Waking Up with a Smile!

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You wake up to me massaging your feet! My hands push into the sorest part of your foot and you moan from the pain and pleasure. I slowly move my way to your calves kneading your muscles, with just the right amount of pleasure. You enjoy the feeling of my soft warm hands on your legs you bite your pillow to keep from moaning. I slide my hands up each of your thighs and run them every so softly. Your pussy starts to get wet and drip. I move to your glorious mound and lightly massage your gorgeous ass. You love how sensual I am being but your pussy is dripping wet and your ass is begging to be fucked. Though, I continue moving up, to your back, rubbing down each and every knot till I’m at your neck, which I massage with the lightest touch. You can’t help but moan; you try and turn over but I hold you down; you quickly give up and lay there.

I move back down your back down to your ass. I can smell your pussy just soaking wet. Your clit is fully erect and showing itself. I kiss your ass giving each and every inch its due time. Then I stick my tongue out and place the tip of it at the top of your crack. I slowly move it down as my hands massage your ass. I finally make my way to your rosebud, porno which tightens around the tip of my tongue, begging it to push in. I flick my tongue causing your ass to loosen up while I’m massaging your ass cheeks apart. I slowly insert my tongue into your ass, you cant believe how deep it goes as I spread your ass with my hands. I continue shove my tongue in and out while also taking a break to kiss and nibble on your ass cheeks. You feel an orgasm building just as I place my ring finger above you clit. You cry out and tear the sheets off the bed as I simultaneously rub your clit ever so lightly and shove my tongue into your ass. Both move at the same time increasing the sensation ten fold. Your orgasm racks your body and you shake all over me.

I lift your ass up so you’re on all fours. Kissing your thighs, while you continue to moan from your previous orgasm, I move towards your pussy. I start to lick up the soaking pussy juice. You tense up as my tongue start to separate your pussy lips. Your lips open up from the gentle use of my tongue and your clit stands proud again. I flick it with my tongue so quickly causing waves of pleasure to flow through your body. My hands roll your erect nipples between my finger as I eat you out from behind. You push against my head in order for more pressure against your pussy. My stubble sends little bit of pleasure all over your body.

I pull you back to sitting on my head without my tongue losing contact with your clit. So you can now look down into eyes as I eat out your pussy. My tongue works expertly bringing you to your second orgasm. You smother me as you cum and fill my mouth with your juice. I turn you around so you can suck my cock as I continue to pay attention to your pussy and ass. You get lost with my cock in your throat and my lips kissing your ass. You love feeling my cock pulse down your throat, switching to licking my balls. I then pull you away to lay you down on the bed I move over you and place my lips to yours as my cock head slips into your pussy. My tongue explores your mouth as my cock slips deeper and deeper into your pussy. You love being filled with my cock as I slowly start pumping my cock and balls deep then withdrawing till only the tip of my head is still in. The pace continues to increase as I suck on your nipples and you reach down to play with your clit! I lift your legs over my shoulders so you can feel every inch of my cock and I can massage your ass cheeks. You quickly cum all over my cock squeezing it for all it’s worth. You’re pussy being spent and sensitive.

I turn you over and move back to kissing your ass. My tongue work quickly gets you horny again as I move my cock to the edge of your little brown hole. You push back onto it and it pops into your ass with very little resistance because of the rimjob and the pussy juices all over it. You love the feeling of having your hole filled. Your ass tightens on my cock as you near another orgasm. I feel myself getting close as my cock starts to grow larger with each stroke. Your moaning gets louder as I fuck your ass harder and faster. The pace quickens as you reach orgasm and you scream “Oh god, I’m cumming!!” You reach back and grab my balls while your asshole tightens around my cock. That sends me over the edge as I blow my load deep into your ass.

We both scream as we cum together, my throbbing cock squirting deep inside you as your pussy squirts your love juices. I can feel your ass filling up with my cum as it squirts deeper. As we finish cumming, we collapse with my cock still inside you as we lay there and hold each other.

I whisper “Good morning.” and you smile then kiss me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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