Two Teachers, Two Students

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I was in my final year at college, and was about to start my final teaching practice. Unfortunately the school to which I was allocated was quite a long distance on the other side of the college from the accommodation where I shared with a group of other students, which meant that I would probably have to move into other accommodation for the duration of the teaching practice.

However, when I read thoroughly the notes I had been sent concerning the whereabouts of the school, I noticed that it also contained a telephone number for contacts should I wish to stay closer to the school. I came to a quick decision. After all, the college would pay for my boarding fees, so I made up my mind to try it out. And it would save a good hour’s travelling each morning and evening.

I therefore telephoned one and when a woman answered I told her who I was and my reason for ringing. She laughed and explained that she was actually a teacher at the school and had often in the past offered accommodation to other students. She said she had two rooms, in fact, and that a student from another college had already agreed to stay with her, so that she would be looking after the only two students allocated to the school this year.

I immediately agreed to accept her offer of accommodation, then I heard no more until I finally arrived at the school, where I was met by the Head and taken through to the staff room, where I was introduced to the teachers already in there. One of them, a blonde of no more than about thirty, dressed in a tracksuit, then told me that she was Sharon, the woman I was to stay with.

I was about to start a conversation with her when the door opened again and once more the Head came in, this time ushering in a girl of about twentyish, who was introduced as Mandy, the other student. Again Sharon introduced herself as our hostess, and we all three moved to one side of the room to introduce ourselves properly to each other.

It appeared that Mandy was actually going to be attached to Sharon as she was specialising in PE and games, whereas I would be attached to the English teacher who had not yet appeared in the staff room. However, a few minutes later another female teacher entered to be introduced to me as Janice, Head of English.

She, like Sharon, could scarcely have been more than about 30 years of age, and, like Sharon, was quite blonde. Unlike Sharon, though, Janice wore a skirt, and one which immediately drew my attention, as it had a side split which opened at the side to reveal quite an expanse of thigh! So high was the split that it actually allowed some of her bare thigh above the top of her stocking to be seen! I gulped a little, and then controlled myself, although I was sure that she had noticed that my eyes were drawn to this exposure.

However, the morning bell rang for lessons to commence, and we made our way into assembly, and finally into Janice’s classroom.

“This morning”, hd porno she explained, “we have the Upper Sixth form for a double period, after which we have a free period. If you would like to sit at the side, over there, I shall start the discussion and then perhaps you can join in with the students and myself.”

I did as instructed, finding that I was actually on the same side as the split in the skirt, which did nothing for my attention which kept wandering as she crossed her legs in her chair. Mind you, her chair was facing the class with no desk between, and the students were also sitting in a half-circle without any desks.

The result of her crossing her legs, though, meant that she was showing a great deal of bare thigh above her visible stocking top, but she seemed quite oblivious to the fact, even though it was a mixed class, and the boys, and even the girls, made no secret of the fact that they, too, were openly ogling the flaunted display.

But what stunned me temporarily was the fact that after she had started the discussion, which if I remember rightly was something to do with Shakespeare, she suddenly spoke in quite a different tone of voice as she addressed one of the boys facing her: “I heard that remark, Darren,” she said, “Telling your mates you can see my knickers!”

The class giggled, but they all remained composed, even when she followed this remark by saying, “So I’ll show you all, then perhaps we can get back to the lesson!”

And with that she stood up slightly in order to tug the slit of her skirt to the centre, then sat down again, parting her knees widely to reveal her black hold-up fishnet stockings and the black gusset running between her thighs. “Satisfied?” she asked good-humouredly, closing her knees together once more. “You can stare as much as you want but you won’t see any more than you can already. Now, let’s get back to William Shakespeare!”

She turned to me and smiled, then returned to the lesson, which, surprisingly, progressed quite conventionally, and I found myself, like the rest of the class, almost forgetting

Janice’s provocativeness as we all warmed to the subject and genuinely discussing the topic.

When the bell went for the end of the period, though. I was again taken a little aback as she singled out Darren again and asked him to stay behind for a minute.

She seemed to have forgotten my presence, though, for as soon as the class had filed out she said to Darren, “Right then, Darren. No-one else here, so tell me – was the view today worth while, or were you hoping to see more?” I could tell from the way she said this that she must have had some sort of a hot spot for Darren.

Darren did not seem in any way embarrassed, though, as he answered, “Of course I am always hoping to see more! But the view was worth while, Miss. Could I ask a great favour, though, Miss?”

“Anything you ask, if it is in my power to fulfill sex izle your request. What is the favour, Darren?”

“Well, Miss. I want to win a bet I made with two of the other boys. When you take those knickers off tonight after you have finished wearing them, could you bring them for me tomorrow and let me have them?”

