Vodka: Peaches , Cream

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*Author’s Note: Any and all persons engaging in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.

**Disclaimers: This story has been edited by myself, utilizing Microsoft Spell-Check. You have been forewarned; expect to find mistakes.


Barbara Rosenni smiled as she entered the ‘Beer she was not interested in him. She knew her denim cutoffs were giving him an eyeful of her luscious buttocks and her tanned legs. Her waist length brown hair was in a ponytail, giving glimpses of her smooth, tanned back revealed in her half-shirt.

“What I like to do?” the young man continued, unperturbed at Barbara’s flat delivery. “Take some of this strawberry vodka? And some strawberry Schnapps? Big old scoop of strawberry ice cream? You got a ‘Strawberry Avalanche.'”

“That’s nice,” Barbara said, putting the Peach Nulough’s into her buggy. “Have a nice day.”

“Or? Take some of this…” the young man continued, picking up a bottle of the Spearmint Vulough’s.

Barbara continued her travel, tuning out the young man’s recipe sharing. But his idea for a ‘Strawberry Avalanche’ did sound interesting. Reversing course and approaching the freezer section, Barbara picked up a gallon of vanilla ice cream. The Burns what about you?” Barbara asked, sliding her debit card through the scanner.

“An ‘A’ but mostly because of my boyfriend,” Kelli said, proudly saying the word ‘boyfriend.’ “He said to do my report on Europe’s failing EU. Have a nice day, ma’am.”

Barbara hoped to be able to load her car and leave before her shadow managed to get out of the Burns there was a white pickup truck that suddenly popped up, but when she made the first turn, the pickup truck continued along Highway 19.

Now, on a blistering hot Sunday afternoon, Barbara was fidgeting, waiting. The pasta was al dente but was cooling fast. The marinara sauce was as near to perfect as she could hope to get it, and the salad was ready to be served.

“Almost there!” Barbara read on her phone.

The simple declaration was followed by a series of kissy face smiling faces. Barbara responded with a series of red hearts and turned on her oven for the garlic bread. She put the bottle of red wine on the table and brushed the loaf of French bread with the melted butter and garlic.

Ten minutes later, ‘Uncle’ John’s ancient Mercedes-Benz slowed, then made the turn into the driveway. Barbara felt her heart leap as she could see the man’s smile through her kitchen window, could see ‘Aunt’ Sarah in the front passenger seat, beautiful blonde head swiveling about as she admired Barbara’s roses.

Before the car was fully stopped, the rear passenger door popped open and Amelia Johnson was barreling out of the car, headed for the front door.

“Who is it?” Barbara called out when Amelia rang the bell and hammered on the door.

“Who you think?” Amelia screamed.

The two friends screamed and hugged each other. Amelia was reluctant to let go, but a nudge from Sarah let her daughter know others were waiting their turn.

“Hi Aunt Sarah,” Barbara smiled, wiping at her tears.

“Oh my God! Look at you!” Sarah Johnson squealed, hugging the beautiful brunette. “Oh my God! You, you look, oh, you’re gorgeous!”

“Uh huh, and some of us are dying out here, move woman and let me get in,” John Johnson demanded playfully.

“Uncle John,” Barbara smiled and hugged the barrel shaped man.

“Now I know you had to pick out this couch,” Sarah said, looking at the deep blue velour couch with attached chaise lounge. “Oh my God, if that doesn’t just scream ‘Barbara Rachael Rosenni.’

“Actually, no,” Barbara laughed as Sarah reclined on the chaise lounge. “When I bought this house? A friend of mine suggested I call these frugal decorators; that’s what they’re called, ‘Frugal Decorators?’ Anyway, they came out and went through here with a fine toothed comb.”

“Man, what’s that I’m smelling?” Uncle John demanded to know.

“Garlic bread!” Barbara suddenly remembered and dashed to the kitchen to rescue her garlic bread.

“All right,” Uncle John said after they devoured the spaghetti and meatball lunch. “Lowenburg’s four and a half hours that way. It’s not going get any closer longer we wait.”

