When Dreams Come True

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Madison tossed and turned in her sleep. He was there again. The dark man with an even darker purpose. He reached out to her with a hand that was little more than flesh and bone. She tried to run, but was frozen in place, terrified and alone. A skeletal finger reached out and touched her face, sending a chill surging through her. She woke with a start, her thin cotton nightgown drenched in a cold sweat. She hated that dream so much. It heralded bad, evil, and soon.

Wrapping herself in a blanket, Madison wandered out into the night. Drawing a bucket of water from the well, she carried it back to the house, being careful not to spill a drop. Setting it down before the fire, and taking a small knife from the bench, she made herself comfortable. Running the keen edge of the blade over her palm, she closed her fist tight, letting the thick red blood trickle on the surface of the water.

She bound her bloodied hand with a cloth; she would deal with it later, and leaned over the bucket. Clearing her mind, she focused on nothing as the image in the water began to form, and take shape. A man, in his mid twenties, sitting alone at a table in a tavern. Clean shaven and well dressed, his muscular body was more than impressive to behold. She gazed longingly upon the image. This was the man she’d been shown time and time again. He was the one who would love her like no other could, her soul mate, her destiny. She whispered his name aloud. “Jake” As if he heard his name mentioned, he turned to look around him, but finding no one, he returned to his ale, and his solitude.

Returning to her bed, Madison covered the wound on her palm with her other hand. Opening her mind, she could feel the heat building, pulsing, and surging into the wound. When she parted her hands the wound was healed without so much as a trace.

Surrendering to her dreams, she found him there, awaiting her with a broad smile and open arms. She goes to him willingly, wantonly. Their mouths meet as their bodies come together. A shimmering light envelopes them and their clothing vanishes, wrapping them in the warmth of the glowing light. He sank to the ground, taking her with him, pulling her body to his. Entwining his fingers in the glory of her long blond hair, he ran the silky smooth strands through his fingers, lifting them to his nose to breathe deep the sweet odor of her.

Leaning over him, she kisses her way over his chest, licking and biting as she works her way down. Lower and lower she ventures, until at last the finds the object of her desire. She hungered for him, for the taste and feel of him. Sliding her hand around his flaccid member, she begins to stroke it gently, feeling it grow and harden in her hand. She smiles knowingly; blowing warm air over the now swollen red head, sending a vibrant sensation running up his shaft. Reaching out with the tip of her tongue, she begins to tease, to taste, holding back the desire to devour him with her hungry mouth. Licking her lips, making them wet; she runs them over his head in little kisses, brushing her teeth gently against his sensitive end. Taking the head full in her mouth, she begins to suck, running the tip of her tongue around the rim of his perfect mushroomed head. A moan escapes his lips, and she draws him deeper into her mouth, humming softly as she dipped and lifted her pretty face. Squeezing his balls lovingly, tasting the salt of his sweat, her excitement builds.

Pulling her around to within his reach, his fingers explore, and caress her tender folds of skin. Finding the place he knows she likes to be touched most, he begins to stroke, making the hard little bud even harder. She moans louder, sucking harder and faster with the stimulation her wet clit was receiving.

With a deep groan, his cock exploded into her mouth and she tightened her lips around his shaft, allowing none of his seed to escape, swallowing deep all he gave her. With a heated rush her own climax surged through her, sending shudders through every part of her being.

She woke with her breath heavy, and her body on fire. Feeling between her legs, she found a familiar wetness. She smiled and snuggled back into her pillow. She had had this dream before, many times, but now a dream was not enough, she wanted the real man. She wanted Jake.

With the dawning of the new day, Madison packed a few belongings, saddled her horse, and headed off in the direction she knew in her heart Jake would be. She stopped briefly at a neighboring house, and asked them to care for her livestock in exchange for the milk and eggs, then began her journey. It was an hour before dusk when she reached the first village, so she made her way to the only tavern in sight and rented a room for the night. There were not many rooms available, the better ones being used by the tavern whores, but she was saddle sore and grateful just to have a warm dry place to sleep for the night.

No sooner was she tucked into the rickety bed than the noise of a whore catering to the needs of a customer in the next room began. She tried tecavüz porno to ignore it, but soon the sounds of moaning and groaning, the primal sounds of animal behavior, stirred the primal side of herself.

