When a Stalker Strikes

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Part one.


Tracey lives in a relatively quiet neighborhood. One that until recently had never known much in the way of crime. A spate of house break-ins in the immediate surroundings had seen many of the residents arm their homes with the latest in home protection. This new technology came with a hefty price tag, but it also came highly recommended. After learning that those who had the home security installed already and were all more than pleased with it’s performance and that they felt safer, more secure in their homes once more seen Tracey have the device installed in her own home. One can never be too careful, especially when you lived on your own.

The guy that installed her new home security was more than helpful. It took ten working days to have it fully fitted to her home. Six of those days seen The woman in her mid twenties having to trust the installer to work at her house whilst she herself was at work. Tracey worked part time as an editor for a small publishing company three days a week, the rest of her time was taken up by her own writing or time spent at the gym. She had been successful with a few works of fiction that had earned her a tidy little sum that she squirrelled away and was now using to pay for added safety in her home.

When the installation was complete the man she now knew as Jonathan sat her down and helped her upload software onto her laptop that helped her control all aspects of the system. An app was also uploaded to her smart phone and both devices, then synced together and with the security system.

Jon also helped her add two of her fingerprints to the now keyless entry to her home and to that of the new display monitor on the wall in her kitchen. She was thrilled to learn she could control her central heating, lights and alarm all from her phone when she was not even home! Yep, definitely worth its price tag she had thought to herself.

Weeks went by and Tracey’s daily routine was back to normal, uninterrupted by works being carried out on her home. She had to admit she felt a whole lot safer now that she had the latest in home security. It certainly came in handy now that the weather was turning and the nights and days were growing ever warmer too. There were no more reports of house burglary in the area. The neighborhood had returned to its quiet, peaceful, leafy self once more.

Jonathan had called a couple of times to insure that all was working well and up to standard. Upon the second call she received from him, he asked her out for dinner. But Tracey had politely declined. Telling him that she was not ready for dating anyone at the present. And that she had recently been through an upsetting break up of a long relationship.

This was not entirely true, in fact, it had been well over two years since her ex had broken It off, dumping her for another woman. Leaving a young Tracey with trust and commitment issues. He seemed to accept this excuse and she heard no more from the man that Installed her home security.


The moment he laid his eyes upon the petite blonde he was smitten. Not only was she easy on the eyes, but Tracey was friendly, polite, accommodating. Always asking if he would like a drink or a snack. She had even prepared him a lunch time meal on the days she was at home whilst he worked there. All of these things and more told Jonathan that this girl was the one.

He became fixated on her, pouring through her computer when she was not home, careful to cover any tracks he may have made whilst doing so. He learnt a lot about her in those days she was at work. She was an only child, her parents having her later in life has seen them already living in a comfortable retirement village a ten hour drive up the coast from their Daughter.

Jon also learnt through emails that it had been a long time since his new obsession had been with a man or even on a date for that matter. This pleased him to no end. She would be nice and tight. God, how he couldn’t wait to sink his fat meat into her. Feel her tight little sex gripping his shaft. Man was she going to be a delight.

Jon didn’t care much for how she might feel about him. No matter what Tracey would be his. He had perfected his method, learnt from the mistakes he had made with previous women and men he had stalked, Fucked and made to obey him until he tired of them. Tracey he doubted he would ever tire of though. She had a perfect little body, ample tits and a firm bottom that he had a feeling had never been breached.

Drugging was his preferred method, not that Jonathan couldn’t pull chicks the conventional way, he was a good looking specimen, fit and muscular, he just preferred his way of scoring with the ladies and the Gents for that matter. Through trial and error he had finally got it down pat. A concoction of his own design that he would slowly feed to her over the course of a few weeks before he made her his. She would be so ripe for the plucking by the time he was ready to finally fuck her that She will be more than willing. Begging him even.

Jon called her twice under the pretense of checking up on her security system. A system he had more control of and access to than She herself did. He was upset that she lied eskort gaziantep and told him she was still recovering from a recent break up and there for could not accept his dinner invite. That’s okay though, soon he would be devouring her.

Tiny cameras he had set up at key points throughout her home allowed him to track her every move whilst she was home. He also Knew every detail of her daily routines. Tracey already belonged to him and She Did not even know It Yet.

