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Late in 2003, much to our dismay, NATO increased involvement in Afghanistan and it wasn’t long before boys we knew went off to war, which had not previously been a part of our lives. Fortunately the boys we knew all came back but you don’t know that when they go. Anyway, Billy Andrade, one of my oldest brother’s friends and the third boy who enjoyed the privilege (joke) of fucking me, went and indeed returned in one piece. Immediately I repaired to Kristie’s house where we plotted a welcome for him, he having been a good customer of The Wenches as well as one of my former sex partners. Whereas I had a serious boyfriend at the time, Michael Burke, I was not in a position to let him fuck me but a blow job was definitely on the table so we invited him over.

His arrival being imminent, considering the purpose of his visit, I stripped naked and lay across Kristie’s bed on my back, the idea being that I would lean my head over the side of the bed, hair down and chin up and take him into my mouth upside down. Me upside down. Him and his penis both upright. Now don’t think this is easy. First off we were fortunate that Kristie’s bed has a substantial mattress and box spring, necessary to get the girl’s mouth near the right height to accommodate the guy’s dick, especially a large one like Billy’s, which I had of course accommodated before, albeit in a different orifice. Even at that, the guy had to lean over a tad to bring the organ in question at least down near to a horizontal position, or maybe even slightly lower, so the girl could get a purchase, as it were, on more than just the tip.

Whatever. Hearing Billy’s car in the drive, Kristie tied a length of rope to each of my wrists and spread my arms wide and then bound each in turn to a leg of the bed near the headboard and footboard. She then tied my ankles together across one another, the better to spread my knees so I could move my bum freely enough to give me a decent chance at getting myself off while I blew him. After all we weren’t just doing this to put a smile on BILLY’S face. Then I scrunched along the bed till my head appeared properly positioned hanging down freely, mouth pointed up, the edge of the bed touching my back at just about boob level. Kristie then secured the ropes tied to my wrists and another tied to my ankles so I was held helpless in the right position. She fluffed my hair and splayed it toward the floor to keep it out of the way. And there I lay, naked as the day I was born, when Billy appeared at the bedroom door as if on queue. Or is that cue.

Billy greeted us cheerfully, embracing Kristie and bending her over his knee for an extended kiss like that old picture of the Navy guy in Times Square after World War II. Bending over he gave me a similarly long kiss using his tongue with the expertness I used to enjoy regularly and also a generous feel since I WAS naked. For a time we made small talk. It had, after all, been almost eighteen months. I found it slightly odd having to look up at him while we talked. Neither of us seemed to be bothered that I was naked as a jaybird, or at least Billy was too much a gentleman to let on. Of course he had seen me naked as a jaybird before, most recently for a birthday whipping. At an appropriate point Kristie slipped a piece of hard candy in my mouth to help me generate some extra saliva, and, the soul of discretion, gaziantep escort left the room. Billy stripped naked without delay. Now to work.

And I do mean work. Some feel giving a blow job is roughly equivalent to holding a large carrot in your mouth, and, I’m told by boys I know, there are girls who act that way. In fact there’s lots to think about: where your teeth are, what your tongue is doing – circling the head, licking the shaft – how much of him to take in, how to lube properly, how hard to suck. In fact why it’s called a blow job rather than a suck job I don’t know.

Both of us now naked, Billy looked at me and asked to fuck me, though I knew Beth and Brittany had already done the deed for him the first day he was back, odd since Britt was already married. I wanted to, I really did. I remembered the first time we had done it and feeling the power my naked body gave me, a daisy fresh girl, as he drew in my nakedness. The whiteness of my bare chest, the soft muscles of my stomach, the pinkness of my bunny hole, the gentle curve of my ass, my long legs, the gentle sheen of tiny golden hairs on my body catching the light. I loved being naked and I loved being helpless with him. I loved every second of it and I wanted to give myself to him now but he’d already had Beth and Britt in twenty-four hours and I had my boyfriend so I said no.

In any case Billy, always the gentleman as I said, didn’t insist though he could have and we both knew I wouldn’t have called red. So he began with what I WOULD do by softly caressing my bare tits, my nipples as hard as rocks, running his fingers to either side and tickling my underarms, then down my ribs and into the center to fiddle with my belly button. Closing my eyes I felt his hand trace a path down over my tummy and then my hairless mound to find my pussy lips. I jerked involuntarily as I felt his fingers slip inside me and started to move my bum in response to his stroking me. He moved the head of his dick toward my mouth at which point I had to ask him to take the hard candy out of my mouth, which he did, putting it in his own mouth. Then he used his good right hand to direct his dickhead into my open mouth.

I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to get him off from this position. Not being able to really thrust makes it difficult and I found I couldn’t lift my head up against gravity with much force and my neck tired after about three strokes. Billy was always a tough blow. My boyfriend at the time couldn’t finish from blow jobs either. He said he’s been with quite a few girls before and that only a few times he’d been able to. Anyway, he says I give the best head he’s ever had, which may be true since I’ve practiced, but he can’t usually finish from it without at least a little help from my hand or his.

So I started on Billy. I want it so my mouth can completely take in the boy’s cock and he can feel this warm and wet sensation as my lips slide past his dickhead, like he was in my vagina, me sucking so he feels this movement that feels like fucking, the feel of my tongue against his dick really soft. It’s a skill to suck and then swallow with a dick in your mouth, sucking and gauging his reaction to ensure it’s not too hard or too soft. I love the feeling of being in control of him, maintaining a tight fit on him and staying with it as much as possible until he’s done, or nearly so.