Rolling over she discovered a hole in the wall that gave her a full view of the bed, and the couple on it, in the next room. She turned away, but as the noise continued, curiosity got the better of her and she pressed her eye back to the hole.

A large, hairy man stood leaning back against the corner post of the canopy bed while a chubby woman with bleached hair and enormous breasts kneeled before him. She had his cock in her hand, playing with it and teasing it with her tongue, running her lips up and down the length of it. Madison cringed at the thought. The man looked as though he had not bathed in months. She continued to watch, as the man became a little impatient to take his pleasure. Grabbing a hand full of the woman’s hair, he pulled back her head saying,

“Stop playin with the fucking thing and suck it.” The woman complied, taking the full length of him into her mouth, sucking hard and fast. He began to groan again, sounding more like an animal in pain than a man receiving pleasure. Digging both his filthy hands into her hair, he proceeded to brutally fuck her mouth. She protested and tried to break free of him as his pounding busted her bottom lip against her teeth, but he continued. The sight of her blood on his cock seemed to stir him to greater heat. With a desperate lunge, she tried to break free of him, but he grabbed her hair, dragging her across the floor to the bed. He threw her over the edge of the bed on her stomach with less sensitivity then he would have had with a sack of grain, and forced his hard cock into her with tremendous force. She screamed in pain as he drove himself into her again and again, slapping her ass so hard that the impact could be heard in the bar.

Suddenly the door bust open and two me raced in, dragging the wretch from the woman yelling something about damaging the merchandise, and she’ll be useless for a week. The woman sank to the floor sobbing as the two men dragged him naked from the room and dumped him and his belongings in the street, closing the door behind them and leaving the whore to tend to her self. She didn’t get up. She just stayed huddled on the floor weeping. Madison could not bear it. She dressed and knocked lightly on the door. When there was no answer, she opened the door quietly, and took great care to close it again without making a sound.

Kneeling down, she touched the woman gently and was a little shocked when she flinched away. She looked up at Madison and gave her a week smile when she realized it was a woman come to give her aid, not another man come to torture her. Taking her hand, Madison helped her onto the bed and inspected the damage. Wetting a wash cloth, she wiped away the congealing blood from her lip and a dirty smudge from her cheek. The woman touched her hand, smiling at her in gratitude.

“My name’s Peggy. Your taking a great risk coming in here, but I doubt they will be back while they think I am damaged.” Her smile turned bitter sweet.

“Did he hurt you badly?” Madison had herbs in her backpack that could help with pain should she have need of them, and she could heal simple wounds with her hands. Peggy chuckled a little,

“Honey, he didn’t hurt me much at all. His cock was so damn small I doubt he could do himself damage. I just wanted the filthy mongrel gone and a few days rest.” Madison had to smile at this woman’s cunning and bravery. She was quite impressed. Peggy was still naked on the bed when Madison went to rinse the cloth and refresh it. She noticed a bruise beginning to form on Peggy’s breast, and pressed the cold cloth against it. Peggy gave her a wicked smile,

“So tell me Honey,”

“My name is Madison.”

“So tell me Maddy, have you ever been with a woman?” Maddy looked at the woman a little confused. Peggy chuckled.

“Have you have made love to another woman? I feel I should repay your kindness, and I have a need that is as yet, unfulfilled.” Maddy knew all to well the feel of having a need that was left yearning, her own groin was demanding satisfaction after the disturbing, yet arousing scene she had witnessed. She had never been with anyone, let alone a woman, but she was curious by nature and aroused beyond the point of no return. She thought of retreating back to her room, relieving her self in a way she knew and enjoyed. Looking into Peggy’s eyes, her curiosity and imagination began to run rampant. Her nerves threatened to overcome her and send her fleeing, but when Peggy reached up to place a tender kiss upon her lips, she knew there was no turning back. Leaning down, Maddy kissed the bruise softly, breathing deep the sweet scent of lavender. Peggy ran her fingers through Maddy’s pretty hair, leading her mouth to a now hard, dark nipple. She sighed heavily as Maddy sucked it into her mouth, teasing and tasting as she travesti porno had seen Peggy do with the mans erect cock.

