visiting my brother

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Spring of 1982 Tom and I had been together for three years. I had just turned 17 and was hornier then ever. Tom was working very long hours seven days a week, he was making great money, but our time together was at a miminum. I had quit dancing a year earlier and was working fast food. I really missed all the strange dick I had been getting, as you have read, I am a certified cum junky. With my brother having moved up north to the Ocala area and not being able to trust any of our friends to have some sexual fun without them going back to Tom, I really needed a change. I mean, I would occasionally seduce one of the kids at work or maybe once in a while a customer, but so far, none of them were hung or could give me the long dicking and abuse I craved. Since I had to take my vacation the first week of July or loose it, Tom suggested I go visit my brother Harry and his wife Nicole for the week. There was no way Tom could close the shop, there was just too much work. So I called Harry and asked if he minded if I came up his way for a week for my vacation. He was more then happy to let me visit. He said he missed my tight holes, my blow jobs and my tits. I told my brother I missed his huge dick. He told me Nicole also missed our weekly get togethers too. Harry assured me he would set me up with some of his new friends, maybe even have a fourth of July gang bang in my honor. My pussy juiced just thinking about my brothers cock!! Besides, I had never been with a pregnant woman before, Nicole was 7 months along. The week dragged by till I finished work on a Thursday and had the whole week off. I raced home and packed my 69 Mercury Courgar Hot Rod with my clothes. I stopped by Toms shop, gave him a good bye blow job in the lounge and headed up the turnpike towards Ocala.. before I left, Tom made me promise to video tape any action I had with my brother and Nicole. He knew full well I was going to get dicked.

At 17 I looked pretty much like I did when I was 13. I stood right at 5 foot even, weighed 95#’s, measured 32c-22-34. My hair was still long and straight, almost down to my butt, my face still roundish with high cheek bones and chubby cheeks. My nose small and slightly upturned, my eyes green, my lips full and pouty. My legs were muscular, my thighs slightly chubby, my mound shaved bald, my pussy itself just a slit with no lips peeking out, my stomach had a small pooch, my ass round and apple shaped. My tits and nipples were my best feature. My boobs were a c-cups, almost a d. My tits stood straight out with a gentle slope on top and full roundness on the bottom, no sag what so ever. What really turned mens heads were my nipples. Huge puffy ones that could only be described as a baseball cut in half (toms and my brothers descriptions). Yepper, my nipples were that big and a dark purpleish color. Since it was such a hot day, I wore a white tube top and a pair of daisy duke shorts.

Listening to the CB as I got on the turnpike out by Kissimmee, I heard one of the big rigs that passed me as I was entering the right hand lane tell the other drivers about me in my car. I started chatting with the driver and other drivers. They wanted to see some tits, so I pulled my tube top down under my breasts and drove that way, topless. When one of the drivers told me how much he would like to shove his big fat cock in me, I laughed and told him that might be arranged. The guy thought I must have been a prostitute. When he asked me how much, I giggled and told him if he had over 8 inches there was no charge, under 8 inches it would cost a hundred dollars for every inch he was short. He assured me he had lots more then 8 inches. Now I was intriqued. We switched to channel 11 on the CB, I teased him by driving along side of him, lifting my breast to my mouth and licking at my own nipple. I described how I would suck his dick.

