Unexpected Weekend Ch. 02

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Big Dick

As I drove home from dropping the girls off. My mind was a collage of thoughts. Replaying, in my mind, how Karen enjoyed the sex with the girls. Watching, her in the morning. The way she touched and fondled them, the response they returned to her. To where this would or could lead us in the future. Learning that both girls were open to the idea of being, real time, sub-missives in our lives. Wondering what happen with Bev and Jessie? Remember watching, Karen sucking on Jessie’s cock, and the look on her face, when he pumped his seed, down her throat. While she, still had my cock buried in her. So needless to say, I drove home with a hard cock.

When, I reached the house. Karen was tidying up the house. She had a fantastic glow about her. She had a very big smile on her face. I ask her to fix us an ice tea and join me on the patio.

She came out to the patio with the tea. Her smile had disappeared and now had a look of apprehension. I ask her to sit with me. She took a seat across the table from me.

I ask why she had a big smile when I had walked into the house. And where had it gone now. She replied that she was a bit nervous about what had happened the last two days. Concerned, that I was upset.

I looked at her, took her hands in mine. I told her to relax, that I was not upset in any way. Told her she was beautiful and I thought what had transpired was absolutely fantastic. I had loved watching her last night. The three of them together today. That I, was proud of her for allowing her horizons to be enlarged. Not to feel bad in any way.

She had a look of relief, and her smile returned. I ask her what she was feeling.

She replied that she had mixed feelings. I ask her to explain if she would like. She said with Bev always on her to have sex with her, she was uncomfortable. But, when the girls started sucking on her breasts, while she was sucking Jessie and Dale was licking her. With my cock buried deep within her. All the different feelings came together and she had the most explosive organism of her life. The girls sucking and licking her nipples so gently just felt so natural and was the feeling that pushed her over the top.

Said that as we were watching the others, and she was recovering from her organism, Said she was turned on watching Kyo, with Cherry sitting on her face. That Dale had licked her clit very well, but she wondered what it would be like having a girl licking her. As girls know what a girl needs.

I asked if she had any feelings about us sharing our bed with the girls. And what had prompted porno izle her to send Cherry to the shower with me.

She replied that after the night that we had, that she knew we were all ready for much needed sleep. That she thought it would be nice to have her with us for the night.

Said she sent Cherry with me, to see what kind of reaction she would get. I told her about the great blow job she had given me in the shower. Not as good as hers, but a close second.

That, when we were in the shower she and Kyo came and listened at the door, with a big smile on her face. That while listening they couldn’t hear much. That they were so close together touching, she turned Kyo around and gave her a hug and kiss. Stepped back to the bed and sat down. Kyo with a sheepish grin gave her a kiss. It was all it took and they got down to business. That Kyo making love to her felt so right, that she went all in.

I told her that both girls had said that they would really like to become part of us. To live with us, and serve our needs. That I had told them I would speak to you about it.

I asked what her thoughts were on that subject. She told me that Kyo had said the same to her. I asked what her feelings were about it. She smiled big at me and replied she may never get anything done, with my dick in her and two girls cleaning her up. I laughed my ass off at that reply.

We decided we would both think about it. That we would spend a few more times with them and see.

I took her by the hand and said fair enough. That now I wanted some of her. I led her to the bedroom, Sat on the edge of the bed and told her to strip. She smiled big for me; let her hair out of the pony tail. Unbuttoned her shirt and slowly removed it. Allowing, her beautiful breasts out. I noticed her nipples were already hard. I made a comment that just thinking about the girls had gotten her started. She looked me in the eyes and said that after last night yes it did.

She undid her pants and lowered them to the floor. God she has a fantastic body. And I am the lucky owner. Told her to turn around and bend over show me that wonderful pussy. She did, and started to run her hands over it. I told her no, that I wanted to open her folds. I took her hand, placed her on the bed. I took a scarf and blind folded her, and laid her down.

I took her feet and started kissing them, sucking on her toes. While, my hands explored her legs. I continued higher kissing her knees and licking her thighs. Her legs spread as I neared her nest. I rose up on my knees. amatör porno Placed my hands on her mound, gently rubbing. I licked and kissed her folds. She was moaning and trying to get more of me. I placed both hands, one on each side and pulled her folds apart. My god what a beautiful site.

