Well… Ch. 18 Pt. 01

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“Do you think a holiday together would be a good idea?” said James, as we sat relaxing after our shower following the ‘basque’ incident.

“Sounds wonderful,” said the girls almost together “where shall we go?”

“Somewhere warm, with water and boats, I reckon” James continued, “perhaps we should ask Brian and Tanya to join us as well!”

So the idea was born and all we had to do was bring it to fruition.

America was the chosen destination but I will not bore you with the details except to say that a couple of weeks later we were sat on the extended fly bridge of a large cruiser, on a huge lake in very warm weather with the prospect of a fabulous holiday in front of us.

James had spoken to an old friend who had an 80 foot Bertram yacht and he was only too pleased to lend it to us provided he could borrow a boat on his next trip to the UK. So, no problems.

Mary, Ann and Tanya had bought a huge stock of food at the local shop and myself, James and Brian were tucking into some great sandwiches accompanied by ice-cold beer.

The trip had been long and exhausting so we all decided an early night would be a good idea and then we would set off in the morning.

Dinner arrived and went, the splendid sunset was watched and time slipped away with pleasant conversation until too many yawns took hold of us and our beds beckoned.

The next morning saw James standing on the fly bridge heading us away down the lake under a brilliant blue sky and gathering warmth.

The girls, of course, were all in a similar state of ‘almost dressed!’ That is to say bikinis of varying colours with one thing in common, miniscule size! They had taken up position on the bow of the boat where there was a padded locker running fore and aft with a seat on either side, presently occupied by Mary and Ann with Tanya in the middle.

The sun was getting warmer and Mary, being of lighter tone than the other two, was in danger of getting burnt so I took some sun tan lotion to her and left the girls to deal with its application.

I returned to the bridge and sat in the left seat flanking the helm where James was talking to Brian who was in the right-hand seat. The view from here was great; we could see all that was going on around us and exactly what the girls were doing on the foredeck.

Tops had been removed quickly and Mary had been put on the locker so that the other two could apply the lotion. Hands were slowly moving over Mary’s body, Ann doing the top and Tanya the bottom.

Tanya had started at Mary’s feet and was now gently rubbing lotion onto her lower legs and knees, making very gradual progress up to her thighs. Mary was relaxed without a doubt, her thighs eased open a little as Tanya got beyond the knee and when she started running her hands further up, Mary’s thighs opened fully so no area could be missed.

Ann had completed Mary’s lower stomach by now and had reached my wife’s beautiful and, by now, longing breasts! I could see, even from the fly bridge, how distended Mary’s nipples were, aching for attention from hands and eventually lips. Ann did not keep her waiting long and as her hands cupped Mary’s breasts her back arched in ecstasy.

That movement raised her hips and Tanya immediately pulled the tie on the bikini bottom so that she could draw them off her hips and attend to the application of more cream to the join between legs and body.

Mary cimcif gaziantep escort was now quivering! Ann was massaging her tits and Tanya had ‘accidentally’ run her finger over Mary’s pussy a couple of times and I was quivering also!

I had to get a closer look and moved down to the pulpit rail to gaze upon this lovely spectacle. Mary’s pussy was dripping wet from the other girl’s administrations and when they turned her over to start on her back I had to get involved.

I gently pulled Mary’s legs so that they were on either side of the locker with her stomach resting on the end, and removing my shorts and kneeling down I pushed my, by now, rampant prick into her sopping hole.

Ann continued her massage at the top, sliding her fingers over the side of Mary’s breasts and Tanya poured more lotion onto Mary’s bum, allowing it to run a little between her cheeks.

I was by now pistoning in and out, with Mary pushing back at me to get better penetration, and trying to concentrate on lasting as long as possible! It didn’t work very well though because Mary was fast reaching her climax and when Tanya slipped the end of her slippery finger into Mary’s arse, she came! She was bucking and writhing and making that peculiar noise she makes, and I had no chance! I gushed into her time and time again, feeling my toes curl with every spasm and my dick being milked dry by Mary’s educated pussy.

I slipped out and Tanya reached for me immediately, dragging me to my feet she positioned herself in front of me and proceeded to clean off all traces of our fluids from my deflating cock before leaving me to slide between Mary’s thighs and do the same for her.

I slumped to the deck as the girls rearranged themselves on the seats and then I heard the clapping! James and Brian were still looking down from the bridge and when they finished their round of applause they both held up scorecards! Still 9 out of 10 isn’t bad!

I dozed! The sun was so warm and I was so pleasantly sated, what else would I do and so was only vaguely aware of the anchor chain rumbling through the hawse pipe a little later.

When I did fully come round I had missed lunch and we were moored in a little bay with the sound of water splashing and people having a good time.

This truly was a lovely place; a little beach surrounded by rock topped with trees as far as the eye could see and not a soul, apart from us, to be seen. The boys had rowed everyone to shore in the boat’s tender and they were lying about on the beach as the girls swam and played in the warm water.

I dived off the front of the boat and swam to join them all, squeezing as much ‘girlie flesh’ as I could as I went past and being chased up the beach for my pains.

“Brian and James wouldn’t be so horrible to us,” declared Mary and Ann to me in a pretend pout as they threw themselves down beside the others.

“Oh yes he would” replied Tanya, settling next to me. “He can’t resist running his hands over any part of a beautiful woman!”

“OK, if you are going to accuse me Tanya…” Brian retorted. ” I might as well be guilty as charged.” And with that he started running his hands all over the lovely curves of Ann, who mewed a little and snuggled into him to better enjoy his attentions.

“Are you as naughty?” chipped in Mary, cuddling up to James “Probably even cimcif gaziantep escort bayan worse!” he smiled.

So as Tanya drifted down next to me all pretence at propriety went out the window and a general ‘touchy feely’ session started.