“Now you,” Aunt Sarah admonished her daughter. “I know, I know rus escort you’re an adult now; I, we expect you to behave like an adult.”

While Sarah told her only daughter what to do, how to do it, and when to do it, Barbara and John hefted Amelia’s footlocker and two suitcases from the trunk of the car. John complained good-naturedly about the excessive weight of his daughter’s clothing as he and Barbara carried the trunk and suitcases into the house. John approved of the guest room and put the heavy luggage at the foot of the bed.

“Remember call us,” he told his daughter. “I know you’re a big girl now, but remember, you will always always always be my little girl, hear?”

“So, you excited about college?” Barbara asked as they watched Sarah and John Johnson driving away.

“Yeah, I, I mean, Fawn’s going be there, oh, oh, and you, and…” Amelia enthused.

“Uh huh, but I’m graduating end of this semester,” Barbara reminded the girl. “Now, you bring your bathing suit like I told you?”

The two girls ran outside and jumped into Barbara’s in-ground swimming pool. And after becoming waterlogged, they stretched out their towels on the thick, lush grass and soaked up as much sun as they could stand.

“Whew!” Amelia gasped as they again entered the cool interior of Barbara’s bungalow.

“I know, right?” Barbara agreed. “You still like peaches?”

‘Uncle’ John had been the next door neighbor for as long as Barbara could remember. And on really hot Arkansas days, he would get out his old wooden bucket ice cream maker and would sit it out on his front porch. The neighborhood kids would see Uncle John lazily cranking the handle and would run over to his front porch. Then he would put them to work, making them crank the ice cream maker.

When Barbara was thirteen years old, John met and married Sarah Anderson. The Army widow had Amelia, an adorable ten year old girl with her. The ten year old brunette idolized the thirteen year old Barbara and did her best to be Barbara’s shadow. Unlike most of her peers, Barbara did not resent or shun the younger girl’s attentions.

“So, what flavor we should make this, huh?” John Johnson asked his new daughter as he combined all the ingredients for ice cream into the metal canister.

“Peach,” Amelia declared.

“Yes ma’am, peach it is,” John smiled and dumped two cans of peaches into the canister.

“You still like peaches?” Barbara asked as they entered her small, comfortable kitchen.

“Well, yeah!” Amelia giggled happily and picked up the nearly empty wine bottle from Barbara’s table.

Barbara carefully measured out two jiggers of Nulough’s Peach flavored vodka, and two jiggers of Peach flavored Schnapps into a tall glass. Dropping two scoops of vanilla ice cream into each glass, Barbara dropped two long spoons into each glass, then found two bendable straws. The girls carried their drinks into the small but comfortable living room.

“Oh, I am so glad you said I could come a couple days early!” Amelia enthused, slurping her ice cream cocktail through her straw.

“Me too,” Barbara laughed and squeezed the eighteen year old girl tightly.

“I get another one?” Amelia asked, spooning the last of her gooey ice cream into her mouth.

Barbara finished her own drink and again measured everything out. As she put the container of ice cream into the freezer, Barbara wondered if she had any chocolate syrup for a big old bowl of cream liberally coated with Hershey’s chocolate syrup. It would take them a while to eat a whole gallon of the ice cream.

Sitting down on Barbara’s plush velour couch again, Barbara and Amelia each sucked some of the drink through the straws. Barbara wondered if it was possible to get a brain freeze with the amount of alcohol in the glass.

“Love you,” Amelia enthused and kissed Barbara on her lips.

“Love you too,” Barbara said and gave Amelia a second kiss.

Their third kiss was a silent kiss. Amelia closed her large brown eyes and opened her pouting lips as she leaned forward. Barbara closed her dark eyes and opened her full mouth. The two girls touched each other’s tongues with their own cold tongues as their embrace tightened.

Barbara’s heart was thudding in her chest; she’d known all of her life that she was istanbul bayan eskort gay. She had experimented with a few boys, especially after starting college at the University of Louisiana at DeGarde. She’d even entertained marrying one very sweet young man, but realized it would not be fair to him.

