When Thor Met the Captain

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Thor the Viking, was not a happy warrior. Things had been going really well for him and his crew, he was on a winning streak, the seven seas etc were his playground, his domain, and all who sailed in them feared his awesome power, presence and sexual magnetism.

You see Thor did not have to rape and pillage, the women came willingly. All wanted a piece of him and would go to great lengths to attract his attention. He was a very busy man.

Not only was he performing nightly, for hours on end. He still had the daily business of conquering, well everywhere. He had to run a tight long ship, keep his crew under control, which wasn’t easy. His right hand man Sven the Swedish Sausage Muncher had just declared his feminine side, which wasn’t doing the long ships reputation any favours.

Thor could cope with this as Sven was a great cook and kept the ship topped up with fresh flowers. Thor just made sure he didn’t shower with the lads anymore.

No, Thor was not a happy Viking because there was a new ship on the horizon. This was unlike any ship he had seen before, it had many sails, it was fast, it was big and it had an en-suite bathroom.

If this wasn’t bad enough, this ship was beginning to overtake him in the conquering stakes and it had a really cool name, The Cunnilingus.

The nerve of it! Thor was raging, did the captain of The Cunnilingus not know that he, Thor, the Viking, was Lord of the waves, Master of the bedroom and generally the biggest hardest man anyone had ever encountered?

Okay so Thor’s long ship was called Big Boy, which summed the boss man up nicely, but the Cunnilingus had a really cool ring to it. Who the fuck did the captain of the Cunnilingus think he was? Thor was having none of it.

Action had to be taken, and soon. At first light, Thor instructed Sven to bake a nice cake, prepare a delicious casserole and look out probably the best lager in the world. He then told his trusty, if effeminate, sidekick to take it over to the Cunnilingus as a friendly gesture, and set up a meeting between Thor and the Captain.

Although hard as fuck (at least 5 times a day) Thor was fair minded and would at least discuss his differences through with his adversaries before promptly kicking ass and sending them on their way to Coventry.

So Thor waited patiently for Sven to return. All day Thor waited and by sundown he was worried. He had spunked tecavüz porno into the cake, he may have been a fair minded fellow, but he hadn’t had his daily pump off one of the random wenches they would pick up on the way!

He was fit to burst, and hell the cream on the cake looked so inviting. He was a bit worried that the Captain of the Cunnilingus had taken offence, and now he was sure that Sven was a prisoner of those swines across the water.

He could wait no longer, he called his men together, told them to get their oars oiled and out, tonight was the night that the boys were going to rampage and reek their revenge on this mysterious Captain and the ship Cunnilingus.

Under the cover of darkness and wearing his finest Hugio Bossio warrior gear , Thor and his band of hardened nutcases, set sail over the water towards the Cunnilingus. It didn’t take long, but fuck the Cunnilingus was massive!

This didn’t scare Thor one bit. He was the King of kicking ass, the best fuck in the Western hemisphere, and he had never been beaten yet.

The Big Boy pulled up along side the Cunnilingus and prepared to Board the biggest ride he had ever seen.

Thor needn’t have been worried about Sven, he was waving his hands about like a man possessed, he was wearing a dress and lipstick, but other than that he looked in good health, so Thor was greatly relieved.

Once on board, Thor and the boys couldn’t believe their eyes. It was party central. Music, dancing, drinking and fucking. The whole of the Cunnilingus crew were on deck, partying like there was no tomorrow. Thor was impressed. Who the fuck was the Captain of this ship, Thor thought he must be quite a guy to allow his crew to party like this!

Sven shimmied over, his dress was really tight so he couldn’t walk properly. He told Thor that the Captain wanted to see him in his room immediately. Sven looked very excited as if he knew something that Thor didn’t. This was unusual as Sven wasn’t the brightest, great at salsa dancing, but not all there.

Anyway Thor, was really curious now, and quite happily went with Sven to the Captains rooms. Sven knocked the door and a serving wench opened the door and ushered him in.

The Captain had his back to Thor, which he thought was quite rude, being that he was a guest. Mind you, Thor could tell this was a powerful captain, like him he travesti porno could tell that the Captain commanded great presence.

