Vampire Knight

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I have a problem, and I don’t know
How to stop it, I’m in love with my little sister, but that’s ok:
Mom and dad said it’s ok. I’m 15 years old and I love her to death.
She makes me WANT her in so many ways
Though I know it’s wrong.

I runs in our family, mother and father are sister and brother
Too, and they love each other.
They said we can touch each other how we want when Yuki
Turns 18 years old. Yuki is the love of my life, she 5 years old, which means that
I’ll have to wait 13 years: but I want her now!

I know how wrong it is and I’m always shaming myself for it,
Yuki has long black hair and hazel eyes, very short for her age, a perfect face
And even had a cute figure. My name is Kaname (Ka-na-may)Kuran, and I’m 15,
5’8, black curly hair that went no lower than my neck. My eyes blue
And I was very strong and handsome.

Not only that but I am very mature for my age, the reason my family has to
Marry and reproduce with their siblings is simple.
We are a rare breed of vampire, and we can’t be wiped out.
I sat down on the sofa watching the news; I wanted to see if it would
Be to cool to take Yuki out today.

“Kaname, Kaname!” Yuki cheer running over to me and
Hugging my knee, “Yuki” I smiled, “I’m done with my bath!
Hey, Kaname, you promised to talk a bath with me!” she huffed.
I blushed and tried not to laugh, she just looked so cute trying to
Climb up my leg. “I’m sorry Yuki, but I’ll take it with you next time ok,
How your day been” I asked sitting her on my lap.

“Oh Kaname, I was in the bath and my rubber ducky kept sinking!
Isn’t he supposed to float?” she asked rocking herself on me. I kind of froze
As I felt the rush of my soft cock got hard. I sat back
And tried to think of something that made me sick I she just…

“um- yes, they are, would you like me to get you a knew one?” I asked.
“Ahhhhhh” she thought as she rocked back and forth,
I started to think dirty again. I wish she would left me hump he right now…
I wanna force her hips down to my cock and rip her little tiny cunt apart…
Why can’t I tear through her pussy till we cum and kiss in love?
I want you so badly Yuki…

I hadn’t noticed but I had my hands on her hips forcing her down and slowly
Rubbing myself against her. I felt my cock grow bigger and I wanted to
Tear her virginity or cherry, I want it to burst!
I was panting and I felt the pre-cum , “K-K-Kaname, your pointing” Yuki muttered
Scared. I gasped and looked down at her worried eyes,
Relizing what I had just done.

I swallowed hard, “I-I, I so sorry Yuki” I gasped again
Letting go of her hips. She got of my lap and I felt like I had lost
Her, she turned around, “Why did you do that Kaname, you never
Did that to me before” she asked not at all angry.

I took a deep breath, “Because when your my age it feels good.
When a girl Sex hikayeleri as pretty as you, touches me, touches the THING that poked
You, I feel good: and happy. I’m sorry, “ I tried to explained.
She smiled at me and I exhaled smiled,
That was too close! “I’m going to make you feel good Kaname!” she cheered.
Before I got the chance to block my cock, she grabbed it.

Two little hand wrapped around my cock in my boxers,
I shivered in pleasure and I’m ashamed, but the look on my didn’t show it.
“ughhh” I let out a moan and she smiled, “Does it feel
Good big brother?” she giggled smiling, she squeezed and that was it.

“Y-Yuki, I want you to rub it ok?” I mumbled taking out my cock,
She looked at it amazed. “Oh, big brother, it’s really big” she gazed,
I put one of her little hands on my erect 7 inched cock. “Oh,
Big brother it’s really really warm too!” she giggled putting her other hand on it.
I was moaning lightly in joy.

I smiled wickedly because I was in love with the feeling and her,
How many night I’ve spent in the bathroom.
Jerking off and wishing that she would touch it, just once.
And she was, rubbing up and down my erect cock and the pre-cum
Poured down her hand and fingers. “Big brother, what’s this
Stuff?” she asked sniffing it for a moment.

I smiled at her, “It’s good, it comes from the tip: try some” I offered.
She wasn’t sure at first but then she licked from the bottom of
My cock to the very hard tip. I shivered, “hmmmmm, keep
Licking” I lusted pushing my hand threw her hair.
I’ve never felt so good.

As my sexy little sister licked up and down my cock with her long
Thin tongue, it left trails of wet hot saliva. “Uh, good girl Yuki,
I feel so good” I mumbled still moaning lightly. She got to the tip and
She licked the head of my hard cock with her little hands still rubbing my cock.
I couldn’t help it, I pushed her head down and she gaged several times.

I gasped and even with the pleasure of my first blow job lifted her head up,
“Yuki, are you ok?!” asked anxiously patting her back.
She coughed a bit but, and Yuki nodded her head, I sighed in relief.
I-I’m so sorry Yuki, I didn’t mean for this to happen, I won’t make you
Do this anymore” I apologized. She tilted her head to the, “But why,
You’re Winnie taste good Kaname!” she smiled
Licking her lips, that turned me on…

I swallowed hard and disided that day I’d let her watch.
I put her a foot away from me on her knees. Looked her in the eyes,
And jerked off till I came all over her face.
We have been doing this for three months now, but it’s wrong,
It’s ok because we love each other, how can she understand Kaname: she’s
So young, but I want her, that’s selfish, take time away from her.
But I need her…

These thoughts killed me, it was a war zone in my head, I sat
In her room on her Sikiş hikayeleri bed. Her pillow in my nose, it smells just like her.
“Kaname, come one, you promised to take a bath with me” she
Called as she peeked her head out the bathroom.

