Weekly Visit to Ralph

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Angie was walking her way down the street to Ralph’s house. She was anxious and excited as usual for their weekly visit. Ralph was an older man and took a liking to Angie when she worked at the grocery store in town and had helped her out when she needed it. Of course, Angie believed that nothing in life was free and paid weekly social visits to Ralph to play cards and do other things.

Angie didn’t like to play rummy and cribbage but she always went along with it, after all Ralph had been so kind to her when she lost her job at the store and now her car was in need of repair, so she looked at him and said,” My stupid car is broke down again. I took it to a garage and it’s going to cost me, do you think we could work something out so I can get it fixed.” Ralph looked at Angie and said, “Oh, I’m sure that we can think of something like last time, huh?”

Angie felt her nipples getting hard and her panties were soaking wet already, which she was a little ashamed of since Ralph was at least 55 and she was only 22. He slowly walked Angie over to the bed and lifted her skirt from behind and pulled her panties down. Angie started to play with her clit but Ralph pushed her down on her stomach and then started to lick Angie’s butt cheeks. He kissed and licked them and eventually worked them apart to find her furry asshole. It was bursa escort so tiny and brown, the way he liked them. He called it his chocolate star and put his index finger into Angie’s asshole. He immediately pulled it out and put it in his mouth. Angie totally enjoyed being taken over like that and wanted something in her ass again! Ralph knelt down behind her and started doing his examination of Angie’s ass. He put his second and third fingers near the rim of her ass and started to work them up there. He stretched and licked her brown hole and stuck his tongue inside as far as it would go. Angie was becoming so aroused that she felt she needed to pee! Oh no, she didn’t want to say anything but he started to suck on her clit and it was getting worse! Finally, she told Ralph, “I need to pee” and he just smiled because he knew he was going to get a shower!

Ralph undressed quickly and lay down in his garden tub in the bathroom. He told Angie to sit on his chest facing forward so he could watch her pee on him. Angie felt very funny about doing this, but Ralph insisted that she let go and just pee on him. Finally, without much choice left, Angie let go of her warm golden shower all over Ralph’s face. He let her start to go and then immediately slid a finger into her asshole and started to twist it around. He grabbed bursa escort bayan her nipples and pinched them and made her moan for him to suck her clit! She like some roughness and Ralph knew just how much, it seemed and when she came she actually squirted on his face! That made Ralph get a hard on, which didn’t always occur. Sometimes Angie would suck on his balls and give him a rim job and everything, but nothing ever worked. He was so happy and Angie was too as she looked at all 8 thick inches of his older dick that he grabbed her and pulled her out of the tub and put her on all fours. He played with her clit again to get her wet, spreading the wetness back and forth to her little brown asshole and then he started to mount her from behind. Angie said, “Pull my nipples while you fuck me” and he started to push his big mushroom into her asshole.

Angie finger her clit like it itched and started to wail as her asshole was split apart, “Uugh! OHOh! ” And Ralph just kept inching his way into her until he was buried. He started to pull back out and watched how her asshole would open up and he could see inside of it. Only a little bit. He continued to fuck her little asshole for the next half hour. Angie would moan and cry; yet she was enjoying it, which made her feel very dirty. It was görükle escort taking so long yet she enjoyed the feeling of being overwhelmed by such a big dick and older man. Finally, he had an orgasm years in the making and filled up Angie’s asshole while she was starting to feel like he would never get out of her ass. It was burning and her stomach was starting to feel full.

Ralph could see the disappointment in her eyes and started to suckle on her breasts as she lay quivering on the bathroom floor. He knew what she needed and scooped her up and laid her on the bed. He put her ass up so he could get a good view as he started to lick her asshole again. She was wounded and needed some TLC. He put his thumb up against her asshole and she didn’t flinch so he inserted it while he started to lick her clit again. He then brought out his other thumb and inserted it also as Angie bent and twisted so he could get in deeper. She like the feeling of being fondled and nothing beat a finger in her asshole. Ralph fondled and fingered her clit and asshole until she came again.

Finally, after they felt calmed down again, she mentioned the car loan again. Ralph immediately put his fingers behind Angie and started to finger her ass again, which is what she usually came over for. She would normally just bend over while Ralph violated her with his fingers, stuffing them into her holes and licking them and sucking and pulling on her nipples. He wasn’t usually happy until he hit something down inside of her, you know, like shit? Ralph said, ” I want you to take a shit in my mouth.”

Now that’s a whole different story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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