After a half hour of teasing, I pulled in to Turkey Lake Service Plaza. The big rig pulled in right behind me. I parked near the building and watched where the trucker pulled in. There was several trucks that exited right behind him. I stood by my car and watched this good looking guy in his 30’s climb out of the cab of the truck and walk towards me. I could see the snake down the right leg of his jeans. Yep, the dude had a big dick alright. My mouth watered and my cunt started juicing. The guy approached me with a huge grin on his face. He was staring at my tits and my thick thighs. I had my eyes on his crotch. I introduced myself and he said his name was Tony. We went into the building and he bought me a coffee. We talked, lots of sexual inuendos. I noticed a few guys that were near us. I followed Tony out to his rig. He opened the passenger door, when I started climbing up, he palmed my butt and helped push me up. He climbed in behind me. I went straight to the sleeper. He laid next to me, we embraced. Our lips met and I loved his long tongue. As we kissed, his hands were all over my tits. My tube top was pulled down, my boobs revealed to his eyes and his hands. His mouth found my nipples and he sucked like a vacuum cleaner. I loved it. He roughly pulled off my jean shorts and his hand cupped my bald mound. His middle finger slid inside me and he finger fucked me. His finger was as long and as thick as some cocks I had in the past. I was climaxing by his manipulation of my cunt. He went down and licked at my cunt, he spread my lips and ate me. I wanted his dick. Finally he came up for air after I got off. Then he sat back and peeled off his shirt and his jeans. My gawd!! This guy had a nice cock. Not as long as my brothers 11.5 incher, but the dude had 9 inches at least. I bent over and with my one hand on his shaft holding it steady, my other hand on his ample nuts, I began sucking his dick. The dude had a great cock, he was one of those who leaked lots of pre-cum. I licked at his pre-cum, he tasted good. I love watching a guys face so I could see their expression when I suck their dick. Trucker Tony’s expression on his face when I swallowed his dick to the balls was priceless. I gagged and choked, came up for air, then went back to swallowing his dick. I saw a poloroid camera, I asked the guy to take a picture of me sucking his dick. He took several. I stopped him from cumming, I squatted over him and guided his long dick to my cunt. I rubbed the head up and down my wet slit, then I slowly lowered my self down on it, feeling the head penetrate my cunt. I love that feeling. Up and down I slowly went till I was sitting on his balls, the whole 9 inches buried to the hilt.

As I rode this handsome guys cock, I knew this was going to be a great trip. Most cocks I find are between 3 and 7 inches, finding one bigger is some what rare, like one out of every 15 or so. I got lucky right off the bat on this trip, I hoped I would get more strange. Tony took several pictures of me riding his dick to go along with the ones he took of me sucking his dick. My knees started getting sore, so with out pulling out of me, Tony flipped me over so he was on top, my legs in the air as he pounded me with long strokes. He was so long I was getting several inches deep inside my birth canal and loved the pain and pleasure it was giving me. Tony was sweating as he pumped me faster and faster, then he shoved deep inside me, held still and I could feel his cock swell and twitch as his seed squirted inside me. He collapsed on top, started kissing me and I could feel his cock going flaccid. When he pulled out of me, he grabbed the camera and took a couple of pictures of my well fucked cunt, spread wide, swollen and red with his jism flowing out. We smoked a cigarette, I choose several pictures to keep. One with my tongue licking at his head, then one with his cock down my throat. Same with us fucking, one with the head by my slit as I squatted over it, then with me sitting on his balls and the last one of me laying back with my cunt well fucked and leaking cum. I got dressed and kissed him goodbye and thanked him. I walked back to my Cougar and peeled out of the travel plaza and continued my ride to Ocala.

Heading North on the Turnpike, I began seeing signs for a adult bookstore. I loved adult bookstores since Tom introduced me to the glory holes. I began getting horny Sex hikayeleri all over again. I pulled off the exit, found the bookstore. There was several big rigs parked and lots of cars. I got out, locked my car and walked inside. I had to show my ID, my fake one that said I was 22, I was really 17. I casually walked around the store, looking at the movies and the toys. I had most of the toys they had in stock. There was several guys following me around. I was getting hornier and hornier. I saw the back room, got $5 in quarters and headed to the peepshows.

In the back room where the peepshow booths were, there was more guys standing around. I felt the guys eyes on me. I loved the anticipation, I loved wondering which dudes were gonna feed me their cocks. I saw a couple of black guys and got a chill run up and down my spine. I love black cock and nigger seed. I walked past a few booths with open doors, no glory holes were in them, but the next to last booth in the aisle I saw a glory hole. I looked back at the guys standing and looking at me, I smiled and pulled my top down, showing the guys my tits. Winking at them, I entered the small booth and closed the door.

