What I Needed

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Talking to Jay on the computer had me all horny. He kept telling me how hot I was, and how he missed my tight little pink pussy, and if I needed him to come take care of me. Fuck, yessss.

He had been gone for 5 weeks already. Damn Army deployment. I was supposed to be his good little girl while he was gone and wait the remaining 5 months for him to come back to me and fuck me good.

On the down days, I’d sleep most of the day. I’d cover my head with pillows, and lay nude in my bed all curled up in my blankets letting myself fall into the welcome of sleep and the wonderful dreams that took me away from my Jay-less days.

On the up days, I’d play music in my room and dance around in my panties, and get motivated to do something constructive in the hot summer days. I’d arrange photos in my scrapbook, download music, make CDs, fold laundry, talk to friends on the phone, get high with our roommate Matthew, write song lyrics and poems in my journal, write emails and letters to Jay, and read porn stories on the web.

Almost always, on up days, I would end up masturbating. I was so sexually deprived while Jay was off doing his duty in the desert. I couldn’t help but get turned on by the mere sound of a man’s voice. By the mere scent of a man. Still, I slept curled with Jay’s shirt close to my face to smell his unique and sexy aroma. I couldn’t hold back how hot I would get, over the littlest things. Into the mind of my perverseness. How the color of my fingernails made my hands look petite and feminine, and how sexy they would look wrapped around a big cock that I’d kiss with my pink glossed lips. Mmmm. Undressing people in the stores with my eyes. Yummm. She’s cute. The security cameras at the mall. Would the guards throw me out if I started touching myself right then and there? Or would they watch? Screwed up perverted thoughts haunted my days.

I had to touch myself. I had to caress the swell of my perky breasts with light fingers, and close my eyes as the music in my locked room would overcome my body. Maybe it was just hallucinations from making love to Mary Jane, but I had the most amazing visuals all summer as I fingered my clit to make my body shudder, tighten, and release as I made myself cum.

I was having a down day, and couldn’t escape it with sleep. My sleep had been filled with sexual dreams, that just added fuel to my frustration. On top of that, my soldier had not called me in over 2 weeks. I was going fucking nuts!

I was ready to just give up and go clubbing with some of my hot female friends for a fun night of cock-teasing drunk guys, and then going back to one of their houses to have girl talk, get wasted, and maybe end up with some innocent female explorations of kissing and fondling each other’s tits.

I rolled out of bed and made my way to the bathroom, wearing a white over sized t-shirt of Jay’s and nothing underneath. I lived with my Jay’s best friend Matthew and his girlfriend Carrie. It was a great system when Jay was here…but lately I felt like a third wheel, and it only made my time away from Jay that much more unbearable. But right now, splitting rent with friends seemed the most logical of plans for me while I saved money to go back to school.

I could smell bacon coming from the kitchen and the scent kicked my energy level up enough to entice me to stray from another nap and give some attention to my hunger.

After I put my hair up in a messy ponytail and washed my face and hands, I went back to my room, and grabbed some cutoff shorts and a halter top. I didn’t bother putting on any underwear. It was already hot in the day and I could tell even the slightest cool breeze into my crotch would be very welcoming if I were to wander outside.

To my surprise, Matthew was very carefully flipping a pancake. This came as a shock, seeing as how he is a stubborn cocky jack-ass who thinks all women are cunts that should shut up and grab her ankles, if she’s not cooking for him. Sorry…as you can tell, I don’t get along all that well with him. But he and Jay are good friends, so I agreed to live together. I’ve been surprised that such a tough girl like Carrie would put up with his shit for almost 11 months now. She’s in advertising school and has a line for every situation, a natural charmer like Matthew, so naturally, it makes me go, “Why the fuck do you let him get you all tongue-tied like you’re a stupid or malleable little girl? Dump him, Carrie.” But she stands by him regardless. He must be fucking her pretty damn good for her to behave like he’s a God.

It’s not any big mystery. We do share a wall, and I can tell she sounds a lot like I do in bed. Very, very vocal, and loves it when he talks dirty tecavüz porno to her. The only thing is she screams and screams when she cums, while I on the other hand get very quiet right before I cum, breathe heavily, then moan loudly as it happens.

