Tropical Steam

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She took his hand as the plane accelerated down the runway and squeezed tightly. She hated this part of flying, but at least there was something worthwhile at the end of this one. The four-hour flight would end with them alone on a tropical island for a whole week; her heart beat faster just thinking about it.

She closed her eyes as they rocketed skyward, visions of tall palm trees swaying in the warm tropical breeze along an endless stretch of white sand beach filled her head. She could see them sitting by the pool sipping island concoctions of rum and pineapple, the faint melody of calypso music floating through the air.

A sudden jolt of turbulence broke her from her reverie. She let out a small cry and grabbed tight on his arm as the plane dropped slightly.

He smiled at her, even though she couldn’t see him with her eyes clamped shut. The cold wet rain would soon be a memory he thought as he stroked her arm with his fingertips. “It’s almost over,” he whispered as the plane leveled out.

She opened her eyes and watched the clouds change from black to grey and then a bright white as the plane burst through the tops. The sun was already low in the sky, giving the cloud tops a deepening pink hue.

After a typical airline dinner, they snuggled up next to each other and watched the sun creep below the horizon. The sinking sun turned the clouds an incredible kaleidoscope of red, purple and orange. “It’s beautiful,” she said.

“Not as beautiful as you,” he said, leaning over and kissing her cheek.

She turned her head and kissed him full on the lips. Her hand on his cheek as their lips met in a warm wet embrace. After several other short pecks, he turned to look out the window at the rapidly diminishing daylight and the growing number of stars.

Sliding the armrest between them up out of the way, she sidled up against him, her head on his shoulder. She tucked her long legs up underneath her, congratulating herself for having chosen first class tickets. The first class cabin was nearly empty with just one other couple sitting three rows in front of them. Daydreaming about the island, her hand dropped to his knee and started stroking his thigh.

“That’s not very fair you know,” he said.

“What are you talking…Oh sorry,” she said, watching the growing bulge in his pants. Her hand traveled between his legs, and, with a smile, she massaged his hardening penis through the cotton.

His eyes closed, a soft moan of pleasure escaped from his lips. Her gentle touch sent bolts of electricity through him. Her fingers toyed with his manhood, getting him harder and harder. Well, he thought reaching out for her leg, two can play this game. He caressed her legs, gently pulling up the hem of her white cotton dress. She opened her legs slightly then clamped her thighs down tightly on his hand.

“I’m going to the lavatory, why don’t you get a blanket and some pillows from the flight attendant.”

He watched her saunter forward and flash him an impish grin as she disappeared into the lavatory. He quickly fetched a blanket and a couple pillows from the overhead bin, hoping no one would notice his “condition” before he sat back down.

After several minutes, she finally was heading back to him. She stopped and said something to the flight attendant on her way. The cabin lights dimmed as she sat down next to him, tucking her purse under the seat in front of her.

“What did you do, tell her we wanted mood lighting?”

“No. I told her we wanted to get some sleep so we’d be well rested when we got to the hotel. Now let’s get situated.”

She took the blanket and covered them up, her arms once again encircling his as she snuggled up close. She threw one leg over his, her foot caressing his calf as her hand trailed back between his legs. He was still hard as steel as she undid his zipper and caressed him through his boxers. His hand reached over to fondle her breast through the thin cotton dress. He could feel her nipple hardening as he realized she wasn’t wearing a bra.

Well that explains the trip to the lavatory he thought.

As if reading his mind, she moved her mouth next to his ear and whispered, “I’m not wearing any panties either.” He instantly got harder in her hand. Well that had the desired effect, she thought. She slipped her hand inside the waistband of his boxers and drew her fingernails sensuously up the underside of turgid manhood.

His hand left her breast and went to her knee. He slid it up her thigh, the dress bunching up as he went higher and higher until his fingers met the downy tufts of hair between her legs. Lightly he rubbed the already moist outer lips of her love muffin. Her legs spread slightly as he continued caressing her intimate area.

What an incredible touch. She couldn’t help but open her legs to the soft sumptuous caress. She needed more and reached down to guide his fingers inside her. They easily slipped inside and he pushed them in and withdrew them with an unhurried rhythm, her juices flowing sex izle like a rain-swollen river.

