Uncomfortable Womanizer

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No Panties


Irate divorcee Luis Bennett (38), of Joliet, Illinois, looked at the cowering man with a swelling eye and nose bleed and turned to the nude woman on the marital bed and scowled, “You told me your husband would be late home.”

Marlene, with semen drying on her belly, whimpered, “He told me he’d be home by midnight; I had no idea he was hiding here on a stake out.”

“Well tell him to stay where he is for fifteen minutes. I’m off to the living room to get my clothes and dress before leaving. If he attempts to follow me or yell for help I’ll pulverize his balls with this hammer I took off him when he attacked me.”

“Yes Thomas. Do you hear Charlie, stay there and don’t move? You’ll be no use to me if we can’t have sex anymore.”

“I hear,” her husband wheezed.

As a developing womanizer Luis Bennett (alias Thomas Best) left the house, he slung the hammer through the big window of the master bedroom, hoping the couple inside would crap themselves in fright..

Dogs barked as Luis jumped on the bicycle he’d stolen earlier in the evening and abandoned it half a mile away on the suburb street where he’d parked his inconspicuous gray Ford Escape.

Driving to his home 35 miles away, Luis was annoyed that his first carefully planned program to regularly engage with married women in one night only encounters had led to being caught out.

The plan was supposed to have been bullet-proof. Perhaps that shake-up was just as well as the conclusion to be drawn was no such plan was perfect.

Tonight luck had been on his side, he smiled.

They’d had sex with the light on and were on their backs resting before engaging again when he saw the hall lights switch on. He tensed waiting. Seconds later, intently focused he scrambled off the bed to confront the creeping intruder and easily ducked under the livid-faced guy’s wild swing with a hammer.

Luis athletically spun around and disarmed his attacker. He then smashed his fist into the face of slobbering intruder who turned out to be Marlene’s bad-tempered husband.


Five women later Luis made a second bad choice with his ‘bang, bang thank you ma’am’ plan as he called it. He was on home turf and a female virtually fell into his lap in the way most guys sooner or later are similarly confronted with when drinking alone at a local bar.

The planned routine was to only hit on a woman when he was 20 to 40 miles away from his home to avoid being recognized or possibly being followed.

After making positive contact in his pursuit of random sex away from his hometown, he’d first arrange a place and time to meet the attempted pick-up for a romantic interlude and hopefully his target would seek elaboration as so far invariably they did.

He’d smile warmly and with good eye contract say “I’m thinking anything from simple petting to full-out sex in the comfort of your home when you are there alone and have two or three hours available to make love.”

Make love?

Well he was aware females could be rather swayed by those two words because it suggested an element of purity in such a situation and delivered by what appeared to be a non-threatening nice guy.

Of course the woman he’d targeted would have known by then that he was ‘on the make.’ Surprisingly perhaps, certainly for Luis, so far all but one of those second meetings had resulted in successful coupling.

On the occasion of the car banging not far from his home, he’d sensed that the woman was hot for it and his greed for sex overcame his resolve to stick to 20 to 40 miles from home rule and he knew why; she was so gorgeous. He smiled recalling that brilliant encounter.

It had been raining when he flagged down a cab outside the bar and was about to enter it when a female right behind him called huskily “Sir could we share this cab as I’m getting wet and there’s no other cab approaching?”

She checked out okay and he said sure. She was well-dressed and appeared to be more likely someone’s wife than a prostitute.

They chatted and when arriving outside her apartment block she pressed her business card into his hand and thanked him beautifully.

Of course he called the woman next day and two evenings later they met at a restaurant where she revealed she and her husband were two months into a trial separation. She bubbled along on three cocktails and then four glasses of wine and then asked ‘Thomas’ was he interested in her sexually.

Two nearby couples were obviously waiting for Thomas’ answer and he leered and said yes and he waved urgently to their waitress for the check.

They had only got into the car in the parking area behind the restaurant when Pamela unzipped him and dropped her head on his rising erection.

Oh boy was she desperate for it.

Thomas figured she was too befuddled by alcohol to recall details of him or of his vehicle and he carried on to release her sexual tension in the best way a man knows – sticking her passionately between her warm and almost throbbing thighs.