I fed four quarters into the machine, the TV came on and I flipped thru the channels seeing what movie were showing. I stopped when I saw a young brunette getting banged by a huge black dick and sucking on two other ones. I pulled my top off and dropped my shorts. I spread my legs and fingered my hot snatch. I could feel the truckers cum still leaking out of my pussy. With one hand fingering my cunt, my other hand was playing with my boobs. I could see eyes staring thru both holes. I put on a show. I leaned over, showing one my hanging swinging boobs, the other my ass hole and cunt in the doggie postion as I spread my legs wide. One hand was milking my tits, the other was spreading and showing off my tight bald cunt. The one I had my head towards stuck his dick thru the hole. Nice small dick, about 3 inches, thin, but perfectly shaped. Cut, small head and veiny shaft. I could see grey pubic hair. A old dude. I inspected his dick, no sores and the pre-cum that was leaking was clear. I licked at his piss slit. I began sucking him. As I sucked his dick, I moved my ass close to the other glory hole. I could fel the guys fingers on my cheeks, then briefly over my anus, finally sliding up and down my juicy slit. I felt a finger probe and enter my cunt, he ran it in and out. I was getting off not knowing who was finger fucking me or whose cock I had in my mouth. I really got into sucking the old dudes tiny dick and was rewarded with a salty load. I swallowed the whole amount and wanted more. I pulled my cunt off the dudes fingers, He stuck his tongue thru the hole. I put my nipple through and felt his tongue licking it, then he took my nipple in his mouth and began sucking. My fingers were now working over my own pussy. I pulled my tit away, the guy stuck a fat 5 incher thru. He had a huge blunt head with a huge piss slit. I licked all around the head, driving the guy crazy. When I finally put the head in my mouth, he began cumming without me even sucking. I swallowed his load and was glad he stayed hard. I forced his cock down my throat and was taking the whole thing to the plywood wall. He was almost as thick as my husband Tom, but not quite. I was glad he stayed hard. I wanted that thick dong in my cunt. I got his dick real wet with my saliva, held his dick so he wouldn’t pull it out as I turned around and guided his cock against my cunt. The guy got the hint and started to shove it in, I pushed backwards and with a little pain and a lot of effort, he entered me. I let him fuck me, relishing the feeling of my cunt being stretched. I remember wishing the fucking wall wasn’t there. The guy had a great stroke. As I got fucked from the rear, a new cock came thru the other hole. This was a fairly nice long one, about 7 inches long, really thin, but it had a huge fat head. I took the skinjny dick in my mouth and timed my blow job with the fucking I was getting from the thick dick. I was in heavenly bliss for a good 10 minutes, getting it from both ends. All to soon the guy fucking me stopped and pushed at me hard, I pushed back. I could feel him swell up and pulse, he was shooting inside me. I kept sucking on the skinny dick. I was hoping he didn’t cum, I wanted to feel him in my ass. When the guy fucking me pulled out, I turned towards the other wall. I positioned the skinny dick with the big head by my cunt and let him plow my pussy as I reached in my purse for my KY. As he fucked me, I rubbed some KY on my asshole and inserted a finger in my butt to get it good and lubed. I purposely let the cock slip from my cunt, I grabbed it and guided it to my back door. I held his dick as I forced my ass back against it. I got the head in, it hurt like a bastard, but then he started pumping and I started climaxing. I love getting a good anal fuck. A new cock replaced the thick one, I tried sucking on it, but I was enjoying the ass attack to much, all I managed to do was jack it and lick at the head. All I remember about that dick was it was average, it started shooting cum all over my face as I was still getting fucked in the butt. Mr. Average left after he came, the guy fucking my butt had great staying power. The next cock offered me thru the hole ws one of the black dudes. Dark, chocolate brown, about 6 inches and average thickness, I went right for it. I love nigger dick. I sucked his cock like there was no tomorrow, I all but forgot the dude in my ass, even though it still was making me climax. When the dude finally shot off in my ass, I turned and offered my cunt to the nigger. He shoved his cock in my cunt first and fucked me really good, I wanted more anal, I let his cock slip out and guided it to my asshole, he entered my ass with out missing a stroke. His dick was thicker then the last guys, so I got a little more pain, but I was soon getting off on it. Another tiny white dick came thru the other glory hole. I sucked it and made him cum as fast as I could. The black guy fucking my butt shot off. He abrubtly pulled out of my ass. I felt so empty.

