Turkish Bath

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Dear Readers, as promised in my latest submission “My readers first real lesbian experiences” I tried to collect my readers favourite real life lesbian experiences and/or favourite erotic fantasies. This is the first mail I got from a mail-friend of mine. If it’s true or a fantasy I will (or can) not tell, but I’m happy that my friend Andrea let me post it to . I really hope for more of your feedback and contribution to either my “first time lesbian” or my “favourite experiences or fantasies” series. Thanks in advance; your Pussylove69!

Andrea’s Experience; from Andrea; 23; Student; written in the words of pussylove69

My name is Andrea. I’m a student and about sixth month ago I experienced something that changed my life forever. I’m a rather sportive type of girl, with firm but rather smallish B-cupped breasts. I have blonde hair, which are cut in a feminine but sportive style and rather short.

My flat is near a well known and well equipped wellness and relax hotel. Its SPA-area is also open for paying guests. I’m visiting it every Wednesday in the late evening. Normally between eight and ten p.m. the Turkish-steam-bath and the sauna and warm-water pool are completely deserted and so I have it all on my own.

That one evening I again saw nobody in the shower area. I undressed and started with a long, warm and relaxing shower. Nude as I was I entered the SPA-area and opened the door to the Turkish steam bath. It was damp and foggy with warm steam. Visibility was very limited and so at first I thought I was alone in the room.

Then I saw a woman sit on one of the benches. I was only some five or six feet away from her. At the first moment I was shocked. I just stood there and stared at her.

The woman was in her fifties. She had a few pounds too much, but for her age looked in great shape. Her face and skin showed some wrinkles but that just underlined her mature beauty. She had rather big, at least C-Cup breasts that were sagging only a bit. Her reddish hair was wet now and reached down beneath her shoulders. Her eyes were closed at the moment and she was breathing hard. And there was a reason for it. Her legs were slightly spread and one of her hands was resting at her crotch, while the other hand was massaging one of her tits, her fingers playing her rock hard nipple. The woman was masturbating.

I could clearly see as one of her fingers was moving along her pussylips, while her thumb was rubbing her clit.

I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to leave the scene as soon as possible but I also could not take my eyes of the woman. It was an unbelievable erotic sight to watch an unknown elder lady masturbate herself in the steamy ataşehir escort Turkish bath. I felt myself getting aroused. The dim light and warm, steamy atmosphere made it even more erotic – like out of a movie. I still stood motionless and stared at the woman, when she suddenly opened her eyes.

We looked at each other. Her hands still were at her breast and her pussy, but she had stopped all movement.

“I’m sorry….sorry…”, I stumbled and wanted to turn around and run out of the Turkish bath.

“It’s me who has to apologize,” the woman said. “I was a bit carried away by the wonderful atmosphere in here, forgetting that this is kind of public place. I hope I did not make you feel uncomfortable.” She was speaking as nothing special had happened. She was a cool woman.

“No, No not at all. I understand and it was a nice view,” I tried to sound cool too, but maybe just was sounding silly.

“So you liked my little show?” the mature lady smiled. “I can see it at the reaction of your own nipples. They are at least as hard as mine…”

I must have been red like a tomato. But the woman just kept talking. “You don’t have to be shy. You are such a beautiful young woman. Wouldn’t you like to sit down.”?

I didn’t really know how to react and so sat down only two feet away from her.

“So, if you are aroused anyway, you definitely should try it yourself. I can tell you there is nothing better than make yourself cum in a wonderful atmosphere like that. It’s so warm and so moist…”


“Shhh…you are such a beauty, my dear. It’s just us women in here…”

The lady smiled at me and her fingers started moving again. Her fingers played with her hard nipple and she spread her legs even further, giving me a good view and started stroking her pussy again.

I felt how my own arousal urged away my shyness. Hesitantly at first my hands wandered to my breast and gently began massaging myself. My eyes were fixed at the mature woman and hers at me. Sweat was forming all over my skin. I was feeling hot inside and out.

The mature lady moved her fingers in small circles all around her nipples. Her nipples were very stiff and long. Along with her fabulous, mature breasts I had never before been aware that another woman’s breasts could look so erotic, so sexy, so beautiful. The damp, hot air and the dim light was bathing it all in a special, almost unrealistic erotic light. She smiled at me as she moved her hand up and down the inside of her thighs and then all along her open and wet pussy.

