What I Was Looking For

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I can’t really say my step-sister & I hated each other or even fought like some siblings do, but we certainly didn’t always get along. Mom had been killed when I was a baby and when I was 5, dad remarried to Cathy, who had a daughter. I really didn’t remember that much of mom & Cathy quickly became my new mom as well as a great wife for dad. Martina was 2 months older than me and figured that meant she knew more than me – about everything. Growing up, we were opposite in most ways. She was fairly tall, slender, long blonde hair, blue eyes and glasses. I on the other hand was shorter, heavier than most kids my age and had short, dark black hair & brown eyes. About the only thing we had in common was that we loved the outdoors – biking, walking, boating, you name it.

I had my first ‘steady’ girlfriend – Cindy – when I was 16 & it only lasted a couple of weeks – mainly due to my sister. The few times I brought her home after school, my sister would make sure Cindy heard her comments to me: “why would you want a girl with braces” or “why would you want a girl taller than you” or “why would you want a girl that didn’t like the outdoors.” As you can imagine, that killed that relationship pretty quickly.

I had a few other short-term girlfriends (most of whom I never bothered to take home) and then I met Michelle just after I turned 18. She was new to the college & the more I talked to her, the more I wanted to date her. She always looked like she’d just come out of the beauty parlor – nails, lipstick, makeup, hair – all were perfectly done. When my sister found out I was seeing her, she told me, “I’ll bet she’s not anywhere near as good looking without all that makeup & likely a tease too.”.

We went out for a couple of months, each date we’d go a little further but never ‘all the way’ and I was grudgingly starting to admit that maybe she was a tease after all – but a beautiful one! There was a yearly event where a lot of us would get together in the bush, camp for the weekend, have a big bonfire, drink and if we were lucky, get some action from our girlfriends. Michelle & I went and I quickly realized she couldn’t handle her booze anywhere near as well as I did. Technically we had separate tents but by the end of the night, she was somewhat looped and seemed quite willing to let me do more than just fondle her under her clothes & we ended up in my tent (my tent mate hooked up with her girlfriend and was using her tent). We started making out and eventually ended up lying naked, masturbating each other. I wanted to go all the way but she said she wanted me to go down on her first. I’d never gone down on a girl but between being horny as hell and somewhat drunk I was more than willing.

I brought her to at least 2 orgasms before suggesting that she return the favour – and got a definite “NO!” No problem, I kissed my way back up and got in position to finally have sex with her and was quite surprised to get another “NO!” That started a bit of a fight that finally resulted in me getting nothing more than a hand job before she rolled over and went to sleep. My next surprise was when I woke up the next morning and saw her with her hair all messed up, makeup smeared/smudged/rubbed off & realized my sister was right on both counts -not good looking after all and a definite tease. By the end of the weekend we’d broken up but at least I finally got off with one of the other chicks at the party.

By the time I was 19, I’d finally grown into my weight and was a few inches taller than Martina, bulked up and considered myself quite good looking. I was still attending the local college & I’d had quite a few more girlfriends but much to my dismay, each one turned out pretty much the way that my sister said they would – which pissed me off even more! Martina’s usual comment was — “why do all your girlfriends dress like sluts?”

What could I say? I was 19 and had found that the ones that dressed like sluts were most likely to put out, but I really couldn’t tell that to my sister.

The last straw was when I hooked up with Helen – or ‘Bird’ as she liked to go by. She was pure Goth – black hair, white makeup, dark red lipstick & more than a few piercings. I think the main reason I went out with her was to piss off my sister. Our first date was at the drive-in and before the movie was half over, things were already getting pretty hot in the back seat. Her shirt was off, leaving a very sexy black bra & I noticed a tattoo of a bird on her shoulder blade. When I asked her if that was how she got her nickname she just laughed and said “no, it’s a bit of a joke – I got it because I always swallow.” It took gaziantep escort numaraları me a sec to catch on and then wasn’t sure if I should laugh or not. She answered my unasked question by unzipping my pants and giving me the best head I’d ever had – true enough she lived up to her name and ‘swallow’ it was – that time and every time until we broke up. The sex was great, I learned a lot from her and going out with her totally pissed my sister off. Unfortunately sex was all we had in common so after a few months we broke up & she was soon rumored to be seeing one of the younger teachers.

Even so, I was kinda bummed out (as I said, the sex was great) so when my sister gave me the, “I told you it wouldn’t work with her.” line, it totally pissed me off & I snapped at her, “How can you always tell me what’s wrong with my girlfriends when you can’t even get a date of your own? You seem to know exactly what I do or don’t like but you obviously don’t know what you like or maybe it’s just that none of the guys like you. Perhaps if you actually wore some clothes that showed you were a girl rather than baggy track pants an a sweatshirt you’d get some attention.” As soon as I said it, I could see her lip start to tremble and the tears started. Later I felt sorry but at the time I was so pissed that it really didn’t matter how she felt.