She türkçe altyazılı porno cleaned up using her panties and he drove the short distance to stop outside Pamela’s apartment block. Pointing her at the entrance Thomas/Luis returned to the car and watched Pamela lurching up to the entrance apparently oblivious to the fact that she wearing her panties he’d placed on her head.

Yes that drunken date had resulted in his usual standards of the seduction of lonely females to nose-dive but when sober next day he considered no harm had been done and it was possible Pamela would remember very little about the evening when being someone called Thomas boned her. Possibly with her heavy drinking taking effect she wouldn’t have remembered anything after the moment she began to lustily administer fellatio.

Alison and Helen

Luis weakly considered he’d virtually been force into this pathetic situation of going after one-night stands. As yet he was not ready for a longer relationship.

His scheme of finding, manipulating and eventually rutting for just one session had totally rejuvenated his interest in sex since the horrible months of cohabitation with a disloyal wife led them to agreeing to divorce. Their marriage had ended three months ago.

That breakup had been triggered by his ex-wife becoming infatuated with another woman.

Despite being focused on her girlfriend, Alison had still allowed Luis access for sex but only if he submitted to being tied by his hands and feet to the bed. After sucking and pounding him dry she’d sometimes urinate over him.

Then one night when Luis was tied to the bed-ends Alison’s girlfriend Helen arrived and they used toys and items from the kitchen to humiliate him after beginning with conventional sex.

Next day Luis found where Alison had hidden her leather ties and weaken them with razor blade cuts. Two nights later with those two women at him again Luis burst his restraints and slapped the women into weeping submission, not hitting their faces.

He threw them both on to the bed and then played the recording from a spy camera clock he bought after the first time he’d stupidly agreed to his wife tying him down as being the only way she’d now have sex with him. He’d wanted to get evidence of the kind of woman his wife had turned into in case she recanted on their mutual decision to initiate divorce proceedings.

The women gasped at seeing the recording of Luis’ humiliated and he warned, “Make a complaint to the police about tonight and my defense attorney will have this recording as evidence of your behavior. If you escape being charged with obscene sexual assault on me with me shown clearly as objecting to that abuse, then you still will have to leave this city voluntarily or face being run out of town as depraved bitches.”

He then shifted into cheap accommodation on the other side of town and laid low until the divorce finalized.


After banking half of the total proceeds from the sale of his marital home and learning his ex-wife had left town, Luis tried to resume normal life in Joliet and soon was back working as a budget and finance accountant for a large business.

When he’d first thought of dumping his disgusting wife – and during divorce proceedings – he’d never envisaged just how lonely it would be in reducing his home life to just him and experiencing the dismay of having many family, friends and acquaintances ease or even abruptly turn away from him.

When debating with himself to buy a dog or to employ a live-in house-keeper to reduce home loneliness he called his brother Ben to arrange somewhere to chat over a few beers. His yummy sister-in-law Shannon answered.

“Oh I’m sorry Luis but Ben has taken the girls back to boarding school and heading north on a 10-day hunting trip with a couple of friends. How are you going with the cooking? I guess you are still living alone after getting rid of that bitch?”

“Yeah I’m not doing badly and eat out mostly.”

“Oh then choose wisely to maintain a balanced diet. I’m keen to know if you are making friends with any ladies yet.”

“I’ve half-tried but can’t seem to get back in synch with any of them. It appears I’m still apprehensive and don’t really know what type of woman I should befriend.”

“Well you ought to try for someone like me.”

“Like you?”

“Yes try to connect with an understanding woman.”

“Why don’t you come down here and help my get back into synch?”

“How on earth could I do that?”

“A good start would be allowing me to slip you a length.”

“Luis, that’s disgusting,” she giggled and said goodbye and cut the call.

He sat looking at his phone glumly and then went out for dinner.

Luis’s phone went at the restaurant.

“Hi Luis, it’s me.”

“Hi me.”

Shannon giggled.

“I’m coming down on Friday with some home-prepared meals ready for freezing. May I stay the night?”

“You may stay all weekend if you wish.”

“What xnxx stay alone with you?”

“Yeah and the spare room has a lock.”

“Oh then that’s fine. Expect me about 7:00 and I’ll cook a healthy dinner.”