Anyway I had plenty of lube so I started lightly teasing the head of his cock with my tongue to get him a little more erect. He really has a nice cock, good sized but no so big it might hurt you. Of course that’s more important for fucking than this. His foreskin wasn’t fully back yet so I took the head into my mouth and closed gently down on it and pushed it back a bit and that took care of the retraction and the erection. As I expected he was squeaky clean and fresh smelling. He kind of jerked his body and his dick almost came out of my mouth. Without my hands it was hard to maintain control but I was glad I was tied up, I needed practice doing it this way so one day when I wanted to do someone who I was really with I could do a good job. All the while I was trying to think about getting me off too and started squeezing my bum against the bed and feeling me getting warmer.

Now that he was retracted I could start to tease the most sensitive part of him more so I just kept his head in my mouth and sucked gently and used my tongue a bit. I had to concentrate because I had no hands to use to pull on his shaft but he didn’t seem to mind and again I almost lost his dick as he moved and started moaning even though we were only thirty seconds in. Of course he had the best view a boy could have of my naked body so that presumably helped. The more I sucked it seemed the bigger his dickhead got but I wanted to proceed gently so I started more licking the tip all round kind of doing both licking and sucking. I wanted to keep a seal on him so I started moving my head up and down more and taking a little more of him into me and turning myself on some more.

By now he was really making progress, like a minute into this. My technique must be improving. He started grabbing for the back of my head to put more of him in me. I kept trying to just tease the tip with my tongue to just keep him excited but not so much as to make him cum in my mouth since he wasn’t a boyfriend after all. He could finish it himself with his hand, even if he came on my face. I sucked and licked away, my tongue swirling around the tip of his cock, making wet circles. But he pushed my head harder and I had to take more of his shaft in my mouth. And then all of a sudden he was thrusting toward me and more of him was moving in and out of my mouth.

So then I started moving my head in earnest myself, taking him in and out and in and out and sucking more and harder and more and harder and in and out and I had to stop to breathe and then he’d force me back onto him so now we kept going and going and he kept moaning and pushing on my face and shoving me back on him whenever I tried to breathe. He started just pushing on the back of my head and holding me tighter on him and I went up and down and up and down on him what seemed like fifty times and now he was almost there and he wouldn’t let me relax.

I started to gag and cough and started spitting out the juices that were coming from him and gathering in me with my saliva and then he really was about to cum and he pushed my head back and held my hair tight and kept my mouth on his dick and I rocked my hips against the bed like just twice and I could feel him starting to get off. And so did I. My body just exploded and I screwed my eyes shut and just rocked back and forth as hard as I could against the bed and then I was off to the races, it just came up from deep inside me and soared out of control and filled my body. My breasts and my hips heaved violently and I could feel the blood pounding in my veins and mid blowjob my I started to cum with a force I couldn’t control and I forgot Billy and surrendered to the heat of my own body.

I just came and came and it kept coming like a firestorm until finally it started to ease and I thought it was the orgasm that left me gasping for but just then Billy came with him still in my mouth and it started getting filled up with it and it started oozing out the sides of my mouth. Now I really had to breathe so I struggled and finally pulled my mouth off him and tried to spit out his stuff and he forced me back on to his dick again and made me move in and out on him. He kept cumming in my mouth and I started to choke again on it and it was drooling out of my mouth and dropping down onto my hair and now he had both hands pulling on my hair and he kept pushing and pulling on my head. I kept choking and drooling and finally he pretty much stopped and stopped pumping my head and I could take him out of my mouth and I could turn my head to the side and started wretching and trying to spit out all he had made me take in my mouth.

Well I had to finish the job so I took him back in my mouth and tried to clean him up without swallowing too much of it but I had swallowed some of it despite myself and I just coughed and spit and coughed and spit and tried to get rid of it but my mouth was still lined with the stuff. Finally he was through squeezing the last of it out of him and when I had recovered a bit he stuck himself back into me and made me suck on him and he was covered with the stuff so I got more in my mouth. Finally I pulled out and he held my head back and watched his stuff still drooling out of my mouth until finally I guess he was satisfied and he left me alone.

We talked for a while but he knew we weren’t going anywhere together so after a while and he got dressed and left me there still naked and tied to the bed so he could go get Kristie. I was glowing. Exhausted but glowing. Glowing from having cum, of course, not from having blown him. I had needed to get off and it was an interesting experience. I learned more about how to give a proper blowjob with my hands tied and since then there have been a lot of boys who have benefited by my efforts and I’m sure they are grateful and usually they tell me so. And they usually tell other boys too so I get lots of offers for dates.

So Kristie came and untied me and I washed myself off and Jonathan Harrington, whose family owns the estate Kristie lives on and trains the horses for, came in. He saw Billy’s truck and wanted to protect his interests because he was fucking Kristie regularly because she really had no choice since she wants the job and Billy told him I was there. He came into Kristie’s room and saw me standing naked in the bathroom and I let him watch me dry myself off and I talked to him for a bit still completely naked till Kristie told him to get out.

I got dressed and had something to drink and then Kristie and I walked to the mare barn and spent the rest of the afternoon messing with the horsies, all of whom were glad to see us. We gave them some extra hay so they would let us ride them which they don’t have to because they belong to other people. It was a nice day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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