Victorious omnibus 5-10

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Monday for Victor started out quietly, except for the obvious.

“On Friday, time to think over the weekend was requested. Your time is up.” Meredith asked as they met in her office for the morning.

Victor stayed still for a moment soaking in her gaze. He felt strangely calm but stiflingly hot nonetheless. “Have you bought me a ring?” He started.

Meredith didn’t even blink. “Your answer?”

Victor continued undeterred. “Maybe someone should be here to annotate our agreement? I would like this on paper.”

Meredith paused, then reached over and called Jan in. “Please come in, this will only take a moment.”

Jan walked into the office stupefied.

Meredith turned to her. “Jan, I have an agreement that will need to be notarized could you please take notes.” She stopped and turned to Victor. “She stays.”

Victor sighed and began. “Where do we live?”

“Our best situation for our ideal is to have you move into my property.” Meredith rattled still keeping eye contact. “I value my space however I was always planning to have permanent company.”

He prodded her. “Expectations?”

“I expect your attentions and at times your undivided energies. I expect to have a continuance of our preceding time together.” She said simply.

“Others?” He breathed.

Meredith’s eyes flicked up to him. “Who?”

Victor looked up at the ceiling remembering Taris. “To be determined.” He offered wonderingly.

Meredith considered and pulled at her hair. “I have not given thought to sharing inside the home. I will not stop sharing of women with you, however I would be…very concerned if it happened away from my presence.” Meredith paused for the next set of words to form. “Marriage is an ideal that protects the home from the division resources by outside interests and disease. Historically, multiple marriages, or supplicants were common. While no other sexual contact outside the home would be preferable, condoms would be a minimally acceptable secondary. Marriage wasn’t intended so there could be children outside the home.”

Behind them, Jan shifted quietly.

“Timeline?” He asked next.

“Your lease is up in four months.” Victor’s eye jumped but he remember it was public knowledge.

Victor dryly asked. “Any other announcements?”

“Prenuptial contract in effect after the first year.” Meredith supplied.

“Division exactly by individual earned value over the period.” Victor said remembering her nasty divorce.

Meredith nodded and arched her fingers. “Agreed. No accounts shared.”

Victor conceded. “Announcements of the ceremony?”

“Next week if that is all.” She finished and stood staring blankly at him.

Victor himself had trained her never to offer a shake until the client did, or it was verbally agreed. Of all her slips, that one would be disastrous.

Victor stepped forward but didn’t offer his hand. “I know you don’t feel, and likely you don’t understand love. But that is what I want between us Meredith. If you can’t love me than all this will fail.” Victor said and leaned in onto her desk. Jan caught his eye as she stared at them like they were crazy. “Write that down too. Meredith should know she’s raising the stakes.”

Meredith kept her eyes on him and tried to stay still and aloof and not study what his body was doing as she always did in that way of hers. After a silent minute, he offered a hand. “I mean it Meredith, if this doesn’t work then what will we have left?”

She took his hand and the world froze just before Jan jumped into it. She made the hysterical wheezy screams of an excited pre-teen complete with giddy hopping and a huge smile. “We have to celebrate! Oh the girls have been waiting for this forever.”

“We can have dinner then.” Victor offered. “We have an appointment though and we should’ve been off already.” Hastily he pried off Jan and pulled Meredith from her grip.

“Tonight we’ll celebrate at Chez Alasco, I can’t believe this, congratulations!” She waved as they made their way down to the elevators.

Carmen eyed them quietly as they passed but remained silent. She seemed odd as Victor passed her. She wore comfort clothes that were hardly her style.

“Carmen wears glasses?” He mused.

In the garage, he followed Meredith as she got in her vehicle. On the way up he reviewed with her the purchases already made by the hospital, and the future plans of healthcare group that owned it. As usual, they simply wanted to save money. So far, they had been becoming more profitable. Victor’s plan would be to tie the success of the branch to his product and sell them the new model because of the more productivity it would promise.

The plan was for them not to verbally make any of the promises. They didn’t want to have a million dollar deal that depended on a fickle sense of personal affability. Either they trusted the company, what it did in the industry, its products, and the numbers put in front of them, or they couldn’t make it fit.

The fact that they knew who they were meeting, and the fact that they knew him for years did help the strategy a bit. However, he could still say ‘no’ despite how unlikely they made that option. Four hours later, they had finished the deal and were on the way back. Meredith called ahead to Jan and they made arrangements to meet at the restaurant.

After a quick stop to feed Simon at Victor’s apartment they left. As they drove, Victor caught a glimpse of Taris spying him out the window. He blanched hoping nothing would come of it.

They found Jan at the bar still staring at everything as she tipped back her wine. Victor guessed she had been waiting for a while already. Jan looked frumpish and out of place in a purple button up shirt and a long floral dress. But, anyone with eyes could see her pale Nordic beauty and enormous breasts. The men at the bar were circling like sharks.

Jan was witless to the attention as she stared around at the walls. As usual, she was gob smacked by the glittery colorful reliefs, sculpted ornaments, and the cozy feeling created by the low lighting. She seemed like a yokel every time she came in.

Chez Alasco was a French/Italian fancy restaurant. Jan enjoyed it and it seemed to be her favorite since she did a birthday party there earlier. To Victor it was a fake high-class restaurant. It was a cheesecake factory redone to appear in the five-star range. It was nice, but it wasn’t worth the twenty-dollar drinks, and pretentious atmosphere.

“Hey, Jan.” Victor walked up and gave her a hug. “We got a table, come on.” Victor said pulling her from the well.

The dinner became a surreal affair. Victor and Meredith ate while Jan imbibed. Since her appetite was ruined by drink, she told them how happy she was the entire dinner. Victor noticed how adoring she was of her ‘big sister Meredith’. She seemed to move closer and closer to Meredith until finally they were sharing drinks, and dessert.

He wasn’t too surprised when she let slip her dabbling in lesbianism during college. By the end of dinner, she hung onto Meredith heavily with sleepy eyes and twirled her hair.

“I’m not mad you got her, I just figured she’d be mine is all.” Jan said in closing.

Victor listened to the words but watched her wine slosh onto her dress as she spoke. “I think it’s time to go.”

“Hmm? Ya tonight I’ll stay with Mere…” Jan claimed as he moved around the table to lift her.

“I understand.” Meredith replied and paid as Victor struggled to raise Jan to her feet. Meredith stayed back and let him maneuver Jan up and out into the parking lot.

As he got her into Meredith’s backseat, Jan clung to him and he got in back with her. He lay with her as she cried about social injustices on the way back to Meredith’s house. As usual, she parked in the garage and they got Jan out and onto a couch in the nearly dark front room so they could take off her ruined wet clothes. The moonlight came in from the accent windows overhead as they stripped and exposed her pale white body.

Quietly the dogs came in and watched but kept their distance as Meredith and Victor toiled over Jan.

“I’m so sorry guys…” Jan apologized. She didn’t seem to care the dogs were watching from the shadows, or that Victor was the one pulling down her dress as Meredith held her hand.

Victor almost chuckled at the huge polka dot panties she wore, they fit her personality. He could hardly imagine lingerie under the shapeless clothes she wore. Under the panties, her whole crotch was unshaved. Victor looked at the wisps of blond hair peeking out along her thighs incredulously.

