Wedding Night

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It was a warm summers evening, the French windows to the balcony, which over looked the loch, were wide open, climbing all round the outside was honeysuckle, the scent from which wafted in to the room on the slight breeze. Inside the sumptuous apartment, Richard and Susan were seated opposite each other at a table eating a light supper. It had been a busy day for the pair of them for today they had got married. They were both still dressed in their wedding clothes, Richard in a black tuxedo and Susan in a magnificent cream coloured gown. In the background soft music was playing. Susan had kicked off her shoes and was rubbing her feet up the side of Richard’s legs. Whilst eating, both were staring lovingly into each other’s eyes, no words were being spoken but, volumes were being said, by their eyes. When they had finished eating, Richard suggested a stroll outside along the shore of the loch. Susan nodded and put her shoes back on. Before they left, Richard turned up the music so that they would be able to hear it whilst they walked.

They left via the French windows to the balcony and down the steps to the lawn below. They were spending the first part of their honeymoon at an old Scottish castle nestled against a large loch, before jetting off to a warm Caribbean island paradise, unbeknown to Susan. They were the only guests, and so had no worries of disturbing anyone with the music. As they reached the lawn Richard took Susan in his arms and kissed her passionately on the lips slowly slipping his tongue into her mouth searching for hers, savouring the softness of her lips as they broke Susan whispered breathlessly, “Mmmm what was that for?”

“That was for making me the happiest man on the whole of this planet my Darling by becoming my wife,” replied Richard, and kissed her again this time he started to turn slowly in time to the music and soon they were dancing holding each other close still kissing and looking into each others eyes. They stayed this way for two more songs at which time the music ended.

They headed towards the shoreline of the Loch, which was about a hundred meters away. By this time the sun was beginning to set and they stood beside the loch as the sun sunk slowly beneath its surface in a blaze of crimson with their arms around each other. After the sun had completely disappeared, they continued to stroll along the shore of the loch, as the light faded, listening to the lapping of the water against the bank and to the numerous wildlife, as they all headed to their night time roosts. As it got darker they stopped and turned towards each other. They kissed again briefly before turning and walking back the way they had come.

They walked for a while, arm in arm till they reached a large weeping willow tree. As they reached the tree they heard the music from their room start up again. The maid was obviously clearing their dishes away and turning down the bed before retiring herself. The song that was playing was Susan’s song, Angel by Shaggy. Richard pulled Susan under the drooping branches of the large tree. He pulled her close and kissed her passionately. Their tongues met and explored each other’s mouths. Richard brought gaziantep escort his hand up to stroke the back of Susan’s neck lovingly. He broke the kiss and started to nibble and kiss on her earlobe and neck sending tremors through her body as she responded. He slid his hand down her bare back to the top catch of her dress and slowly released it. Then sliding the zip down till it would go no further. Susan’s hands were not idle either. One hand was softly stroking his neck; the other had moved to the front of Lord Richard’s chest and was slowly undoing the buttons on his shirt. She finished undoing his buttons and slid her hand down to the front of his trousers and started to stroke his hardening cock.

Richard let go of Susan and removed his jacket. Laying it on the floor his shirt followed. Then he placed his hands on Susan’s shoulders and slowly slid the dress from them. It dropped to the floor. She stepped out of the dress and Richard picked it up and laid it over one of the branches to keep it from being ruined.

Susan stood there in her underwear. She was wearing a lacy bra and matching thong, garter belt and silk stockings. Her shoes looked beautiful and very sexy. She moved closer to Richard stroking his bare chest. She then knelt in front of him and started to undo the belt on his trousers. Then undid the button on his trousers and slid the zip down. She let the trousers fall around his ankles and slid her hand inside his underpants taking his cock in her hand it was already hard with desire for her.

She opened her mouth and started to kiss the head of his cock. Licking it as well she slid her tongue down to the base slowly and back up to the head again and then slowly started to swallow the whole of his cock into her mouth all the way to the base. Looking up into his eyes as she did so, watching the look of pure ecstasy on his face as she swallowed his cock into her mouth. She slowly withdrew his cock before once again sliding it back into her mouth. She started to speed up her rhythm; Richard’s hands grabbed Susan by the head and started to fuck her mouth in time with her strokes. Her hand cupped his balls whilst the other moved round to his backside and gently inserted a finger up his bum. This was too much for Richard and he thrust his cock into her mouth. Throwing back his head in pure ecstasy, he came into her mouth. Susan had felt him tense up and knew that he was about to release his cum into her mouth and was ready for it as it spurted into her throat. She savoured the flavour holding his cock in her mouth until his orgasm had subsided then slowly started to release him. She made sure she sucked and licked him clean.

Richard then laid her on his jacket, removed his trousers and pants from round his ankles and laid beside her, his eyes full of love for his new bride. Kissing her softly on the mouth, he slowly reached over to the front of her bra and released the front fastening. He slid his hand under the material to cup her full breast, his finger slowly tracing circles round her quickly stiffening nipple before lightly pinching it. A low moan escaped from her mouth. He moved his head down her body and took the nipple into his mouth lightly flicking it with his tongue before again tracing round it in circles, only this time with his tongue. Then moved over to the other breast and repeated the treatment on this one. Again, Susan responded. This time arching her back to force more of her breast into his mouth, as well as letting out a deep moan of desire. Richard then moved down her body lightly kissing her as he went. Getting down to her navel he kissed it and dipped his tongue into her belly button then continued his downward journey till he arrived at her shaven pussy. Susan opened her legs and Richard slowly lowered his head towards her honey pot, savouring the heady aroma that came from there.

