Walk to the Beach

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It was a beautiful summer day in Sydney. It was going to get up to about 26C/80F and with clear blue skies, a light breeze and low humidity it was perfect.

That suited us fine. I’m Randy, “born in the USA”, as Bruce Springstein would say. However, I came to Australia 10 years ago and liked it so much I arranged to stay. I live with a lovely Australian woman, Katrina. We live in the downtown Sydney in an apartment that looks out on what must be one of the most beautiful harbours in the world.

Katrina and I had both arranged to take the day off work. We were going to go for a bushwalk with a friend, Jane. Jane had recently been through a messy divorce and we had thought a day out in the bush and down at the beach would cheer her up. And it did but probably it didn’t turn out quite as she or we expected.

Some friends had told us about a walk in one of the nearby National Parks that led to a remote beach. Given the weather that sounded perfect so we headed off in the car. With the sun roof open and good music on the radio, we were at the start of the walk in no time.

So we set off, the walk was a little challenging a bit of a hill to climb first and then a fairly steep descent down to the beach. It was, however, lovely walking through the Australian bush with it gum trees and other unique vegetation. We saw a goanna on the way there. It darted up into a tree when we got close, but not far enough up that we could not get a good look at it.

So after an hour’s walk following our hour’s drive, we arrived at our remote secluded beach. It was wonderful even better than our friends’ description. It was small with large rock outcrops at either end and there was no one on it.

The surf was moderate and it looked as if it might be good for body surfing which I love. We had brought our towels and cossies. The usual Aussie ritual of changing underneath your towel seemed a bit irrelevant here so I just took off my clothes, pulled on my cossie and told Katrina and Jane that I would see them in the surf.

When Katrina arrived in the surf, she came over to talk to me. She was a little worried that Jane might be a little shocked over the way I just stripped off in front of both of them. I said I didn’t think so, as I was sure Jane had seen naked men before she wouldn’t pay particular attention to this one.

Anyway, the surf was lovely and the bodysurfing was great. I’d swim along with the wave then woosh be swept towards the shore. It was the best bodysurfing since Kovalum Beach in India where I had been 5 years before.

When I came out of the surf after about half an hour or so, Katrina and Jane were stretched out on their backs and had laid my towel out between the two of them. It was interesting to look at them. Their bodies were very similar, both were about 170cm/5ft6in tall and shapely. Their breasts were not partiularly large though both women’s them were quite noticeable. They both had long shapely legs. The major difference was that Katrina had dark straight hair and brown eyes. Jane had similar length, blond straight hair and I seemed to remember blue eyes. (Her eyes were closed.) Even their swimsuits were similar except Katrina’s was pink and Jane’s was blue.

I said to both of them that we should put some sun screen on as it was almost noon and the sun was strong with a lot of UV. Katrina said I’m really comfortable lying here, please put it on for me. Jane added “Me, too”. I guessed my stripping off hadn’t caused too much offence or Katrina had apologised for me before I got back.

I started on Katrina. There is something very erotic about applying sunscreen to a woman’s body even though the swimsuit covers the breasts, nipple and pussy which along with the face and neck, I usually think of as the most erotic, sensual parts.

So with that in mind, I started with Katrina toes with a view that I’d finish up with the neck and face. So I worked my way up from her toes up her legs, lingering a bit longer to give a bit more attention to her inner thighs. She usually likes gentle massage there and it can get her quite turned on so I thought a little arousal now might result in an extra hot session when we were back home.

I then sunscreened her arms and paid special attention to massage the sunscreen sensually onto neck and face. I whispered in her ear that I would do her back when she turned over.

I then turned my attention to Jane. I had massaged sunscreen onto other women before but not for a while. It was nice to repeat the same process on her but I went a little easier on the inner thigh and neck and face massage because although I liked the idea trying to turn her on given Jane’s previous comments, I thought I better take it easy.

I thought about asking Katrina to put sunscreen on me, however, she looked so relaxed and comfortable I couldn’t bear to disturb her. So I opened the self service department for sunscreen application. I also call it the self service department when I bring myself to orgasm with or without a little help from Katrina.

