Turning On the Sirens

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Sometimes, it’s the small things that shape one’s destiny. In Hayley’s case, that thing was a little alarm that went off one rainy college evening just as she was about to get off while making love to her boyfriend Nathan. She’s now compelled to tell what happened that night to her best friend Sarah.


Hayley walked through town with her best friend Sarah. They were on route to an outdoor concert in the park situated in the middle of town. It was a beautiful spring day and she had the whole weekend off to wander and do as she pleased. The warm pollinated air fell in invisible folds around her body. She wore a soft spring dress with no bra for comfort. As she walked down the peopled sidewalk she completely lost herself in the passing bodies. It was as if every young man with a little spirit in his walk might be someone to make love to, any beautiful girl her age might be someone to kiss, and any young attractive couple might be something to split up. In short, Hayley was incredibly turned on. It was as if her whole afternoon were a wet dream.

“Hey, you alright?” Sarah touched Hayley’s shoulder.

“Yeah, why?” Hayley responded as she turned her head to catch the backside of a suited young man who’d been walking closer and closer towards them for the past minute. He wasn’t as attractive as she’d hoped, but, he did have a great body.

“You’ve been quiet for like two minutes.”

“Really?” Sarah still hadn’t really zeroed in on Sarah’s feelings, she had enough to process just on her own.

“Yeah, what’s up? I usually couldn’t shut you up even if I put my hand over your mouth.”

“Should I be talking more? You know, it’s odd, but I feel really calm. Maybe I’ve changed!” Hayley was normally the talker, and Sarah the listener, but she wasn’t filling her normal role today.

“Alright, before you launch into your new autobiography let me call Mark. He doesn’t know where to meet us.”

“Mark doesn’t ever know where to go.”

“He’s not as dumb as you think, Hayley.” Sarah replied, smiling while she put her phone to her face.

“I never said your boyfriend is dumb I just think he’s completely lost.”

“Hey Mark!” Sarah ignored the comment as Mark’s grumpy voice came through her phone.

Hayley tried to completely ignore the couple’s conversation. She found a nearby bench to sit down on while she waited for the chatter to end. Over the past month Hayley had developed an anti-couples attitude. She was all for a long term lover, but she looked down on her girlfriends who were hoping to fall in love or supposedly were already in love. Most of them simply were not in love. They confused comfort for passion. Yes: it was so hard to be alone. Yes: it was so hard not being adored. Yes. Yes. Look, she got it. She had been someone’s raison d’être. She had fallen in love during college and experienced the delicate world of an intimate relationship for three long years. But she had since felt the pull of greater passions.

She didn’t even have to remember the night she cheated on that wimp. It was on a fall night and a cold rain was coming down. She sat trying to do her French homework but was too hopelessly sexually alive to let alone use her own language of English in any other way than: give it to me. Nathan, her boyfriend, had only an hour ago been lying with her, making love to her, gripping her back and hips, pushing inside of her again and again and again until suddenly an alarm had gone off.

“Shit! It’s almost 10:30! I’m going to miss my train,” he said as he reached to silence his alarm. “I’m so sorry but I gotta run.” He pulled out of her clumsily and jumped into his clothes.

“It’s O.K,” Hayley said as she used all her mental energy to keep herself calm and not scream at him. She teetered on the edge of climaxing. Her eyes were still closed and her mouth was still half open, about to cry out.

“Shit I got to run. I love you. I’ll call you when I’m back.” Her boyfriend said as he slung a bag around his shoulder.

“O.K. Bye.”

She got up, put on her glasses, and looked in the mirror. Her skin was red with anger.

“Hey,” Nathan could tell she was upset, “What’s the matter? I wish I could stay too!,” he said. Sarah didn’t respond. He knew Sarah was upset and he didn’t have time to deal with it. “Look, I love you. I’ll be back soon,” and with that said, he slid out the door.

She had never been so close to coming and then completely dropped to such a low. She was furious. The worst part was that his trip was not necessary. It wasn’t for work. It wasn’t for some family catastrophe. It was so he could go be around some old guy friend from his high school days. They’d probably sit together drinking and talk about the sex they had been having and about the girls who had spiked their interest besides their girlfriends. What the hell was the point when Hayley and him could actually be having sex! She felt like chasing Nathan down, tackling him off the path into the woods, and fucking him until he was gerçek porno too beat up to ever make it to a train again.

