Viking Charm

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Like most catholic girls back then, Maggie wanted to save her virginity until her wedding night.

“You will appricate me more when we’re married,” she’d say, doing her best to keep my roaming hands at bay.

When we were alone together, she could spend hours shepherding my hands back to their allowable position of her waist, hips or back. It was like cat and mouse with us two, her toying with me the whole time, and me pushing my luck a little further each time we were alone.

She’d would only let me feel her-up on the outside of her cloths, letting me squeeze her tits or maybe feel her arse. If I were lucky, she would let me unclip her bra and push it up, allowing me to feel her nipples through her blouse. When she was feeling horny, which, by the way, she never actually admitted to, she would let me slip my hands inside the back of her jeans to feel her arse.

She had the most beautiful arse for a girl of her age, and sensitive too. The moment my hands touched her there her breathing would become laboured and quivery. Kneading her spongy butt cheeks would cause her lips to swell and her mouth to fall open, allowing my tongue to probe her more. Our tongues would dance while she grinded her crotch into my thigh.

I never realized it at the time but during these sessions, Maggie would orgasm over and over again. She would later tell me that she craved my cock so, so much, but resisted because she knew if she got it, she would always want it.

I was both impressed and frustrated with Maggie’s tireless defense of her chastity.

I of course, not realizing that Maggie was actually having orgasms during our marathon petting sessions. I tried everything to stir her, to get her to abandon her defenses, but she was impenetrable. On the odd occasion I would see her eyes close a certain way, like she was letting down her drawbridge or something. I would think that I was actually winning her over, breaking through her battlements, but she would snap back to reality just in time to stop me.

After long sessions of dry humping her and trying to get the top button of her jeans undone, my balls would ache.

On rare occasions I would get my fingers far enough down the front of her jeans and feel her pubic hair, but the very act of touching her there would make me come, pleasing her more than anything.

I knew she enjoyed the feel of my cock humping her leg, even though she never told me. I knew by the way her mouth loosened and let my tongue in as I kissed her. I knew by the heat from her crotch if I was lucky enough to get my hand up the inside of her thigh. I knew she liked to watch my face as I came in my jocks.

I think we married as young as we did because we were so fed-up with waiting to have sex. When our wedding night finally arrived and I got to see her naked body for the first time, I gorged on the feast for my eyes that lay before me. Her gorgeous, round tits, her curve of hips and of course, her triangle of hair hiding her most protected, precious, slit. But most of all, that look in her eye that at last, told me,

“Stuart, get out your cock, I want you inside me”

Standing by the side of our bridal bed, naked, we held each other tight, and for the first time I finally felt her naked breasts press against my bare chest.

Embarrassing myself, I came, holding on to her for support, squashing my throbbing, virgin cock between us.

I was mortified, and burying my face into her shoulder to hide my shame I drifted my hands southwards to rest on her arse, pulling her to me. My load of hot cum coating her flat tummy and squelching between us, filling her with its aroma and arousing her. She kissed me and hugged me and she explored my body with her fingers.

Cleaning us with a towel, she mopped up the mess I’d made, leaving my cock until last. Then with delicate fingers she placed her hands, for the first time, onto my naked cock. Her touch bringing new life to it, making it grow to full size again.

Surprising me, and without a word, she sunk to her knees, slipping her lips around my cock and sucked it. I felt it throb in her mouth.

She sucked it until she knew I was ready for her.

“Oh Stuart, your cock is Beautiful,” she told me, as she paused for a moment to speak.

“I need to feel it inside me, I need it so much,” she pleaded

As I watched at her sucking my cock, and saw her eye’s willing me to fuck her, I realized that I didn’t really know her at all. I could see a different side to her, a side that looked cock hungry, wanton almost. This Maggie, had the face of a slut.

I wasn’t complaining though, as her inner slut, now exposed for the first time, was such a turn-on, and as I was about to find out, amazing in the sack. Once she’d tasted my cock and felt it fill her pussy, she became insatiable. She wanted me to fuck her at every opportunity; even coming in from work in the evening she would take my cock out to suck it. She had turned into a cock hungry fuck-slut, and instead of me being a little shocked, I was totally turned on by her antics.

On one occasion when I came home bayan escort from work I was shocked to find her naked and on all fours in the hallway. With her head down and her arse in the air facing me, I could see she was in a heightened state of arousal. Her cunt was open and wet, and ready for cock.

