Waking Up

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This is my first submission. I would really like some honest feedback if you enjoyed it or not…


It was Friday night. This morning, your parents picked up the kids for the weekend so we could have some time to ourselves for a change. We had made reservations at the new Italian restaurant in town, and planned on going out dancing afterwards.

As I had the day off from work, I was cleaning up the house when you called just after noon. A girl at work had just been fired because she couldn’t keep up with her work. The boss had given you the task of catching back up. You were disappointed because you would be stuck at work late and we wouldn’t be able to make our reservation. I told you not to worry about it, that we could go tomorrow night instead. I offered to bring you some dinner, but you said you just wanted to crank out the work so you could be home as soon as possible.

Before you got home, I had lit some candles in our living room. I wanted you to relax after your long day at work. When you came in the door at 9pm, you just threw your bags on the floor, and slouched into the living room. You sat down beside me and I kissed your forehead as you leaned back against me. I started rubbing your shoulders and could feel how tense you were. I offered to give you a back massage, and you gladly accepted.

I started to unbutton your blouse, removed your bra and had you lay down on the couch. I grabbed the baby oil and started rubbing your shoulders. I worked over to your neck and continued down your spine. I could hear you moaning as I altyazılı porno continued massaging your lower back and back up. After about 20 minutes of this massage, I asked if you wanted me to continue and give you a full body massage. There was no response, so I asked again. When you still didn’t respond, I bent down to look at you, and you were sound asleep. I kissed your forehead once again, and picked you up and carried you to our bedroom. I undressed you completely, got undressed myself and pulled the silk sheets up and over us. You curled up into me and were out like a light.

I wake up in the morning with the sun shining. I look over at you still sleeping. I just lay there for awhile looking at you. I have always found your beauty breathtaking, and as you lie there sleeping, I can’t help but smile at you. I roll out of bed and head to the bathroom to take a shower.

When I return from my shower, I see that you have rolled over onto your back. You must be dreaming as your arms and legs are moving around. I watch as you softly brush your hands up and down your sides. I suddenly get an idea.

I go into our closet and grab our “adult” suitcase. As you continue to run your body, I take the silk ropes we have and loosely tie each ankle to a bed post. I tie the remaining ropes to the headboard and tie up your left wrist first. As you attempt to continue rubbing your body, you suddenly wake up as I’m tying up your right wrist. You ask what I’m doing, and I just give you a strong, passionate kiss. Without questioning me further, I smile zenci porno and finish tying you up. I throw my towel aside and you lick your lips seeing I’m as hard as you’ve ever seen me before.

I climb up onto the bed and over top of you. I lean in and kiss you again. No words need to be spoken as you already know what I have in mind. I start to nibble on your earlobes and trail my kisses down your neck. As I start to move down your chest, you arch your back, trying to encourage me to kiss your nipples. As you are tied down, I decide to just continue to tease you. I kiss and lick my way all around your breasts, avoiding your nipples. You continue to arch your back wanting me to lick your nipples. I just look up and you withering in pleasure. You see me looking at you and whisper please. I gently roll my tongue over your nipple before gently biting it and tugging at it. I can hear you moaning in pleasure as I squeeze your breasts together and lick both nipples at the same time.

You know I have other things in mind today, as I start to kiss my way lower. You already know that I’m going to tease you again as I start kissing my way down your left thigh, and back up your right thigh. I slowly start licking the outer lips of your pussy, without slipping inside of you, you are moaning louder now and I can see your arousal as it starts to drip. Without waiting any longer, I use my tongue to capture that wetness, and slide my tongue up and across your engorged clit. As I do this, you start thrashing around and have your first orgasm aldatma porno of the day.

You know that I never stop there. As you start to calm down, I again bury my tongue deep inside of you. I love the taste of your cum and I clean you up as best I can before I spread your lips apart and slowly insert my finger. I curl my finger up and start to rub that G spot I know you love. As I do this, I start nibbling on your clit. I start rubbing your G spot faster as I continue and your second orgasm of the day hits. This time, you squirt a little as the sensations running through your body are overwhelming. I continue to slide my finger in and out of you as your orgasm continues, slowing licking your clit.

As you start to come down from your high, you look down and me with lust and desire. You think I’m done with this part now, but as I look down and see you dripping, I have another idea. I slowly start to slide my finger inside of you again, and you just throw your head back. I make sure to get my finger nice and wet, and start to rub your wetness around your sweet rosebud, peeking out at me. I love the moan of desire you release I slide my finger in to the first knuckle. I slowly start to slide my finger in and out of your sweet rosebud, getting deeper and deeper inside of you. As I want you to thoroughly enjoy yourself, I bury my tongue inside of you once again. I start sliding my finger faster and faster now as I’m eating you out. I can tell you’re getting close once again as your rosebud starts to squeeze me tighter and tighter. Before too long, you start to scream out as you orgasm once again. I continue my ministrations through this orgasm and continue to lick you clean until you are finished. You again look down at me and see the huge smile on my face. “Get up here big boy,” you say.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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