She tried to get herself off for a few hours. It didn’t work. All her fantasies were about abusing Nathan, tying him up, binding him to a chair, and using him in whatever way she wanted. But it only brought pleasure to a part of her mind. She still wanted to be held by him. As usual, Hayley wanted multiple things at once. Nathan seemed to be able to let her want just one thing: him. Eventually her desire to dominate Nathan developed into a desire to be dominated, but not by any person, especially not him, not even any man, just—well, by something. She wanted to tie herself up to something and work as hard as she could to just get something barely inside of her. She didn’t have a vibrator or a dildo, but she could invent something!

Just as she was pulling apart her fridge she heard her phone release a ding! Who was it? Maybe Nathan had missed his train! She rushed to the phone. She blushed when she saw the message, because she really felt that it was far better than anything Nathan could’ve sent her: “You still around? It’s Jack,” and Jack… was a cop.

She wished she could find someone as good as he was that night. That night she had pushed Nathan and everything he represented forever away. She drifted out of her fantasy and her mind focused back on the town before her: on Sarah talking on the phone, on mothers walking children down the street. Nothing. Well, she thought, let the hunt begin.

“Sorry that took so long Hayley!” Sarah was done with her conversation.

“Oh no problem! I was entertaining myself. Are we going to meet him at the concert?”

“Yeah. Let’s go.”

Thank god, Sarah thought. Hayley realized that she had never told Sarah about what had happened the night she had cheated on Nathan. It had happened very recently so she was still not used to talking about how it had changed her. Besides, all of Nathan’s friends now hated her. It was uncomfortable to talk about. Sarah barely got to know him, and it was obvious Hayley didn’t care about the separation, so she didn’t really have a reason to care, but she probably would if Hayley told her why their relationship had ended. They continued walking to the concert. They could hear the musicians doing an echoey sound test in the distance. Partially to keep herself in a nice, comfortably turned on mood, and partially because she was already thinking about that night she had decided to leave Nathan, she had the desire to tell her best friend the story.

“Did I ever tell you about when I slept with a cop?”

“WHAT!” Sarah almost stopped in her tracks.

“Yeah, and the real shocker is that it’s the reason why Nathan and I broke up.”

” You cheated on Nathan?”


“I thought you guys just broke up because you got bored, or at least that’s what you made it sound like.”

“Well, that’s a good general summary,” Hayley said, smiling.

“Maybe you have changed…,” Sarah said with a bit of anxiety in her voice. “But tell me everything before we run into Mark because he has a tendency to interrupt any time he’s not the center of attention.”

So, Hayley began the story for her friend Sarah.

A couple months before Nathan and Hayley got together she had gotten pulled over for rolling through a stop sign. She was almost across the intersection when the sirens blared and the red and blue lights rose up behind her. She nervously pulled over and then quickly put on some lip stick, lowered her left bra strap, and messed up her hair. She believed that if she could save herself money and time by just making herself a little more seductive, than why the hell. She waited for that typical cop to come up to her window: a dirty-deed riddled ugly aging gorilla haired sexually desperate man with two kids to yell at and a wife to cheat on. She watched his flashlight slowly wobble back and forth towards her car. She lowered her window as he lowered his flashlight and she instantly was surprised to find that she would not need to do much acting to convince the policeman that she thought he was handsome. Not only was he handsome; he was blazing hot. He had a small scar above his upper lip, which drew attention to the fact that his lips were the kind of lips you wanted to feel with your own for hours. He had dark eyebrows, dark blue eyes, a strong neck, the kind of neck that makes you feel like a vampire. Beautiful soft brown skin to feel against her own. Slow down, Hayley, she thought in the back of her mind, he could still be a complete douchebag.

“Good evening, mam. I don’t know if you noticed or not, but–“

Sarah rushed to complete his sentence and save his breath, “–I just rolled through a stop sign. I know. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry, you’re probably in a hurry.”

“Yes, as a matter of fact, I am!” Hayley replied, slightly surprised by his genuine tone, “Thank you for understanding.”

“Look, if you’re expecting gay porno me to give you a ticket, I wouldn’t. I think of my job as a service. I’m just trying to keep people safe.”