For a moment there was no one at either hole. My quarters ran out of the machine a long time before. I shoved my tube top and my shorts in my purse, opened the door to my little room and strolled out to the aisle naked. All I had on was my sandles and I was holding my purse in my hand by my side. There was four guys standing around, all their eyes popped wide open. I smiled at each one as I calmly walked to the front of the aisle and turned the corner to go to the next row. In the new aisle there was just one guy standing, a huge black buck. He turned his head when he heard my steps and just stared. My head just came to above his belt buckle. The nigger must have been 7 foot tall. He was built like a pro wrestler, all muscle, thick black muscle. He looked at me and said in a very deep voice, “thank you Jesus, a dream cum true!” I had to blush and chuckle at his remark. I eyed him up and down. I walked past him, wiggling my ass very seductively. I opened a door to a booth half way down, started to enter, then turned towards the big buck. I smiled at him and lifted my arm, I pointed at him and used my middle finger to motion, cum here. He walked quickly towards me. I went into the room, he was right behind me. I tired to close the door, it would not close with both of us in the room, he was just too fucking big. So with him standing with his back against the door, I stood in front of him. I said fuck it, I like being watched. I stood on my tip toes and reached up and pulled his head towards mine. I kissed his huge lips. His tongue was massive, I swear it was almost as big as Goliaths, my English Mastiff. His huge hands made my tits look like mosquito bites. He tenderly played with my boobs, bending even more to take a puffy nipple into his mouth. His huge hand found my pussy, he rubbed my cunt with one huge finger, it was bigger then most dicks I had in my life. His middle finger was 6 inches long as as thick as a quarter. He forced it in me, I moaned from the pleasure. He finger fucked me as he sucked on my tits. He could almost fit my whole boob in his Sikiş hikayeleri mouth. When he began to probe my butt with one of his other fingers, I spread my legs wide. Again, his finger was bigger then most dicks. I was being double penetrated and I loved it. He was getting me off so completely.