Even though I apologized the next day, things were kinda chilly between us for a week or so. I’d pretty much given up finding a relationship for a bit and wasn’t really even looking for ‘no strings attached’ sex. I wouldn’t call it a slump — I just wasn’t looking and honestly wasn’t sure anymore what I was looking for. That Halloween, one of the guys was throwing a huge party ’cause his parents had gone away for the weekend. I wasn’t planning on going but finally gave in to my buddy who kept insisting that even if I didn’t hookup with anyone, the beer was cheap.

A couple of days before the party I told Mom & Dad what was happening and they were fine — I just got the usual “be careful and don’t drink & drive!” warning & that they’d be out at his work party that night themselves and had booked a hotel room. My sister seemed interested in the details but to my relief said she had other plans — at least I didn’t feel like I had to invite her along. The party night rolled around and by the time I got there, things were in full swing. I had a couple of beers and checked out the chicks but none really caught my eye. I was taking a break from playing Xbox when I saw a new girl come in — me and almost every other guy in the place! I didn’t recognize her so I figured she must be someone’s girlfriend except I didn’t see anyone with her.

She was fairly tall, well built and had red hair that obviously came out of a bottle but it went really well with her green eyes (ya, I’d already gotten close enough to check them out). She said her name was Rita and she was from out of town, there was a funny accent to her voice but I couldn’t place it & she said she’d been invited by her university room-mate who was dating one of the guys there. I really didn’t hear much of it — I was too busy trying to check out the rest of her body without being too obvious. It wasn’t too hard to check out either — she was wearing one of those tight cycling shirts and judging by how visible her nipples were, there wasn’t a bra under it. Her tits definitely looked like more than a handful but were quite firm looking with nice perky nipples. She had on a tight denim skirt that was short enough to show almost all her legs and they looked pretty damn good too. Right away I wondered what if anything she was wearing under it.

Several of us offered her a drink & I guess I must have appealed to her ’cause she accepted my offer. We had a few beers and I asked her if she wanted to go outside and join the people dancing & she said she’d love to. It was an unusually warm Halloween so there wasn’t any need for a jacket outside. I’m not sure how many songs we danced to but right from the first one I felt like the night was going to turn out better than I originally thought. She was a good dancer and when a slower one came on, she didn’t object when I pulled her close and thrust a little bit against her. I thought she was thrusting back but couldn’t be sure at first, however as the night wore on, that doubt was gone and we were continually rubbing up against each other. That’s where girls have it a lot easier than guys — they can get aroused dancing and not have to try to sit back down without anyone seeing a bulge!

When one particularly gaziantep escort bayan numaraları hot song ended, we were looking right at each other and we mutually moved together for our first kiss — and what a kiss it was! It started soft and slow but it wasn’t long before I had both hands on her ass, her arms were around my neck, our lips were tight against each other and our tongues were constantly dueling with each other. When we finally separated, both of us caught our breath and at the same time said, “WOW!”

We had a few more drinks, made out in a dimmer corner of the yard and then knowing my sister and parents were out, and suggested we go back to my place. Just in case my sister was home, I grabbed my cell and called home. When I got no answer I figured I’d check for messages and sure enough there was one from Martina saying she’d gone over to a friends and wouldn’t be back until late tonight or tomorrow morning — PERFECT!

Our house was in walking distance and I didn’t need any lights to get from the front door to my basement bedroom. It didn’t take us long to get naked & while the only light came from the streetlight outside, I could tell she had a killer body. I’d learned a few things about getting a chick really hot so after we held each other and kissed for a few minutes, I started kissing and licking a wavy trail down her neck, along her chest and up the slope of one breast. I kissed everywhere but the nipple itself before moving to the other one. This time I skipped the slope and ran my tongue right across her very hard nipple. When I heard her gasp, I smiled a bit — unlike most of my other girlfriends I was really enjoying pleasing her. I kissed, licked and teased her nipples for a good 5 minutes before I started down her stomach. It took a few minutes to get to her crotch — I went up and down each leg a few times before I got to her pussy — but when I got there I was overjoyed to find it smooth, hairless and quite wet. I do love the taste of pussy and hers was no exception. I started by running just the tip of my tongue up the slit until she was squirming and then worked around the entrance with my tongue — varying between circling it, thrusting my tongue in and out & long hard licks. When I sensed she was about to cum, I slid 2 fingers into her in one, smooth thrust and at the same time wrapped my lips around her clit and sucked. Holy shit did she cum — her hips were bouncing off the bed and what surprised me the most was that I felt a stream of girl cum splash me in my face — something I’d heard about but never experienced before.