Peggy slipped her fingers between her own thighs, and spreading her legs a little, she began to rub and touch herself in a way Maddy was all to familiar with. Running her hand down Peggy’s arm, their fingers joined and played together, working their way over Peggy’s swollen clit. Maddy inserted a long, slender finger inside Peggy while Peg continued to pinch her pleasure point between her fingers. Maddy could tell Peggy’s arousal was growing and she added a second finger, and then a third. Peggy’s head fell back and a deep moan escaped her lips. Maddy could feel the inner walls of Peg’s pussy pulsing, and the juices coated her fingers.

Peggy flopped back on the bed, her body well satisfied, looking up to see Maddy licking her fingers. Maddy had been curious. She had tasted herself many times, and wondered if another woman juices were the same. Peggy’s taste was different to hers, and quite pleasant. She licked her fingers clean, and bent down to Peggy, intent on getting a better taste. Spreading the woman’s legs, she reached out with her tongue and licked her still throbbing clit tenderly. Peggy moaned as a new pleasure surged through her. Maddy licked down, slurping and sucking all the sweet juice Peg had to offer, then slid her tongue deep into peg’s hot juicy hole. There she found a plentiful supply of the honey she now hungered for. Her blood began to pound faster through her veins, and her head swam as her own body became consumed with the primal need for completion. Peg could feel the younger woman’s need building, and lifting her onto the bed. She lifted Maddy’s skirt and spread her young, tender thighs. Peg moved to kneel between Maddy’s spread legs, gazing in adoration at the sweet young lips she hungered to kiss.

Reaching out, she spread the pink lips of Maddy’s already wet pussy, seeking to find that wondrous bud that brought the only pleasure she had in her life. She touched it lightly, the affect surging through Maddy, her back arching and her breath catching. Slowly, Peggy began to stoke and massage her clit, delighting at the small animalistic noises that escaped Maddy’s luscious mouth. Rubbing her finger over the first tight hole, she slipped it inside, surprised to find a barrier. Maddy was still a virgin. Peggy was thrilled. The only virgins she ever had where the randy sons of farmers who grew tired of tugging them selves, or their mothers got tired of washing the sheets. The thought almost made her giggle.

Maddy had never felt so exhilarated. She looked at the women pleasuring her. She never thought to be done so well by a woman, let alone a wonton whore, but there she was with her legs spread, willing this woman to bring her to climax. She felt a little like a whore herself, wanting to be sucked and pleasured in ways she had only dreamed.

Bending down, Peggy would taste this woman’s virgin juices, and bring her to fulfillment without taking her maidenhead. She had never hungered for the taste of a woman so much. Never wanted to please a woman so much. She wanted this girl going away from this place remembering the greatest orgasm of her life was brought on by a woman. Dipping her head she took her first taste. Mmmmmmm, so sweet. Her powerful mouth began to suck and lick, nibbling gently on the delicate folds of skin, sucking her pearl like clit, and sliding her fingers gently in and out of her virgin hole.

Slowly Madison’s pleasure began to build. Her heart raced and breathing quickened as Peggy worked her tongue harder and faster over her pleasure bud. As the honey flowed from Maddy’s hole, Peggy was quick to lap it up, not allowing a single drop of the rare delight escape her hungry lips. Maddy’s sounds of pleasure grew faster and higher pitched, and for a moment Peggy was worried the younger woman would cry out in her climax. As if reading Peggy’s mind, Maddy grappled for a cushion and covered her mouth. Her body erupted as the orgasm swept through her, arching her back and spreading her legs even wider. Peg continued to lick and stimulate her pulsing, hot pussy, sending wave after orgasmic wave rushing over Maddy’s slender form. At last it subsided, and Peggy had swallowed her fill of virgin love juices. The two women lay together for a while, enjoying each other’s company before Maddy returned to her own room and slept a wonderful, dreamless sleep.

Before dawn Madison was back on her horse heading east. Her pussy pressed hard against the saddle, still sensitive from her encounter with Peggy, and threatening to bring her to climax again should she press to hard on her tender clit. Perhaps when she stopped for a rest at noon she would relieve her tension. Late that afternoon she decided to rest in a much cleaner tavern in a much larger village. She took a seat at a table towards the back of the room and satisfied her need for nourishment. The thick lamb stew was delicious, filled with vegetables and grains. xhamster porno As she mopped up the remainder of the gravy with some bread, a tingle raced up her spine telling her that she was being watched. Slowly and so not to attract attention she looked for the source. For a moment her heart threatened to jump out of her throat. There, on the other side of the room, was Jake. She’d found him.

