Venus Ascending Pt. 02

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Chapter 6

The second shift that Lisa had to work was a place called the “Wolf Den.” Once again Lisa was eye candy, and she would alternate between dancing on a platform or wandering through the crowd trying to make people spend more money. Her costumes in this area depended on which animal she was for the night. The first night that John was there, she was a cat. She had furry, nipple pasties and a furry G-string. She also wore an open coat with arms and a hood. It had no front leaving her torso fully exposed. The coat had a furry collar with a furry hood with cat ears on top. It flowed down her back giving the illusion of fur. It was finished off with a tail.

Lisa seemed bound and determined to make John lose it and fuck her. Every night her dances for John became increasingly erotic. Afterwards she would squirm in his lap, leaving John feeling as if he had just had a lap dance. She had quickly turned into John’s ultimate fantasy girl. Every erotic dream he had included Lisa as the object of his desire. Her wild costumes and erotic dances seemed to fire his imagination, and every night he seemed to have more visions of the woman he was falling in love with.

The second night in the “Wolf Den,” Lisa was a wolf, and the costume was similar to the cat. She still had the open fronted coat that put fur down her back, but this time the gray ears were a little more pronounced. Instead of pasties, she wore a small fur bikini. Her erotic torments continued, but every opportunity he could, John would get her back. He would tease her with his fingers and lips, taking her to orgasm about once a day.

During her non working shift, they would have quick lunches or drink dates. Their conversations were much more intimate, with the passion growing every day. It wasn’t just the passion that grew each day either. Both of them felt like the other was home. Neither of them seemed to be whole without the other’s presence.

They were still discovering things about each other, but more and more of their time was spent touching, kissing, or just staring into each other’s eyes. Lisa couldn’t sit in a chair next to John anymore. She had to sit in his lap. She had to have his arms holding her whenever they were together. They started to share some special moments with each other. For Lisa, these were many of her auditions. She loved to have John there watching. Plus, with John there, she knew her dances would be special.

John did something that he had never done with any other person. He took her on a breakfast date to his special supply portal to watch the earth below. He brought oatmeal, fruit, and coffee for both of them. He fed her oatmeal while she sat in his lap watching the world turn beneath them. That breakfast was the most intimate time either of them had ever spent with another person.

John couldn’t even remember what the world looked like beneath them. His focus was on the woman he was falling in love with, more each day, in his arms. He remembered the heat of her body sitting in his lap, her scent filling his head with her soft hair and skin caressing him. He remembered her soft voice asking questions and hanging on every answer. John knew he was in love with her, and she was everything he’d ever dreamed about. She was stunningly beautiful and unbelievably passionate. She challenged him physically and mentally, and seemed to be perfect in almost every way.

That perfection scared him. He knew she had to have a downside, and he wanted to find it before they went too far. He just wanted to make sure that he could tolerate her downsides. John was still gun-shy from his divorce, and he supposed that Lisa was too. During his marriage he thought he knew who he was marrying, but she fooled him. He didn’t want to be fooled again.

At the same time, he sensed something in Lisa. She had something that touched him deep down in his heart. He hadn’t felt it with his ex-wife. He knew there was something different here. He spoke with Lisa about these feelings and knew that she felt the same. She loved what they had, and it was beyond anything she had with her ex-husband. She was scared just as much as he was, but she was much more ready to take a chance.

Even though she never said it, Lisa was glad that John was taking it slow. Neither wanted to go through another heartbreak. Strangely enough, Lisa was ready before John was. She saw things in him that she never saw in her ex-husband. The longing, the devotion, and the passion were off the charts and her heart was his for the taking. She had never felt anything like the greedy desire and even the orgasms that John gave her. To Lisa the most amazing thing was after he made her cum he didn’t stop loving her. He continued to hold, kiss and caress her until she never wanted him to stop.

