock. I felt her climb off the bed and heard her rustling through the bag, opening the plastic package. My mind was dreaming of all the things she could have bought, thinking of all the things we say and what she seemed to have liked. I was laying on the bed, my hands behind my head, cock ½ hard in anticipation of the fun the rest of the night would bring. Once I guess he had the package opened, she started telling me how much fun this was going to be, and how she couldn’t wait till she was ready and hoped I was ready for a fun night. As we talked I could hear her moving around but couldn’t tell what she was doing.

Finally she asked if I was ready, I said I couldn’t wait to see what her beautifully dirty mind had in store for me. And with that she told me to take off the blindfold. I pulled it over my head and saw her standing at the foot of the bed with her back towards be. It looked like she was now wearing a G-string, there was a black strap around each of her hips that joined at a gold ring above her ass and a third strap ran down between her ass cheeks. She was looking at me over her shoulder her hair was pulled back, are you ready she asked as she turned slowly around. As she did I saw it wasn’t a g-sting, she was wearing but a harness for a strap-on dildo. She was standing her hands on her hips and had a strap-on cock standing out from between her legs. It looked to be about 7 or 8 inches long and bursa sınırsız escort bayan fairly thick.

As soon as I saw it I felt my cock jump and my asshole twitch in anticipation. She took her right hand off her hip and started stroking her “cock”. “I’m going to fuck you like a little bitch, now get on your knees and show me how you like to suck cock. I climbed off the bed and knelt down in front of her. I put my fingers around the base of her “cock” and licked the tip with my tongue, as I did it caused the dildo to bounce a bit, and Karin moaned a bit, I didn’t know it yet but the dildo also had another end that was buried in her pussy.

I opened my mouth and started to take her “cock” into my mouth, I worked my mouth up and down the shaft covering it with my saliva. It wasn’t like I was sucking a dildo, I felt I was sucking Karin’s cock. She had a hand on my head guiding me up and down the shaft. I felt it in the back of my mouth, and I opened my throat to deep throat her. I took it all the way down to the base. She must have noticed because as I pulled back she said “you are a real cocksucker” I worked the rubber cock like it was a real cock, I was starved for it. Karin was enjoying herself too, all my work on her “cock” seemed to be moving the other end in her pussy. I wasn’t sure if she had any lube so I was really trying to cover the dildo with my saliva.

After a few minutes I slowed down and pulled off her “cock” I looked up at her from my knees, and said “Please fuck me now”. Get your ass ready and I will and she bent down and picked up a small bottle of lube that she must have bought too. I got up and laid on the bed with my ass as the edge, I pulled my legs up, opening myself to her, I opened the lube and squeezed some onto my fingers, I was holding my ass open with my left hand and started to work the lube in with my right. I push two lube covered finger into my ass, pulled them out poured on more lubes then added a third. After a couple of pumps in and out with my fingers I felt my ass was ready for her to fuck me. I pulled my fingers out, hooked my arms around my thighs pulling them back further and used my hands to spread my checks open giving her full access to my waiting hole. She took the lube and as I laid there open and ready she dripped some onto the head of her “cock” and stroked up back and forth. “I am ready, please fuck me with your hard cock” I said to her. She moved closer and got close. We were looking right into each other’s eyes.

Karin had a hand holding her cock steady as she lined it up with my ass. I felt the tip against my hole and had never wanted something in me more than I wanted that plastic cock. I exhaled and relaxed my muscles, I felt her push the tip against my hole. I felt myself open as the first inch or so went in. It felt big, but no pain. I pushed myself against her trying to get more into me. She pushed more and I felt myself opening as she pushed more of her “cock” into me. I was looking up at Karin, and could see she was looking down watching as I took more and more of her “cock” into my ass.

With slow and steady pressure she quickly had the full length of the dildo deep into my ass. I felt the base of the harness and her hips against my ass. I had her fully in me. She stayed like that for a few seconds before she slowly she pulled back till only the tip remained in my ass. Then pushed back in. She built up a rhythm as her speed built up. She was fucking me like a pro.

We were looking into each other’s eyes as she continued to fuck me. Without being touched my cock was rock hard and leaking precum from the fucking I was getting. After a few minutes of a good steady fucking. Karin pulled out, we were both breathing hard. “Turn over” she said. I turned over I put my feet on the floor and bent over the bed. I spread my legs to lower my ass to the level of Karin’s “cock”. I felt her lining it up against my ass, and then with one swift push she was deep in me again.

As she fucked me from behind I heard her breathing getting deeper and her moans of pleasure getting louder. Bent over as I was I was able to reach up with one hand to stroke my cock. Karin had her hand on my hips and was pulling me back as she was pushing in. Going as deep as she could with each stroke.

Suddenly she jammed the dildo deep in my ass and with a loud moan collapse onto my back as she was overcome by her orgasm. I was under her. I could feel each breath she took. My ass was still throbbing around the dildo that was still in me. After a minute or so, Karin pulled herself off and slowly pulled herself out of my ass. My ass felt empty after she pulled out, I could feel my hole still open wanting more.

I rolled over onto my back on the bed and Karin laid down next to me on her back, still breathing hard. I saw her starting to try to unbuckle the harness I sat up and helped her unstrap and pull the other end of the dildo from her pussy. I took the end that was in her pussy and took it in my mouth to suck off her juices.

Once she was unstrapped, and we both caught our breath, I told her how much I enjoyed her fucking me. She told me it had always been a fantasy to fuck a guy’s ass. I told her I was glad I could make it come true. I asked if she was ready for my toys now. With a big smile she said yes.

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