Matthew looked over at me after he was satisfied with his pancake cooking skills and gave me a brief head nod.

“Hey. Morning,” he said casually. He was wearing black boxer briefs and I immediately thought, “Nice ass.” Then my eyes fixed on his face, and I was jolted back into the world of the living.

“Wh wh wh what?! Are my eyes playing tricks, or are you cooking?” He straightened his stance of 6 foot, and turned with a scowl.

“I’m just trying to be a nice guy for once and give Carrie breakfast in bed. You want some breakfast?” I rolled my eyes at him.

“Just a slice or two of bacon. I’m gonna go back to bed.” He turned back to the stove and got back into his jackass state of mind.

“That’s all you do these days. You must really like your battery powered friends there, Shelley,” he teased. What arrogance! I grabbed the hot bacon off the plate and playfully slapped the back of his head as I walked back towards my room.

The bacon was so delicious. I turned on some music and put it on to where I could barely hear it. I took off my clothes and curled the sheet around my skin. With that, I covered my head with my soft big pillow and closed my eyes.

I woke to hear the screams of Carrie. It jerked me out of a nightmare of vampires trying to sacrifice me naked. Scary! I didn’t know if hearing Carrie screaming in ecstasy was any less scary. I crawled out of bed and turned my radio up trying to tune her out.

It didn’t work. She had no shame and sounded like someone was killing her.


It was pretty fucking annoying. How dare she scream like that knowing full fucking well I was just on the other side of the fucking wall? It pissed me off. I plugged headphones onto my stereo and laid listening to rock blasting in my ears to calm me down from hearing Carrie getting fucked into oblivion.

I didn’t hear when they stopped, and I didn’t hear Carrie leave for school around lunch time. I had amazingly somehow fallen asleep despite the noise.

When I woke up, my small clock read, 2:17pm. I came to with lazy eyes, and realized that my headphones were no longer on my ears, or on at all, for that matter. Matthew must’ve come in and taken them off. I looked down at what he had seen. I was sleeping nude, like usual, so you could clear see my clean shaven pussy. I guess in a mad fit, I had forgotten to lock my door. I had the covers draped over one leg. Maybe, miraculously, I kicked the covers off after he came in. I sure as hell hoped so. If not, ooooh. How embarrassing. I put back on my shorts and halter top

When I sauntered into Matthew’s room, I could smell the sex in the air. And how hot it smelled. And I immediately became wet and ached for Jay’s cock. I took a deep breath and also noticed the strong smell of smoke. I saw Matthew sitting on the floor, his back against the bed, lounging once again in his black boxer briefs. The cotton fit snuggly around the outline of his manhood, and I pushed the compliments of the size out of my perverted overly horny mind. He was playing a video game and I took the seat next to him on the floor like I normally did as smoked and played on the play station.

He asked if I had a good nap. I rolled my eyes.

“Oh yeah, it’s so easy to sleep when Carrie is yelping at the top of her lungs.” He laughed.

“Sorry. Guess I just have that effect on women.” We were both fighting against each other on screen, as we provoked each other off screen.

“Much to your surprise, not all women scream and talk like that.” He smirked and shrugged.

“All the ones I’ve been with sure have been loud. Except for Casey. You remember her?” He dated Casey about 2 years ago. She was about 4 years younger than him, just barely 18 if I remember correctly. I liked her. She was pretty innocent and naïve, but she was also really cute. Not like most of the intimidating beautiful girls that he liked. She was more like me. She was cute. Girl next door qualities. Small and petite, maybe 5’3″ standing perfectly straight, and no more than 100 pounds of tiny feminine cuteness that made every guy think about how tight she must be. I get all the time that I look about 15. No one believes me that I’m 21.

“Yeah. I liked Casey. travesti porno She was cute.”

“Yeah, well, she wasn’t loud. She moaned quietly and breathed a lot.”

“Ahhh, a breather. Yeah. I hear you.” We continued our game, not giving a lot of thought to the conversation. Just being happy with our bud and our entertainment. Then Matthew says, “Yelping? Carrie was yelping? Hahahaha.”