Lisa thought herself to be intuitive. Years of being on display in front of a group of horny men gave her insights that many women didn’t have. She knew most men were ruled by lust, and once their lust was satisfied sikiş izle they moved on. She generally knew how to avoid men like this, but she had made mistakes, like her ex-husband. John was the most unique individual she had ever come across, and she had fallen in love with him almost from the beginning.

Except for their email snafu in the very beginning, she had never doubted his honesty or sincerity. Physically, he was not the kind of man she generally went for. Most of the men she dated were physically imposing, brawny, with a masculine swagger. John was more like an Olympic swimmer, sleek and muscular, built for speed and endurance. Lisa felt like John was more like a cheetah, as opposed to the lions that she would normally date.

Every man she ever dated had a dominating personality. Her ex-husband dominated the room with his physically imposing presence, but with John it was something completely different. He had a spectacular body and was physically nice to look at. He also had other qualities that overshadowed his physical presence. John dominated the room with his intellect and humor. He had a self-deprecating manner that disarmed people around him.

Lisa thought it was strange the way John took over a room. He was over 6-foot with a rugged muscular look, but she didn’t seem to notice that. His eyes always smiled, and almost immediately, everyone knew they could trust him. He was a friend, confidant, and mentor to everyone he met. Yet, everyone knew he was the boss. Everyone knew that he could be your best friend, but if you crossed him, he could rip you to shreds in seconds.

Maybe she was still going for the same type of personality. Lisa knew she wanted a strong, dominating personality, and John had that. However, he dominated with friendship, humor, and a sincere honesty that made everyone look up to him. Her brawny ex-husband had done it through fear and his take no prisoner’s physical presence. With John, she knew she would never be in danger, and there was no fear of him, only a loving admiration she had never felt before.

John was fighting many of the same battles. Lisa grabbed his heart from the first moment he saw her, but he was afraid of what he did not see. It was difficult to look past Lisa’s beguiling beauty and look for flaws in her personality. John felt like that’s how he messed up with his ex-wife. He took her at face value and let her beauty cover her flaws, but almost immediately he knew there were problems. It was only two years into their marriage when he discovered that she never married him for love, but only money and security.

John was good at his work. He could see both the big picture and all the details necessary to get there. With each person on his staff, he could see their wants and desires and use those to motivate them. Because of this, everyone on his staff would happily do anything for him. However, when it came to matters of the heart, John felt like a klutz. He was an odd mix of a tunnel vision, focused engineer with the heart of a hopeless romantic.

Many times these two sides of him would end up in conflict. For him, that was the problem with the divorce. The engineer side of him said he had made a mistake, and he needed logically to find the problem and correct it. When it came to matters of the heart, there was nothing really to fix. He could try to be logical and look for flaws, but ultimately his heart overruled any logic. The heart wants what the heart wants.

He hoped that it was real, because like it or not, he had fallen in love with Lisa. He was going to have to deal with whatever came their way. He knew he couldn’t be without her, and he could tell that she felt the same.

Chapter 7

The next week was chaos for both of them. Lisa’s shift at Westworld came to an end but was replaced by a shift in the Medieval Room. She still had the shift at the Wolf Den, so their time together was very limited and generally only in public settings. John’s promised date was put on hold.

They wound up having little daily dates, catching snippets of time whenever they could. Every day they got closer and closer. Neither could stand being away from the other, and it was as if a part of them was missing when they were apart. Likewise, whenever they were together, it was as if they had come home, and they were in the place where they belonged. Anybody who saw them together knew these two people were deeply in love. It was just as obvious that they wanted to be ripping each other’s clothes off and making love. The obvious sexual tension between them was so strong that neither could keep their hands off of the other.

Sex, or lack of it, was the only thing that they ever fought about. Both of them had high sex drives, and Lisa’s job kept her turned on almost all the time. John’s refusal to fuck her until their date was driving Lisa crazy. She understood John’s viewpoint, because her first marriage had also been mostly based on sex as well. She brazzers may have understood, but that still didn’t quell her frustration. She desperately needed him to take her home and ravish her on a regular basis.

