Turning Fantasy to Reality

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Oh God. My pussy tingled almost immediately. I had just realised I was unexpectedly in the situation that I both fantasize about, and fear.

I took it all in. I was alone in a vibrant bar. My friend Suze and I had been enjoying a long overdue catch up, when she was called for a work emergency and had to leave immediately. My husband, Charlie, was not expecting me home for a few hours, and I was emotionally prepared for a carefree night out, away from family and the stress of work.

When Suze had left, I had decided against calling it a night and ditched our corner booth and took up a seat at the bar while considering my options. I had been wanting to go to the movies for a while, I was not adverse to a quiet drink by myself, or even just a wander around town could be nice.

But the thinking had sent me down an unexpected path. For the last couple of years I had been having a recurring fantasy that finished with a complete stranger fucking me senseless in a brief escape from the reality of a busy job and family life.

And now here I was, thinking about my fantasy, and realising I was in a situation where it could become a reality. What to do?

Just entertain the idea, I told myself. Don’t act on it, but have some fun with it. It could make my future fantasies more realistic.

I looked around again. It was a typical inner-city bar on a Friday night. It was busy, but not crowded. There was what looked to be a few groups of after work drinks, a smattering of couples, and some friends just hanging out.

It was a good atmosphere, even though it was only 8.30, shirts were becoming untucked, ties were loose, and people were having fun. Nobody jumped out at me as someone who would ditch their night out to fuck a married woman, but there was surely potential.

I ordered a margarita, and paid with cash. I was enjoying the game, I was imagining getting fucked hard from behind. The horny thoughts were having a physical affect on me, and I could feel my pussy getting wet. I shifted on my seat and realised that I was starting to ache down there. I hadn’t felt like this in months.

I jumped as the bartender served my drink, and I started drinking, taking bigger gulps than I might otherwise. I looked round again, more carefully. I didn’t recognise anyone, that was a good start. There were plenty of males, and certainly enough that I liked the look of.

I cursed myself. I was paying with cash, checking that no one was here that would tell hubbie. I was acting as though I was going to go through with it.

“It’s just a game” I told myself and I decided to play out the fantasy for a bit longer.

How would I pick someone up? I hadn’t done this in years. I adjusted my dress, pulling it down a bit to expose a good amount of cleavage. My breasts were my best asset, and I was pleased that I had put on some lippie and made an effort with my looks tonight. Hubby had looked me up and down and had said “Come home drunk” with a wink, so I felt good.

The role playing was enhancing the physical affect. I was almost squirming on my seat, I could feel my nipples stiffening under my bra, and it was a mental effort not to touch myself.

I explored the room more slowly this time, moving over the couples more quickly, lingering on a group of well dressed suits, checking out a group of younger friends, and then bang, I locked eyes with a broad shouldered, fair headed man. He had nice features, but more importantly, held my gaze. I held his and counted, one, two, three, four, five heart-beats. I sipped my drink and continued to look akkent escort him in the eye. Someone caught his attention, and he broke our gaze.

Fuck, what was I doing? I had not expected this.

My mind raced. Did I want to do it? Yes. Fuck yes. Well, I wanted to get fucked by a stranger, but I didn’t really want to cheat on Charlie.

How would I feel going home to the father of my children, my partner for life? I had explored this before in my fantasies, and truth be told I had never felt overly guilty, although I knew that it could hurt him, and hurt our family. But what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him, right?

Was I prepared to get caught? No. Or would I tell him anyway? That would be a life changing conversation.

I thought for a moment, finished my drink, and ordered another, again, paying with cash. I got out my phone and looked at the movies on at the cinema nearby. Bingo, there was a movie playing I had wanted to watch, starting 10 minutes ago. I was able to book a ticket, and paid with the family credit card.

Fuck, what am I doing?

I started blankly at my phone for a while. Thinking. I knew what I was going to do, and I was okay with it. When I looked up, my drink was in front of me, my pussy was throbbing, and broad shoulders was next to me, leaning against the bar, trying to get the waiters attention.

“What’s your name?” I asked. “James”, came the reply.