Next to him, Meredith took off her jacket and unbuttoned her shirt as she watched him strip Jan. Pulling her blouse off, she was ambushed as Jan suddenly pulled her down in a kiss. Behind them, Drei whined quietly as Meredith pulled away Jan’s hands and took control of the kiss. Victor watched as she got on top of her friend and coworker and tore the rest of her clothes off. She left her panties on as she held her co-worker down.

Jan still tried to cling to her as she cried. Meredith stepped back and quieted her by stripping herself down. She revealed in the half-lit room her perfectly sculpted full figured tan body. Jan seemed happy to see Meredith reveal herself for her. Victor moved over to the sofa as Meredith again climbed over Jan in only her black demi-cup bra. She knelt high over Jan and looked over at Victor like a conquistador claiming new lands. The two contrasted deliciously as Meredith explored her body like a surveyor appraising her domain.

Jan wriggled under her as Meredith bounced her breasts against each other. Her huge pale globes raised high off her chest. She seemed like a perverted anime cartoon, her breasts were much larger than her head. They sagged but frankly, they looked completely natural for their gigantic size. Meredith was a double E but her pendulous orbs seemed quite ordinary compared to the pillows Jan was hidden under.

Meredith moved forward and Jan ecstatically wriggled lower so that Meredith’s pussy was brought over her face. She dived into it without being told and munched merrily. Victor watched until Meredith leaned down onto the couch arm to steady herself. Her holes were exposed as Jan attacked the sensitive clit Meredith pushed down into her.

Like a spider, he crept over to them careful not to interrupt. Meredith looked back at him quickly but was distracted. He straddled Jan’s chest as he got over her. Her warm breasts were felt for the first time. Her aureoles were so pale they were indistinct and only the large nub of her nipple was noticeable. Victor couldn’t help but play with them. Bouncing them together and tugging her huge pale nipples, he was brought back into the sex by Meredith climaxing and pushing his ass back into him. Like a catcher, he pulled down her hips and slid his cock into her pussy in one smooth move. She moaned and froze for a second before undulating under him. Below them, Jan’s hands and lips did everything they could to keep her attention.

For several minutes, they fucked and moved back up over Jan’s body. Victor felt her padded breasts cup his balls as they bounced between his thighs. He felt her scoot down and then felt her tongue on them as she desperately tried to help Meredith along. The sensation was too much and Victor came deep inside Meredith and let her pussy drip on Jan as he pulled back his cock.

She flinched and perhaps cursed but after discovering the taste, she jumped into Meredith even deeper. Like a starving child she pulled Meredith back onto her mouth and made her pour out the nectar Victor left there. After several minutes, she turned to Victor’s cock and inexpertly blew him as she single-mindedly went after more of their shared essences. Meredith rose off the couch to watch, her head was cocked as she witnessed a new obsession of her friend.

“This was the taste.” She bemoaned. “I always liked it… This means even she was cheating on me…”

Victor stopped and watched her but couldn’t follow what she was babbling about. After a minute, Meredith reached in and tugged Jan away and off the couch. Her hips had been rising rhythmically and Meredith noted a wet spot on her panties from an unfulfilled need as the blonde discovered the taste of a man’s cum. Meredith marched her upstairs to the bedroom and threw her down like a prisoner. As Victor got in the room and closed the door, Meredith had came back to the bed with a gigantic dildo.

Meredith was direct and authoritative as she rolled and wrestled Jan onto her breasts and stomach. She pulled aside her panties and slid the dildo across her. Victor got hard again and negotiated a position behind Meredith as she caressed and opened Jan. She licked on both of Jan’s holes as she continued to push the dildo. She wriggled the tip around searching for entrance. The phallus finally found safe harbor and Jan wheezed as Meredith forced her ass open with it.

Her cheeks clenched and Meredith hissed and slapped her ass and hips until she released. She whimpered and relaxed only to clench up again as the next inch went in. Victor reached around from behind Meredith and started fingering Jan’s hairy pussy. Under the attentions of the two, her body opened up slowly. Their bodies gave off a variety of scents. Meredith’s Chanel worked hard, but it was covered by the smells of arousal and sweat. The bedroom reeked of sex already, but Jan’s scent was new and therefore particularly noticeable to them.

Lazily, Victor fucked Meredith in the sweltering room. He kept his movements slow and Meredith undulated against him for more friction a they set about the task of relaxing and opening up Jan as she whimpered, simpered, and mewled before finally just climaxing. After that, she pushed herself back harder onto Meredith’s invasive phallus and Victor’s plundering fingers.

Satisfied her pet sister could take him, Meredith suddenly tossed away the dildo, scooted off Victor’s cock, straddled Jan, and turned back to Victor spreading her cheeks. Numbly, he moved up into Jan’s saddle, as Meredith so obviously wanted. He slid his cock around and centered on Jan’s asshole, and pushed. Her relaxed muscles opened but he was bigger than her recent occupant was.

Meredith grinded into Jan’s back and got more and more excited kissing him as he pushed into Jan’s ass. The blonde huffed, wheezed, and arched herself under them slightly as she was taken. The heat in the room built where the three bodies converged. Meredith scooted back and raised Jan’s face with both hands. As Victor slid into her all the way, she dropped her head down over her and bit Jan’s cheekbone savagely. The move prompted Victor to move forward and bite her back near the shoulder blade. Under them, Jan wriggled slightly in shock and confusion as they held her between them.

Meredith kept her grip, fumbled for Jan’s clit, and stroked her as Victor built up his rhythm behind them. For several minutes, Jan couldn’t move and it wasn’t till several more minutes later, when she came that they released her and let her drop. Meredith moved back behind Victor and like a four-armed sex beast, they stroked her sweating body as they took her deepest place.

As Victor gave her the short deep thrusts as he neared completion, Meredith came to her, kissed her sister, and stroked her caressingly. He marked her insides with his burning load. He pulled away and Meredith crawled over the passive Jan and feasted on the creampie.

He watched over them with some odd sense of reverence as she fed on her and Jan lay still with heavy lidded eyes as they used her. When Meredith finished cleaning her sister, she curled up and they spooned with Jan in the middle. The tall blonde was curled in between them, her long limbs tangled over Victor as Meredith embraced her and stroked her neck and back. Victor couldn’t help but watch them as Meredith soothed her sorority sister like a child and cooed into her ear. Jan looked completely at peace in her arms.

He fell asleep peacefully and dreamed of soft hills and warm soft happy women running up and hugging him.


The mornings after a threesome were awkward. Victor awoke with morning wood stuck in between Jan’s voluminous breasts. Looking down, he saw the tall blonde curled up hugging her massive chest as she dozed. Meredith stirred behind her, and awoke with him and moved in for a kiss over the blonde which awoke Jan.

Confused, she pushed back away from his cock like it was poisonous but Meredith caught her hands and pulled her back. Like a wrestler, she pulled Jan flat over her and kept open her legs by hooking them with her own.

“Please! What are you doing?” Jan pleaded as Victor shifted to his knees before her.

