Twister sex with a hot girl

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And there I was. Sitting on my bed, I turned on my TV and starting watching Spongebob Squarepants, but it was a really dumb episode, so I flicked it off. I got up to shut my door, and then I sat back down again. I slowly slid my hands down my jeans and touched my penis. I flipped it out and slid my hand over it until it became erect. I thought about Georgie while I was jacking off. Georgie is a very cute girl, 13, like me. She is skinny, blonde, had nice tits, they aren’t too big, but they are a really nice size. I imagined titty fucking those cute boobs, with Georgie sucking the tip of my penis each time it hit her mouth. Just thinking about her face could make me cum. Knowing she was in the room next to me really turned me on. You see, it was my sisters birthday, and she was throwing a small party. Georgie was invited, mainly because my sister knew I wanted to get with her. There was a massive age difference, why else? My sis is a nice chick, and we often discuss our problems and who we want to date together. They were all having pizza in the lounge room. From school, I had learnt she could only fit two fingers into her pussy, so I imagined fingering her until she came. By now, I’d almost cummed everywhere. Suddenly, I heard footsteps. Coming closer. And. Closer. I quickly flipped my cock back into my pants. One of my sisters friends came to ask me if I wanted to play Twister. I told her “no thanks”, but that I’d come and watch.

I walked to the lounge room, and Georgie was there. I came and sat down beside her. I talked to her a bit while my sister and her friends were getting some drinks and finding Twister (so many board games, where is it?!). I talked to her for a bit, and suprisingly made her laugh. I had talked to her in class and we were friends, but I could never really say whatever that was on my mind to her. Suprisingly, whatever it was I said made her laugh quite a bit, and I was proud. She laughed and put her arms around me for a hug.

“I haven’t seen you in ages” she said, and I agreed. Summer Maltepe Escort breaks are always good, but I’m always busy, and same with her. I got turned on by the hug, smelling her straightened bleach blonde hair. I almost got a boner, which would have been embarassing. My sister and her drunk friends came back with the Twister game. Unfortunately for her, she had run out of Bacardi Breezers, so she and her friend Katie went out to get some more.

Georgie and the rest of the girls set up the game. Georgie was wearing a very short skirt which made me get stiff. She bent over in seriously the best position, both her hands and feet down, getting the best view of her ass and pussy gave me a massive boner. Her white panties were soaking wet and I could see some of her pussy lips. I felt like I was about to cum. Suddenly, the phone rang. I ran to get it, trying to hide my erection from the girls. It was my sister, telling me her car had broken down. Not suprising for an old crappy Subaru from the mid-eighties. The girls had to quickly leave to help. I offered to help, but they said they were probably going to hit the town after. This left me in an awkward, yet awesome place. I was alone with Georgie in my house. All I had to do now was seduce her, which I’d already half done.

We sat down together on the sofa. I starting joking around, trying to think of things that would lead to sexual conversation. Since we were both virgins and quite young, I hardly had any experience with seducing. We ended up talking about who liked who. She told me lots of asshole guys had liked her, but she had rejected every single on of them because of their attitudes. I told her that I wasn’t suprised so many guys liked her, because she’s so beautiful. I kept on with this, and expressed my feelings of what I had really thought about her, then suddenly I was interrupted–by her tongue. Yes! I was kissing the girl I’d loved for so long, and realising she had the same feelings for me made me really horny and happy. We continued Maltepe Escort Bayan talking, and somehow the topic got to how small one of the guys in our class’ penis was. Georgie’s friend was going out with Sam, a guy everyone thought would have a massive penis because of his body. But he didn’t. I realised this was the perfect opportunity. I told her “Yeah, most guys just aren’t lucky, unlike myself.” I had two ideas on the reaction, I’d either blown it or won it. Georgie told me “How long is it then?” I told her it was 6 inches. I wasn’t going to lie. She was happy I didn’t, because she knew I was being honest. I think she wanted something though. She asked me to prove it.

I asked how I could, and she told me there was only one way. I kissed her again and took off my pants, fucking excited. I had a boner when I pulled it out of my boxers. She looked suprised, but not that kind of stupid suprise the whores have in porno’s. She certainly was embarassed, but looked really horny at the same time. I said “Here’s your proof!” and she just stared at it. She suddenly wrapped her hands around it, suprising me a bit. But not every suprise is bad. I told her it felt awesome and she started jacking me off. I was telling her how pretty she was while she was moving her hand up and down my cock. I kissed her passionately and suddenly her lips moved from my tongue, slowly down my body until it reached my cock. It’s like she’d watched a lot of porn before. I was so suprised and astonished there was my dream girl’s head sitting on the tip of my penis. It felt really good, her lips wrapped around my cock, in a quite tight, yet not hard way. Her tongue slid around her mouth teasing my head. I almost blew my load, so I pulled out and told her she was about to make me cum. She laughed a bit, and then I pulled down her skirt and fingered her with her cute white panties still on. I slid them off after a while and fingered her, and she started to have an orgasm. I knew I was doing something right, and I was happy I was Escort Maltepe pleasing her. I slid my tongue in her pussy and in a matter of just minutes she came in my mouth. It was the hottest thing ever. We discussed how long we actually had feelings for each other for.

She had a kinky idea. She stripped her clothes off, and then slipped off mine, briefly sucking my cock. Once again, I was in heaven. She went up to the Twister board and spun it. Her legs spread far apart, and she invited me to fuck her. I stood behind her and stabbed my cock into her wet pussy. It was the most amazing feeling I had ever felt. I could hear and feel the same thing from Georgie. We were both losing our virginity. Her warm pussy felt excellent around my cock as I thrusted in and out the hole. So much for two fingers! But she wasn’t loose, no, she was VERY tight. It felt really nice to move your cock around inside her. Plus she was screaming while you were doing it, which was an upside. She then made me spin the Twister board, which made my arms go behind my head, and my feet lying near the end. It was awkward, but she told me I could lie down. She climbed ontop and I could feel her warm pussy was sitting on my cock again. She was bouncing up and down ontop of me, and I was staring at her titties which went up and down and up and down. She was moaning so loud while her pussy was tightening around my penis. It was so good. She then bent over to kiss me while I was fucking her, which felt nice because I could kiss her cute face and fuck her at the same time. She was whimpering lightly in my ear which made me want to cum so hard, but I managed to keep it in. I played with her tits, and licked her nipples while my cock was inside of her. Suddenly, I could feel it. And she could too. We fucked harder and harder and we were both about to cum. I let her cum all over my dick, and then I pulled out and cummed on her stomach. We both just laughed and smiled at each other for a few minutes, but then we got up and watch some DVD’s, because the Spongebob Squarepants marathon was getting boring. She fell asleep in my arms and I soon fell asleep on a chair. We woke up together and we still remember that night that we both lost our virginity. I love you Georgie!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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