I just had to see his dick. I broke away from him. Standing, I unbuckled his belt, I unbuttoned his jeans, then unzipped them. I pulled them down. All I could do was stare. His dick was thicker then Toms, thicker then the ponies, it was as thick as some of the horses I had seen. It was long too, I would find out later GT, the huge black guy had 12 inches of dick, but the best part was, his head, it was purple in color, kinda pointy and there was a huge amount of foreskin!!!!! His cock wsa only half hard. I took it in my hands and began pulling the skin back away from the head. He began to harden. I couldn’t wrap my hands around his shaft. I began milking his dick back and forth as I slid my tounge around that head. I tasted the pre-cum, so white against the purple cock head. I licked all around the huge glands, then up and down the shaft. I was surprised to find no pubic hair, not on his balls even. His balls, wow!! They were huge and looked like they belonged on a elephant. I fondled and played with them as I licked at his cock. Luckily I was use to sucking my husbands huge dick, Goliath our mastiffs and Pappy our pony’s cock, so I was some what prepared for Gt’s huge rod. I took the head in my mouth, he leaned back against the door. I glanced around, there was several guys watching, all had their dicks out and were jacking off. I started worming my lips down his shaft. I began really choking at about 4 inches, but that was normal. I came up for air, giving my self time to get use to the thick organ. Then I went back to sucking, this time I got almost 9 inches, that’s a inch more then my husbands. When I came up and his dick popped out of my mouth, there was saliva flying every where. At first I thought he had cum already, but no, it was my saliva. Again, I took it in my mouth. I didn’t stop this time till I had his whole dick down my throat. I couldn’t breath, I was turning blue. I had to let it go. This time I only sucked on the first 8 inches, GT was loving that. I wanted that massive cock fucking me. I got his dick really wet, I reached up and put my arms around his head and jumped up with my legs around him. I told him to hold me by my ass. I leaned back against the wall, I used both hands to grab his dick and rub the head up and down my slit. My pussy was throbbing in anticipation. I tried to shove it in, I pulled with my hands, and pushed with my body. I finally got the head inside, the look on GT’s face was priceless. With GT pushing his cock in me and me pushing my cunt against him, we were soon fucking. He bottomed out at 7 inches, my cunt is only 7 inches deep, that is till I can wriggle around till his dick was hitting the right spot. Then I began pushing harder against him, telling him to fuck me harder. I knew my cervix was still dilated and slick from the truckers big dick, I knew that Tom’s thick cock entered it and I had taken the ponies thick 19 inch dick up my birth canal, so I knew GT’s cock would eventually go in when we got the right angle. Then all of a sudden, BAM!!!! I took his whole dick. Again, GT just stood there dumbfounded. I learned later that no woman had ever taken his whole cock in her cunt, let alone her mouth. I screamed, then bucked and bronked, I rode him for all I was worth. What a incredible feeling being so fiilled with dick and being a niggers dick made it so much better. GT was covered in sweat, I was sweating my ass off. GT pounded me till he exploded. Then he held me and kissed me. He slowly pulled me off his dick. I was a rag doll. He sat me on the stool in the little room. He kissed me again. I saw him back away and as soon as he left the room, the guys who were watching were staring real close at my cunt. I knew what it looked like, stretched so big you could see way up inside me to my cervix and if it looked like it did after the pony fucked me, you could see into my birth canal too! I looked down and saw how spread I was and all the thick cum leaking out. I didn’t reist as one of the on lookers came close and shoved his dick inside my cunt. He had a small dick, I could barely feel him inside me. I asked him to fuck my ass. Seven guys fucked my pussy and ass in a row, it took less then a half hour. I finally said no more. I stood. The big black buck was still there watching. When he saw my legs were wobbely, he carried me to the ladies room and came inside with me. He sat me on a sink and licked my cunt and ass clean. My GAWD!! He was a good pussy eater too. He was bi too, just like my Tom and my brother. I wanted to get to know this gentle giant of a man. When he finished eating me, he used wet paper towels to clean my hair, face and all, then he put my tube top on me and helped me put my shorts on. When he was finished, I pulled him to me and kissed him. I asked him to walk me to my car. Once outside, I asked his name, he told me GT and I introduced myself as Georgeann. When he heard my name a smile played across his lips. He said it was a pleasure to met me. I kissed him again, a long soul kiss, groping his huge flaccid dick for the last time. I sat in my car as I watched him walk over to a beautiful Harley Davidson motorcycle and kick it to life and roar away. DAM!!! He was a biker!!!! I knew I liked the big Nigger!!!!

I drove the next few miles with a huge grin on my face, I was actually sexually satisfied for a few minutes. I got off at the BelleView exit, followed the signs towards belleview. 10 miles later, I was on a pay phone at the gas station Harry told me to call from. Ten minutes after that, my brother rode up on his hog with another dude. Harry hugged and kissed me on the cheek, then introduced me to Sach, a friend of his. Sach was heavey set, very muscular and about 25 years old. A very good looking guy. His eyes were glued to my tits. I followed my brother and Sach through a maze of back roads to the small trailer my brother was renting back in the woods.

Nicole came running out to meet me, she ran into my arms and we kissed, every bit as passionate as GT and I had a brief hour ago. Nicole actually looked good pregnant, she actually had tits, a lot of color to her face and her belly ws huge!!! She dragged me into the house and showed me all the baby things. Nicole talked a mile a minute. I caught Sach glancing at me several times, each time I would smile at him and he would smile, but turn away. When Harry said he would start the BBQ, I followed him out. He turned on the gas grill and I followed him to a fallen tree trunk by the edge of the woods, several yards from the trailer. Harry pulled me in his arms and kissed me like only he ever does. Most of you may think incest is wrong, but its so natural between my brother and I. We were made to play with each other. He had a long beautiful dick, I had a throat that loved it and a cunt that could take the whole 11 inches.