This arap escort thought crossed my mind as having massaged sunscreen into both of their lovely bodies I was feeling quite aroused. I could have gone back into the surf as that would have probably cooled my ardour a bit. I could have wondered off to the rocky outcrops or a bit back up the path and found a spot out of sight to open the self service department but for the moment I thought I would just try some meditation and relaxation to move my mind onto other things.

My mind soon moved to other sensuous pleasures, food and drink. It had been a long time since breakfast and I was getting hungry and thirsty. I knew we had brought a picnic. Katrina had arranged with Jane what each brought so between the 2 packs, we should have everything. So I went to see what there was.

I knew there was some champagne and orange juice in the Esky as Katrina and I had decided that would be good for cheering Jane up. I found that, some soda water in Jane’s pack and 6 plastic cups. That should cover the drink orders.

Now to the food, in Jane’s pack I found bagels with cream cheese, smoked salmon and capers. I guessed Katrina must have suggested this because it’s one of my and her favourites. Well. that will certainly do for food to start so I got a small blanket set up with 3 plastic plates and 6 plastic cups.

While looking for the picnic stuff in Jane’s pack, I found that she had brought a small radio so I switched it on and found it was tuned to a station that played greatest hits from the 60’s,70’s and 80’s. That would do on a fine summer day, a bit of nostalgia.

I said to Katrina and Jane that their picnic lunch was served and asked them what they wanted to drink. They both wanted champagne and orange juice together and a glass of soda water so the drink orders were the same all round. I said to Jane that I assume it was OK that I had put her radio on and she said fine. We just should be careful to try not to get sand in it.

Jane started talking about her messy divorce. It wasn’t messy because there were any children it just happened so suddenly and all their finances were in joint accounts, house in both names etc,etc.

Just then, Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing” came on the radio. Jane, hesitated for a second and then seemed to blush very slightly as she said “That’s what I miss the most. Peter was a great lover despite his other faults and strange behaviour that broke us up.” She then went on to tell us that she was having real difficulty finding eligible men since she broke up and that the couple she had gone to bed with’s idea of foreplay was “are you awake”.

We had brought 3 pieces of really rich chocolate mud cake for dessert. On the warm day, it was a bit heavy, rich and gooey so to start off with we all shared one piece.

We then lay back down on our towels to enjoy the warmth of the sun. We had some time before we needed to head back, probably time for at least one more swim and bodysurf I thought.

“I assume both of you would like me to put sunscreen on your backs” I said. “Yes, please” theyt replied in unison. Then Jane added “I’d really like to try to get an even tan all over my back would you guys mind if I took off my cossie, this beach is so lovely and deserted”. Well, I guess my quick strip off earlier had not offended Jane. What could I say, I couldn’t really say no, the sight of you nude is probably going to turn me on so much that I’ll be lying here with a strong erection. Before I said anything, Katrina replied “What a great idea and started to take her cossie off”. I decided that I may as well join in and took my cossie off too.

“I presume you now would like sunscreen all over the backs of your bodies with more on the areas normally covered by your cossies” I asked. “Yesss, pleeasse!!!!” best represents their response. I seemed to recognise in Katrina’s voice that slight change that occurs when she begins to get a little aroused. Jane sounded similar but of course I didn’t know her that well so it was much more difficult to tell.

However, I thought I could take a bit of a chance so Jane got the full treatment, the same as Jane, when I applied the sunscreen. This included a thorough massage of the neck and shoulders and gently working up the legs to provide a gentle massage of the back of the inner thighs and some gentle kneading of the buttocks.

The only problem after all this kneading, I was needing something myself. After completing the massage of Jane I was kneeling over her with a rock hard cock. Katrina glanced up briefly and I think caught sight of this and suggested that I lay down on my tummy while she put sunscreen on my back. Jane volunteered to help and I couldn’t really refuse although two women gently massaging would be even more of a turn on than one.

I had often talked to Katrina about the idea of making love to two women at the same time but we had never managed to fulfill this fantasy. It would have been relatively escort arap easy if I had agreed to Katrina’s suggestion that we just hire an escort for an hour or two. However, this reduced the appeal of the idea as I really wanted both women to be doing it for the pleasure not for the money.