Mary looked truly beautiful stretching and moving her pale body gently under James’s strong tanned hands as they moved slowly over her. I watched his caress bring my wife’s nipples fully alive and am sure I saw her stomach quiver slightly as one of his hands found its way to the downy patch between her legs and started to run a finger up and down between her slightly parting thighs.

James ducked his head down to take one of those glorious nipples in his mouth and then he started to alternate between them both, nipping and tugging a bit to heighten the sensations that Mary was obviously already feeling. Her thighs relaxed and allowed him full access to her moistening pussy, a move James took full advantage off. Pushing a finger gently inside her it was no time at all before he had two, then three fingers pushing in and out and making Mary squirm like a mad thing.

James’s shorts were dragged off him by Mary, who, with a sound much like a growl, moved herself to take his cock into her mouth as far as she could without causing James to pause for an instant in his ministrations to her ravenous and dripping hole.

Mary sucked at James’s prick like there was going to be no tomorrow but after a minute or two she stopped, moved herself up to his ear and said, “Do you want to come in my mouth or my pussy?”

James didn’t reply, he just rolled over, pushing Mary onto her back and knelt between her knees. His hands pushed her thighs apart and taking hold of his aching dick he guided it into Mary’s cunt. A huge sigh escaped Mary’s lips as his full length slid into her in one easy motion and he commenced a slow and steady motion in and out of her. Slowly out, right to the tip of his penis, and then slowly back in, stretching Mary with small corkscrew type motions as well until she was begging for him to go faster and harder.

“Do you really want it hard and fast?” he said.

“Oh God yes,” she gasped, as he teased her with some little penetrations of her with just the tip of his considerable cock. “Then I will not disappoint!” he growled as he started thrusting in and out with a passion, which Mary responded to immediately.

James was supporting himself on his hands, looking down at Mary as he pumped into her eager body and her thighs came up to snap round his waist and lock behind his back so that she could feel the full force of his attack upon her soft flesh.

Sweat was pouring off the two of them as they became lost in their lust, James’s running off his forehead and down onto Mary as he plunged backwards and forwards into her.

His and her climax came too soon for them both, I think, as James suddenly roared and spurted his cum into Mary, and she, triggered by his thrusting, came as well.

Their movement slowed and James rolled to Mary’s side, a huge grin on his face and a slowly deflating penis between his legs.

” I’m sorry it was so quick,” he said as they got their breath back.”I did try to hold back.”

“Don’t worry,” Mary replied, “it was wonderful.”

So what were Brian and Ann doing while this was going on? I hear you ask!

Put escort gaziantep cimcif succinctly they were fucking like bunnies!

I know how it all started but I had been concentrating so much on Mary and James that I hadn’t had time to see how Ann and Brain were progressing.

When I did turn my attention to them, Ann was astride Brian with him throwing his hips up at her and her crashing her body down on him in perfect synchronisation.

Brian’s hands were clutching at Ann’s buttocks and her hands were mauling her own breasts and nipples with her head thrown back and a look of animal lust on her face.

What was surprising was they were almost silent! I expected them to be moaning and groaning with all the exertion but perhaps they were concentrating so hard on their own pleasure that they couldn’t make a lot of noise!

Brian began to slow, and one hand slid down between Ann’s butt cheeks to scoop up some of her copious juices and begin spreading them around her arse. Ann responded without hesitation, moving herself from Brian she got onto her hands and knees and thrust back towards him as he took his huge cock into his hand and started to gradually feed it into Ann.

It took some care and a little while before Brian and Ann were satisfied that ‘real action’ could commence and then as Ann loosened more, the same synchronisation took over but in a different position.

There was no more silence between them. Ann was encouraging Brian more and more explicitly in what she wanted and when she shouted at him to “fill me up, NOW!” I thought he was going to split her in two with the force of his thrust. He did not withdraw but just kept pressed to her as he twitched and jetted his cum deep inside her, all the time holding Ann’s shoulders back towards him so that they did not collapse on the beach.

I was aware of somebody saying “Bloody Hell!” at this point and taking my attention from Brian and Ann, I looked at Tanya who was knelt up beside me and rubbing her clit furiously towards a climax.

“Suck my tits, George, quickly. I am so close,” she moaned. I moved slightly and took an erect nipple into my mouth, sucking and pulling on it to enhance her ecstasy, while she took her free hand and crushed my face to her magnificent chest.

“Bite me a little if you want,” she whispered and as I did so I pushed two fingers into her flowing pussy.

“Tell me when you are ready, woman” I growled in my lust. “I want to cum with you, all over your fabulous tits.”

“Oh God, yes George, I’ll tell you, I want that” was her reply.

I started to struggle with my shorts. One hand in Tanya’s pussy and my mouth pressed to her nipple made pulling my shorts down difficult with one hand! But I should not have worried; “Need a hand, Darling” said Mary who was kneeling beside me. “You look like you do,” said Ann who was on the other side.

Down came my shorts and up came my released and relieved prick.

Hands were all over Tanya by now, pinching and teasing her other nipple, squeezing and stroking her buttocks, encouraging her with actions and words to cum as I stroked my cock furiously towards a climax.

Ann and Mary were likewise touching me, talking to me

and when Tanya gasped, “I’m cu uu mm mi iing” Mary told me. “Drown my tits with your cum, darling, show me what you’ve got.”

I thought I was never going to stop, jet after jet sped from the end of my prick as Tanya and I climaxed together, her soaking my hand as she came and me spraying her from throat to nipple.

Stop I did though, eventually, and was cleaned very thoroughly by my wife’s beautiful tongue.

“What an afternoon,” I managed to say.

” Absolutely,” replied Mary, ” and this is only the first full day of the holiday!”

To be continued…

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