“I love you, Barb,” Amelia quietly whispered when they broke the passionate kiss.

“Love you too,” Barbara whispered, gently raking her fingers along Amelia’s exposed spine. Again, their tongues touched as Barbara’s hand continued to trace up and down Amelia’s back.

“Mm,” Amelia moaned her approval as Barbara unhooked Amelia’s skimpy bikini top.

Amelia gulped the last of her drink, then pressed her lips to Barbara’s lips again.

Silently, Barbara stood and took Amelia’s hand. She led her friend down the hall to her bedroom. There was a single lamp on, a twenty five watt bulb softly illuminating the room. The blackout curtain over the long, narrow window that sat high over the bed allowed no light into the room.

Illuminated by the soft glow, Barbara stripped out of her bathing suit. Her 34DD breasts were two heavy orbs, each capped by light brown areolae the size of silver dollars with fat nipples. Her belly had a bit of softness to it; Barbara kept intending to do some sit ups, some pushups, some crunches, but never got around to doing anything about the slight belly she’d developed over the years. Her hips were generous swells and her pubic mound had a dark triangle of curls.

Amelia allowed her bikini top to flutter to the bedroom floor. Her 32D breasts had areolae the size of half-dollars with erect nipples. Her belly was slightly concave and her hips were generous, but not quite as generous as Barbara’s hips. Her pubic mound was bald. The puffy mound of flesh was bisected by a deep furrow that allowed just a hint of her inner lips to peek out.

As their lips mashed together again, Barbara allowed a finger to enter Amelia’s very wet pussy. Amelia moaned into Barbara’s mouth as Barbara gently felt along Amelia’s inner walls with one, then two fingers. Breaking their lip contact, but not her finger contact, Barbara eased Amelia to lie on her plush dark blue comforter. Crawling onto the bed between Amelia’s splayed legs, Barbara again kissed the younger girl’s pouting lips. Their tongues again tasted one another’s mouths as Barbara continued to finger Amelia’s wet sex. Breaking the kiss, Barbara bent her head and captured Amelia’s left nipple in her mouth. Barbara could taste the suntan lotion and the sweat as well as some of the pool’s chlorine as she sucked on the nub of flesh.

Amelia gave a loud sigh of pleasure as Barbara suckled Amelia’s nipple. With her fingers, Barbara teased Amelia’s pussy, seeking out Amelia’s clitoris.

Barbara felt the tell-tale signs of Amelia’s excitement coming close to climax; the hunching upward of Amelia’s hips, the ragged breathing, the flexing and relaxing of Amelia’s abdominal muscles. Just as Amelia began to crest, Barbara bit down on Amelia’s nipple. Amelia let out a loud squeal of orgasm.

Barbara switched her attention to Amelia’s other nipple and again coaxed Amelia closer and closer to orgasm. And, again, when Amelia’s orgasm began, Barbara bit down on Amelia’s nipple.

Barbara wiggled down and began to lap at Amelia’s wet sex. Travelling her tongue over Amelia’s bald mound, Barbara was fairly certain that Amelia had waxed her pussy. There was no stubble on the silky smooth flesh. Amelia’s pussy had a light fragrance; obviously Amelia took care to fully cleanse herself that morning in her shower. Even after two orgasms, there was only the faintest of fragrances and tastes to Amelia’s pussy.

With tongue and fingers, Barbara licked and fingered Amelia to a third orgasm. Insinuating one, then two fingers into Amelia’s tight rectum produced another squeal, another orgasm from Amelia.

Wiggling forward again, Barbara lay on top of the gasping, wheezing Amelia and kissed the girl. Amelia weakly returned the kiss, her arms loosely encircling Barbara’s torso.

Barbara rolled off of Amelia, pulling Amelia to lie on top of her. Amelia slowly regained her strength and began to kiss Barbara with passion.

Wiggling slightly, Amelia thrust her bald pussy tightly against ukraynalı escort Barbara’s pussy. Amelia’s hands explored Barbara’s breasts as they continued to kiss. Wiggling slight, braking the crotch to crotch contact, Amelia bent her head and licked around Barbara’s large left areole. She teased the tightly crinkled flesh until she reached Barbara’s rock hard nipple.

