Wake Up

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I open the door quietly so as not to wake you. By the light of the bathroom, I unzip my dress and let it slip to the floor. I undo my sheer black bra and toss it to the floor, hooking my thumbs in my thong, I slide it down and step out of it. Then, lifting up the edge of the sheet I softly mold my body next to yours. I press my breasts against your back and curl my legs inside yours, spooning you, matching my breathing to yours. I lay like that, quiet and content, until I can no longer stand it. I press my lips softly to your shoulder as I feel my nipples harden against the skin of your back. One finger slowly travels the length of your arm, from the shoulder to the wrist.

I stop as I hear you murmur. Not wanting to wake you up just yet, I force myself to lie still again. Then, no longer able to stop, my fingers slide over your hip and gently caress your flat tummy. I flatten my hand out over your belly button. The goose bumps rising on your skin make me tingle. My hand slowly slides up over your belly to your nipple… my fingers carefully bring one to attention. I feel the motion of your body change as your breathing pattern changes. I know that you are almost awake… I tease your nipple a little more, making you squirm.

As I feel you try and press your body closer to my fingers, I slide the hd porno tips down your chest and cup your hip. Kneading your skin beneath my hand, I never let my hand stop in any one place for long…over your hip, down your thigh, back up to your ass, and then finally down to the spot that I want. Cupping your balls gently in my hand, I squeeze them lightly.

I keep playing only with your balls even though you try to shift your body so that your cock would end up in my hand. I know you are fully awake as you suddenly shift your body and your arms draw me on top of you. Your hand entwines my hair and pulls my mouth down to meet yours.

Almost giving up control, I kiss your mouth firmly, and then raise my head slightly. With my naked body laying on yours, each nerve cell on fire, I trace the outside of your lips with the tip of my tongue.

Licking every part of your lips, encouraging them to become full and wet, I then slide my tongue deep inside your mouth. Playing tag with your tongue, I make love to your mouth. The pattern shifts as, with a soft moan, you pull my head closer to your mouth and take over the rhythm by sucking firmly on my tongue. Harder, then softer, then harder again, you make my body weak with desire as you thoroughly fuck my tongue.

I give up all pretense of control sex izle as your tongue then finds it’s way inside my mouth. Probing, teasing, inserting your tongue in and out of my mouth.

I can feel your cock between my legs. Needing to feel you inside of me, I move my hips until the head of your cock lays at the wet, enticing opening of my pussy. I play with you there, sliding my pussy lips across the tip of your cock.

Then, as your tongue thrusts itself into my mouth, I capture your entire cock within my pussy. You groan into my mouth as I take the entire length of you deep inside me. Our mouths match the rhythm of our bodies as the hardness of your tongue and your cock pump in and out. There is no rush in our movements, just a soft, easy rhythm. In, holding still for a second, then out… almost all the way out, then a thrust back in. I release your tongue, as I need to feel you deeper inside of me.

I press my hands against your nipples and sit up, impaling myself upon your thick, hard cock. The entire length of you slides deep inside the warmth of my pussy. Then, raising my hips up, the cold air mixes with our damp skin, sending chills over both of our bodies as I slide your cock almost all the way out of my pussy.

Your hands grab my ass and firmly impale your cock deep inside altyazılı porn of me again. I sit up straighter, arching my back and cupping my breasts with my hands. I dimly hear your hoarse whisper telling me how much you love to see me play with my nipples. I moan as you fuck me deep and hard, as I pull on my nipples.

I whimper as you suddenly lift me off your cock and turn me over onto all fours. Then as you lift my ass into the air, and thrust your cock deep into my pussy from behind, my hand reaches down to play with my clit. Your balls slap against my ass cheeks as you pound in and out of my flesh.

Your hands reach under and close over my breasts. Pumping my ass into your hips as you fuck me from behind, the rhythm of my fingers on my clit gets faster. Rubbing and circling, the wetness of my juices soak us both. Your hands squeeze and tease my nipples.

The sounds of our lovemaking fill the room… the slap of your balls against my skin, the wet, squishy sound of your cock sliding in and out of my pussy, my moans mix with your moans and then…

Your voice… “Cum for me, cum with me.”

My fingers on my clit send fire throughout my body, god I am so close, your fingers knead my breasts, then the pressure builds… your cock pumps in and out as you lean down and nip my shoulder. I give a lingering moan and the orgasm engulfs me. My body quivers and my pussy tightens against your shaft, sending you into an incredible orgasm.

The smell of sex permeates the room as our juices flow and mix together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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