Meredith whispered to her ear. “You’re not going to deny my husband in our bed. You’ll want to be here again, and I can’t have selfishness here gaziantep escort tanıtımları in the heart of our home. You’re going to share with him, and then you can stay with us, and be here with me.” Her insidious words had an effect and Jan relaxed.

Victor moved over them slowly and looked down on her. Fear was apparent but so was lust, her body remembered last night despite her drunken appearances.

“You’ll like this. You want this. You want to stay don’t you? Don’t you want to be with me?” Meredith asked.

“Yes.” Jan hissed. Already tears were starting.

Victor took it as tears of joy at being found, or something to do with too much estrogen. Her legs spread wider on their own as he dropped into her. Predictably, there was a moment of struggle as Jan and Jan’s body realized what was being asked of them.

Victor pushed through the pleads and groaning into the gasps and moaning. Again, he gave her the practiced six short one deep stroke and found that the lesbian’s wider pussy was much more capable of taking him than he originally guessed. Jan’s body enveloped him as her back bowed for her to kiss him and her long limbs hesitantly moved to enclose him.

Meredith released her grip and rubbed Jan’s pussy as Victor gave her a strong stroke ensuring an early orgasm. She fell back satiated and huffed into Meredith’s hair and foolishly tried to nuzzle her neck. Like a snake, Meredith moved from under her, to on top of her pushing down her shoulders. Carefully, she timed Victor and swung her legs and hips around on top of Jan. She hunched back pushing him away and brought up Jan’s legs to her shoulders. She looked back with a look and a nod and got Victor over them again. Once his cock came around she guided it into Jan’s ass.

Before the blonde could do more than gasp, he was well on his way up her rectum. Then Meredith fell over her. She looked her eye to eye and licked her face as she clenched her eyes and pursed her lips under Victor’s deep assault. Unable to stop them, she came again and was shocked when Meredith bit her face.

She realized her submission as she was held through her climax with the feeling of Victor starting to spurt up her bowels using her like a mere cum rag. Again, she lay very still and quietly as the two regrouped themselves. Victor slipped away first and showered and Meredith stayed over her keeping the blonde warm.

“Now you can stay with us.” Meredith whispered. “You understand don’t you? What we have is more than feelings. It is agreed and structured, no one else but Victor could give me this, and I’ll allow you to share because you’ve seen it.”

As Victor returned and got dressed, he was able to find a tie he had left behind from earlier and he thanked the gods of male fashion design because now he arguably didn’t look like he was wearing the clothes from the day before. When Meredith’s moaning in the shower stopped, she guided Jan to her walk-in closet. As she dressed, she and allowed Jan to pick out things that fit her tall busty frame.

Jan came out in a satin cr? colored blouse with a purple business suit that buttoned low under her chest. She had a matching skirt and black hose. Her purple nun shoes fit the color but Meredith seemed to prefer her in pumps. She of course acquiesced, and wore them down to the kitchen where Victor made breakfast for them quickly.

Meredith came down in a similar green and black business suit that she was able to wear with a black blouse. She waited just outside the kitchen with the dogs as breakfast was made. She stood with Victor in the kitchen and ate, as Jan and the dogs ate in the dining room. Quickly, they cleaned up, scrubbed the pots, and made their way to the car. Meredith drove them down to the restaurant and waited for Jan to get her Audi. Meredith then led the convoy to the office and they got in at eight. Wordlessly, they rode up the elevator to the office where they found that only Carmen and Misty the receptionist were in at the early hour.

Victor looked around shocked. He usually arrived at the office first at seven and by his memory, Carmen was earlier than usual by at least a half hour.

The day went by slowly. Meredith got Victor and Jan out for lunch. She drove over to a caf?here in no uncertain terms she laid out Jan’s role in the house. Meredith wanted to keep her around for educational and sexual purposes like a human pet after her mother left. Jan merely nodded her head to Meredith’s demands. Victor listened quietly as the odd fantasy was built before him. That night he returned to his apartment and let the two women get closer. Meredith had plans to train Jan and it was best if he wasn’t there for a distraction.

Taris had left a letter on his door and as he opened it to find tickets for free drinks at the Clairvoyant. Pocketing them he wondered why she worked at a strip club, she didn’t seem that bright but her apartment wasn’t the obvious stripper digs.

Victor only knew one person who would go to the strip club with him and not let word get back to the office it was his only friend he still had in town. He shrugged and got out his phone hoping he could just leave a message. But, it was not to be. “Hey Marcos it’s Victor…”

Quietly alone in his apartment Victor set up the clandestine meeting in the city’s premier gentleman’s club. Marcos knew of the place of course and they arranged to meet at ten to see what Taris had in mind.

Victor’s ride over was an anxious rollercoaster. His eye’s flicked over his phone wondering if he was doing wrong. He knew Meredith wasn’t married to him yet, but something just didn’t feel right.

Parking in the club was easy despite the crowd on a Tuesday night. Getting in, he found the club served food in buffet of finger food. Victor snacked and ordered a beer while he waited for Marcos. At ten after Marcos came in like a adolescent staring and pointing at everything. He came up and led Victor to a corner booth near the platform.

After they were served drinks wordlessly, and dancers came up hugging and kissing Marcos Victor suddenly realized Marcos was a regular at the club. When the bouncers came over and a greasy Manager stopped by he realized Marcos was more than just a weekday sugar daddy.

“You own this place?” Victor said shocked

“Ya it seemed like a good idea.” Marcos shrugged. “Kaarthen and I have these friends… and a lot of them work here.”

Taris interrupted him when she squeal and streaked over onto Victor. She wore very little but nothing less than beach attire. The blond had on a navy string bikini and a hip skirt that displayed her body. Her larger than usual ass looked well presented and she wriggled it onto Victor to grab his attention.

“Looks like she wants to dance for you!!” Marcos shouted.

“Ya come on…” She tugged him out. “Don’t worry, this is my thank you thing it won’t cost you.”

Victor let himself be pulled away along the wall into an alcove filled with bright white light. In it, they passed a drunk man fumbling for money under the gaze of a bored looking stripper and went into a dark area with a row of private booths. Each booth was darker than the next and as they passed them some semi illegal activities were happening in one after another. Taris pulled him all the way to the end of the booths. At the end, instead of a booth a darkened hall took them further back to a pillow room.

“What is this?” Victor said looking around. The dark room seemed circular with a purple and ultraviolet neon light accents. A recess in back held a small wet bar.

Taris pounced on him and dropped in for a soul-searching kiss before responding. “This is where I prove I’m better.”

Under him, her hands busied themselves finding and releasing his trouser belt and cock. She sat up higher and without any other movements, she dropped down onto him and took half his length as she sank down.

“Yes…” She hissed looking up at the ceiling.

Victor felt the tight pussy stretched tight over his cock. It felt amazing being burrowed so deep. In building tempo, she grinded bounced as her tight pussy pulsed and clutched. She made sure to push her chest to his face as she rolled her hips trying to get him to climax.

With a loud moan, she came and dropped her head to his shoulder. She feebly tried to continue moving her hips then she snapped up and put her back into the effort fucking him roughly.