“Ack!” Barbara cried out and shuddered as Amelia lightly bit the sensitive nipple.

When Amelia began her tortuous assault on Barbara’s right areole, she lowered her right hand and began to lightly stroke up and down Barbara’s wet suit. When Amelia’s tongue reached Barbara’s erect nipple, Amelia had three fingers plunging in and out of Barbara, Amelia’s thumb mashed firmly against Barbara’s clitoris.

“Ack, Jesus!” Barbara cried out when Amelia bit down on her nipple.

Amelia wiggled down and glued her mouth to Barbara’s pussy. Amelia lapped frantically at Barbara’s fragrant pussy, tongue darting back and forth, up and down. Amelia then used her fingers to open Barbara’s folds and probed as deeply as she could with her tongue.

“This is not the first pussy you ever licked,” Barbara said aloud after her first orgasm.

Amelia’s answer was a giggle. Then Amelia began to lick and finger Barbara to a second orgasm. Barbara lay back against her pillows and moaned in pleasure as Amelia’s tongue flicked back and forth over Barbara’s clitoris.

After Amelia brought Barbara to a thunderous orgasm, the two lay entwined, arms and legs looped around one another. They kissed softly, simple brushes with their lips.

Amelia jerked away slightly when Barbara brought her hand up to Amelia’s left breast, to begin another round of love-making. Amelia disentangled herself from Barbara’s limbs.

“We get another drink?” Amelia asked as she dashed toward Barbara’s bathroom.

Barbara found their glasses still on the coffee table in the living room. She made two drinks and carried the two glasses to her bedroom. Entering her bedroom, Barbara found Amelia waiting expectantly for her drink.

The following morning, the day of Freshman Orientation, Amelia was severely hung over. She was a very whiny person as Barbara urged her to hurry, finish her breakfast, its orientation; no one cares what she looks like, come on; we need to go. Now.

While Amelia was groggily sitting through her Freshman Orientation, Barbara went to the campus bookstore and purchased the books she would need for her final semester. That task accomplished, Barbara then located three of the five textbooks Amelia would need for her first semester. The other two textbooks, Barbara still had in her own bookcase.

Barbara stood outside of Gilbert Hall as the freshmen came out; many chattering, laughing and squealing. Some, of course, looked overwhelmed and some looked bored with the whole thing. Barbara spotted Amelia and grabbed the still quite groggy girl out of the milling throng.

“Red beans and rice today; come on,” Barbara said, herding Amelia toward the cafeteria.

“Come on, can’t we just go home?” Amelia whined.

Barbara paid Amelia’s bad mood no mind and guided Amelia toward the cafeteria. Since Barbara knew the way to the squat building, they managed to beat the rush of new students and got their lunches fairly quickly.

After a truly delicious meal, Barbara then made Amelia traverse the campus, learning the route from Murphy’s Dormitory to each building. Then, while Amelia grumbled and complained, Barbara guided Amelia to Coolidge Hall so that Amelia could meet with her Student Advisor and could sign up for her dorm room. Barbara was beginning to think that the fifty bucks John had slipped her to ‘pay’ for Barbara’s assistance was far too little.

When they did return to Barbara’s home, Amelia wanted to make herself a ‘Peaches & Cream’ cocktail, as Barbara had dubbed the ice cream beverage. Instead, Barbara insisted they don their bathing suits and take advantage of the swimming pool. The cool water did seem to revive Amelia’s former good mood. As they swam, Barbara again could see the girl she’d known, the girl she had made love with the previous day.

After becoming waterlogged then baking in the sun, Barbara relented and made them a Peaches & Cream beverage. Then, nude, they retired to Barbara’s bedroom and drank their beverages. After finishing the cold, refreshing drink, Barbara pushed Amelia into a side by side sixty nine. Amelia seemed somewhat hesitant, almost reluctant but did lap at Barbara’s slit while Barbara fingered and licked Amelia to a quick orgasm.

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