Next day Luis fitted a lock on the inside of the spare bedroom door and hoped Shannon wouldn’t guess it was newly installed. He’d long suspected she had more than a soft spot for him but less than infatuation of course. However in calling him back to arrange her visit she might have had the charitable thought that he must be in dire need of experiencing sexual relief even if her thinking didn’t go beyond a hand job. Females had a reputation for changing their mind.

What she’d decided to keep her hands to herself?

Luis sighed gloomily.

Shannon arrived tooting the horn of her black Nissan Rogue and Luis went out to greet her as a measured pace to avoid giving the impression he was overly eager.

She climbed out of the vehicle athletically wearing short-shorts and a cute top that indicated her breasts were lifted up higher than usual, He smile opened up almost to her back teeth and Luis had to fight the urge to roar like a bull Moose at the height of the rutting season and charge.

Instead he half-tripped and Shannon called “Oh steady.”

Luis lost confidence and shuffled up and offered his hand.

The blonde, who was almost two inches taller than him, brushed aside the hand and kissed his lips softly, spreading her tits flat across his chest.


He sucked in air.

She leaned back slightly and brushed back his fringe and giggled and whispered, “I’m sure the neighbors won’t think we are having stand-up sex.”

Luis stepped backwards strongly to burst from her embrace.

“Steady darling; there is no need to bolt. How are you?”

After Luis and Shannon finished clearing up after dinner, the leggy blonde, who was an executive legal assistant, said she was ready for bed.

Luis thought of saying “Your bed or mine” but decided that would give her the option to duck for cover.

He blurted, “Let’s shower together first.”

She said carefully, “Together?”

“Yes providing you tell no one.”

She eyed the TV set.

“Come on Shannon, show me what you’ve got. Until now I’ve had to make do from eyeing you from afar.”

“So I’ve noticed and often.”

“I could soap your back.”

She smiled and appeared to relax and said, “Okay.”

Luis felt bad that he was out to fuck his brother’s wife but it was opportunity difficult to resist and Shannon was there to try to adjust him to reconnect property with females. That mean she might put it in for him.

But Shannon had other ideas.

She was back on to him in the shower. The soap dispenser slipped from her hand and she bent over to pick it up, legs spread apart.

Gripped by massive carnal desire as the sight of two orifices with no sign of hair, Luis dropped to his knees as Shannon gripped both her ankles.

“Oh darling,” she moaned as he slowly ran his tongue down over her vulva.

“Good boy and don’t forget to rim me.”

Luis almost creamed in shock. That was his sweet sister-in-law speaking, not his depraved ex-wife.

When they were more than ready Shannon led him from the shower by wrapping a hand around his erection.

“Come to bed. You’ll need a condom and lubricant as you can only have me anally because in my mind I’ll remain true to Ben.

On Sunday evening as Shannon prepared to drive off home she said, “We’ve had such an amazing weekend. I’m sorry to have restricted to you licking my pussy and my asshole feels reamed out two sizes larger than it was when I arrived on Friday night. I really wish I could keep you on tap for a pet darling but it’s too risky.”

“You were magnificent Shannon and I reckon I feel more manly than I’ve ever been and I probably I’m on the way to becoming a real force as a seducer of nubile women.”

“Well darling just remember good sex is 80 percent based on emotions and you must pretend you love every female you fuck to deliver to your full potential. I’ve taught you everything I know from a women’s point of view and your new motto is…?”

“Never fuck selfishly.”

“Good boy. I’ll be back on Friday.”

Strategic Planning

After two weekend of anal banging including with Shannon using a strap-on, Luis was a particularly well informed seducer, now knowing the erotic spots on some women were hot spots he’d not known existed. For example he could slowly pull Shannon into a wriggling and panting live-wire just by kissing her behind her knee as she taught him; the key was not to be in a hurry to stop licking and kissing her there.

During her second visit Shannon agreed with his thinking that he should engage with women discreetly, and the more distance between his home and where the action took place would reduce the chances of being hunted down by irate husbands or boyfriends.

He should disregard younger females and not shy away from married women porno izle because it was likely they’d be the most experienced, particularly those who were promiscuous although never should he ask a woman was she promiscuous. However some females he targeted might boast they felt free because they were promiscuous.