I moved back up beside her where we kissed and fondled each other for a few minutes until she rolled me onto my back and repeated what I’d done to her. By the time her tongue first touched my cock, the precum was already running down the shaft which she promptly licked off. I’d thought that Bird gave good head but I was quickly re-evaluating that. She took all 8″ into her throat and I could feel her tongue right at the base as she sucked. The pressure kept building and I kept telling myself that I’d be able to hold back but that thought was erased when one of her fingers started probing my ass. So much for holding back! I got out “I’m going to c…” when I couldn’t hold back any more but I’m sure she knew because she backed right off, opened her mouth and started stroking me. I could feel the pulses start and then spurt after spurt of cum shot out into her mouth. She swallowed the first few spurts but then coughed a bit and the next few hit her on the face before she could open her mouth again. When I was done, she licked up the last few drops from the end and swallowed again. I could just make out her face in the dim light, looking up at me with my cum running off her chin. I know I was smiling and I think she was too and she moved up beside me. I’m not sure why, because I’ve never done it before but I pulled her right up to me and started licking the cum off her face. I’m not sure what surprised her more, that or the fact that I was still hard but as she moved on top of me and thrust her soaked pussy against my still rigid cock, I’m pretty sure she was enjoying both.

I slid into her easily for the first inch or so and then stopped suddenly — holy shit, she was a virgin! Slowly she eased up off of me and for a split second I thought things were going to end right there, then she thrust back as hard as she could and I could feel the pop as I broke through and went full length into her. She collapsed a bit onto me and neither of us moved for a few seconds until escort gaziantep numaraları I asked her if she was ok.

“It hurt a bit at first but it’s starting to feel a lot better already.” Even as she finished saying that, she started to move a bit forward and back, each time going a bit further off my shaft before settling back down on it. When I started to thrust up into her, she stopped me and said, “I’m on top, I’ll set the pace.”

Ok, I’d have been a fool to say no to that, so I let her ride me & what a ride it was! Having already cum, I was good for quite a while but she just kept cumming. Sometimes there were a few all together and sometimes just one but pretty soon I lost track and just focused on the pleasure. I could feel her cum soaking my crotch and running down my thighs. After a good 20 minutes, I couldn’t handle just lying there anymore so I pulled her to the side and got behind her doggy style. I could feel the difference in the angle and I’m sure she could too as I thrust all the way back into her. Every so often I’d stop and just tease her with the head or even pull right out and rub the head back and forth on her clit. After a whole new series of her orgasms, I knew I was going to cum again soon and I told her so. “Go ahead, I want to feel you cum in me — I’m on the pill.” was her reply. That’s all it took for me to lose my second load of the night.

We were both lying snuggled up, totally relaxed and satisfied when the beer caught up with me and I had to pee. I was still a bit buzzed from the beer and the sex but sobered up pretty quickly when I was relieving myself. No, it wasn’t the light that sobered me up, it was the empty hair dye box in the garbage and the contact lens case on the counter that caught my attention. It took me a second to make the connection and then it hit me like a car — the red hair, the green eyes – I’d just had sex with my sister! My whole stomach knotted and I started to sweat & shake. It took me a few minutes to calm down a bit as I realized it hadn’t been an accident on her part — she’d have known exactly who I was and as much as we’d been raised together she wasn’t my blood relative. As my panic wore off, I was quite surprised to find that I had another hard on just from thinking about it being my sister.

I went back to bed and curled up behind her not sure what to do but my cock apparently had it all figured out as it started poking against her ass. At first I thought she was asleep but then she lifted one leg, reached back and guided me into her hotness again. I knew I should be turned off at the thought of sex with my step-sister but I actually felt more turned on than I could remember. After a few minutes of thrusting into her from behind, I pulled away and rolled her onto her back so I could make love to her face to face. I was able to go even longer before the inevitable feeling of cumming crept up on me and the way she was thrusting up at me, I was pretty sure she was on the brink of another huge orgasm herself. Without even thinking I said, “That’s it Martina, cum again for me, I’m gonna cum too!” For the briefest of seconds she relaxed and then started thrusting even harder against me. It didn’t take much longer for both of us to cum again and I rolled to my side, pulling her up against me. At first I thought she was just shaking but then I felt the wetness on my shoulder and realized she was crying.

“What’s the matter — are you ok?” I asked.

“When did you realize it was me?”

“When I went to the bathroom, I saw the hair day and contact stuff and figured it out.”

“But then you came back and made love to me again. Aren’t you disgusted with me?”

“At first I was scared but then realized it wasn’t an accident. Then I got excited again at the thought of having had sex with you.”

“I’m so sorry, I’ve fantasized about you for so long, always hoping you’d be attracted to me and then disappointed when you kept going out with all those girls that looked so sleazy. Finally I decided that if I really wanted you, then I’d have to try and be like them. That’s why I never dated anyone — you were the one I wanted.”

“If I’d known how beautiful it would feel to hold you and make love to you, I’d likely have tried something years ago. But if you’ve never dated, how did you get so good at sex?”

At that Martina giggled a bit, “you’d be surprised at some of the video’s your dad has on his computer.”

Yup — that surprised me alright, I’d never thought of dad as the porn watching kind. “Hmm, maybe the next time they go away we could watch some of them together and see what kind of fun we can have.”

At that, Martina perked right up and wiped her eyes, “You mean you’d want to make love with me again, even after me tricking you like this?”

“You bet I would, I think maybe I’ve actually found what the kind of girl I was looking for but just didn’t realize it.”

“Oh, I’d love to watch them with you” she said as she pulled herself tighter against me. “Your dad’s even got some video’s with anal sex in them.”

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