I fully expected Janice to blow her top at this outrageous and obscene request, but to my utter astonishment she replied, “I’m sorry, I cannot agree to my bringing my soiled panties to school tomorrow.”

His face began to fall, then bucked up again as she continued, “But I am going to place you in detention tonight for your suggestiveness and I’ll give them to you when you go home rather than wait until tomorrow!”

Then, she suddenly seemed to remember that I was still in the room. She turned to me, almost blushing, presumably because she was unaware of how I might be taking this incident. I had to console her somehow to let her realise that the knowledge of the occurrence was as safe as houses with me.

“I presume you will want me to sit in with you at the detention period?” I queried. Then, before she could answer I continued, “At least, I hope so, as I’m feeling jealous of Darren already!” and I laughed in such a way to show that I was not really jealous of Darren, but was nevertheless envious of him!

Quickly changing the subject, Janice now said to Darren, “See you this evening – don’t miss your morning break by dallying too long here.” “And we have to go for our coffee in the staff room, so come along,” she said to me.

In the staff room everyone was chatting as they sipped their coffees, but I noticed that neither Sharon nor Mandy were in.

Janice must have noticed me looking for them for she said, “Sharon will have had her coffee already – she likes to get the gym ready during morning break.”

I chatted to quite a few of the staff until the next bell rang, and most of them filed out, leaving one of the men and Janice, who had already told me that it was a free period for us next.

This man, though, turned to Janice and said, “Cover for me, will you, if anyone comes looking for me? I’m just off to the betting shop, but don’t let on if anyone asks.” And he left the room, leaving me alone with Janice.

‘This will be the moment of truth,’ I thought. She knows I was present when she was being somewhat foolish as regards her position as a teacher. One word from me and she would forfeit her entire career! I decided that it was up to me to make the first move to reassure her.

“I hope I will always be present whenever you decide to show your knickers to the class,” I told her. “I enjoyed the experience even more than Darren did. And you have my word that my lips are sealed about the entire incident, although perhaps I can think of a little blackmail to ensure that I hold my tongue!”

But she was beginning to look a little anxious when I used altyazılı porn the word ‘blackmail’ and so I quickly laughed and explained that what I meant was that although I would never tell a single soul and was willing to take an oath on it, nevertheless I would from time to time remind her of it on condition she responded to any of my requests just as she had done for Darren.

She immediately looked relieved, and said, “Like doing this again?” and she deliberately faced me as she once more slid the split in her skirt to the front and raised the skirt to reveal her knickers once more.

But she quickly dropped her skirt into place as we heard the door beginning to open, and by the time one of the older teachers had entered the room we were both quite decorous.

At lunchtime we sat together at the staff table, with Mandy and Sharon opposite us.

“How are you two getting on?” asked Sharon.

“Absolutely fabulously!” replied Janice. “We seem to be completely compatible in every respect,” she added.

I could not swear to it but I felt I saw a light of understanding come into Sharon’s eyes as Janice said this, and I felt it confirmed it a little when Sharon said, “And Mandy and I seem to be soul-mates, too. We’ve already gained a rapport which bodes well for the next couple of months living together.”

Janice dropped her voice so as not to be overheard by the next table. “When I say fabulously I mean he has already seen my knickers and he wants to be present when I take them off immediately after school tonight.”

I waited with baited breath for Sharon’s reply and Mandy’s own response to this statement, but was delighted when Sharon said, “And Mandy and I have already had a shower together after the morning’s PE, and we are having another one after games this afternoon. Pity you can’t join us!”

I deliberately looked at Mandy as she said this, and was elated to see her face lighting up as she looked Sharon full in the face and said, “So we have beaten them already – I saw you earlier without any knickers on at all, although we had to be careful with the girls having a shower as well.”

“Don’t worry, poppet,” said Sharon. “After games we are on our own in the shower as we have to see that the girls are all out before we can take ours. I’ll lock the door after them so we can have the place to ourselves.”

She then turned to Janice. “I’ve just thought! Mandy and Deg will be dining with me tonight. Do you want to join us for a meal, Janice? You can leave your car at school and come back with us in mine.”

“But if I don’t go home tonight I will not have any knickers for tomorrow,” explained Janice. “I’ve promised Darren that he can take them with him tonight!”

“You can always borrow a pair of mine for school tomorrow,” laughed Sharon. “You won’t be needing any on this evening, will you?”

To my intense delight Janice turned to me and looked me fully in the face as she replied, “No, I will not!”

Again, though, this conversation had to change as another member of staff came over to talk to us, and so we once more appeared to be what we really were – two teachers and two students.

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