John wanted that too. He frantically wanted to drive Lisa wild and keep her cumming all-night, seeing her face scrunching up as the orgasmic tidal waves rushed through her, but she was more than that. He felt her deep in his heart, and he didn’t want to screw up the best thing that had ever happened to him. He was convinced leading with sex had killed his first marriage. He wasn’t going to do that with Lisa.

This was also starting to cause problems at John’s work. Lisa was starting to distract John. Everyone in his department wanted to know who Lisa was. He was discreet, so he wondered how they knew about Lisa. When he asked Wes, Wes burst out laughing, informing him that he had, at one point over the last several weeks, called almost everyone in his staff Lisa.

Part of running a 24-7 staff is that you will get calls late at night for decisions on operational issues. Since most of John’s dreams now involved Lisa, every time he was awakened from a sound sleep he would call out Lisa’s name. His staff was a group of smart people, and they immediately picked up that their boss had a new love interest. Now, at nights whenever they called him for a decision on something, they would introduce themselves as Lisa. Several even went so far as to use a falsetto voice and try to play the part of Lisa.

It was all in good fun, but John was not used to being the butt end of the joke. During the day, many of the staff would introduce themselves as Lisa when they came into his office. During one staff meeting, they introduced themselves as Lisa numbers one through 30. Everyone in the department was having a good time at John’s expense, but he didn’t mind because he had the real Lisa.

Business was also hopping because they were having many issues in the liquid engineering department. The biggest problem was maintaining water pressure and vacuum suction. They seemed to be having an abnormally high, failure rate for both the pressure and vacuum pumps. In addition, there were a large number of leaks in both systems that kept the “Sewer Rats” busy.

The “Sewer Rats” were finding large numbers of leaks, not in the usual piping locations, but in the guest rooms, so they had to coordinate with maintenance to seal all the leaks. This was one of the many problems trying to maintain customer comfort and a low gravity situation. All the sinks and showers were designed with normally pressurized water squirting out of the various nozzles. However, the vacuum system replaced gravity and gathered all errant liquid.

It seemed as if they were going through a bad patch. John talked with the room maintenance supervisors to make sure every room was checked for pressure and/or vacuum leaks. As a precaution, John asked them to reseal all the vacuum connections in the rooms. At the same time, he had the “Sewer Rats” go through all the vacuum lines and make sure all the seals were tight. Again, he had his people automatically reseal all the connections.

While this was going on, John was also noticing the chemistry of the waste water was off. The biological oxygen demand (BOD) and total oxygen demands (TOD) were rising, indicating there was organic matter in the water. There was no way large amounts of organic matter should be in the water, so John had both the wastewater crew and the “Sewer Rats” taking samples all over Venus to discover the source of the organic matter.

Meanwhile, they had to start treating the water to get the BOD and TOD down. The water system in Venus was a delicate balance. Normally, the filtration systems would separate all the particulates and filtration would consolidate any solid matter. Then their industrial ozone systems would keep the clear water systems balanced. Occasionally, they would have to use chemicals if the system got out of balance. This was one of those times, and John made the decision what chemicals to use to bring the system back in line.

Both of their jobs were limiting their time together, and both were feeling the frustration of not being able to see each other. John would take breaks and go see Lisa at work, however they had very little time during these breaks and would have to be satisfied with quick kisses and deep, meaningful hugs.

In the medieval room Lisa was once again a dancer. Her costume was truly spectacular. It consisted of a leather frame around her breasts and nether regions with chains in between. The chains were theoretically there as her cover for her breasts and camel toe, but all they did really was make a more elaborate tease. While she danced, her breasts and nipples would be alternately covered then revealed again. It was the most erotic costume she had worn.

John had mixed feelings about all of this. That was his woman up there showing off her spectacular assets, fake taxi porno so it bothered him that these lecherous men were all ogling the woman he had fallen in love with. However, it was her job, and damn, she did it well. He knew Lisa loved to perform; she loved being on stage and having all those eyes following her every move. He knew he had to get over his uncomfortable feelings and support the woman he loved.