He kissed around her pussy and marvelled at her rose tattoo that nestled near her pussy. Richard then started to kiss all the way round her pussy and then down the inside of her left thigh, down to her foot. Taking her foot in his hand he kissed her foot then proceeded to suck and kiss her toes. Richard then moved over to her right foot. Kissed the underside, then sucked and kissed its toes before starting to kiss up the inside of this leg until he arrived back at her pussy again. Once there he started to lick the outer lips keeping well away from her clitoris, Susan moaned.

He licked in ever decreasing circles but always made a point of not touching her clit. This drove Susan mad, as it was what she wanted Richard to do. Richard knew this was teasing Susan and continued to do this till she cried out in sheer frustration “please lick my clit please.” Richard dipped his tongue in side her pussy then moved up and flicked her clit very gently. That was all Susan needed to bring on her orgasm. She had felt it building inside the pit of her stomach, but as Richard’s tongue flicked across her clit it tipped her over the edge and a feeling of pure ecstasy flowed through her entire body. Richard continued to lap at her pussy savouring her sweet nectar as her orgasm flowed through her.

Once Susan’s orgasm had subsided, Richard laid down beside her, his cock now hard again and cuddled her. Susan rolled over and climbed on top of Richard’s body so that she was lying on top of him, his cock trapped between their two bodies. She kissed Richard passionately on the lips then sat up with her knees on either side of his legs. She lifted herself up till she was clear of his body and took his stiff cock in her hand and guided it to her slick and very wet opening before slowly lowering herself on to his cock. Slowly she sank down on to his cock until she was impaled on his stiff member to the hilt. She raked Richard’s chest gently with her fingernails down and then across his abdomen, the latter of which sent shivers running through his body. Susan then started to rise up and down slowly on his cock in full slow strokes till the head of his cock nearly came out of her pussy.

Slowly but surely she increased the rhythm getting faster and faster Richard started to thrust up his body to meet her on her downward strokes at the same time fondling her wonderful breasts, rolling the nipples between his finger and thumb. His other hand went down to her pussy and started to rub her clit this was too much for Susan and her pussy clamped down on Richard’s cock as her orgasm shot through her. This was enough for Richard and his cock erupted inside of her as he too came.

They lay together like this for a while catching their breaths enjoying the closeness of each other’s body. Then Susan rolled off of Richard and knelt beside him. She took his cock in her hand and slowly started to lick his cock clean. Savouring the taste of their combined juices. Once she had licked him clean, she proceeded to suck him to another erection. Once she had done this she knelt in front of him doggie style. Richard got up on his knees and slowly entered her very wet pussy and made his cock nice and slick. Then he removed it totally from her pussy. Susan groaned in disappointment one second and then from sheer pleasure as she felt the head of his cock up against her arse. She relaxed totally as she realised Richard was going to fuck her tight little arse and felt his stiff cock enter her very tight hole. Richard very slowly and very gently let his cock slide in to her arse until he was totally embedded in her. He then started to fuck her tight arse with long slow strokes. Whilst he was doing this, Susan reached down and fingered her pussy and rubbed her clit.

It wasn’t long before they were both coming again and they collapsed in a heap of pure blissful exhaustion. They stayed like this under the branches of the willow tree under the stars sleeping, Richard laying partially on top of Susan, his cock still inside her arse.

It was nearing dawn when Richard awoke. He slid himself off and out of Susan waking her gently with a kiss. He helped her up and together, totally naked, carrying their clothes; they walked back to their room at the castle.

Once inside, they both got in the shower together, as they were both a bit chilly. They soaped each other’s body and they left the shower. They dried themselves and cuddled up together in the giant bed blissfully happy.

When Richard awoke later that morning, he climbed silently from the bed dressed and quietly so as not to wake Susan. He left the room and made his way down to the kitchen where he managed to get a tray of breakfast for himself and his darling wife. On the tray he placed an envelope with Susan’s name on it and took it up to their room. He quietly opened the door and let himself into the room. Susan was still lying as he had left her fast asleep. He placed the tray on the table beside the bed and leant over and started to kiss Susan gently on the cheek till she awoke. Smiling, she turned over on to her back and looked lovingly in to Richard’s eyes.

“I’ve brought you breakfast,” he said. “Mmmmmmmmmmm,” Susan replied and sat up in bed. Richard passed the tray to Susan and sat on the bed near her. Susan picked up the envelope with her name on it and looked enquiringly at him. Richard just said, “Open it.” She opened the envelope and reached inside to pull out its contents. Inside were two tickets to a Caribbean paradise island. Susan’s eyes grew wide with sheer joy and love for this wonderful man who was and always would be hers. She flung her arms around his neck pulling him towards her before kissing him fiercely telling him how much she loved him.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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