“Please don’t scold me Stuart, but I just need you to fuck me”

Her round arse was so inviting, and as I was pulling my cloths off I could see her fingers probing her pussy. Squatting behind her I bent my cock forward to line up with her open hole and drove it into her.

“Ugghhhhhh, ugghhhhhh, fuck me Stuart, fuck me,” she cried, as I buried my cock up to my balls.

I pounded her like a dog fucking a bitch and she loved it.

I can’t explain why, but hearing her cries of pleasure gave me an uncontrollable urge to slap her arse.


I slapped her arse quite hard with the palm of my hand, making contact cleanly with the beautiful round orb of her butt cheek.

“Yeeeoooowwwww” she screamed, trying not to break the connection between her cunt and my cock.

“I’m so sorry Maggie, I don’t know what came over me” I told her, feeling guilty at slapping her for the first time.

“No, no, shut up, dont be sorry, slap me again,”


“Again,” she said, “just do it again,” her eyes imploring me to obey her.

I did as I was told.

Swoooshhh! I landed another hard slap.

Ugghhhhhh, again she cried

Swoooshhh, Swoooshhh, Swoooshhh! Three hard slaps, her arse now glowing red

“Slap me again baby, harder, harder”

Pulling her hips to me I could feel her fingertips touching off my balls as she rubbed her slit.

Fucking her and slapping her, I watched as her orgasm crashed over her, her cunt gripping and pulsing on my cock as it jerked in spasm.

A couple of years into the marriage, we were like a pair of deviants, trying all manner and means to heighten our sexual trills. Sex toys and porn were our favorite turn-on, me watching Maggie, fucking herself with a dildo as we watched porn videos. I also enjoyed watching her face, as she sucked my cock while fucking herself with a dildo. I would get her to imagine being fucked by two guys at the same time, but she let it slip once that her fantasy involved being fucked by another girl.

It was a difficult fantasy to act out as we hadn’t any sex toys that could simulate lesbian sex, but we had good imaginations and sex was always better if the porn we watched had some lesbian action. I tried on a few occasions to coax her into turning her fantasy into reality, but she thought that forcing a situation might not turn out too good. She said she also fantasied about watching me have sex with another man, and enjoyed teasing me about it. I assured her that that was never going to happen, but as it was only a fantasy I allowed her the pleasure, as there was really no harm in it.

A few more years passed, and we were both doing okay for ourselves. We had each climbed the ladder in work, making us very comfortable financially. As we hadn’t any children, Maggie was able to pamper herself, making her body even more adorable. Her tall stature, with her curvy hips, made her look even more eye catching. She was a real head turner and never failed to light up a room when she entered.

On beach holidays I enjoyed watching eyes, both men’s and women’s, watch her as she walked about in her one-piece bikini. Watching her being ogled was always a sure way to get me horny and although she wouldn’t admit it, I knew it made her horny it too.

On one particular holiday to Santa Eulalia, in Ibiza, I noticed a couple of young bikini wearing girls on the beach, they were canvasing for people to experience scuba diving with the local Dive Centre. They noticed Maggie and I sunbathing and approached us.

They were both Swedish, though one was of Chinese origin. The Chinese girl was small in height but had perfect, petite proportions. The other was tall and blond and typically Swede. They were students, working their summer holidays as dive instructors, and were trying to drum up some business.

Maggie stood up to talk to them, and I could see the blond one was about the same height and shape as her. The dark haired girl was much shorter and I couldn’t help noticing that her mouth was exactly level with Maggie’s bare nipples.

“Would you like to try a dive,” they asked pointing to their promotional poster.

They were smiling and engaging and friendly, but most of all they were flirting, with both Maggie and I.

“What kind of diving,” Maggie asked, smiling at the girls, knowing they knew what she meant.

“The kind that gets you wet,” the taller one answered with a laugh in her voice,

“Its very exciting,” the smaller girl said

“We will pick you up in the morning, take you to our centre, and after some instruction we will take you out on our boat to a shallow dive site,” the blond completing the pitch. “You will love it.”

Their perfect English, spoken escort bayan with really sexy Swedish accents, was captivating.

After they explained some more about the cost of the course and suchlike, Maggie looked at me for approval.

“What do you think Stuart?” she asked.