Jane asked Katrina an interesting and intriguing question “Does helive up to his name?” Katrina said “What do you mean?” Jane replied “Well you know, randy means kind of horny in England and Australia.” I was now intrigued what Katrina would say in reply to this.

Katrina thought about it for a few seconds and then replied “Well, he’s a good lover, his idea of foreplay goes way beyond – are you awake – although sometimes when he’s feeling randy and I’m not he can be a bit too persistent. He loves me to have orgasms and somehow often seems to think it is mandatory in lovemaking for us to have at least one orgasm each. I guess he is also a bit randy, because sometimes when we have a really hot soixante neuf and he comes in my mouth, he keeps his cock in there and keeps gently pushing it in and out and he becomes randy enough again to come again in my pussy”.

Well, I quite liked the answer the only trouble was that I was now getting so turned on, not only was my cock hard and erect but my balls were beginning to ache. “Hey you two,” I said “it may be all right for you to have an in-depth discussion of my performance as a lover but between that and your two beautiful nude bodies, I’m now very turned on”. Katrina replied “I noticed — I saw your hard erect cock as you were putting the sunscreen on Jane. I wondered if Jane who has been missing out a bit in that area recently would like to do anything with it”. To report Jane reply as “Yes, please” is understating it substantially but it’s difficult to put in words the highly charged, erotic way she replied which turned me on even more. “Well turn over big boy” said Katrina and we’ll start by putting some sun screen on your front.

After they had sunscreened my front including both of them having a little play with my cock and balls when they were applying sunscreen around that area. Then Katrina said to Jane “You haven’t had a man to provide with a lot of pleasure and satisfy you for a while so what would you like to do with him.” I was intrigued what the answer to this question would be and hoped strongly it included an orgasm for me fairly soon otherwise I was feeling so “randy” that I would have to open the self service department.

Jane answered “One of the things I loved doing to Peter was to tie his hands and blindfold him so I could be in control and use his body however I wanted. The process of turning him on, turned me on and I could allow him to arouse when and if I wanted”. Katrina said “sounds like fun, what can we use to tie his hands and blindfold him”. Katrina and I had played this type of pleasure game before and knew that I normally enjoyed it a lot. I did not want it to last too long before they brought me to climax. So I said “The only thing is having lain next and massaged both your beautiful bodies and very turned on already so please don’t tease me for too long before you bring me to orgasm”. Katrina said “OK, we’ll see what we can do, because if you’re feeling that randy, Randy I know you’ll stay erect or be erect real soon again after you come”. About this I knew she was right.

They found a cord around the top of one of the backpacks that they could take off and they used that to tie my hands. The hands were tied so that each was by my side joined be the cord which went underneath my back. “What can we use as a blindfold” asked Jane. “Best thing that I can think of is his swimming costume and maybe his underpants pulled over his head to cover his eyes” replied Katrina. So my cossie and underpants were pulled on over my head so that they covered my eyes. I was not going to remind them that we brought a camera with us as I am sure I looked and I certainly felt a bit silly. But as they were both starting to massage and kiss my body the silly feeling soon gave way to one of excited anticipation of what turned out to be by far the most erotic experience of my life, and I’ve had quite a few extremely enjoyable erotic experiences.

Jane said “These is still some chocolate mud cake left, what if we put some of it on his body and slowly eat it off”. “What a good idea” said Katrina. So one of them, I think Katrina got the chocolate cake out of the picnic stuff while Jane kissed my nipples and gently massaged my cock and balls with her hand”.”He loves having his nipples kissed and even sucked quite hard” said Katrina. “We should each put some chocolate cake on a nipple and eat it off and then eat him a little bit” she continued. “As long as someone starts eating, rubbing or gets on top of my icy pole real soon” I said as was beginning to feel a bit too randy.

Katrina, of course, knew that kissing and sucking my nipples drove me wild. Sometimes when she was not in the mood for lovemaking, I would arap escort bayan ask her to kiss and suck my nipples while I indulged myself via the self service department. So they both smeared some chocolate mud cake around my nipples and proceeded to eat it off. The way I was feeling this approach to arousing and satisfying me was a little too gentle but as my hands were tied, there was nothing I could directly do about it. So I said “My nipples are enjoying your attention, but there’s something standing to attention that wants it much, much more”.