John was right. Lisa loved this costume. It allowed her inner tease the freedom to express itself. The chains were a harsh caress against her nipples, and it was all very arousing. Likewise, as she danced the chains pounded against her pussy lips and clit, adding fuel to her smoldering passion. When John entered the room, her smoldering passion caught fire.

The chains pounding against all of her sensitive flesh, with John’s hot, lustful stare, had her trembling as she danced. She was so aroused she did some things she would never have done without John there. As she danced her hands caressed all of her body, wishing it was John. Her fingers wrapped the chains around her nipples, pulling and pinching on them, sending white-hot jolts of ravenous craving through her gut.

With her hands roaming over her body, she teased herself as well as her audience, pinching her engorged nipples. Eventually one of her hands found its way to the chains covering her pussy, and she used the chains to tease her clit. She even slipped a finger inside her pussy, taking her erotic tease to a whole new level.

Lisa was in an erotic fog. This tease was for one person and one person only. Her eyes had glazed over in a lustful stare. The entire audience faded away, except for John. She was dancing for John alone now, wanting her hands to be his. She pretended that all of her teasing was John doing this. While she danced she was in an erotic dream, and John was making love to her.

When Lisa’s break came she was expected to mingle with the customers, but this time she came straight to John. Lisa jumped into John’s lap and attacked his lips jamming her tongue deep into his mouth in a passionate, needy kiss. While she was madly kissing John, one of her hands grabbed his and put it between her legs. John took the hint and slid 2 fingers into her drenched slot. She quivered in his arms, moaning into his mouth as his fingers slid in and out of her. Her teasing dances had her hotter than a firecracker, and his fingers quickly took her to the edge of an orgasm.

By this time John knew the signs and used his thumb to rub one of the chains over her clit. Her whole body arched in a rigid explosion of passionate fury. Her breath locked-in her chest, but her fingernails were digging holes in John’s shirt and furrows in his back as she desperately tried to hold on to him. Her breath suddenly came back, and she screamed her completion into John’s mouth. As John felt some of her muscles relax and her orgasms start to release he resumed his passionate torment of her out of control pussy.

Her lips left his as she started gasping for breath with her eyes melting John’s heart. They were also filled with passion, awe, gratitude, and a mixture of love and lust. As he jammed his fingers deep inside her and rubbed her clit directly, her eyes popped wide open in surprise. Her eyes rolled back in her head as her body exploded for a second time. Her lips and body were shaking in a massive, orgasmic spasm with hard, cramping tremors taking control of her body.

Her head slammed into his shoulder. Her mouth biting into it in an attempt to stop her screams of orgasmic pleasure. It worked because the only sounds that came out of her were grunts and barely contained wails. John was in such awe of her athletic and body-consuming cum. He toyed with the idea of making her cum for a third time. However, he thought that was too cruel, so he relented and pulled his fingers from her pussy. He did however, use those wet fingers to pinch her nipples causing her to gasp and moan as she whispered into his neck.

“Oh John, you’re going to be the death of me. However, I couldn’t think of a better way to die than writhing in orgasm in your arms.”

Lisa pulled back her head and looked smilingly into his eyes. She was glowing with satisfaction and sighing with contentment. Her eyes smiled and glistened with deep adoration, but her body still shook with the occasional tremor. For the most part, the effects of her orgasm had vanished except for the glow on her face. John thought she had a radiance that a woman gets only after being satisfied by her man. At this moment, John was convinced she was the most stunningly gorgeous woman he’d ever seen.

John was jerked back to reality as he heard Lisa gasp. She had noticed the damage she had done with her fingernails and teeth, leaving bloodied furrows in his skin. She looked horrified at what she had done, and she stammered out an apology.

“John, oh John, I’m so sorry. Let me take you to the bathroom and dress your wounds.”

“No need baby, these are battle scars. I will proudly wear these if it’s the price I have to pay for watching you cum like that. I will gladly pay it again. Do you know how spectacularly beautiful you are with the bliss and rapture of an orgasm on your face?”

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