Shannon had demonstrated to Luis how a woman in a casual meeting with perhaps sex lurking in her mind might use her eyes and mouth to subtly signal a degree of interest.

In a social setting that a clear signal although missed by most men occurs when she pulls in her stomach and touches her abdomen slowly and delicately. That’s definitely the time for the guy to attempt to make and maintain strong eye contact.

“I thought the best sign would be her glancing at a guy’s bulge?”

“Well perhaps some women do that but when I feel the desire to fuck, as will many women will similarly experience, I realize I’m touching my belly.”


“To theoretically warm up what lies below I guess.”

“Shannon you appear to be thinking I ought to hit on a range of females.”

“That’s correct as a range of successes will increase your confidence enormously and the successes and even failures will deepen the extent of your experience. Then you’ll be ready to find the woman who appears perfect for you and she might think similarly about you.”

“Um where should I start to try to pick up women?”

“You could attempt to befriend a woman at your workplace and see what happens from there. Or sit at a bar and perhaps soon a woman will slip into the seat beside you and begin chatting. If she admits to being married and lonely then you should use your brain and take it from there, slowly and avoiding any reference to sex.”

“A bar? Then those women who attempt to chat could be prostitutes.”

“Well don’t most men loosely regard all women as prostitutes? Disregard that comment. Just choose bars that appear to have policies discouraging prostitutes. Darling I’m ready to go again but you don’t appear to be. Step into my strap-on and let’s rumble.”

Luis thought yes, sweet Shannon had been terrific in educating him. Previously he’d never thought of humping the backside of a woman with a strap-on.


Relaxed in new-found confidence, Luis sat at a barstool at the Eagle Nest Bar when a woman in white slid in beside him. He’d just checked and that was the only vacant stool.

“It’s busy tonight,” she said.

“Yeah but it’s Friday night.”

“Oh yes how silly of me not thinking about that.”

“It’s low down on the list of misdemeanors.”

“Oh how courteous of you to say that. My husband would say I was being stupid again.”

“You should tell him a little tolerance goes a long way.”

The woman in white looked and Luis closely.

“Hmmm and that’s an excellent reply; I must remember it. May I ask what a nice guy like you is sitting here alone?”

“Like you I’m lonely and come out and sit at a bar enjoying the noise and having people around me.”

“Has you wife left you?”

“No she died,” Luis lied.

“Ohmigod I’m sorry. That’s me being stupid again.”

“No it’s okay,” Luis said.

“My husband is a night shift supervisor at Gladding & Till’s bakery and works from 8:00 pm till 4:00 am.”

“Does he come home looking for his dinner and then wanting sex? Oh damn that last bit was inappropriate.”

“That’s okay and I wish. He gobbles down his dinner and goes off to read that morning’s newspaper he purchased at the 24/7 on the way home. I wish it did include sex but he says he’s too tired for that and to be honest he looks it. He had two days off each week and that’s when we do have sex.”

“Ah all I can say that must be tough on you.”


Luis knew he was making a mess of it, pushing too hard and too fast.

“You won’t like hearing what I thought.”

“Try me.”

“It was just a flash thought.”


Luis looked embarrassed and felt embarrassed and said, “I thought if it were me arriving home after 4:00 ending an 8-hour shift I couldn’t wait to get my hands on you because you are so damn attractive.”

Christ it couldn’t possibly be that easy, Luis thought, when she suggested they go outside for fresh air. Was he being taken outside to be mugged?

She hooked her arm into his and said her name was Whitney and he said nice name and gave his assumed name of Thomas.

“Where do you live Thomas?”

“West from here,” he said vaguely, knowing his home was just over twenty miles to the north-east.

“Come to my home for a quiet drink. It’s only two streets away and we can walk.

He said that was centrally located.

She ignored that and asked was he comfortable about being asked to have sex with her when they were still strangers.

“We won’t entirely be strangers from the time you sit on to my erection,” he said.

“Ohmigod let’s hurry,” she said, picking up the pace.

As they pounded away she asked, obviously without thinking, “Is this the first time you’ve had sex since the death of your dear wife.”

“No I’ve been banging the ass off my sister-in-law recently,” he replied truthfully.

“Ohmigod,” she shrieked, hitting her climax and as she ripped his back with her nails that sent him off.

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