“Well, you’re the best cop I’ve run into in a long time.”

“You run into em’ often?”

This made Hayley laugh nervously and she accidentally flung her lipstick she had been holding out the window. It whizzed past the officer’s head and started rolling down the street. “Oh god!”

“Don’t worry, I’ll get it for you.” He went and chased down the little rolling golden cylinder and brought it back to her.

“Thank you so much. I’m such a clutz.”

“No problem.” He paused an looked at her lips, “So, were you putting that on for me, or for whoever you’re heading home to?”

“What?” This completely caught her off guard.

“I could see you rushing to get dolled up in your rear view mirror.”

“Oh no, I do that before I talk to anyone. I’m just nervous about how I look.”

“I don’t understand why. You’re gorgeous.”

Hayley felt her blood pressure rise. “Thanks. You’re not too bad either.” Hayley couldn’t believe she was saying what she was saying.

“Well, I should get going. Nice talking to you. Get home safe.” The cop began walking back to his vehicle.

“Wait! You forgot something!”

“What?” He walked back over quickly.

“My number.” Hayley scribbled it down on the back of some business card and handed it to him. “My name’s Hayley.”

“I’m Jack. Nice to meet you, Hayley,” he started to walk away again. “Thanks,” he said, over his shoulder.


Hayley paused her story to gauge how Sarah was reacting so far, “And I didn’t see him again until six months later I finally answered one of his texts.”

“No way. You cheated on Nathan with this guy?!” Apparently, Sarah was totally engrossed as they continued to walk down the street to the concert.


“WOW. But how did you end up actually hooking up with him?”

“Well, I had no idea that this strange, awkward interaction would be so significant. But I have to say, Sarah, sleeping with him changed my life.”

“Go on, go on,” Sarah said peering deep into Hayley’s eyes. And so, she continued her story:

You still around? It’s Jack. The text shone straight into the back of her mind. Hayley thought about the repercussions of what she wanted to do. She had secretly despised Nathan for a long time, she simply could never find a way of denying herself the basic pleasures that she got from him: consistent sex, cuddles at night, a constant companion, and even sometimes breakfast in bed. But she was sick of it all. She wanted something that was in itself something to want. She wanted something that she would never have to fix. She needed a way out, a way to get Nathan to break up with her, and this was perfect. Yeah, I’m around. Want to come pick me up and go for a drive? She wrote back. Yeah, be over soon, be ready. Jack replied And so, Jack picked her up in his police car. After a brief exchange of how are ya’s she started making out with him. No, he wasn’t wearing his uniform, but he had the same body and face as when she had seen him in it. They stopped kissing for a while and talked and laughed until they pulled up at his place.

“I never thought you rolling through that stop sign would end up becoming you and me rolling up to my place,” Jack said.

“Yeah, you do this often?”

“No, not even once. You’re the first gal I’ve pursued that I’ve met on job. I just like the way you make me feel.”

Hayley kissed him again and said, “Well, how about we go upstairs and you can see how I really feel?” She took his hand and moved it onto her thigh and kissed him once more.

After they got upstairs they went out on his porch and drank some whiskey. She kissed him again deeply. He got down on his knees, lifted her dress up, and started kissing her below her belly button. She felt herself heating up, but she turned absolutely hot when he suddenly pulled her underwear down just below her hips and slowly moved his tongue down, down, down until he sank deep into her lips. But he didn’t stay there long. He pulled away and let her panties snap back to her hips by their elastic strap. Then, he gracefully moved upwards to her breasts, lifting her dress up further and further until he got to her bra. At this point, she was already on the verge of coming. She wanted it to last for as long as it could so she pushed him away. This gave her a very brief amount of time to feel out what she wanted to do to him.

“You’re so beautiful, come here,” Jack said.

Hayley looked at him and was overwhelmed with her own desire. She had already took this risk, she was going to make Nathan horribly upset, she wasn’t going to waste this possible mistake on anything less than exactly what she wanted. She again felt deep down inside that same rage that she had when Nathan had pulled out of her and took off, but she also simultaneously wanted to be punished evli porno for cheating on him. To punish and be punished, this was all she wanted. But, one thing at a time, she told herself.

“Do you have your handcuffs here?”

“Yeah, in my dresser by the bed.”