As we kissed, my brother freed my tits and sucked on them as he freed his own cock. I wanted his dick. I pushed his mouth off my puffies, bent over and attacked the dick I had known intimately since I was 9 years old. It didn’t take long for my brother to loose control and fill my mouth with his jism. As usal it was so very tastey, I could never get enough. We straightened our clothes and talked. I asked what was up with Sach. Harry told me the guy just went through a divorce after 12 years of marriage, he was embarrassed about his tiny dick, so he hadn’t been laid since the split. Two whole years. Harry asked if I would pay some special attention to the guy, make him feel human again. Sure, I could do that. Harry promised if I would do him that favor, tomorrow night, Friday, he would make sure I got as much cock as I wanted, and every other night I was there. Harry told me he had a really special surprise for me Saturday during the day and then he hinted that he knew a couple that was in to animals like I was and had a few specially trained animals they would share with me. That I wanted most of all. I love animals Erotik hikaye dick…

Nicole and Sach joined us outside and smoked a joint with us as the hamburgers and hot dogs cooked. I love hot dogs grilled. I flirted with Sach, he was beginning to relax. After we ate, Harry and Nicole went inside, leaving Sach and I sitting on the log. The sun had set several hours ago, the moon was full. I became aggressive. I kissed Sach, he could kiss, his tongue was very long. I roped his crotch and had to actually put his hand on my boob. He played with my tit, then pulled my tube top down and got some bare titty. I pushed his head to my boob and he suckled. He started to loosen up, he sucked my tit really good. I stood and took off my tube top and my shorts. My pussy was still tender, my lips swollen, but he would not know I had been fucked by so many different guys, in fact having my pussy swollen would make his tiny dick fit me better. When I was naked, I told him to strip. He hesitated. Off came his shirt, nice chest, fairly muscular, then his jeans. Yep, he had a small dick, no bigger then my pinky and I have small hands. I had babysat 5 year olds with bigger dicks. I pulled him close, leaned up and kissed him as I fondled his cock and balls. I went to my knees. Grabbing his asscheeks with both hands, I opened my mouth and took his tiny member in between my lips and began sucking. I sucked and I licked, I used my teeth and just my lips. I took his balls into my mouth along with his dick. Sach was moaning and grabbing my head, shoving his small pecker all the way in. It didn’t take long, two years of pent up cum filled my mouth when he erupted. He did not go soft. Laying on our discarded clothes, Sach went between my legs and ate my cunt. That was one thing he was really good at, he was in the same league as my husband Tom. The guy was making me climax with out any problem. After I got off numerous times, I spread my legs wider and asked him to fuck me. Sach got on top and his dick poked thru my swollen lips and he began to hump me. Surprisingly, he was a good fuck, he knew how to rub his pubic bone so it hit my clit, he was one of the few guys who had ever made me climax by just fucking. I was impressed. Sure, his dick didn’t even come close to filling me, but all in all it was a good fuck. He shot off in my cunt and I showered him with kisses. I wasn’t faking it either, I was thanking him for a good fuck. I would fuck him again anytime, I really ment it too. I did fuck him several more times that week, twice more that very night.

After Sach left, Nicole, Harry and I crawled into their water bed. Harry watched Nicole and I get it on. I loved her milk filled tits, they were twice the size as her boobs normally are. Her nipples had grown so dark and large. I took one in my mouth and sucked milk from her. Her pussy was churning juices out by the gallon, I had to have a taste, I kissed my way down over her enlarged belly and feasted on her cunt. Like mine, her pussy was shaven completely bald. Nicole was climaxing as I chewed on her clitty and rammed three fingers in and out of her pussy. As I was eating my brothers wife, he was eating my cunt and asking why I was so red and swollen, he knew Sach didn’t do that to my cunt. I laughed and told Harry that I had some fun on my way up from Orlando. Harry dropped it, eating his buddies cum from my much fucked cunt.