There was something really charming about these girls and to be honest if they had asked me to go diving on the Titanic, with just a mask and snorkel, I would have gladly agreed.

I shrugged my shoulders and told her “What ever you like pet”

The tall blond girl beamed at our acceptance and introduced herself properly.

“I’m Angelica,” she said.

“And this is Kristen,” gesturing to her smaller dark haired friend.

They sat and joined us on our loungers for a while, telling us all about themselves and about their time in Santa Eulalia. They told us all about their boss Eric, who owned the dive centre, and how they loved working for him.

“You will love Eric, Maggie,” Angelica said

“He is so big and strong and kind,” she continued.

“And very sexy,” added Kristen, laughing.

“And Eric will love both of you too,” said Kristen grinning, ensuring we knew that their boss liked men and women equally.

The girls continued to joke about their boss and what a pleasure it was working for him. By the time they were leaving us, Maggie was more curious about Angelica and Kristen, and their boss Eric, then the diving they were offering.

“Eric will pick you up from your hotel in the morning at 8am,” Angelica said, as they waved us goodbye.

I watched Maggie’s face as she watched the pair walk away from us, their bare footsteps in the sand extenuating their roll of hips. Her eyes lingering on them, as they made their way to the promenade, and to solid ground. I saw that familiar look in her eye as she watched Kristen and Angelica hold hands as they walked. Sitting down to sip some water, Maggie put the bottle of agua to her lips and swallowed hard.

“This could be interesting tomorrow,” she said, twisting the cap tight on the blue agua bottle.

“Yes,” I said, “very interesting”

After a long night of exceptionally hot sex, with me teasing Maggie about her, wishing she were the filling in Kristin and Angelica’s sandwich, we slept, and awoke, to another beautiful, Ibiza morning.

The dive centre minivan was parked on the street, as we stepped out from the hotel lobby into sunlight.

Blue in colour, and a little bit shabby, the mini van announced its presence with the words ‘Port Eulalia Dive Centre’ emblazoned on its side panels. A tall, handsome well-built, blond guy was standing waiting beside it.

“You are Stuart and Maggie?” he asked, with a strong Swedish accent.

“Yes,” replied Maggie “and you are?”

“Eric,” he replied “Eric the Viking” He said, laughing loudly.

Eric was a mature guy, mid thirty’s maybe, and he was beaming a smile at us as he spoke.

He was striking in appearance, and even though, being a guy, I shouldn’t have noticed, I had to admit to myself that I did find him very handsome, attractive even. I could see Maggie noticing the same things as I was. His long tanned legs with well developed thigh muscles. His sun browned sandaled feet and long toes. He had trim waist leading upwards to broad powerful shoulders. His big turquoise eyes, radiating warmth outwardly towards Maggie and I in equal measure.

The guy was like a living representation of the Viking God, Thor.

In the short trip to the dive centre, Eric had won us over and we understood completly why the girls had been so charmed by him.

Kristen and Angelica were waiting at the dive shop and after exchanging some pleasantries we began our one-day diving course.

Lecture first, then some pool work, and when Erik was satisfied that we were not likely to kill ourselves, we went diving.

The diving went great, out into the bay on the centre’s dive boat, one dive at noon and the other at about four. Between the dives we sunbathed, eat some lunch and got to know each other a little better. With just the 5 of us on the boat the girls and Erik had no problem stripping out of their wet togs to change and sunbath. Angelica and Kristen smiled as they saw our expression when Erik stripped out of his wet shorts. His cock was huge, and as it hung from his groin it looked easily 9 inches. My own well-developed 7 inches looked small against Erik’s horse-like cock.

By early evening we were all safely back on board the dive boat and on our return journey to shore. Erik was delighted with us, and impressed how quickly we had taken to the sport. I was delighted too, but to tell the truth I was more impressed with spending a full day in the company of our new nature loving Swedish friends.

Back on shore, I remarked on how tight and salty my skin felt.

“Oh don’t worry Stuart,” said Erik, “Kristen and Angelica will show you the Swedish cure for that, you might even enjoy it”

At the dive centre, once all the gear was stored away, the girls showed us to where escort bayanlar we could clean up. It was a locker room with a Glass door at the far end. It had mosaic tiling with images of dolphins and sail boats and other maritime themes. The glass door at the end of the locker room led to a round shower area. It had shaped seating around its sides, tiled in the same mosaic tiles as the rest of the room, the girls explained that it was also a steam room.