He noticed that the Captain ,wasn’t tall, but wearing knee high black leather 4 inch heeled boots made this curiosity look taller. Thor thought the Captain had amazing hair, and a well curved rear. Fuck he was getting the horn, Thor was worried, maybe he was turning in to Sven.

The Captain turned round and the blood rushed out of Thor’s face and all the way down to his cock. Holy fuck, the Captains a woman, and fucking lovely at that! Thor had never seen a woman look so hot, her Captains outfit was amazing, a frilly shirt with most of her cleavage exposed, and what a cracking cleavage. A tight black leather waistcoat- And arse and thigh hugging trousers.

“Hell” said Thor, as this was his favourite word. The Captain smiled and said,

” I am the Captain , and on the Cunnilingus, everyone calls me the Boss Lady”

Thor thought that this was fair enough, his nine inches was throbbing like fuck, it wanted out, and right in the Captain’s cunt. He’d show her who was boss.

The Boss lady could see the look in Thor’s eyes, she could see the massive bulge in his pants and she was impressed. More than that, she was hot and wet. ” I kept a piece of cake for you Thor, would you share the cream with me?”

Fuck, did she know about the cum? I bet she does, thought Thor, the dirty bitch knows alright. “Hell yeah, i’ll share”

The Boss lady then did the strangest thing, she took a dagger from her desk and ripped and tore away the tight fitting material from the crotch of her trousers, leaving Thor in no doubt what this lady had in mind. Her cunt was fucking gorgeous, he could see her lips and clit, they were swollen and dripping wet.

On her desk was the piece of cake, she took her finger and scraped every single last drop of cream off the cake, sat on her desk, spread her legs wide and covered her cunt in the cream. “I want you to lick your spunk off me”

Thor didn’t need to be asked twice, he was across the room in two seconds flat, on his knees and in front of the Captain’s cunt, lapping away at his spunk, the cream and the Boss ladies juices.

“Hell” said Thor, once the cream was gone. The Captains hips were moving up and down, round and round, so very slowly. She told Thor, ” I want you to xhamster porno flick your tongue on my clit, and finger my cunt, can you do that Thor?” He couldn’t answer his mouth was full and his tongue was busy.

Fuck this was the best encounter with an adversary he had ever had. So much better than the wenches who usually spread themselves for him.

He heard the Captain moan and he put two fingers in her cunt, and started to circle her asshole with another, he used his tongue on her clit, fuck his face was soaking, he spat her juices back at her, she was loving it. He was throbbing like fuck, he so wanted to fuck her.

“i’ll decide” said the Boss Lady, as though she could read his mind. “I want to cum on your face, keep going you dirty fuck” and Thor did exactly as he was told, he fingered her asshole, finger fucked her cunt really hard and licked and sucked as if his life depended on it. The Boss Lady spurted right into his mouth and screamed fucking very loudly, it was her ship she could scream as loud as she wanted.

” Now you can fuck me” She stood up and kissed Thor, she licked all her juices off his face. She then took off her waistcoat, undid her shirt and exposed her breasts for Thor to marvel at. He reached out to touch them but she was too quick. She turned round, bent over her desk and ordered “Fuck me from behind, Viking Boy!”

The nine inches were released and out came Thor’s cock, the Captain looked over her shoulder and moaned at the sight of it. “In me, now, right in” Thor put his hands round her body and grabbed her ample breasts, pinched her nipples hard and whispered in her ear “I am going to ram you so hard, I am going pull your hair, fuck you big time till you scream again” And he did.

She was so wet he was able to slip his throbbing cock straight in right to its base, until his balls were banging of her arse. Hell, she was tight, she contracted her muscles round his dick and he rammed her again and again.

Fuck he thought he was going to cum, he pulled out quickly, and stuck one inch and only one inch of his cock inside her ass hole. She shuddered and the juices poured out of her cunt, he put three fingers in her pussy, and shot his spunk in her ass.

Thor couldn’t resist, he got on his knees and licked his dripping spunk out of her asshole. She moaned again and he fingered her clit till she came once again.

They were both slightly out breath, not too much, there was a feeling that there was more to come, and both of them could handle that. A pair of dirty fucks, Cunnilingus and the Big Boy would be going at it again very soon. Just as soon as the five serving wenches, six guards and the parrot left the room!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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