She built up to a hard sweat as she fucked him and her rhythm faltered as she rode into another climax. “Cum baby…Don’t I…” Taris climaxed again over him.

Victor rolled her over and they tumbled along into the pillows. From ontop Victor plowed down into her and re-stretched her to take more of his cock. Unconsciously the driving bass from the music outside gave him his tempo. As he held her down and thrust into her, he absently looked about the room.

Below him, Taris was fighting for breath in almost a panic as his cock plowed into her gushing pussy. Victor on the other hand was calm and detached. Her wetness made it easy for him to keep up the hard merciless pace that battered into her. He reveled in the pleasure but his body was on auto pilot and the strokes he gave her were only getting to him slowly.

Taris alternated between clutching him tight with arms and legs as she came, and relaxing to allow him total control as she flopped and flailed. As she felt him swell in the beginnings of release she pleaded under him in a mute whisper.

Victor didn’t know what she said so he played it safe, raised up out of her, and blew his load across her stomach and chest. He rose and slid off of her before moving over to the bar for some water as she struggled to reset herself.

He walked over with his drink and stood over her as she rolled to her feet finally. “Ah… was that illegal?”

She looked at him in the universal expression of guilty bullshit. “No but…You didn’t pay me.” She walked over to the bar, wiped her self down, and licked her fingers.

“Oh.” It did make sense actually. She led them back out at a much more leisurely pace to the table.

Marcos was gone now and they sat and watched a floor show.

Victor turned to her once the dancer left the stage and the music slowed. “I didn’t know you were a stripper. I thought you were…”

Taris turned. “What?”

“I thought I saw you in a cop’s uniform but…”

She nodded. “Oh…Ya it was just for this…”

Marcos came back at the end of the song. A woman with dark hair and playful green eyes followed him back. Victor was drawn to her ass, the curve of it was hypnotizing. Another woman with pale blue eyes and straight black hair hopped into Marcos lap as soon as he was seated. She lay back comfortably in his lap and stroked him affectionately.

After a moment of silence, Victor remembered some thing about her car. “What about the decals on your car?” Victor suddenly remembered the windshield tags.

“Oh?” Taris said tensing up.

Victor knew a lie before he heard it. “You can tell me. What’s up?”

“Umm well if you won’t tell. This place has a way of making people disappear. Supposedly ‘Mara’ is here.”

Victor laughed. “What that’s like an urban legend. The stripper whore who sucks men to death.”

Marcos leaned over quizzically. “How much does that cost?”

Taris laughed. “No really, there’re bodies that show up places and we linked them here.” She turned to him. “You better watch out, she’s a master of disguise.”

Marcos giggled and stroked his girls. “No one can sneak up on me I got eyes everywhere.”

Victor smiled. “I have to get out of here before it gets too late.”

Taris busted out the obvious bait. “I won’t see you again?”

“I dunno, maybe I’ll bring Meredith here, and maybe she’ll like you.” Victor said honestly.

Victor was already didn’t notice in the low light how at the mention of her name Taris’ face flashed a micro expression before relaxing.


Wednesday morning was a regular event for Victor as he drove up to the office. He arrived to find Carmine waiting by the door. Just as yesterday, she wore a grey high school sweatshirt, jeans, and glasses. Her hair was up in a pony tail, and she wore no makeup.

“Oh hey.” Carmine blushed. “I got an extra coffee…Maybe do you…?”

“Sure…” Victor said slowly as he stepped past her and unlocked the office. He took it and thanked her before stepping around to his desk.

For thirty minutes, they were alone in the darkened office. Due to the building’s environmentally friendly design from a inspired nature loving era previous, skylights and wide windows made up most of the lighting. With all the windows still only dark grey in the early morning, the pair’s desk lamps illuminated their sections of the office. They were painfully aware of each other’s existence as they worked under the spotlights. Victor noted that she faced his desk now from where she was working.

He tried to be unconcerned about the change in Carmine and what it could mean, as he swiveled around to make a call off his client book. He wanted to confirm anything he could, and change a Friday business lunch to later that day, or on Thursday.

As he turned back, he found Carmine had invaded a worktable directly in front of him. Obviously, it was a bid for more attention, but she played it up well and had printouts spread around her to look busy.

Victor got up to placate her. “More coffee? I got a nice brew.”

Carmine blushed again and pulled her feet up to her chest. “I know, I always liked it. Thanks for always sharing, I know I never said thank you.”

Victor felt like he was back in high school with little to say and a burning face. “I… I will be right back.”

Quickly he blurred through and splashed out a hasty pot of coffee. After rushing he collected himself in the kitchen area before pouring a cup and returning to his desk.

“Here this one is on the house.” He said and instantly regretted it. “Ah… forget it.”

“It’s okay, I think it’s sweet. Not the coffee…the coffee is good.” Carmine squeaked.

Victor tried to ignore her until the day started in earnest. Meredith was as brief with him as usual, though Victor watched her notice Carmine as she came in. Victor presented her coffee in her office as usual.

“Carmine looks like a picture of a girl studying hard.” Meredith noted.

“Yes I noticed she started letting her appearance go.” Victor noted following her gaze out to Carmine who fidgeted under their gaze. “She does look like a nerd now.”

“This isn’t good.” Meredith noted looking at the coffee curiously and back at him.

Quietly he took it back and cursed himself. “How is Jan? Is she not in today?” Jan had spent the night at Meredith’s by direction.

“No.” Meredith said simply.

Sometimes direct questions worked better for Meredith. “Okay, is she still at your house?”

“Yes, and she will continue to work from there.” Meredith said nodding.

“Interesting.” Victor paused thinking whose idea that was, then pushed on. “Where is your mother staying when she comes this weekend?”

“They will stay at my house, in the spare bedrooms.” Meredith announced.


“Aunt Maronie it coming too.” Meredith said tipping her head as she watched his face.

Victor was always given the conversion speeches by her parents on visits but Meredith’s Aunt Maronie was the worst. Unless she drank, then, she regaled him with stories of all the black men she had wanted to fuck.

She was pushing fifty or sixty and was somewhat more than just ‘chubby’. She cooked too well, which was her problem. Meredith’s family was very religious but they did make slight exceptions on ‘Kosher’. If it was good enough and didn’t have pork, or shellfish, they simply didn’t ask how it was prepared.

By lunchtime, Victor and Meredith boarded the elevator to get food, and found them selves sharing a ride with Marcos and his woman Kaarthen. Both looked at Victor furtively from behind Meredith and asked innocently for their company at lunch.

Kaarthen was a very tall pale white blond with a thick muscular top heavy frame. She looked like a leather biker lesbian, or like she could go fishing topless in some alpine mountain stream. She was stunningly beautiful, with full almost dark purple lips that contrasted well on her chalky pale face. With her curvy body, she could find her way onto pin-ups by accident.

Today, she wore a purple and black pants suit that still seemed overtly sexual in a very subtle way that Victor couldn’t find any real fault with.

The place they agreed on was a bar and grill that had its own wine, beer, and vodka labels from a vineyard and brewery outside town. The location was locally famous place that made frequent play on its frenchy- german name and close sounding country theme. At the ch?au de Weiss Stern, gaziantep escort telefonları they enjoyed the house wine and discussed the paths their lives were on.