He sat alone at a table drinking ale, and she watched him unashamedly, taking notice of every move, every detail. Their eyes met, and locked. He knew her as well as she knew him. He had seen her often in his dreams. Held her in his arms and shown her all of his passion, and tasted hers. Abandoning his unfinished tankard he moved to her table and took a chair across from her. Their eyes never left each other for a moment. He lifted her hand, kissing and licking her fingers. A soft moan escaped her lips and he knew at once that she was indeed the woman of his dreams. The sweet song of her passionate moans had never left his thoughts.

Touching her cheek, he almost whispered,

“Hello Maddy.” She smiled lovingly into his eyes, lifting her hand and meshing her fingers with his on her cheek.

“Hello Jake.”

They sat, staring lovingly into each others eyes, neither one daring to look away incase this was another dream and at a blink would vanished, waking alone in their beds. Their moment was shattered when a man pulled a chair, turned it backwards, and straddled it.

“Hey Jackie boy, who’s your whore? Maybe I should try her out for ya, see if she’s any good.” He reached for a strand of her hair but she pulled her head away, his hand grasping empty air. Jake gave him warning glare.

“I’ll thank you to mind your mouth. This lady is my future wife.” She squeezed his fingers with pride, a warm rush surging threw her body, making her blush. Marriage was more than she dared dream of. The man burst into fits of laughter.

“This little vixen has far to much fire for you, she needs a real man, someone who can tame her, beat her pretty face into submission.” He touched her cheek and she went cold all over, a sudden realization hitting her. She knew that touch, that chill. This man was the dark one in her dreams. Her nightmares. No good could come from this man’s intentions. Jake became furious, getting to his feet and reaching for his sword. The other man jumped to his feet, raising his palms and backing away with a grin on his face.

“Easy there Jake, you might hurt yourself with that thing.” Still laughing, he walked to the other side of the tavern, slapping another man on the back and bursting into another fit of hideous laughter. Jake sat back down reaching for her hand once more, kissing her fingers.

“I am sorry about that my love. Bart has been a thorn in my side my entire life and will do anything to humiliate me.” She touched his face lovingly.

“It’s alright Sweetheart, I have dealt with worse.” Jake was still angry,

“You will never have to deal with it again, I promise you. Maddy, will you do me the honor of being my bride?” Their eyes met and she was in heaven,

“Yes my love, oh yes.” His kissed her fingers adoringly.

“Go to your room and lock the door. Prepare yourself. I will return within the hour with a priest to see us wed.” She almost leapt from her chair and hugged him tight, running for the stairs that lead to her room. Stopping at the top to blow him a kiss. She was dizzy with excitement, rushing into her room and locking the door, spinning on the spot hugging herself. She was getting married.

Jake scanned the tavern carefully before he moved. When he was satisfied that Bart was gone, he went in search of Father Joseph. Still, he could not shake the feeling that his older brother was up to no good. He would hurry.

Maddy stripped and stepped into the tub, poring water from the pitcher over her slim form and working the soap into a thick lather. Rubbing it all over her body, she loved the silky smooth feel, caressing her breasts, her belly, her buttocks, and that delicate place between her thighs. She washed slowly, taking great pleasure in the scented soap and warm water, missing nothing. She wanted to be perfect the first time Jake took her in the flesh. The thought set her pussy on fire, coating her inner lips with thick, creamy juices. Filling the pitcher again, she rinsed away the soap, leaving her supple skin looking like new silk, and smelling of roses.

She was reaching for the towel the door burst open. Bart had been watching through he keyhole and could take no more. He would have this woman before his weakling of a brother. He found her desirable, and what he desired, he got.

Maddy screamed in fright as he threw himself upon her, pinning her naked body to the floor, knocking the breath from her lungs. Fumbling with the buckle on his trousers, he covered her mouth with his other hand, trying in vain to muffle her cries. She bit into his hand, drawing blood. Cursing, he struck her face so hard she thought her teeth would come loose. She screamed and Bart’s body was lifted from hers and thrown across the room. Jake had kicked his brother full in the side, launching him and cracking several ribs. Maddy rolled to the corner, seeking shelter, Father Joseph grabbing a blanket and covering her shivering form.

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