Trouble on a Train

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This is something that happened to me when I was in college. I have never told anyone about it before. It was the seventies, and, like a lot of college students, I spent a summer touring around Europe, living out of a backback and having a good time.

Towards the end of my trip I was riding a train through Switzerland. I had splurged on a first class ticket, and when I saw my compartment, I was glad I had! The only other person in the compartment was this absolutely stunning woman. She had platinum blonde short hair, a dark tan, and the biggest boobs I had ever seen in person. They looked like they were going to burst right out of her tight dress. She must have been in her late forties, and I was in my early twenties, but my dick was hard as soon as I saw her.

Naturally, I introduced myself, and began to chat her up. She was very friendly, but I couldn’t seem to get the conversation around to sex. Finally I just flat out told her that she was the most beautiful and sexy woman I had ever seen. She smiled, as if she were amused, but only said thank you. I figured it can’t hurt to try, and I asked where she was heading, since I had no schedule and I could go wherever she was and we could spend some time together.

‘You’re sweet,” she said, “but I don’t think my husband would approve.”

At first this cooled me down, but she was so hot, I had to try again. “We could have some fun without your husband knowing,” I suggested.

She laughed merrily. “He’s getting on the train at the next stop, you can ask him yourself,” she said.

Sure enough, at the next stop a guy came into our car and kissed the woman, her name was Ilsa. He was older than her, also with a great tan, but a big shock of pure white hair. He was in really good shape for his age, which must have been somewhere over fifty.

The two of them spoke in German, and then Ilsa introduced me to him. türkçe alt yazılı porno His name was Karl. He was very friendly, asking me about where I was from in America and so on. So it was a huge shock when he suddenly said “So Ilsa tells me you want to sleep with her.”

I panicked, started to say something about being misunderstood, but he put up a hand to stop me. “No need to apologize,” he said. “Ilsa is a very sexy woman.” He leaned over and gave her a long kiss. His hand went to one of those huge boobs and started to rub it. My eyes felt like they were going to pop out of my head. Her nipples certainly popped out, I could see them through her dress. “I might not mind even if you did sleep with my wife,” he said, “if I get something out of it too.”

I had no idea what he meant. “You mean money?” I asked.

“I don’t need your money,” he said. “Let me think.” He leaned back on the cushioned seat. I looked at Ilsa and she licked her lips at me. My cock was rock hard again. “I know,” he said. “I really have to piss, and I hate using the bathroom on the train. Can you help me?”

I was confused. “What do you mean?”

“If you drink my piss, I will let you fuck my wife. Is that fair?”

“Drink your piss?!” I had never even thought of anything like that.

“Ilsa got down off the seat and knelt in front of me. “Please David, do it for me,” she said, rubbing my thighs. “It would make me so wet and horny to see it, and then we could fuck.”

I looked into those blue eyes and that awesome cleavage underneath. “Yeah, but isn’t there anything else…” I said.

“Please,” she said, and she pulled the top of her dress down a little. I looked up at Karl. He was waiting. “Do it,” said Ilsa, “and I will strip and masturbate while I watch.”

“Ok, I’ll do it,” I mumbled.

Ilsa clapped her hands in doeda porno delight and immediately started taking off her dress. She was wearing matching black lace bra and panties, which she removed. She had blonde hair between her legs and under her arms. “European women,” I thought.

Meanwhile Karl locked the door of the compartment and made sure the shade was all the way down. He then stood in front of me and said “On your knees, please.” I glanced at Ilsa. She sat down on the bench opposite and spread her legs very wide. She began to rub her pussy, and I saw pink amidst the blonde. I went down on my knees before her husband. He opened his fly and pulled out a huge cock. It must have been eight inches long and very thick. “Open your mouth please,” said Karl. I don’t want to get your clothes all dirty.”

I looked at Ilsa again. She nodded at me and stuck a finger up her pussy. I opened my mouth and Karl began to piss. He had a really thick hot stream of piss, and it shot into my mouth very forcefully. It tasted kind of salty, but not too bad, and I tried to swallow as fast as I could. I choked a little once and spilled some on my t-shirt, but I basically started letting it pour down my throat like chugging a beer.

Karl moved up closer, and his dick seemed bigger. It was bigger! Karl was getting hard. He put his cock right up to my mouth and I pulled back, but he put his hand behind my head. “No nonsense now, we don’t want you to spill a drop.”

I heard Ilsa saying “Come now David, don’t tell me you will accept pee in your mouth but not a cock!” So I let Karl slide his hard dick into my mouth, as his pee stream finally began to die down.

When he stopped peeing, I started to pull away, but he put his hand behind my head again. “Just a little more, I am almost done,” he said.

Ilsa squatted down next to me. “Don’t stop, that is so sexy,” she said. She took my hand and put it on one of her huge melons. She had big dark nipples, and had obviously tanned topless. I don’t know why, but I stayed there, kneeling on the floor, while her husband fucked my mouth. Suddenly he groaned and came, shooting thick ropey spurts of come into my mouth. He pulled out of my mouth, and I was sort of gasping for breath.

“Oh David, that is so sexy!” said Ilsa. “You are a good cocksucker. I am jealous. Now do you want to fuck your Ilsa?

I couldn’t speak, I was still swallowing come, but I nodded, and stiood up unsteadily. I am embarassed to admit my cock was hard while another guy was coming in my mouth. Ilsa undid my pants and pulled them down. “Oh, such a tiny little penis,” she said. Now, my dick is not that small, about five inches, but I guess it seemed small next to Karl’s. “I think it would be better if you fucked me in the ass. Would you like that?” asked Ilsa, and she patted me on the cheek. I nodded again.

Ilsa opened her bag and took out some hand cream. “I need to put this on so it doesn’t hurt,” she said. She spurted some out on her hands, rubbed them together, and then started to rub my dick.

I couldn’t help it, it was such a crazy day. I came, spurting all over Ilsa’s hands. I fell back on the seat. “Ohhh, no assfuck,” said a dissapointed Ilsa.

I found my voice “I’ll be hard again in a second,” I croaked.

“No time,” said Karl firmly. “Our stop is coming up. Ilsa dried her hands on her black panties, slipped into her bra, and struggled into her dress. “Nice meeting you, David,” said Karl. He unlocked the door and strode out. Ilsa smiled at me and threw her panties, sticky with my come, at me.

“Wait,” I said, but she walked out. I struggled to the door with my pants down around my ankles. I stuck my head out of the door, but they were gone. I went back in the compartment and closed the door. I had Karl’s come in my mouth, his piss on my shirt, and Ilsa’s flowery hand cream all over my limp dick. And all in exchange for a pair of panties soaked in my come! I had gotten fucked in more ways than one.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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