“So, getting married?” Marcos noted.

Victor nodded behind his wine glass. “Yes, we decided why not? We’ve known each other for years we’re not getting any younger.”

“I know how you feel. Kaarthen and I get married sometimes.” He noted.

Victor puzzled over that, Meredith seemed to get confused as well.

“So how goes your friend’s search for Mara?” Kaarthen asked after a moment.

Victor shrugged. “I don’t talk to that person that much so I wouldn’t know.”

“A pity.” Kaarthen shrugged.

Victor got through the rest of the lunch by barely eating, keeping the drinks coming, and turning any topic back onto Marcos or Kaarthen.

Finally, after too many drinks, they left but Victor noticed they weren’t presented a bill. “You own this place?” He shouted at Kaarthen.

“Yes, I am the ‘White star’ or perhaps I could say that I am…” She seemed lost in her thoughts and started talking to herself thoughtfully.

“Well anyway,” Marcos said steering them out. “That girl at the club from last night was a cop?”

Victor was shocked into sobriety, pushed Meredith along ahead of him, and threw in a massage. “Yes, I believe that’s what was said. After that little story I left…”

Marcos made him wince with his gender reference. “Ya that was good you knew her. Got to be careful, cops are always trouble.”

Victor nodded hoping that was the end of it. Meredith pushed for an early day at the office after fighting the heavy wine.

Victor drove her home and they stepped in the door to find Jan cooking naked wearing high heels and an apron that barely covered her nipples. Zwei followed her about the house and kitchen while Drei looked down from the upstairs landing.

Meredith as usual was ignored by the dogs as she crossed over and assessed her newest pet. Silently she walked around Jan who self-consciously tried to ignore her too as she went about finishing her cooking and cleaning of the kitchen.

Victor watched Meredith as she would shadow Jan and reach out grabbing the hefty weight of her udders, or sliding a hand across her backside. Victor stopped himself before he interrupted and watched Meredith finger Jan to a quick orgasm as she tried to mix mojitos to go with the dinner of vegetarian lasagna, miso soup, and buttered garlic cheese bread.

“Is Jan… Are you a vegetarian?” Victor asked trying to mask his disappointment.

“Yes, this girl is a vegetarian.” Jan said demurely.

“That’s hot.” He muttered. Victor’s cock hardened listening to her soft words of submission. He could only guess at what the hell Meredith did to her.

Meredith stopped and turned Jan to face Victor. “Jan is our maid now. She is just like from the Brady bunch.” Meredith said.

Victor had to stop to think and even Google the name on his phone. “Alice babe. It says Alice was the housekeeper’s name.”

Meredith looked back at him non-plussed. “Her name will be Alice then.”

Victor almost laughed but saw Jan accept it.

He shrugged and pulled Meredith over for a kiss and snuck a hand up her skirt. “Fine, set the table Alice, while I shag the Mrs. If you hurry I’ll let you drink whatever’s left.”

He pulled Meredith along out of the kitchen into the living room and threw her into the couch. Hastily he slid up her dress and threw up her legs before he dined on her pussy. Meredith always liked the hasty sex they had. He buried himself into her deeply as her crotch hairs tickled his nose lightly. As she wettened up, his hands slid up her sides and latched onto her breasts. His finger wormed across her with minds of their own finding and defeating the buttons of her blouse. They distracted and diverted her attentions as she squirmed. His hand snaked under her soft body and found the hard point on her bra and liberated her breasts. She bucked her back onto him as he fondled, jiggled, and teased her.

She loved his attentions on her breasts and even started to pinch her own nipples as he escorted her off into her climax. He dropped her down unceremoniously in the middle of her climax when she wouldn’t notice and pulled out his cock.

He noticed how Jan stood watching them from around the corner of the kitchen. She rubbed her chubby thighs together in hunger. Quickly with that image in mind, he picked up Meredith and rolled her up into a doggy position leaning on the back of the couch so she could watch herself being watched.

He pushed into her pussy as she rose high onto her hands and knees and tried to play for dominance. Victor grinned and pushed into her achingly slowly. Meredith hated the anticipation, and with a snort, she pushed back hard making him take her. Victor picked up his pace as she grunted and wriggled her hips urging him non-verbally to her pace. Like a practiced team, they worked up a perfect pace that let Meredith sag back lower and lower until she jerked back up howling a keening wail of release. Time and time again Meredith would drop down steadily taking his member deeper until bouncing back up in a hard climax. She started to sweat under the strain of Victor’s trained thrusts.

On the forth time she bounced up, Jan was there to catch her and wipe away the hair. Meredith arced up and stared into the heavens open mouthed and unaware of Jan’s attentions. Jan rubbed onto Merdith like a lonely kitty and started climbing over the back of the couch to be with her. She kissed her lovingly sitting on the back of the couch before Meredith suddenly realized she was being molested. She writhed as she tried to get her breath back. Behind her, Victor wheezed as his equilibrium was broken and with a few stifled grunts he bucked into Meredith and spewed a heavy gout of himself into her walls several times.

Meredith pulled Jan down onto the couch underneath her for support and laid over her as Victor slowed his pounding. After he pulled away, Meredith spun over her and straddled her face. Jan instantly went into her crack with her soft tongue anxious for their mixed taste. Victor stood over them and Meredith pulled him over and dropped down to give him a suck.

In no time, her delicate tongue and dedicated lips pulled the vitality back into his loins. They paused once it was hard and looked at each other before he just pulled her mouth back to finish.

With building urgency, he tilted her head back and humped harder into her face. Meredith just opened up wider and let him use her throat in her magical way. Victor felt the impending eruption and stepped back and Meredith rose up onto Jan. He felt the pulses rise and shook out his load onto Jan with a grin. Meredith dropped down and several splatters caught her face as she went in for his sperm and massaged it into Jan’s breast and stomach.

She stood on the couch and Victor helped her up.

“Alice, serve dinner, and run a bath.” Meredith commanded as she strode up to her room.

Victor looked at her white butt as she scurried to follow her Mistress’s order.


By Thursday afternoon, Carmen had gotten another fifteen pieces of business. Meredith called her into the office as Victor stood off to the side.

“This week is good.” Meredith started.

Carmine fidgeted. “Yes.” She moaned.

Meredith paused. “Is this your reward, or are we buying more sales from you?”

Carmine shook her head and her hands went to her pants. “I need this.” She unbuttoned her pants and wriggled her hips as Meredith watched.

“Next week you will continue to work hard and sell?”

“Yes.” Carmine hissed and slid her hands down to touch herself.

Meredith bolted out of her chair and came around to the front of the desk and sat down. Curiously, she watched Carmine’s hands as she masturbated before her.

“Please…” Carmine pleaded. She reached out a hand and wavered in between Meredith and Victor.

Meredith snatched her arm up and spun her around.

“First you give.” Meredith whispered in her ear. “Have you learned to give?”

She roughly pushed down Carmine making her squat. She got down low also and her skirt hiked up her bronze thighs. She tugged on Carmine’s pants so the Latina could get exposed.