One of them got the hint. I think it was Jane as the mouth which started gently kissing my balls and slowly nibbling its way up my very hard cock felt different from Katrina’s. Not very different but different enough to make me think it was Jane. That made it even more exciting, that this was a new lover starting to suck my cock and caress my balls.

The next thing they did made me even more sure it was Jane. “Let’s let him taste our pussies” said Katrina to see if he can tell by the taste which one is mine and which one is yours”. So after a little bit of manouvring, Katrina sat astride my face so I could kiss and lick her pussy. I immediately knew it was Katrina because the taste of her pussy is well known to me. I kissed, licked and eaten it so many times before and loved the taste and the feel of that most womanly of pleasure locations.

They then swapped and Jane came up and sat astride my face and Katrina went down and started sucking my cock and caressing my balls. I could tell it was Jane easily because although the feel of the pussy and the surrounding thighs was similar to Katrina’s, the taste was different. Equally pleasant, but different. I have found that in all of the women, and luckily it has been quite a few, whose pussies I’ve eaten over the years, they all taste different. They all tasted quite yummy but all different.

The cock sucking stopped briefly. “hmm, that was too easy for him” said Katrina.”Our breasts and nipples are fairly similar, let’s see if he can guess whose is whose, while he gets to suck and nibble on those”. This is going to be more challenging I thought as Katrina was right. Before they blindfolded me I had noticed that their breastsy were very similar both with large erect nipples, last time I saw them. Who I guessed was working on my cock would give me a clue, as whoever that was would not be able to get her lovely tits up to my mouth. So the first breast arrived for me to kiss and suck on the nipple, it felt very like Katrina’s. The mouth onmy cock felt different from Katrina’s so I guessed Katrina’s. “Right again” Katrina said.

Another breast arrived at my mouth, this time I thought it was Jane’s because although the shape and feel was very similar, the taste was slightly different. It was a little difficult to tell however as sunscreen and salt water which I could also taste while sucking and kissing Katrina’s breast formed a large part of the taste. The other clue was that the mouth and touch of the hands kissing and caressing my cock and balls felt very like Katrina’s so I guessed Jane.

“You’re right” said Jane. “We might as well take off the blindfold as he’s pretty good at telling who is who by touch and taste”. “Maybe, once he sees fully what’s on offer, he’ll get even more excited” she continued. “I’m not sure I could get any more aroused or excited” I said as she took off the slightly strange blindfold. “Please let me come soon. I’m so excited that even when I come with a little bit of arousal I’ll stay hard or become hard again very soon” I pleaded.

Jane positioned herself astride my face with her pussy just out of reach and started playing with her pussy, slidiing a finger inside, gently rubbing her around her clitoris. It was very exciting to watch and very frustating not being able to help.

Katrina then said “Jane – it sounds as if you haven’t had a good hard cock come for you for a while – so you bring him to orgasm however you would most enjoy it”.

I said “If you let me come in your mouth Jane and keep sucking I’ll soon be hard again and ready to slide inside your pussy for seconds. You could untie me and be astride my face so I can play and suck your clit and pussy while you suck me – with a bit of luck we might come together – though I’m not sure I’m going to last much longer”.

“I’m not sure I am either” said Jane as she untied my hands and positioned her pussy above my mouth and started sucking on my cock.

Katrina then said “I’m not sure if I want to join in or just watch. I think I’ll just watch for the moment”. After a few moments she added “It seems I’ve got more to watch than just you two. Another couple has joined us on the beach and they’re busy indulging themselves in each other in much the same position as you two”.

Regrettably because of Jane’s thighs beside my head, I couldn’t see this other couple on the beach. However even the thought that they had been probably been inspired by watching us to start indulging themselves made me even more excited. So excited that I could not wait any longer and my cum exploded into Jane’s mouth just then. There was many pulses of it to swallow but Jane managed to take them all in her mouth and then kept sucking on me. That had the desired effect and I stayed nice and hard ready to continue the action.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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