Turning a valve just outside the shower area, Angelica activated the shower system and water fell like rain in the circular area. Her and Kristen stripped naked out of their togs and headed through the glass door and under the falling the water.

“Come” they told us, ” join us”

Maggie and I followed, entering the flow of water still wearing our swimming togs.

“Don’t be shy Maggie,” Angelica said taking her by the hand and drawing her further under the flowing water.

In a moment Angelica had helped Maggie out of her bikini and was sponging her with a large soapy natural sponge. Kristen pulled my togs down and began doing the same to me. The four of us all naked under the flowing water, washing the sea salt away. After a few moments the girls handed Maggie and I the sponges and stood to accept the returned favour. My cock was growing as I sponged Kristen, and I could see Maggie looking at me, but what the hell, “when in Rome.”

“Make room, make room” Erik’s voice breaking the mood as he joined us in the shower.

Raising his arms under the flowing water, Erik, beaconed for Maggie and I, to sponge him down. Noticing my hesitation, Angelica took the sponge from me and gestured to Maggie to join her. Eric stood statuesque as Maggie sponged his back and Angelica done his front. His cock growing as Angelica’s sponge touched his balls and cock. Erik turned to face Maggie and I could see her eyes dart to his monster cock.

“Okay, that’s enough sponging” Erik said, reaching out and throwing the leaver that controlled the water.

Stepping outside for a moment he grabbed a bottle and returned holding it out for us to receive its contents.

“Its Aloe Vera” he said, squirting a large dollop into each our hands.

“Now turn to the person to you right and smooth it in” he ordered.

To my right was Kristen and to her right was Angelica, to Angelica’s right was Maggie and to hers was Erik, standing there with his cock looking like a baby’s arm.

I began to smooth the cream into Kristen’s back and shoulders when I felt Erik’s hands begin to lather me in a similar fashion. It felt strangely odd being massaged by another guy, but me massaging a beautiful woman at the same time eased my awkwardness. I tried not to show my enjoyment and pleasure of it, but I couldn’t help it, I got a huge hard-on. Erik’s hands had moved around to my front and were massaging my chest and tummy. I responded by doing the same to Kristen who in turn swung around to face me. I threw a glance at Maggie, only to catch her enjoying Angelica’s attention. She smiled at me, both of us realizing that her fantasies were being played out right here in this shower area. Angelica was standing behind her with one hand reaching around and massaging her tits and the other sliding up and down her slit.

I heard Maggie moan softly she glimpsed Erik press his cock against my butt. She was watching him and her look of ecstasy gave him permission to proceed. Kristen had sunk down my body and was toying with my balls as she took my cock into her mouth. I felt Erik’s hand run along the crack of my arse and stop when his finger found my anus. He inserted a finger and I clinched a little.

“Relax my friend, I know you want me,” he said, working his finger in a little deeper.

My head was spinning, and I was almost delirious as I watched my wife have her first bisexual sex. My senses could hardly comprehend the scene. I was getting the most exquisite blow-job on the one hand, while on the other, my asshole was being prepared for my first possible bisexual fucking.

Until that moment, the last thing in this earthly world that I thought I wanted was a guy fucking me in the ass. But now, as Erik positioned his lathered cock at the opening of my man slit, the only thing I knew I wanted was for him to push it into me as deep as he could.

Erik pushed his cock into me just a little, while Kristen sucked on mine. I lost my erection the moment his cock entered me, yet I still maintained my heightened state of arousal.

I winced and let out a whine, but it was mostly from pleasure. Kristen stood to muffle my cries, probing my mouth with her tongue. I could hear Maggie pleading with Erik not to hurt me. The pain was now growing in intensity as Erik continued to push his cock into me.

My hole was stretched to tearing point, but for some reason the pain was good. I could feel Erik’s cock throb inside me, and my own cock began to grow again.

Maggie was hyperventilating as Angelica was now kneeling between her legs licking her pussy. She reached out to place her hand on Erik’s flank; it made her feel as though she was playing some part in the taking of my virginity. Erik began to really fuck me, rhythmically at first, and then sliding in and out of me, as my arse adjusted to his girth. When he pulled back it was like my life was being sucked from me and as he pushed into me I felt I was being filled to bursting.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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