Victor watched them. Carmine was so horny already she couldn’t see straight and Meredith was catching up. She put her hand in Carmine’s mouth and pushed her fingers in deep as she continued to whisper words of incitement. Carmine was hungry for it and sucked her fingers like they leaked ambrosia.

Meredith missed the sound of a vibrator hitting the carpet over Carmine’s coughing and gagging, but Victor didn’t. It was a light pink egg vibrating hard on the floor with a wire that disappeared into her pants.

He picked it up slowly almost confuse by its appearance. He looked over at Carmine squatting awkwardly with her pant almost past her knees. The smell of pussy blinded his senses but he could see that Carmine was leaking all over the carpet. It was a rare sight to see a woman actually dripping with desire. Victor pulled her up and toppled her over on the table as Meredith suddenly noticed the vibrator.

She yanked out the controller from Carmine’s pocket and fiddled with it while Victor prepared to mount. Carmine swam on the table and moved her hips like she could see out of it. Meredith used her pussy’s lube and stuck the vibrator up her ass just as Victor came up and gave her the rod. She clenched with a shriek as he burrowed into her.

Her juiciness only got his wide cock so far and she reared up onto her toes trying to greedily take even more. Meredith lowered the speed on the vibrator and Carmine whimpered and lowered herself onto Victor’s pole.

He pulled her back even further and got himself set to ravage her. Meredith timed him and simultaneously as he lunged in, she gave Carmine a quick dose of full speed. She screamed bloody murder as Victor pummeled her oscillating walls and bashed her cervix. He pulled her back and away from the desk as Carmine wailed like a cat. Deeper and deeper he took her as she went further and further out of her mind.

It was nearly five minutes of straight orgasms for Carmine before she dropped down and cradled herself. She seemed too exhausted to do anymore and tried sleeping on Meredith’s desk.

“Are you satisfied?” Meredith asked quietly. She kept the vibrator on but on a low setting as Victor stroked her pussy slowly. He ignored his close climax and stroked only to keep Carmine ready.

“Yess…” Carmine hissed and raised her head. Her face was wet from spit, sweat, or tears. She hadn’t worn make up luckily, but she looked truly traumatized laid across the desk with her pants around her ankles nonetheless. Her pussy looked swamped and her whole ass glistened in the light.

Victor pulled away from her and turned to Meredith as she dropped onto his cock. Her mouth licked off the other woman’s scent and gagged throatily on him to make him slick and wet before slurping it all off.

Carmine crept along the desk hypnotized as Meredith worked her mouth. She was fast and bird like as she stimulated with licks, sucks, and kisses his large organ in precise locations in her own proprietary combination. Properly primed, she bobbed low on him. Meredith knew that sometimes the mouth did more than just open wide for a meal. Victor had taught her using fruit and lectures involving porno’s how to match a mood with her lips.

Now she was in cleanup mode, but was dragging it out. Perhaps it was for Carmine’s benefit. The other woman looked like a cub watching mama grizzly hunt the elusive spiting black seal.

Meredith swirled him over her lips and against her teeth. Carmine leaned in even further and Meredith grinned and shocked her with the vibrator as she stared. With a start she flopped and pulled out the wire. Meredith let her come over and squat down next to her and even fondle his balls.

“They’re hot.” Carmine noted.

Meredith flopped over the cock onto her forehead so she could suck. “He’s been prepared and ready. Can you finish him off?”

Carmine tried but she was not as precise or tender. Victor groaned and speared her mouth as he tried to stay in the zone. She gagged and Victor pushed further and erupted into her mouth as she looked at them both in surprise.

Meredith tutted and rubbed her pussy idly watching her. “You have a good throat.” She stood and smoothed and straightened her dress. “You’ll need to work on your tongue and lip control. Victor deserves better, and he’ll need better if your mouth is ever going to be useful.”

“Maybe, I could practice.” Carmine said slowly as she eased over against the desk. “Maybe on some nights he could take me to dinner, or a movie.” Her eye misted up as she thought of harlequin romance fiction.

“No.” Meredith said coldly. “You have him for satisfaction. If you want his attention, you’ll have to prove you can satisfy HIM first. Victor won’t be squandered so you can play. You can have a man from IT come for you at night. The girls here already think you dangle them, but, our Victor will not be dangled, and is not to be used for your unstructured fantasies.” She walked over behind the desk straightening her clothes and popped in a breath mint.

“You can’t prove an ability to be a benefit to him, or even keep a man if left to your own devices. So, he will direct you when he wishes.” Meredith said pulling her keys from her purse. “That way you will learn to be better, please him where possible, and get the attention you seem to crave.”

Carmine simply blinked unused to such straightforward talk. “So… I can have him?” She said puzzled.

“No, you are to be his. The conditions are again restrictive to your continuing success and otherwise good standing.” Meredith shifted over to face her. Victor saw the seeming contempt that Meredith looked down her nose at Carmine with. That negative attitude wasn’t there with Jan. “You will learn another aspect of successful living if you are ready. But, you will not dally along like a teen romantic drama. You shouldn’t go into this as anything less than an informed adult. You will be his Fuck doll, nothing more. You will not put anymore thought or expectation onto him than what he allows.”

“Ahh…” Carmine seemed befuddled.

“Nothing more. You may think on the issue. We can always continue as we are until you are able to control your needs, or leave.” Meredith stood and stepped to the door. “But never misunderstand, Victor is mine. The time you have with him is mine too.”

She looked over and gave him the eye to follow her. Victor put away his cock and they walked out to the elevator. No one knew what Carmine would do sitting on the floor of the office watching them leave with her pants down, a wire stuck out her ass, and the taste of cum down the back of her throat.


Victor swung by the house and picked up Simon for the weekend. Taris’ light was off so he quickly bolted out after packing a quick set of clothes. Meredith had the dogs sitting inline with Jan on her knees with her hands flat on her thighs waiting patiently when he got over to the house. Her apron barely covered her body and this time she was bare foot. Meredith held a black leash and wine glass and wore black stockings, high heels, and a quarter cup bra. Her glistening pussy looked recently licked and was now completely shaved. Simon ran up and sniffed her curiously before checking on Jan and the other dogs.

Victor walked forward and hugged and kissed Meredith before patting Jan’s head.

“What’s for dinner?” He asked sniffing the air.

Meredith tugged the leash and looked at her pet to answer. “This girl has prepared a steak dish of ribeye, mashed potatoes, steamed cauliflower under three cheeses, and stuffing with cranberry sauce.” Jan reported.

“Good, we’re eating meat.” Victor said idly.

Meredith wasn’t finish and tugged again sharply. “This girl will take your bag and undress you. The Mistress wishes for your pleasure this evening.”

Victor nodded impressed and handed over his bag as he addressed Meredith. “…and she’ll get it.”

Jan rose and took a bag and Victor took Simon’s toys back. Meredith watched them with a look odd look and seemed happy. In the spare bedroom he uses while her mother is in town, Jan demurely placed his bags in the closet and hung his suit. She moved to help him undress and unbutton his shirt. Kneeling she pulled down his pants, underwear, and helped tug off his socks. She didn’t move as he stood nude before her and tentatively she moved in for his cock.

