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I check into the hotel, telling the reservation clerk that my wife will be joining me later, and to please save a key for her. We’ve set this all up beforehand, and I’ve checked in using your last name, knowing that the clerk will ask for your I.D. before she will give you the key. I ride the elevator up to the 21st floor, turning to the right as I get off the elevator. I think to myself that you are probably dropping your husband at the airport just about now, and should be here in about half an hour.

I insert the card key and enter the dark room, turning on only a lamp over the bed. I draw the curtains, looking out onto the lights of the city as they close. I go to the bathroom and pee, rinse my mouth, and wash my face. I sit on the side of the king-size bed, undress, and climb under the covers. I reach up and turn out the light, ready to wait for you to creep quietly into the room and join me in bed.

I lie here in darkness, thinking about you and I feel my penis stir. I know that you will be here soon and I will smell you and taste you and feel the warmth of your skin on mine. I will touch you in many secret places. I will bring you pleasure and feel love for you. I will hold you and kiss you, I will ejaculate into you and you will absorb my cum and I will become a part of you. And as I taste you and lap at the juices our lovemaking create in your vagina, I too will absorb your liquid and you will become part of me.

I roll over and press my hard penis against the cool sheet. I want to masturbate. I am already very turned on. I can’t masturbate. I must wait for you and be ready for you when you arrive. Will you want me to enter you right away, then begin porno indir anew with foreplay until we couple again? Or will you want an hour of foreplay before I enter you. I do not know. It is always different. I can’t read your moods, only react to what you ask of me.

I look at the clock. Ten minutes have passed already. Where are you now? Downstairs at the desk? Still in traffic? This is such a perfect setup. No chance of being caught. Your husband taking the red-eye to New York for a week’s business. Only natural to hire the overnight sitter to stay with the kids while you take him to the airport. The overnight sitter is already asleep and will not know whether you return right away or hours later. We have hours. Hours to make love while your husband is in the air, gone and forgotten. Hours to feel your silky skin against mine, to hold your breasts and suckle your nipples, and taste your thick lubrication as I kiss and lick and suck at your cunt. I wish you were already here.

What time is it now? I roll over onto my back and eye the clock again. Fifteen minutes now. I close my eyes, and I see you. I see you in your red teddy, the one with the snaps in the crotch. I love to open the snaps with my teeth. When you wear panties I love to pull them aside and lick your slick cunt. Last time you shaved it for me. I licked it until it was raw. You begged me to stop. You begged me to fuck you. You called my name over and over as I drove into you in long, deep, pounding strokes. You came before me. And you came with me. And you came again when we were finished and I lay on top of you, my penis shrinking within you. I felt the muscles of your rokettube vagina clamp on my withering dick as you came again even though we had stopped moving.

Maybe I should get up and turn on the light in the bathroom and just crack the door so there is some light for you when you come in. No, you told me that you wanted me to wait in darkness for you. You want to come in, take off your clothes and slip into bed next to me. You asked me not to talk. Just start, you said, just start making love with no talking. I can’t wait to kiss you. I can’t wait to hold you. I can’t wait for that moment when I slide into you. Tonight I’ll tease you. I’ll just put the head in and move it in and out a little bit. I’ll wait until you are begging me to put it all the way in, then I’ll slide it slowly all the way in to the hilt. Then I’ll just barely move it out and then back all the way in. I’ll fuck the very deepest part of your cunt with just slight motions. God, I’m so horny. I could come in about 10 seconds if I reached down and started rubbing myself. Can’t do that, though. Don’t do it. Wait. Wait for you to come.

There’s a crack in the curtains and I can see a thin strip of light. It’s reflecting off the wall above me. I get up, my hard cock sticking straight out, and pull the curtains all the way closed. I crawl back in bed. That’s better. Now there is no light in the room. Now it’s completely dark.

I wonder if we’ll ever be together. Will you leave your husband? Probably not. I wish you would, though. It makes me feel guilty to think that. What about your kids? This is pretty good, though. Just sex. Really good sex, too. I wonder if we’d make porno a good couple. Going out to dinner and to the theater. I wonder if your kids would like me. Probably. Well, they might not like that I’ve replaced their father. But that’s not going to happen, anyway. You won’t leave him. You say you want to, but deep down we both know you won’t. That’s o.k. God, I wish you’d get here.

I reach down and take a slow stroke on my cock. God, that feels good! I bend it a little to the left. Oh! That feels too good! Better stop or I won’t be able to. When you get here, I’m going to lick you and get into a 69 with you. We did that once and you got really, really wet. You obviously liked it. You were licking me and sucking on me frantically as I licked and sucked the juices out of your pussy. I stuck my finger just a little way up your ass and you came. I don’t know what made me do that, I’d never done it before to anyone, but you liked it. Obviously. Oh, I didn’t take off my watch, I don’t want to scratch you. I’ll take it off and put it on the bedside table. Don’t forget it when you leave!!!

God, where are you? I am so fucking horny. This waiting is killing me. Your pussy. Your wet, soft, pretty pussy. It will be here soon. Sit on my face. Ooh, I’d like that. Sit on my face and rub your pussy all over it. Rub your clit on the tip of my nose and come all over my face. Oh, man, I can’t wait. Where are you?

I hear the click of the card key sliding into the door, and I see the wedge of light on the wall as you open the door and pass inside. The wedge of light disappears as you close the door. I hear you walk across the room, and I get a faint whiff of your perfume. Your beautiful, sexy cunt, I want it. I listen as you take your clothes off, and I slide over to the far side of the bed. You draw back the covers and the bed moves as you lay down next to me, and pull the covers up over you.

My wait is over. You are here.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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