Who’s Gonna Stroke For Us?

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B went to his friend John’s house for a sleepover with a few other guys. They had just graduated from high school, all of them 18 or 19 years old, and John’s house was the best place to drink. Besides, John’s sister and her friends would be back from college this weekend. All the boys agreed that they were unbelievably sexy.

The boys started drinking beers on the basement couch, watching television. John produced a porn DVD, which he popped in. Everyone found this to be an agreeable way to start the evening. The film started, and the five of them watched the big tits bounce around the screen and the long cocks slide in and out of the pussies. After the first cumshot, two of the guys had visible erections.

As John and B began to discuss the relative merits of the stars’ blowjob techniques, they heard footsteps on the stairs. John lunged toward the television, but turned it off too late; the interloper had already guessed at the genre of the video. She was tall, brunette, clothed in Penn State sweatpants and a pink tshirt, and hot as all hell. Her name was Bree and she was home from college with John’s sister, Lisa.

“Are you boys watching porno?” She said sweetly, narrowing her eyes and smirking at the mortified and horny group. She put her hands on her generous hips and pursed her lips into a waiting smirk.

“We were just…” started John weakly.

“Yeah, we’re watching porno,” said Brett with forced confidence. “You wanna watch?”

“I’m not into porno,” Bree said. “But I’ll have a beer.”

Bree sat on the coffee table facing the boys and cracked a beer. “Let’s play a game,” she said. B stared at her, in awe of her confidence, her sexiness, her fantastic college body. He traced the lines of her bra over her big breasts, counted the firm folds in her tummy through her shirt, sized up her thighs.

“I’m gonna dare you guys to do something, and if you do it, you’ll get a prize. How about that?”

“Sure,” they all eskort gaziantep mumbled, mouths agape, beer cans hanging limply in their hands. Bree stood and paced in front of the blank TV for a moment.

“Okay. These are gonna be sexual dares. We’ll see how ballsy you guys are,” she said. They listened, but mostly watched her full round ass as she turned to pace the other way. “Okay. So the first one of you guys to volunteer to stand up here and pull out your dick for us will get to feel one of my boobs. Any takers?”

Josh stood up. “I’ll totally do it!” He said. And he did. He pulled his dick out of his jeans and wagged it around for all to see.

“Oooh, wow,” Bree said. “Now put your hand right here on my boob.” She took Josh’s hand and laid it atop her large right breast. “Go on, give it a little squeeze.” He squeezed it through her bra, and his friends watched.

“Okay next,” she said. “Next I want somebody to get up here and take off their pants and boxers completely.”

Brett jumped up and pulled the lower half of his clothing off. He stood in front of his friends and Bree with his half hardon swinging. Bree laughed and placed Brett’s hand on her left breast, which looked equally alluring to the watching boys. Brett’s cock stiffened visibly.

“Do you guys wanna see me naked?” Bree asked. The boys of course did. “Okay then. You guys all have to get naked then, one at a time, and I will too.” She pointed at John, smiling deviously. “You first.”

As John took off his clothes, unleashing his springy hardon, Bree pulled off her tshirt slow and sultry. Her bra was pink as well, and the view of her deep soft cleavage stiffened the rest of the cocks in the room. “You guys wanna see my boobies?” She asked. In response, David pulled off his clothes. She reached her arms back and undid her bra. Her breasts shook with the release of the elastic. She let the big pink cups fall to gaziantep eskort bayan the floor.

The boys, half of them now naked with erections pointing in every which way, stared at Bree’s tits. She had big tan nipples, and her breasts seemed to levitate, her young firm skin holding them up. The rest of them undressed, including B, and Bree slid off her sweatpants and panties. Once everyone was naked, Bree smiled at the boys and spun slowly for them. “What do you think?” She asked.

The boys stood and stared at her full firm ass, their cocks pointing at it. She had the young firmly plump body that older men yearn back for, and the five boys didn’t know how good they had it at that moment.

“Sit,” Bree said, and the boys squeezed together onto the couch. “Now, who’s gonna stroke a little for us? You’ll get to feel my softies while you do it.”

B said he’d do it, and Bree walked around the coffee table to the couch and leaned over the boys, her tits hanging in front of them like fruit. B took his cock in one hand and reached out for the breasts like they had come from heaven. His friends alternately watched B’s hand squeezing Bree’s tits and his hand rub up and down his cock. They were curious about all the action taking place.

Bree told the others to join B, and they began softly jacking off one by one. “Go ahead guys, feel my softies. Squeeze them,” she cooed. The boys leaned over each other to get a feel of her swaying tits while they rubbed themselves with their other hands. “Do you like how they feel?” Bree said. “Like how soft they are?” She kept one hand on the back of the couch, and with the other she moved from her breasts down over her tummy, down to her golden patch of pubic hair. She softly rubbed her pussy while the boys played with her tits.

After a few minutes of this, Bree got down on her knees in front of the couch and, starting at one end, sucked each gaziantep eskort of the boy’s cocks slowly. She wrapped her hands around the two adjacent boys’ erections and moaned softly as she sucked. B watched her take John’s stiff cock into her sassy mouth while she rubbed B’s balls. The boys were groaning together, whether from the pleasure of Bree’s hands or tongue, or the pleasure of their masturbation.

Once she made it to the end of the line she told everyone to make themselves cum. “The first one of you guys to cum gets to do it all over my titties. And everybody else gets to watch,” she said, still kneeling in front of them, rubbing her pussy.

The boys sped up as ordered and each imagined his hot sticky cum shooting all over Bree’s waiting tits. She talked dirty to them softly, telling them to rub harder, that she wanted them to cum all over her tits. The boys grunted and pumped, their thighs rubbing together on the cramped couch, elbows colliding. B arched his back and felt an orgasm building up in his balls. “Oh Bree I’m gonna cum first!” He groaned. She positioned herself in front of him, smiling, squeezing her big soft tits together.

“You gonna cum all over my titties?” She taunted.

“Oh fuck! I’m gonna cum too!” Grunted John. “Let’s cum at the same time dude,” he said to B next to him. “Right on those breasts!” And so they did. John and B stood, their hips pressed together, pumping their hard red cocks, pointing at Bree’s tits, which she held hungrily in position for them. They let themselves cum, shooting nice big loads onto Bree’s neck and breasts. She moaned theatrically, like pornstars do while men cum on them. B and John laughed and patted one another on the back.

The remaining three guys, regaled by B and John’s show, started cumming as well. Bree watched them, telling them softly how good their cocks looked. She even let Brett, who waddled up to her as he started to climax, cum on her shoulder and arm.

Once the boys had squeezed the last drops of cum from their cocks, Bree stood and told them she was going to shower. As she ran up the stairs, cum dripping off her bouncing breasts, the boys watched her ass and laughed at their luck. They laid their heads back on the couch and sat for awhile scrunched together, their softening dicks covered in cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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