As soon as we got in the taxi I guided his hand up my dress and under my panties. The angle was awkward, but this wasn’t meant to be the main course, I was just making sure he got the message. He rubbed around my pussy, on my labia, mound, and gently on my clit. He dipped a thick finger into the entrance of my vagina, and would have immediately felt how wet I was. I felt his fingers get coated in my juices and he worked a bit harder and faster. He was able to better target my clit now, and I had to restrain my self from shuffling my groin forward to give him better access.

Thankfully the ride was over soon enough, and we hurried inside. His door was first on the left and as soon as we were in, we started kissing passionately, He walked me backwards to the bed, taking off his sweatshirt and t-shirt in one go. He was tall, strapping, clearly strong and fit, but not through obsessive gym work, just natural bulk. A nice contrast to my lean husband. I sat on the edge of the bed as he ripped off his shoes, socks, and pants. I didn’t take off any of my clothes, I wanted him to do that.

Leaning down, he picked me up under the shoulders and pushed me to the top of the bed. We kissed more, and he pulled my strapless dress down exposing my breasts. He licked, tweaked, and sucked, doing a good job of building momentum.

One hand crept between my legs, up my dress, and into my panties. He had no trouble getting a thick finger inside me, and soon added another as he explored my pussy. I reached down and grabbed his cock. It wasn’t fully hard yet, but felt thick and long. Good.

I was in heat, my pussy was no longer aching, just enjoying the treatment. He put another finger in me, and starting finger fucking me more forcefully. It felt amazing, but instead I pushed his head down, below my breasts, making no secret of what I wanted.

He obliged, and he kissed his way down my stomach, over my panties, and started to focus on my inner thighs. He pulled my panties to the side, and again started to finger fuck me. I wriggled my nickers down and I was pleased that he started a combo of fingers and akkent escort bayan tongue. His fingers exploring different angles, and I moaned to indicate what was working. He focused on this, while slowly increasing the intensity of his licking and sucking, starting on my outer lips and labia, but working towards getting his tongue deep inside, and licking up, lashing my clit.

Soon there was more tongue and sucking than fingers, and I was a hot mess, thoroughly enjoying his work. I thought Charlie at home, probably doing some work or watching a movie as I let this stranger have his way with me. Those thoughts tipped me over the edge unexpectedly, and I had a sharp orgasm on James’ face. I hauled at the back of his head so his whole face ground my pussy, pushing his tongue deeper into me, further stimulating and adding to the intensity of my sudden orgasm.

I tugged at his hair and brought him up to kiss him. We kissed deeply, and I enjoyed the taste of myself on his tongue and lips. As my vagina settled I reached for his cock. Handling it, the first thing I noticed was that it was rock hard. It seemed to pulse in my hands, and I tried to wrap my fingers around it to guage its size. I couldn’t get my whole hand round it, and it seemed long as I slowly wanked it.

I guided it to the entrance of my pussy, and he started to work his way inside. My pussy was throbbing, soaked, and definitely ready, but he had to slowly and gently push himself inside. My vagina stretched around it, and I adjusted my hips to get a better angle. I felt our groins meet just as I thought I wouldn’t be able to take any more, and he slowly started thrusting. God it felt good. I was completely filled up, and it felt like my vagina was taking over my lower body. Each thrust scraped over sensitive parts, and even the noise that his cock and my juices and vagina were making were incredibly sexy.

He started to build pace, and I felt a familiar sensation in my vagina. Each pump seemed to feed the growing orgasm, and soon I could feel it in my clit, and even my thighs. I could tell this was going to be one of those rare, train wreck orgasms.

Fuck, James slowed as he heard footsteps in the hall. “Please tell me that’s your single flatmate” I said, before I even had thought about it. He looked at me, pulled himself out of me and went to the door. I rubbed my pussy, almost in agony.

“Simon, I’ve got someone who wants to meet you”

“Whats that bro?” came the reply.

“I got a lady in here, she wants to meet you”

I held my breath. “Fuck, right on” Simon said.