Jonathan had started his own routine only days after the final install in Tracey’s home. His system allowing him entry into her house with just his fingerprint that he had also programmed into the system.

He would wait until well after the witching hour and the quiet little street was deep in slumber and as was Tracey. First on his agenda was drugging the freshly squeezed juice she prepared every night before she went to bed so that it was waiting for her in the fridge for consumption with her breakfast in the morning. Doing this, he supposed to save her time before work. The chemical slowly building up in her system was for the soul purpose of building up her libido. Leaving her in a high state of arousal by the time he was ready to strike.

The second thing he did on his new nightly routine was to make sure she had taken herself Subscribed vitamins that he knew she swallowed after each nightly meal Before bed. The fish oil capsules he had half drained and filled with a strong sedative using a syringe with a very fine needle.

The last of his nightly ritual was to watch her sleep whilst stroking his cock for lengthy periods between pulling back her sheet and exposing more of her flesh to his hungry eyes each night. Tracey would sleep peacefully thanks to the drugs as he teased himself by stroking the soft skin along her panty line. Cupping her breasts through the silky nighties she liked to wear. He had even gone as far as to bury his nose in the apex of her thighs whilst she slept, mouthing her through her underwear, drawing in her musky scent.

He put himself through this torturous nightly routine for the build up. The anticipation of what he intended to do to her was half of the excitement. Fuck, she was so divine. Like no other girl he had known before her and he had known hundreds of Girls and men in a range of age groups. Each night he would stay until he emptied his balls of his seed, cleaned up, kissed her forehead and gone home to catch a few hours sleep before his vigil on Tracey began again when he woke.

Whilst she worked he caught up on much needed Sleep. When she was home, he watched her constantly on his laptop and each night he would visit his sleeping angel, each night he became bolder with the caressing of her body but his ultimate goal was to have her when and how he wanted and have her beg him for it.

Tracey was not the only person whom he was keeping tabs on. Jon had installed many security systems in the neighbourhood and he had kept a silent vigil on all his clients through the many cameras he had installed in their homes without their knowledge. Only one other home had caught his interest though and that was of the Jeffersons that lived directly across the street from his sweet , petite Tracey. The young couple, both career minded had not bothered as of yet with raising a family of their own. Too caught up in work and socialising, they barely had time for each other or so it seemed from the outside looking in. Jon had access to both their computers, smartphones and their home just like he did Tracey’s so he knew better. He had taken less time to stake out the couple then what he took for Tracey but what he had learnt straight up was that the Husband Peter enjoyed watching Gay porn when he was alone, he jacked off to his secret desires when ever he could. From what Jon could gather the man had never engaged in sex with another male, only fantasied about doing so. His Wife Louise who was none the wiser was all about Peter, work and her never ending lists she made so that her / their perfect life was orderly and ran like clock work. Their sex life was active but very fucking dull. Jon ever the voyeur had even grown tired quickly of watching them fuck. Their forays never lasting more than five , ten minutes tops and Louise never came. Not even once. That would soon change.

Louise had planned a night out in the city with some of her work colleagues and as predictable as ever she had planned ahead. She made lists of what to pack and a list of things to do before leaving home, including the shopping menu and recipe for the meals she would prepare the night before and leave for Peter to heat in the microwave whilst she was gone for the night, keeping them all updated not only on her laptop but her smartphone as well. Jon had smiled when he had read her little lists. He need to fuck the shit out of someone. Who better then wanna be gay Peter? Tracey had him so on edge that a night of fun and release was exactly what he needed. Still keeping a close vigil on the petite blonde that was his main focus, Jon wasted no time with lists like Louise, his mind when shifted in to gear was meticulous.

Late on the night he had first caressed Tracey’s gaziantep esmer escort cunt through her panties as she slept Jon disabled the alarm Peter set every night before retiring and let himself into the Jefferson house. Louise’s overnight bag was already packed and by the front door ready for her departure the next afternoon. Silent as a mouse Jon moved down the hallway and stole into the kitchen. In the fridge he laced the ready made fettuccine boscaiola Louise had lovingly prepared for her Husband with a strong liquid sedative. The next evening would be one Jon would enjoy.