Victor spotted Meredith watching from the door. She stayed out of Jan’s view as she downed her wine with an odd smile. Jan struggled with the flaccid mass and worked it into her mouth freehanded. Lightly gaziantep escort videoları she placed her cool hands on his knees and started sucking faster and faster on what she got. Her voluminous breasts swayed into his thighs as she negotiated his hardening length. She seemed to get lusty as she continued and she even pulled off of him to lick the underside and head of his cock. She bobbed more and even endeavored to push him into her throat before backing of and swirling and suckling his balls.

Reluctantly she stopped and pulled back once he was at his full hardness. She locked eyes on him and smiled shyly before standing. For a moment, she froze face to face then went in for a quick kiss on his cheek. Victors cock caught her pussy and she gasped into his mouth as she felt him slide under her vestibule between her chubby white thighs.

She seemed to really melt in his arms from the heat her pussy gave off. Victor sensed her need and pushed her back to a desk by the door. She sidled up onto the desk and looked at him with a serious look of open desire. It wasn’t lust on her face, but rather an open eyed expectation of something.

As Victor lined up Meredith busted in and snagged Jan out before tugging her to the bathroom by her ear.

Victor came to the door and listened as Meredith scolded her on some imagined offense. He only caught half the conversation since Jan seemed to be by the door.

“…But this girl did as was asked, Mistress…Yes, this girl enjoyed it…yes, this girl enjoyed that too…Yes Mistress anything…Yes Mistress…” A long pause was heard.

“Yes Mistress, oh thank you! This girl was scared, but this girl will do everything to become your sister…” She nearly shouted. “Yes Mistress, we will. This girl understands your love now Mistress, it is pure and it warms a girl’s heart to know it can be apart of a girl’s life… He shall have mine too, this girl see it clearly as well.” Victor was shocked at that.

“No Mistress this girl agrees of all the sisters it cannot be her, or Misty… Oh well, Its just that this girl has been out with Misty and found out something odd about her…No, just kissing when this girl was very drunk…Just once for a little while until this girl left in shock… This girl was very drunk and always thought a girl was drugged but she felt something… No Mistress, something like a penis Mistress… Not as big…No, this girl was never made to enjoy it…Fear Mistress, just as it always was before… This girl always fled on sight…Just like this girl mentioned, the memories of when a girl had grown these nasty udders the evil cocks, cold eyes, grabby hands, and fake smiles and words came for the girl…”

Victor stood up and backed away and went into the kitchen for some wine. Chasing the dogs away from the food, he looked out over the spread in admiration.

Idly he enjoyed some music and turned it on low for some atmosphere. As he tuned it, the women came out. They both looked changed in that intangible way women move and act. Now they seemed casual, like they dropped the act and had reached a decision that they weren’t yet acting on.

Victor watched them warily throughout dinner. His senses screamed as the conniving women treated him to toothy smiles and were so overly helpful. He noticed Jan took the lead in the hospitality department and Meredith mimicked her. On the large table there was two of everything so Victor did a lot of shakes and nods as he ate.

Finally with dinner done, Jan cleaned up as Victor was given a shoulder rub. The heavy wine and Meredith’s angelic touch put him to sleep. Hard nipples pressed to his back roused him and he was led upstairs by both women. He could only lay back as they sucked him to standing. The heavy food weighed him down as the women moved over him.

Meredith enjoyed the privilege of taking him in her pussy and sank onto him gleefully. She faced away and Jan embraced her and kissed her as she slid and grinded against Victor’s leg and knee cap.

“Fuck baby…” Victor slurred as his cock gave out and his balls spurted a heavy load into Meredith. She grinded down as his pulses pumped out her thick sticky reward. As she undulated, Jan came over to him offering water and a pill from the bathroom.

“Sleep Victor.” She said and pushed the pill and water into his mouth as he tried to ask what was happening.

Slowly he relaxed and Meredith got in another round. His body felt hot along his chest and legs as he suddenly noticed Meredith had spun to face him. She still bounced hard along his hard cock as Jan moved around them rubbing both of their bodies freely.

Victor went into a haze as the women used him the entire night. As he woke in the seemingly harsh light of morning, he stood feeling energetic and attacked the window blinds to try and keep the room dark.

On the bed, Meredith and Jan lay in a tangled heap over the sheets. The sight was so erotic his cock jumped like he was a teenager again. The lines of the women’s forms drew his eyes around hungrily and his cock drooled as he moved back to the bed drawn like a moth.

Victor didn’t even try to get penetration as he bent over the bed and fumbled over the bodies. His cock drooled and dripped as he lowered himself and slid onto the warm flesh of the females. Arms came around him and legs opened as Jan clutched for him. Her body wriggled into position under him and her warm body accepted his tentative lunges.

A faint wafted scent of vanilla caught his nose as she hugged him and put her head over his shoulder. Some part of him felt her body as just a familiar scented texture as he slid up into her sheath. Gladly he moved over her and tried to fight to relieve the tension. His heavy hard thrusts were well received as he tried to satiate his overwhelming need.

The sound of her struggles for breath excited him to push harder into her and relish her moans. Jan tensed and tightened her arms around his back as she came. As she came down she mewled and licked the side of his face. Oddly, it was one of the only things he felt in his burning desire for release.

Her cool tongue was like a salve and a plead for his wet offering. She had a primal need for it and he had a primal need to urgently deliver. With her urging, he went into overdrive and forced himself deeper into her. Jan’s long wide tunnel took him but he still battered her cervix with indirect blows as he slid past it. With only seconds to go as the base of his cock started it familiar burn he leveraged his hips to point himself right at her core. Like a drill, his strokes became short and deep as he repeatedly sought entrance to her vault.

Her wall stayed firm but in the last moment as she felt his rising spunk, her instincts flattened her hips and gave him a direct shot for one more slam. Without any pause he backed out slightly and raised onto his toes and he trucked into her. As his cockhead pushed through her gate his first spurt flew out, pooled into her womb, and he clamped around her and bit down onto her neck as his body seized her tight. The moment of frenzied passion passed and they both breathed hard eye to eye as her body facilitated proper joining and his carried out its transfer.

Both lovers were mostly unconscious of how they worked together at the lowest levels for a successful mating. They locked around each other with Jan holding Victor and Victor clamped onto Jan.

His twitches as the base of his cock unloaded its streams were assisted by Jan’s milking movements. Her tunnel had collapse onto him in the height of her climax helping to create a straight frictionless corridor for his seed. Nature had provided him his opening in the moment of need but Jan herself was unique in being able to have cervix wide enough to swallow his cock.

She licked him again as her head cleared and the climax faded. Victor looked at her again and rose off of her and backed up looking at her hole. Jan’s instinct to protect her self ran counter to her urge to display her condition as Victor slid his gaze over her body. Her breast wobbled as she rolled and released him.

Victor silently picked up her feet and had her hold back her knees as he inspected her pussy for several moments he was satisfied all his seed had gone in but annoyed there was not enough to be displayed after their coupling. As Jan pulled back her legs further a gurgle released a thin line of white that Victor rubbed onto her pussy satisfied. People would know she was just fucked full of cum even if it was just Meredith.