Her free hand unconsciously went to her breast and massaged it, while her other hand continued leisurely stroking his rock hard penis. She wasn’t worried about him now though, all her concentration was on the growing fire between her legs as she moved both hands to his, setting the pace of his thrusts.

He soon found the tempo that was to her liking and watched her pleasure build. He could feel her starting to contract around his fingers, but it was her face that told the true story. Her eyes were glassed over, her mouth half open. The short quick breaths told him that she was on the edge and just needed a little push. Not just yet though, he slipped his fingers out of her, making her reach down and put them back in. Okay now, he thought. He reached out and massaged her hard nipples.

That was all she needed to get over the edge. She came in short quick bursts, the contractions almost breaking his fingers. He continued his stimulation as she came down from her orgasm.

“That was incredible,” she said. “Now it’s time to reciprocate.”

He watched in bewilderment as her head went beneath the blanket, and he felt her warm wet tongue licking the underside of his shaft. Purposefully she licked her way to the head, swirling her tongue around the tip then taking his entire length in her mouth.

She bobbed up and down, quickly coating his cock with saliva. Her hand replaced her mouth, stroking furiously as they kissed. His body tensed and she felt the warm stickiness covering her hand. They continued kissing as her fingers slid up and down his slick shaft.

“I’ve got to go clean up. Don’t you go anywhere.”

“I’ll be right here,” he called after her as she headed for the lavatory.

He was asleep by the time she got back to her seat. Well at least he’d be rested when they got to the resort. She sat next to him and shortly joined him in contented slumber.


The jolt of the landing roused them from their siesta as the flight attendant announced the local time of 9:07 p.m. Traveling first class also had the advantage of expedited customs checks, and in a few minutes, they were standing outside the terminal. Warm tropical breezes rustled through the palm trees offering slight relief from the warm humid night.

She was the first one to spy the chauffeur. He held a cardboard sign with their name on it. Quickly the bags were loaded in the trunk and they sped off to the resort.

“How long of a ride is it?” She asked the driver.

“About fifteen minutes, ma’am.”

She sat back in her seat pouting.

“What’s the matter sweetheart?” He asked.

“Fifteen minutes isn’t nearly long enough to make proper use of the backseat,” she complained, stroking his leg and smiling devilishly.

“There’ll plenty of time for that after we check in.”

“I suppose,” she said turning to watch moonlit island scenery slide by.

The ride took the allotted time and they stepped out of the limo and into a tropical paradise. Lush greenery was everywhere, exotic flowers exploding with color. As they entered the lobby, the faint sounds of island music wafted in through the open windows. A porter whisked their bags away to their room as they signed the guest register, and a waiter appeared from nowhere with tray full of fruity island concoctions.

“Might as well start now,” he said taking a pair of drinks from the tray and handing one to her.

“What’s in it?”

“Just drink it; if you don’t like it we’ll get you something else.”

She looked right at him and sensuously wrapped her lips around the straw. One quick suck filled her mouth with a delicious combination of rum and fruit. “I love this, we need to get more.”

He smiled at her and putting an arm around her waist guided her out the door and toward the music. After following a short path, they emerged into the pool area. The party was already in full swing. A calypso band played on a stage overlooking the pool. People danced everywhere, the pool, the dance floor, even in line at the Tiki-hut style bar.

As he scanned the area for a seat, he couldn’t help but notice her swaying to the music, her hips shaking in time with the thump of the steel drum. He took her drink and set them both down on the edge of a planter. Wrapping his arms around her, their bodies melted together as they moved to the rhythm of the music.

As soon as their bodies met, she could feel his building arousal. “Are you horny?” She asked, pulling him close.

“What do you think?” He asked spinning her around and grinding his hard cock on her ass.

She reached around and massaged his penis. “I think we both are, and after we get good and drunk I’m going to take you to our room and fuck your brains out.”

The song ended as she walked away. “Where are you going,” he called after her.

“To get more drinks. Find us a table.”

The line at the bar was long but moved quickly, finally it fransız porno was her turn. “I want two of the strongest drinks you have that don’t taste like alcohol.”