The large male only bothered checking in again on the Jeffersons house via his laptop when he knew Louise was due to leave. He watched as the heavy breasted brunette hurriedly performed some last minute house cleaning so that all would be just right when her Husband returned from work to an empty house for the night. Jon was amused that Peter had assured Louise he would rather have an early night tonight as it had been a long week via text messages fired back and forth between the married couple. Little did Wifey know that her soul mate had already picked out and downloaded three full length phonographic movies for his enjoyment. All of them male an male. Peter was going to get more male on male action then he knew.

Alternating the rest of his evening between watching Tracey and keeping an eye on Peter Jon was growing very restless. Peter jerked off to the first movie early on in the evening his small cock standing on end as the male rubbed one out, making a lot more noise then necessary as he came into the towel he had over his legs. Jon became a little unnerved as Peter put the second movie on right after he had cum. The night was wearing on and Peter had not bothered with his dinner so far, he seemed content with just drinking beer and tugging on his small penis as he watched the men do the things he fantasised about. What if he didn’t eat? What if his plan for the night did not come to fruition? His concern was put to rest after Peter failed to get him self off during the second movie. His cock was red and semi flaccid still. Peter obviously frustrated with himself heated his meal in the microwave just after 11.30pm. Jon immediately left with his own pre packed bag and headed straight to Tracey’s so that he could execute his nightly routine and admire the object of his desires as she slept before paying Peter a visit.

After spending a considerable amount of time exploring Tracey’s body with feather light touches Jon let his pet to be to enjoy her slumber. He crept across the street unnoticed in his dark clothing. Disabling the Jeffersons alarm via his mobile Jon was more then ready to have some fun introducing Peter to anal sex first hand. He didn’t worry about being quiet once inside, he could hear Peter’s loud snoring the moment the back door latch released after recognising Jon’s thumbprint. He found his victim naked, asleep on the couch. The laptop open on the large coffee table. Smirking Jon set his bag down and pulled out four sets of handcuffs. He secured each cuff to a leg of the coffee table. Jon would have to be on his knees to fuck Peter but that was okay by him. Grabbing cushions off the couch he placed them at one end on top of the coffee table. All the while Peter snores in his sleep unawares of the intruder in his home. Satisfied that he was now ready to disturb his slumbering victim, Jon picked up Peters left leg and let it dangle off the couch and quickly cuffed the ankle, Peter did not stir. Maybe Jon had given the man to much sedative? Shrugging his shoulders Jon man handled the mans dead weight easily, Peter was soon splayed out stomach down on the coffee table, his ankles and wrists all handcuffed securely. The mans knees over hung the coffee table, the cushions propped under his hips all helped to exposing his arse crack.

The first thing Peter would be aware of when he woke would be his laptop sitting on a chair displaying the third movie he had purchased. The second well now. That was obvious. The last things Jon did before waking Peter up with smelling salts was to undress himself, pull on a balaclava and then gag the man that was now at his mercy. Sitting down on the couch where Peter lay sleeping peacefully just moments ago Jon held the smelling salts under the restrained mans nose, the affect was almost immediate. Jon patiently waited for the useless attempts of struggling and muffled pleas to die down, amusing himself by watching the porno playing out on the screen in the dark until Peter stilled somewhat. ‘ right’ he clapped the palms of his hands down on the tops of his own knees. ‘ let’s get a few things straight now shall we?’ He smirked at Peter when he noticed the mans gaze had zeroed in on his fat erection. ‘ yes. I am going to fuck you, yes. it will hurt…… at first and lastly you may as well just let it happen rather than fight it.’ Peter’s eyes bulged and he tried to plead from behind the gag. Ignoring him Jon made a scene of pulling a tube of lubricant from his bag. ‘ oh and by the way I am capturing all of this on video. That’s right. After tonight I could post your first time being fucked in the arse on social media.’