At the thought, he snapped over to look at her. She still slept in her black quarter cup bra and stockings. Victor unsnapped the bra and let her breasts free to fall out to the sides. Her dark nipples were still tall and seemed to eye him crazily before she rolled to the side. Her pussy was caked in heavy doses of his seed. She was well and truly fucked it would seem.

For some reason he couldn’t explain, he pulled her over to lay on her stomach under him. His ever ready cock needed little direction as he dropped down to take her. Meredith moaned as he slid into her pussy. He could feel the effects from the night before. He gave her deep thrusts that only pulled back slightly before pushing back to her walls. Despite his prior eruption, her pussy brought him off quickly and he gladly surrendered his load.

Standing up Victor showered and dressed in haze as he drank more water. Walking out he got to his car and tooled over to the office.

“Just one more day he told himself.”


Walking into the office he knew something was different. His cock jumped at the sight of Carmine in easy access designer sweat pants. She didn’t look him in the eye and was surprised when he snatched her up and pulled her to the back of the office after opening the door and locking it behind her.

She was docile as he took her straight to his desk and pushed her down over it. Without a word he pulled her pants over her ass and down her legs. The Latina’s pussy was burning and the scent alone almost made him cum. Without any warning he stood over her and plunged his cock into the sweltering pool of her sex.

She was almost as hot as Meredith and with no more than a surprised squeal she took nearly his full length as he burrowed into her. Unrestrained he built up a bruising pace and thrusted into his current partner without any kind of gentleness. His mind was in a different world and he noted her orgasms with sadistic glee as her body tried to keep up.

Trapped as she was she had no say when he started prying her ass apart. He sent in fingers into her back hole as she tried to protest in broken gibberish.

Pulling back he rammed his cock into her ass. Carmine screamed but was stifled by Victor as he jammed his forearm across her open mouth like a riding bit and used his weight to take more of her ass.

He crept along in her ass and gave her short thrusts making her grunt with effort as he continually pushed into her. Leaning heavily over her he gave a few finally thrust and exploded into her ass. She gasped in surprise at the volume of his outpouring that swelled his cock in her ass and warmed her whole rectum.

Pulling back he stood over Carmine and straightened up his clothes. He noticed her looking askance at him as she lay still. “Get dressed, you deserve that for getting your work in early good job.”

Victor offered her a hand up but she slid away and scurried to her desk without looking at him.

Victor turned then walked over to open the office for the others. Only Mist had arrived while they were fucking and she didn’t even seem awake enough to notice Carmine working at the desk.

The day passed un-eventfully until lunch time when Carmine found her way over to Victor’s desk. Victor was glad he didn’t have to call her and wordlessly he got up and pulled her to the storage room behind the office’s kitchen.

Once in there he unbuckled his pants and brought out his cock. Carmine looked from him to his cock and fell to her knees. Trying to imitate Meredith she opted to flutter her tongue around his cock and kiss the sides and bottom of his cock. Victor groaned from the feeling. Without any real stimulation he couldn’t cum despite how good he felt.

He let her continue licking and kissing him and eventually she noticed that despite how hard he was she was getting nowhere. Changing tactics, she slobbered over his cock and tried to take it into her mouth then further into her throat.

Victor seized on the feeling and grabbed her up and started to fuck her face. Mindless of the noise she made as she struggled he continued until they were interrupted.

“Hello? Oh snap!” Victor spun and saw Nessi standing in the doorway.

The caramel black woman blocked the doorway and studied the room before she fixated on Victor’s cock.

“Well, well,” She muttered stepping in and closing the door. “Look what mama found. I bet I cou—“

Victor snatched her to him as soon as she got close enough. She looked at him with fear in her eyes and without any more than a growl he pushed her down to her knees as the stared eye to eye.

Carmine watched as he shoved his cock straight back to her throat and fucked her face. Nessi was too shocked to fight or protest and raised her shoulders as she was made to blow him. Soon the shock wore off and she got into a rhythm and used a hand on his shaft to help out Victor as he throat fucked her.

Pulling her up, his shiny cock slung around spit as it wagged around. He grabbed the back of her neck and bent her forward on her knees as Victor came around behind her.

“Gimme that pussy.” He barked in her ear.

Carmine looked confused but Nessi knew what to do. She popped out her ass and slowly pulled down her pants. The cheeks of her over stuffed pants were exposed slowly as she struggled in the awkward position.

“No panties huh?” Victor noted as she slid her pants down further revealing more of her crack until finally they popped over the hump and slid down to her thighs.

Victor dropped to his knees behind Nessi and looked her over. His straining cock pointed at her sex with awareness of what it could be doing. Her narrow waist ballooned out to the wide hips of a woman. Viewed from behind it was spectacular how her back strained to hold up her body.

Victor flushed looking her over. “Put your hands on the wall.” He urged quietly.

Pushing his hips forward he rubbed his cock into the underside of her pussy illicting a moan from both women. Nessi’s pussy made a wet slapping sound as her hit her, and she pushed back into him seeking out the heavy rod her beat her with.

Without a word, Victor straightened his cock to point at her core and pushed. Nessi hissed in her breath as she felt him move into her. Unlike Carmine, her pussy was long and tight. Victor didn’t reach her end until her was more than halfway into her. She pushed back feeling him at her womb and Victor pushed in with her so they fucked his cock into her cervix continually.

Keeping his cock against the puckered hole The pair built up a harder and harsher rhythm that sent them colliding into each other. All at once the hole started to give and Victor fell in. As the head of his cock pushed into a hole it wasn’t meant to cross, Nessi froze and her back twitched.

Victor’s heavy balls hadn’t even reached the end of her tunnel before he found the end of her. Sliding into the end of her tunnel an odd nub aligned with his pisshole. She clenched feeling him tickle her deep inside her body. The movement was satisfying for Victor, making him push in further as the nub vibrated oddly in his cock.

With no warning his cock immediately spit out a hot load. The single spurt wasn’t an orgasm for Victor. As usual however, it did feel good. It was not unlike pumping a large spurt of potent pre-cum.

Feeling his cock twitch and load her up, Nessi pushed back and a small sympathetic climax caught her off guard as the warm spurt gushed out. With the nub driven into his pisshole again, Nessi clenched, making Victor’s cock gush again, which in turn made Nessi drive back again even harder as she climaxed.

Victor rode along the cycle they were trapped in unaware of the larger orgasm he was being pushed too. When he released his cum in a tremendous orgasm, he gave a shout, thrust into Nessi wildy a few times, and began to spurt a heavy load that seemed make his abdomen pulse.

Nessi took his spending with an orgasm of her own as she felt he sensations of his large penis run wild within her. She got a cold sweat feeling him in her, as her womb was whitewashed in warmth.

For a moment, Victor leaned over her as she fell into the wall. Next to them Carmine continued to masturbate frantically. As he moved to stand, Carmine kept her eyes on his oddly still hard cock.

She pushed him back and knelt to take it in her mouth as he tried to catch his breath. Victor looked down at her as she gobbled his cock. The trickle he had left in his balls was barely enough to satisfy her. After he came, she stood and straightened herself. Ignoring Nessi, who was still against the wall, she left quietly without looking back.

The day was slow after lunch. Victor went to make his rounds and gave a nod to Nessi and Carmine before he left for the day.


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