“I want to cuff your hands to the railing and then I want you to sit in this chair. After that I get to do whatever I want to you.”

“You better be convincing,” he said, “because I don’t like to be restricted from doing what I want.”

“I’ll make you forget about what you want,” Hayley said. “Take off your pants.”

He did what she said. He was wearing white boxer briefs underneath. She could see his cock bulging against the cotton. Leaving her dress on, she took off her own underwear and came towards him. She put her hands against the wall and leaned towards him until her nose was almost touching his.

“Now take off your underwear and your shirt,” she leaned away again and he took off his shirt revealing a gorgeous chest, toned but not overly muscular. When he took off his underwear she took his chin in her hand and started kissing him. Then she got on top of him, put him inside of her, and sank down as slowly as she wanted. She felt a kind of lust that she had never felt before. It was like one impulse in her body was demanding her whole body to obey. She had never slept with two men in such a short amount of time. It made her feel powerful and in control. She could feel his dick getting harder and harder inside of her. She knew it was the right time. She pulled away from him and held his chin.

“Now can I get the cuffs?”

“Yes.” He whispered. He could barely talk, the sissy. “They’re in my dresser by my bed.”

“Stay here.”

She moved quickly, gliding over the carpet. She opened the drawer and felt inside. There they were: glinting in the light thrown by a nearby bathroom. She went back to him, placed his hands behind him, and locked him to the balconies high railing.

“What are you going to do now?” Jack asked.

“That’s none of your business.”

She grabbed him and let him slide deep inside of her. She sighed. It was good, but not perfect. She wanted to really take advantage of him. She turned around, facing away from him, and put one hand against the wall and the other against the railing to support herself.

She felt behind her for his cock and noticed that it was even bigger. She backed into it and let loose everything she had. She closed her eyes. She had no idea how fast or hard she was pounding down into him. She lost touch of everything but her pleasure. She even started laughing because it seemed ridiculous to her that something could feel so good. It made the rest of her day tragically mundane. Then, she felt an orgasm begin to build. She slowed her pace down to match the waves of pleasure running through her body, down and up her spine, around and through her flesh. She could hear him moaning in pleasure behind her but she couldn’t care less…

He was her criminal. She had caught him and now she was punishing him with her best weapon: her pleasure. Then, suddenly, he came in her. There is really nothing like that feeling in general, she loved to have Nathan come in her, but having it happen so unexpectedly from a stranger sent her into pure ecstasy, and, thanks to Nathan, it was all good: she was on birth control. Jack continued to pour into her, his body joining with her orgasm until finally she could barely move she was coming so hard. She slowly pushed through it, slowing down to a complete halt. He didn’t have the choice to pull out so she used him till he was no longer hard, then she pulled him out and turned around. His hands were bleeding all over the railing from yanking against the cuffs.

“That was the best sex,” he said, panting, “I’ve ever had.”

* *****

“And then what!” Sarah exclaimed, they could now see the concert ahead of them and it was starting to get really loud.

“Then I unlocked the cuffs and said, ‘call me anytime’, and then I walked out the door and left him there. I called Nathan right after. He came back from Boston and picked his stuff up the next day.” Hayley finished.

“Holy shit Hayley!”

“Holy shit what?” A voice said behind them.

It was Mark. Sarah’s boyfriend. A tall oafish looking fellow with a backwards baseball cap.

“Hey Mark, how’s it going?” Hayley said.

“Pretty shitily actually I just got off work.” He said slowly.

“Oh, sorry you just got of work. Maybe you should go back!” Hayley said.

“No I don’t want to go back to work at all.” Mark said.

“I know. I was joking,” Hayley said. She hated Mark.

“Arn’t you going to say hello to your girlfriend?” Sarah said, pressing up against him.

“Yeah sorry,” he leaned in and kissed Sarah, “Your directions were kinda confusing on how to get here. It’s so hard to get anywhere without GPS.”

“He broke his phone last week.” Sarah explained.

“This is all very interesting but I’d like to go finally arrive at this concert we’ve been walking to for over an hour.” Hayley stated.

“Yeah let’s go,” Sarah said taking Mark’s hand.

“I’ll be right back, I got to go to the bathroom,” Mark said before taking off over the grass towards the porter potties.

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