“Yeah. I don’t know what you were doing to her to make that sound come out of her, but geez.” He laughed again, and I think I detected redness in his face. For some reason, my mind fluttered back to when I woke up without my headphones.

“Hey, Matt, did you come in my room and take off my headphones?” He replied casually without taking his eyes off the game, “Oh yeah…you looked pretty uncomfortable with your head all crooked from wearing them.”

“Why were you looking at me?”

“Calm down. Fuck. I wasn’t LOOKING at you. I was just seeing if you were awake and wanted to smoke. You weren’t and looked funny with your head all lop sided so I took your headphones off you and went to go smoke alone. Don’t tell me you’re getting paranoid from the ganja.”

“I’m not paranoid. I just didn’t want you to see me naked.” He scoffed.

“Like I would want to. Eww. It’s not like you got anything worth seeing. Besides, doesn’t everyone sleep naked?” I rolled my eyes at his smugness.

“No, Matthew! Everyone does not always sleep naked. And I do have stuff worth seeing.”

“Yeah, sure. Remember, I just saw. Didn’t peak my interest.”

“That’s just because you know me. Any other guy would like to look. You sure seemed to like Casey’s body and she looked a lot like me.”

“News flash to the loser, I dumped Casey a long ass time ago. And am I fucking someone with her body type now? No. So there goes your fucking theory, Einstein.” I playfully punched him and we started wrestling around. It wasn’t long till he had me pinned, and in a moment of insanity, I reached my head forward and pecked him quickly on the lips. He got off of me pretty damn quick and went back to his game, boasting about his win, before we could get weird about it and talk. We didn’t talk about it for two more days. Each night during those next to days, I fell asleep with my headphones on, blocking out Carrie’s screams.

On the third day I waited until Carrie left for school, and took a long hot shower. The scene kept playing in my head. I played with myself in the water, but didn’t make myself cum. The water started to get cold, so I just got out. I wrapped one towel around my wet body, and one towel holding up my hair. I walked into my room and got a pair of panties out of the dresser. I noticed that my pipe was missing.

I walked into Matthew’s room still in my towel, still clutching my panties. He was lying in bed with the covers to his waist and was smoking out of my pipe. He looked like he’d just woken up, or just had sex with Carrie right before she left. He looked good. His stomach was tight, and glistening. I noticed some fuzz that made a trail way to Heaven going downwards.

“You could have waited and asked for my pipe instead of just going through all my stuff to find it.”

“Like it was hard to find. Panty drawer. Loser.” I went to grab it right out of his hand, for being an asshole, but even high, he’s quicker and stronger than me. He grabbed my hand and twisted it, until I was crying out in pain, and falling to the ground.

“What, you think you’re tough?! You’re gonna barge in my room and tell me what to do?” I cried no, not at all. To quit. It was hurting. I just didn’t want him in my room alone.

“What do you think I’m gonna do? I’m not gonna steal anything.” He looked mad. Shouldn’t I be the one who’s mad? He straightened my arm and pushed me up against the wall, pinning me with his well-built body. As he pushed his chest into mine, the towel around my body fell to the ground. I was crushed naked between him and the wall. I tried to push him off. It was hard to breathe.

“Please, Matt. Let me go. I need my towel.” He’s eyes fixed narrowly on mine. I had never seen him so violent and angry, and powerful. Maybe with his girlfriends, but never with me. I’ve always been like a little sister that he teases but protects. He’s never treated me like a whore, like his bedmates.

“No, you don’t. You’re not going till I say you go. ” I closed my eyes, unbelieving what was happening. “You’ve been such a fucking cunt since Jay left. Thinking poor lonely you can go around saying whatever you want. Doing whatever you want. Being a bitch to everyone. “How do you think Jay would like to know that? Huh? You think he’d like xhamster porno to hear about what a fucking whore you are for getting all wet from kissing your me? Huh? Say something!” He was screaming in my face. His hot breath just inches from my mouth. I was speechless. I couldn’t move. Just tremble.

“No.” I whispered.

“Somebody should kick your ass, Shelley.” I started to panic. What was he going to do?