I flung off the duvet and got into doggy position. I beckoned Simon over and undid his buckle as James mounted me from behind. Again, he eased into me slowly, parting my vagina, all the way to my uterus, before quickly picking up the pace. I concentrated on him to start with, wanting that feeling back in my pussy.

I could feel it coming so I did my best to give Simon some attention. I took his semi erect cock and took him in my mouth, fondling his balls. I wanked the shaft, and sucked on his tip, using my lips and tongue the best way I knew how. Charlie actually way preferred to fuck me, and wasn’t bothered about blow jobs, so I enjoyed the novel experience.

James was really hitting his stride now. Long, frequent thrusts that hit the exact right spot everytime. He seemed to be driving an orgasm into me. It was building around his cock, and rippling out to my thighs, anus, and stomach.

I focused on the blowjob I was giving to try to escort akkent delay the explosion, but soon I could feel the orgasm approaching like a train. James was thrusting it further through my body, into my chest and nipples, which I tweaked hard, and it crashed through me, my pussy spasming and l lost control of myself from my toes through to my mind.

I groaned and moaned and bucked my hips, the blowjob was on hold as I enjoyed 3 powerful waves, each building on the last. James had slowed his thrusting and as I came down to Earth I realised that I was lying flat on the mattress now, on my stomach, with James grinding his thick cock into me whilst gently pushing my lower back down, rubbing my pubic mound into the mattress.

“I’m gonna come” James said. I hauled myself off, turning to face him, taking his cock in my hand this time. I wanked him slowly, wanting him to last a little longer.

Simon didn’t waste any time and entered me from behind. His cock was thicker, but shorter, which was fine with me, and he stretched and pushed himself inside. He was less gentle, his thick cock requiring more force to part my sodden vagina.

Once he was in, I upped the ante on the handjob, and started to suck the tip of Jame’s cock with more intensity. James’ hips started to jerk, and wrapping my mouth around him I felt one, two, three, four strong spurts of come. His cock throbbed as I sucked and swallowed, before letting him out and focusing on what was happening behind.

Again, I felt that the orgasm was being pushed into me from the cock. I started to think of hubby again, interested to see how this would be affect me. It was almost overpowering as I placed him in the room with us, watching on as Simon ploughed what felt like my whole body.

With a huge amount of willpower, I pulled off Simon and turned to lie in missionary. I pulled my knees back, wide of my shoulders, so my pussy was arching up. This forced Simon to climb up and into me, almost fucking downwards. This is how I wanted it, it felt like my pussy was being plunged, my juices seemed to squelch out, there was not enough room for them as Simon got into a rhythm.

Again the orgasm seemed to seed itself deep in my vagina, and each thrust fed it, and made it grow. It started to slowly spread into my clit and breasts, and then it engulfed me. I felt juices explode out of my pussy and my body convulsed out of my control. Just as it started to subside, another seared through me, seeming to open up my body as Simon continued to pump. I felt myself losing my mind as the orgasm peaked, but before it could recede it replaced by a rolling wave that started in my throbbing pussy and rippled outwards towards my toes and head.

When I came too I reaslied Simon had pulled out and had come on my face. I felt thick wads of jizz on my lips and cheeks, and running down my neck. He was kneeling to side of me, looking almost in shock.

I looked up at him, and he said, “Are you OK?”. Fuck, I thought, I have obviously made a scene!

I was done. I hauled myself off the bed, stood up on wobbly legs and pulled my dress down over my arse, and up, over my breasts. James and Simon watched on, looking a bit awkward with flacid cocks, and amazed eyes.

“Thanks” I said, and left quickly through the door, before they could even say anything.

I ducked into a bathroom and washed the come off my face. I looked at myself, a cheating wife. A very well fucked, and satisfied wife. My makeup was a mess, I wasn’t wearing nickers, and my hair looked exactly like I had just been rogered by two strapping lads.

I walked a few blocks towards town, thinking. Fuck it, I booked an uber from where I was, even though it would ruin my story if my steps were re-examined, and headed home.

I had two options. Duck into the bathroom and straight into the shower, or open up a door that could lead to absolutely anywhere.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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