Harry turned me so I was on my back, Nicloe sat on my face, grinding her pussy into my mouth, I felt Harry spread my legs and enter me with his long dick. It didn’t take long for him to find how dilated my cervix still was. He buried his whole dick inside me and fucked me royally till he exsploded. As soon as he pulled out, Nicole was there to lick my pussy clean. We laid down with me on one side of my brother and Nicole on his other side. Harry and I talked as Nicole drifted off to sleep. His hands kneading my tits, my hand lightly teasing his long dick to keep it hard. Finally we wee both ready for another fuck. I sat up, bent over and sucked on his cock, giving him a really sloppy and wet BJ, I left his cock covered with my saliva. I laid down beside him again, turned my back to him in the spoon postion, took ahold of his dick and guided it into my asshole. Harry began a long slow fuck, filling me with his whole dick up my shit chute. We fell asleep after he came in my ass with his cock still deep in me.

The next morning I was woken by harry’s morning piss hard on which was still embedded in my ass. There was no lube, but that didn’t stop Harry from drilling me, or my pleasure from the fucking. It was a beautiful Friday morning. I called Tom after Harry and I showered together, I coaxed another load from my brothers wonderful cock. Nicole was grinning ear to ear as we walked into the small kitchen as she was making breakfast. Nicole left us to go to her job, I helped Harry do the dishes. Then I sucked on Harrys dick till he threw me over the arm of the sofa and fucked me from behind. GAWD!! I missed my brothers long dick. After depositing another load inside me, he went to get dressed, he had to go to work and I went to dress, I was going to hang out at the bike shop he worked at till he got off work early.

I chose a tight black Harley tank top that I had cut short so it barely covered the bottom of my breasts, you could almost see the bottom slope of my tits when I stood straight, if I bent or stretched, chances were my boobs would pop out. I love to flash, but ya’ll know that already. Denim daisy dukes and a pair of sandles rounded out my outfit. I followed Harry as he rode his bike. The bike shop was tiny compared to Tom’s and mine. Harry introduced me to the owner, a old guy in his 50’s named Bob. Like most men, Bob stared at my tits and legs. You know that I had to go out of my way to show off my ass-ets. When I saw some of the t-shirts and tank tops he had, I wantd one. Hary said I could have one for free, as long as I changed right there at the shop. So with Harry, Bob and a guy that was hanging out named Riley, I stripped off my cut off tank top, took my time taking the one I wanted off the hanger, then oput it on. I liked it, but then I took it off, walked over to the counter, asked for a bag, put the new shirt in it, then slowly put my old tank top back on. Harry was laughing as Bob stared at my chest, there was a noticeable bulge in his jeans.

The guy Riley left and Harry was telling me that Bob was a pervert like we were. He said he had showed and made copies for Bob of some of my 8mm movies and showed him tons of my pictures. I asked Bob if he liked watching them, he said he sure did. I walked around the counter, stood in front of him, pulled my shirt off again, grabbed at his crotch, then went to my knees as I fished out his dick. His cock was flaccid, I guess he was shocked at my boldness, but his dick responded wuickly, reaching 5 inches in not time. His cock was just average, I sucked him off in front of Harry, taking Bobs load. I stayed topless for the nexrt couple of hours, giving Bobs customers a thrill. One guy, a young kid, barely 20 had got his sporster worked on, a $900 bill. I kidded around and told the kid because he spent so much money, he got a bonus. I sucked his dick, a very healthy 7 inch thick cock. By the end of the day I was horny as hell. I needed some good old fashioned fucking.

With the shop doors closed, I stripped completely naked. I asked old Bob what he thought of seeing me naked live. The old man said he wanted to taste my cunt. I laid back on the counter and spread my legs. Bob started eating me while Harry pulled my head off the other side of the counter and fed me his dick. With my head hanging over the counter, it was a clear shot down my throat for my brothers long dick. Harry fucked my mouth, he fondled my tits. He pulled on my nipples, twisted them completely around in a 360. He was driving me crazy. Old Bob was doing a number on my cunt too. When he stood and I felt his cock pushing against my opening, I welcomed his invasion. Bob pounded my pussy lik eit was hi slast time ever to fuck a pussy. I loved it. He actually lasted a good ten minutes before he exploded inside me. No sooner had Bob pulled his spent cock out of me, my brother was slideing his dick in my hungry pussy. Twenty minutes later, Harry added his load to my cunt. We cleaned up, then stopped at a local biker bar where my night had just begun. More about that next time.

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