“Ok, I’m coming” I smiled putting her pillow to the side,
Mom and dad would hate me; but they don’t have this problem. I walked to the
Bathroom; my cock hard because I would see her naked.
Mom and dad are just a year apart, they could never understand.
I opened the door and saw her cute, tight, butt.

She had turned the bath off, our bath was didn’t
Them a normal house would have. Big enough to fit 5 people but it
Was shallow. “Big brother, come on!” she cried. I smiled taking my
Clothing off, she lifted a leg because she was a little short to just hop in.

That very moment I got my first peek of her little pink cunt. I felt aroused
And got in behind her. “Do you wanna play with me?”
I asked Yuki and she looked at me curious and smiled. “Let’s play!”
She cheered . I knew what I wanted to see.

She was bending over, laying on her elbows but her butt in the air.
I could see everything, she lay on the side on the bath
Where we keep the towels. “Big brother, I don’t like this” she mumbled.
I smiled and used two fingers to rub up in between her ‘lower lips’.

“Do you trust me Yuki?” I asked, she nodded her head yes, “Big brothers
Going to make you feel good. The way you made me feel good Yuki”
I smiled trying to put her in the mood. She mumbled “ok” and I got on my knees.
I opened her lips, I heard her whimpering but selfishly ignored it.

I licked her pussy lips and she moaned lightly, “feels good?” I asked.
“Y-yes” she said. At least she was enjoying it, I her dry clit and teased
And sucked on it. “Ugh, oooooh, hmmmmm, big brother it feels, ahhhhh” she
Moaned shaking her butt abit. I couldn’t help but chuckle.

I moved back up to her cunt and liked her pussy, she loved it!
“Uhh! Big brother just put it in, put in my pee pee!” she shivered. I loved
Because her dog, her mutt to be controlled and I loved a fact of the idea.
I slipped the tip of my tongue into her too tight love tunnel. And teased something odd,
It was sweet- she’s dripping pussy? What the hell, but she’d so young?

Vampires don’t get periods, but they get horny and that’s when you can knock them up.
And she was horny so young, I really am lucky… I moved my head and
Shoved my index finger in and out of her, “ooooooooooooh! Big brothers don’t do
That! IT’s too big, it’s too big, big brother!” I moaned drooling
Putting both hands on each other. Put them back so that I could stuff
More in her little pussy.

“Yuki, if you want me to stop-“ I had begun to say
Slowly taking that finger out. “NO! I want more Kaname, give me more”
She begged, I felt my ball ache for the craving Erotik hikaye to go all the way with her.
I smiled and forced two fingers all the way inside her till I bumped
Up against her virginity. :AHHHHHHH, ooooooooh, uh” she moaned shaking
And pulling her tight ass back to fit it.

I could help but jerk off with one hand as I shoved my fingers
In and out of her, god she loved it! The way my baby sister screeked and moan
And shook at my large fingers. Just thinking that I had been filling her up was
Enough get me closer to cumming. I took my fingers out
And she looked back at me like I betrayed her.

“Kaname, put it back in, please Kaname; I’ll be a good
Girl!” she cried. I smiled violently, I rubbed her pussy lightly and she moaned
Because it wasn’t enough, I guessed that she was close to cumming to.
I used to fingers to part her opening, and rubbed the head of my cock
Till we had a lot of juices. Enough for me to put it in,
My cute virgin sister. My cock was 7 inches in full erection.

We both moaned a bit before I covered her mouth. We both
Knew what was going to happen next, I took a deep trust shoving cock
At far into her pussy as I could. It ripped past her pussy and hit the end of her
Love tunnel. She left out a terrifying scream but I muffled
Then in my hands. I could take it!

I took my cock out a few inches and looked at my soaked-in-blood,
The muffled screams got lighter as she tried to wiggle away,
And I felt tears run down my fingers. “I’m sorry” I mumbled,
I violently fucked my sister, “Uh, Yuki, you don’t know how good you feel.
Your-uh- Uh- tight baby! Don’t cry Yuki, uh- I love you sweet heart”
I gaged hardcore fucking her and I love the word.

I’m panting because I’m FUCKING MY BABY SISTER! I’m tearing
Threw her little tight pussy and every thrust was stronger than the last.
Every time Is went In I felt her sweet little cunt tear and rip and loosen up
So I could fuck her faster. I took my hand off her mouth and put both
On her little hips.

“Oh, god Yuki, call you feel so fucking tight!” I growled now
Fucking her, my first time and hers is perfect: and I felt myself began to cum.
She screamed and cried out but I ignored her, “KANAME STOP, PLEASE STOP, IT
HURTS, IT HURTS BIG BROTHER! PLEASE, IT BURNS!” she screamed at the top
Of her panting little lungs.

“What’s going on in here?!” mom hissed busting in the room
and she covered her mouth in shock. Dad came running in a moment later,
“GET OF KANAME” he hissed running toward me. Before he got the chance to
stop me I came I in my little sister and I loved it!

I don’t know why I had to don’t know why I raped her,
I love Yuki and I’ve never meant to hurt her. Ever, but my sex drive made
Me want in her, I wished I didn’t keep fucking her after I took her virginity.
I wanted to stay still and kiss and tell her I loved her.

Now she hates me, mom and dad kicked me out,
But I’m going to steel her away: I love her…

Second book, hope you enjoyed! Tell me if I should keep going!

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