Her clit still in its hood. I lightly stroked it. It started peaking out of it hiding place. I leaned down and sucked it into my mouth. She was so wet. Pushing her clit to me. I lightly run my tongue down her pussy to her canal. Slightly pushed my tongue into her.

I slide down and buried my face into her. Pushed two fingers into her, to the knuckle, gently rubbing her G spot. I placed my other hand at the opening of her rose bud and gently circled it. She pushed back onto my fingers. They slipping past her nether ring, I rose up and pumped both holes. Feeling my fingers through the slim separation of skin.

She started bucking, moaning and quivering. I knew she was not far from getting off. I continued even getting a lick in now and again. She came and squirted all over me. I left my fingers in her rose bud and rubbed her clit, she continued to squirt. I released her clit for a few seconds and she started to descend. I again attacked her clit and brought more squirts from her. This continued for a few minutes.

I stood up and undressed. Climbed on to the bed and inserted my rock hard cock into her. Started a slow deep pace. Which she met me all the way. It wasn’t going to take long for me to cum. As I was completely turned on. I pushed deep into her and released spurt after spurt of cum into her. This took her over the edge again and she came with me. God this woman could squirt. I wondered where it had all come from.

We lay there for awhile; she removed the blind fold and gave me a very deep, very long kiss.

As we laid there and chatted, I asked if she were sure about the girls. She smiled and replied yes. She wanted to watch me take them to the same heights that she had been to.

We got up and she suggested we go down to the bar and see the girls. I agreed but told her as we both had to work in the morning. That it would not be a late night or a drinking night. She agreed

We both, jumped in the shower, grabbed a bite to eat and headed to the bar. I was wondering what kind of reaction we would get from the girls.

Being that it was Sunday night, we hoped the bar would be slow. When we arrived Karen was all excited and fixity. I told her to calm down, what we were doing was our business anal porno and didn’t need to be broadcast at this time. Not wanting any problems for ourselves or for the girls.

We entered the bar and there was only one other person there besides us. When Cherry saw us come in, I don’t think I have ever seen a bigger smile on someone’s face. She pointed us to the other end of the bar where we could talk. She like Karen was all excited, when they saw each other. Kyo was in the back and didn’t know we had come in.

Cherry and Karen grabbed each other’s hands. I told her that we had talked and decided to bring them into our home and see what happens.

Cherry excused herself and headed for the backroom where Kyo was.

Didn’t take thirty seconds, and Kyo came back out with her.

She came outside the bar and took the stool next to me. She looked at me, and said thank you sir for allowing me to serve you. I smiled and ask her how she would feel being owned by me. To serve me in any way I wanted her too. She lowered her eyes and smiled. I took that as total acceptance.

I turned to the other side and Karen was telling Cherry our decision. She as well was elated. Karen told her that we would be making room for them in our home. But to consider themselves owned by the Master of the house, from this point forward. Cherry looked at me and replied yes sir. I told them both, that if they had a change of mind before we consummated the agreement, they could back out. And it would not change our new found relationship.

Cherry told Karen, that they would be up to the house to help her, in any way they could. Karen told that would be great, arrive after twelve noon when she got home from work. With that all set. I gave my first command to the three of them. No sex, until we are all together as one unit. Karen looked at me oddly. I said I don’t have to justify my wishes, but the sooner you get the house ready, the sooner they can move in. They all three, looked at me, smiled, lowered their eyes and replied yes sir

With the future in place, I told Karen we had to leave. As tomorrow was a work day, and the three of them had a lot to do in the few days. As we prepared to leave, we all stood up. Kyo gave me a hug and whispered thank you sir. I hugged her back, patted her on the ass, and whispered back. Hmm, nice ass that I now own. She giggled and scooted away. Cherry came out and hugged Karen, told her they would see her tomorrow.

On the way home I told Karen. Since we had the space, I wanted each girl to have their own room. She ask why? I told her that each girl, including herself, needed their own space. That each of us might want a one on one and that way it was possible. She smiled and agreed.

I guess with the decisions made, there will be no need for a few times.

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