“Matt, please.”

“Please what?” he said. “Please do this?” With one hand, he had me blocked against him and the wall, the other hand went to my breast and squeezed my nipple till it was hard and made me cry out in pain.

“Owwww! Stop it!” I screamed. He laughed and played with my breast and nipple.

“Scream all you want. Just like Carrie. Yelping. Hahaha. No one will hear you. You might as well just enjoy it.”

He brought both arms around my waist and held my ass as he kissed me deep, letting his tongue explore my mouth. Everything in me was screaming every reason why I should run away, and why it was wrong, sinful, and completely un-forgiving. But my body couldn’t lie. And he was making me wet, and I couldn’t help but wonder how good it would feel to be fucked. I gave in and started kissing back, finally tasting his mouth.

My hands roamed his muscular chest and my fingernails raked over his skin slightly. His skin was warm to the touch. He moaned lightly as I kissed him back, and he let his hands feel my whole body, not missing any one inch. He loved playing with my breasts, rolling my nipples in his finger tips. I took shallow breaths as he kissed and sucked on them. In this time with Matthew I didn’t think about Jay, or Carrie. Just about how good his body felt with mine.

He let his fingers play with my clit, getting it all wet, making me quiver against him, and as he slowly let two fingers creep inside me, we both moaned together and kissed again. I needed him. I was ready to yank off his boxer briefs and have him fuck me there, but as I reached out to grab him, he knelt down to the floor and propped one of my legs on his shoulder. Before I could hold my breath in anticipation, he was flicking his tongue across my clit, sucking and kissing it. “Ohhhhhhh, Ohhhhhhh” I breathed in deep and held my breath letting out little “ohhhh’s” here and there. It was so much better than my vibrator. GOD! There was a God. Mmmmmm. He pumped two fingers in and out of me as his mouth worked like an expert over my clit.

He took his fingers out and shoved them in my mouth, making me suck on my cunt juices from his finger tips. He groaned in pleasure as I did so. He stood up and carried me to his bed where he dropped me and crawled on top of me, almost a growl escaping his throat. He nibbled lightly on my nipple then held himself above me as I wrapped my legs around his waist and let my hands feel his strong back. He teased my clit by brushing his cock up against it. I took one hand to feel it. It was big, and so wonderful feeling. I needed it so bad. I needed him to make me cum. I no longer worried about him being Jay’s best friend. Fuck that. All reasoning was out the window. I needed to cum too bad to worry about it.

“Fuck me Matthew. Please.”

“Yeah. Let me here you beg for it. Tell me you want it, you fucking slut.” He sucked on my nipples.

“Yessss. Yesss. Please fuck me Matthew. I need your dick so fucking bad. Please. Make me cum, Matthew. Ohhhhh” He pushed his big dick into my pussy. Mmmm so slippery. He quickly got into a fast steady rhythm holding my legs open at his waist, sitting on his knees, while he pumped his cock in and out of me. I clutched the pillow over my head to keep from screaming. I thought at any moment my hands would rip the pillow apart.


He laughed keeping rhythm and said, “I thought you weren’t very vocal in bed. Sure sounds like you are.”

I couldn’t even answer him, I was so busy saying, “OHHH, OHHH, OH, OH, OH, OH, OHHHHH, YEAH, YEAH, YEAHHHH.”

He could tell I was about to cum and flipped me over on my knees in one swift motion. Within seconds he was in me from behind fucking the life out of me. All I could do was scream in ecstasy. He had both hands on my hips, grinding himself into me, and every now and then slapping my ass cheek. Every time made me scream louder. I came all over his cock, shaking, and dripping wet. I would have collapsed if he hadn’t been holding my waist.

He groaned louder and louder after I came and pulled out. As he pushed me back he shoved his moist cock in my mouth, filling my throat with his cum. He fucked my mouth forcing me to swallow all of it.

As he collapsed on top of me, he let out a strong laugh. “I can’t believe I just fucked you. Holy shit,” he said. I looked into his light eyes.

“Just hitting you what we did?” I asked.

“Yeah.” He laughed again. “I don’t care though. I’d do it again.”

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