My own hands followed her movements at my own body. A moan escaped my mouth as my finger glid along my pussy ataşehir escort lips. My juices were flowing freely. The woman’s finger circled her own clit and now she too moaned with sexual excitement. Again I followed her movements. We both had found a common rhythm of masturbation and watching. We both were voyeur and target all in one. Our hands and fingers massaged our breasts and nipples and played our pussies. A sexual arousal had built inside of me that I had never felt before.

Our fingers now parted our wet pussy lips and slid into our cunts. For a moment I had to close my eyes to take in the feeling of my own finger entering my pussy. I have always loved to pleasure myself but never before had I enjoyed masturbation in a way like that. The lady now let a second finger glide into her pussy and I did the same.

We were both moaning now as we started to move our two fingers in and out of our wet pussies in the same rhythm. Still the other hand was playing with our tits and nipples. While we were fucking ourselves we used the thumb of the same hand to play with our hard clits. We were both breathing hard and moaning aloud by now. Our fingers were moving in and out faster and faster. We were sweating not only due to the hot, damp air of the Turkish bath but maybe even more due to our hot voyeur and masturbation session.

I saw a shiver go through the ladies whole body. I heard a loud gasp escape her mouth and then my eyes closed automatically and I exploded into a huge and long orgasm that put my body on fire from head to toe.

I had closed my eyes and my hand was still at my pussy and at my breast when I reopened them. Streams of sweat where running down my naked body and through the steamy atmosphere of the Turkish bath I could see the mature woman as she smiled at me. She too still had one of her fingers stuck into her pussy. I watched as she slowly withdrew her finger from her pussy. I clearly could see her sticky pussy juice glistening on it. She opened her lips and put her hand to her mouth. With her fingertip she followed the line of her lips and then she very slowly put her finger into her mouth and sucked on it. She licked her own pussy juices from her finger.

I immediately was highly aroused again. It was the sexiest act I had ever seen in my life so far to watch that mature woman lick her own juices from her finger.

“You should try that too, my lovely dear,” she finally spoke again to me in a soft and sexy voice. “It’s that definite crown of each masturbation session.”

I was so aroused that the only thing I could do was to nod and then I had to follow her advice. Like in a kind of sexual trance I anadolu yakası escort brought my finger to my mouth and sucked it into between my lips. I had always loved to pleasure my pussy, but I had never before tasted my own juices. Slowly I started to wrap my tongue around my finger and take in my own taste and scent. I loved it from the first taste. So I again could only nod as the woman asked me:” Do you like it?”

With these words the woman rose and walked the two steps to me. She stood only inches away from me. I directly stared at her breasts, with her still rock hard nipples. They had such a wonderful, feminine, mature form that made me half crazy from excitement. She then waited for a moment, before she let her hand move down from her mouth, over her sweat covered breasts and her stomach, through the wet bush of her pubes and finally let the finger find it’s way to her slit, where it vanished deep into herself. She moaned a bit as she fingerfucked herself a view times before she withdrew her finger. Then she brought it directly to my mouth. It was sticky with her juices and I could smell the wonderful scent of her sexual arousal. Automatically my lips opened and I eagerly sucked her finger into my mouth. I sucked on her finger and licked every drop of pussyjuice from it. It was such a wonderful taste. Since that moment I’m addicted to the taste of pussy.

She smiled at me and then bent down and our lips met. My mouth opened to let her experienced tongue slide into my mouth for my first lesbian kiss. It only was a short kiss, but full of passion.

“Do you want to come to my room?”, the woman finally asked me. I again nodded.

That night I had my first lesbian experience. She was my teacher of lesbian sex and I still can remember every wonderful second, as we fell to her bed, as she took my shivering hands to her breasts. We were kneeling on the bed and she guided my hands. She made me massage her wonderful mature breasts, made me play with her long, hard nipples and she guided my hand deeper and in between her legs, to her wet pussy. It was a kind of erotic magic to feel another woman’s pussy for the first time. With all her mature experience the woman finally laid me on my back and then she kissed down my body. She kissed my breasts and sucked on my hard nipples before her lips and her wonderful tongue found their way to my waiting pussy. In that night I experienced more than a few wonderful orgasms and for my first time in life I learned to make love to a woman; I learned to love, to worship pussy. Since that night I’m a convinced lesbian and I especially love to give pleasure to a mature, experienced woman’s pussy.

So thanks again to Andrea for sharing with us. Of course I will pass on any of your feedback to Andrea and I would of course be looking forward to lots of feedback and inspiring e-mails with your own real life experiences or favourite lesbian fantasies. Thanks and have a great sex-life, your pussylove69!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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