Peter gaziantep eve gelen escort began his struggles anew. Pulling at the cuffs hard. ‘ you know, all you are achieving is marking up your own flesh and how will you explain that when Louise comes home tomorrow?’ That made the smaller man quiet down some, his body still shook though. ‘ just relax, enjoy your porno dude’ Jon stands, his massive cock on display in all its engorged glory. He thought about the little blonde sleeping across the road and his erection jerked with lust. Squeezing lube into the palm of his hand he took up his shaft, stroking its full length, coating it in the stimulant gel. Peter’s gaze was transfixed on the show Jon gave him. ‘ I know it’s big Peter, probably a bit daunting for you’ his words meant to both cause fear and arousal. ‘ don’t worry your ass will handle it just fine ‘ Jon disappeared from Peter’s sight and positioned himself at the foot of the coffee table between the mans spread legs. ‘ bet this is not how you expected your night home alone to go?’ Pouring more lubricant onto his fingers Jon began his assault on the wanna be gay male. He started smearing the gel over and around the mans arsehole. No need for foreplay here. His cock was beyond hard and Jon desperately needed something tight milking him. Forcing a fat digit into the tight orifice to stretch it out Jon chuckled as Peter’s sphincter gripped his finger tightly and the man groaned behind the gag. The assailant had never considered himself as gay. He didn’t suck cock and his own arse had never been breeched. He just really like fucking and having his own cock sucked no matter the sex of the recipient.

Even with the lubricant Peter’s arse took time to loosen up a little but Jon didn’t mind. Who didn’t love a tight hole to fuck? What did surprise the large man was that it took less time then he had thought it would for good old Pete to start responding to the finger fucking he was receiving. He was already pushing back upon Jon’s intruding finger. Jon chuckled ‘ fuck dude you really are enjoying this aren’t you? You know if your a good little boy I might even let you suck my cock’ Jon forced a second finger into the mans taint, pumping a few times in and out before pulling them out and slapping the hairy arse before him. ‘ best you make like your taking a shit, it will be easier for you’ Jon maybe many things but a sadist he was not. He likes his conquests to get off, to desire him even though he is assaulting them.

Taking up his thick girth in his hand he guides the tip of his cock until it is pressed up against the virginal hole. Time to make a cock lover out of Mr Jefferson. Unceremoniously Jon pushes against the resisting sphincter. Peter’s legs tremble wether it is in pleasure or fear Jon doesn’t care at this point. ‘ if you don’t relax and push out like your shitting it’s gonna hurt’ he thrusts a little harder to prove the point and Peter stiffens as the head of Jon’s cock literally pops inside of him. The male on the coffee table struggles against his bonds. ‘ told you’ Jon growls out the words. Fuck it feels good to have something other than his own hand gripping his meat. He waits until His fuck toy has relaxed a little, then with small short movements he begins working his erection in and out of the heated hole ‘ burns huh? That will pass’ on his knees in the dark living room Jon grunts with pleasure with each new inch that sinks in deeper. he closes his eyes and imagines Tracey asleep on her bed. The sounds of the porno playing out on the laptop become background noise to Peter’s muffled moans of pleasure. Picking up the pace now that the lubed tunnel has stretched to accomodate him Jon grips the males hips and starts fucking him in earnest. It does not take long and Peter’s body grips him hard, squeezing nice and fucking tight around the rod impaling him. ‘ don’t tell me your going to come already? Fuck man you are a cock slut in the making’ he chuckles and thrusts harder, deeper and faster until his new toy blows his load into the pillows underneath him. Jon slows, still fucking the man but easing up in his onslaught. ‘ oh yeah, you love cock up your arse don’t you?’ He thrusts in deep to prove his point and Peter moans in delight. ‘ wonder what Wifey would think of all this huh? Her perfect Husband taking cock and loving it?’ Giving a few more slow deep thrusts just for the hell of it Jon finally pulls out of the now gaping hole. ‘ time for you to suck your first cock and taste your own arse’ Jon moves around to the front of the coffee table, moving the chair with the laptop on it out of his way. On his knees once more he reminds Peter that they are being recorded ‘ so this is how it’s going to go, you are going to suck me off and swallow every last drop I feed you and if you do it well the video won’t be published and as a reward for keeping our little session here tonight to yourself I just might come fuck you on a regular basis’ he lifts up Peter’s head so the man is looking at him. ‘ you would like that wouldn’t you Peter? Having your arse fucked on the regular?’ Amazingly Peter nods. Jon removes the gag from the mans mouth ‘ open up buddy because I have a fucking huge load to feed you’ Peter complies and Jon knows he now has a fuck toy to play with whenever the opportunity arises, hell he might even bring the big titted Louise into the fold and make it all the more fun. As Peter slurped upon his cock Jon smiled and thought to himself that he had the best job in the world. It granted him all the tools he needed to be the perfect sexual hunter.

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