A minute later two tall frozen drinks appeared in front of her. “Thank you,” she said turning and looking for him. There he was. A secluded table at the edge of the beach.

“Here you go, the bartender says these will get us drunk the fastest.”

“Are we in a hurry? This is a vacation you know.”

“I know,” she said sitting beside him. “I just want to savor every moment of it.”

Their lips met, the drinks cooling the fire. For the next two hours, they danced, drank and kissed. They flirted with each other like newlyweds. He pulled her close at the end of a song and whispered in her ear, “I’m drunk, time for part two.”

“Okay let’s go.”

They picked their way through the resort, finally locating their second floor bungalow after only two wrong turns. The door opened into a large seating area. They both looked around the room in awe. It looked like something straight out of a travel magazine.

The mahogany floor in the seating area looked like it been reclaimed from a sailing ship. There was a step up from the sitting area into the dining and cooking areas and a small hallway. One door opened up into a bathroom fit for royalty. The raised whirlpool tub had a view of the gardens. A small plaque explained the window was in fact a one-way mirror allowing a view while ensuring privacy. The shower was equally spectacular. Marble floor gave way to glass walls with what looked like a hundred water jets. He stood there staring at the shower until her voice jarred him back to reality.

Where had she gone? He followed her voice to the bedroom. The sight was incredible.

She was leaning back against the post of the king-size four-poster bed. Candles were everywhere, casting a warm glow on her nude body. Thin white fabric encircled the bed, an homage to the days when mosquito netting was a necessity. The swirling ceiling fan still served its purpose, moving the chilled air around the room.

He looked back at her. Her eyes reflected the flickering candlelight as his gaze shifted lower. Small beads of perspiration formed on her breasts, her nipples hardening as he watched.

She climbed up on the bed, the opaque material closing behind her. “If you don’t get up here soon I’m going to start without you.” To emphasize her point she licked her finger sensuously then sucked it into her mouth. As he shucked off his clothes, she took her wet fingertip and ran it over her stiff nipple.

In seconds, he was in the protective cocoon of the mosquito netting. He took her in his arms and gently laid her back on the soft white comforter. They kissed furiously as her hands sought out his hard penis. Her light touch stiffened it even more. She pumped him with long leisurely strokes as their tongues massaged each other. He broke away from her lips, kissing and nuzzling her neck as she continued stroking him.

She needed more. While one hand continued stroking his cock, the other went to his head and guided him to her aching nipples. He licked and sucked the hard pink nubs, then sucked as much of her full warm breast into his mouth as he could. Her hands left his cock and went to her breasts, mashing them together. His tongued flicked from one nipple to the other as she squirmed with delight beneath him.

He shifted slightly, rubbing the tip of his penis across the dampening lips of her pussy. She let out a low moan. Just what he wanted. He teased her. Taking his raging hard-on in his hand, he rubbed the head of it up and down her slit. After several passes, he concentrated on her clitoris, rubbing the tip across it.

“Put it in me.”

He lifted his head from her breast. “What?”

“Put it in me please,” she pleaded.


She reached up and grabbed his face, her eyes aflame with desire, “Put your hard cock in my pussy, now.”

Their lips met, tongues intertwining as he thrust deep inside her. He was slick with her juices in seconds, thrusting in and out, as they kissed. Pulling away from her lips, he put her legs over his shoulders pumping in and out. After several minutes she reached between her legs and grabbed hold of his cock.

“What’s wrong?”

“I said I was going to fuck your brains out. I need to be on top to do it right.”

As they shifted positions, she kept stroking him, finally ending up astride him, his hard penis in her hand. With a wicked grin, she slowly rubbed the head along the slick, wet lips of her pussy, stopping to give extra attention to her clit.

“Okay, you’ve made your point, put it in.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you,” she said smiling.

“I want to be inside you.”


He sat up to look her in the eyes. “I want you to sit on my cock.”

“Like this,” with one quick downward thrust she took him inside.

She wrapped her legs around his waist and rocked back and forth, easily sliding up and teen porno down his slick shaft. He laid back on the bed watching her ride him, the sweat forming on their bodies shimmered in the candlelight.

She leaned back, grabbing the posts at the foot of the bed to use them for leverage as she pumped his raging hard-on in and out of her. The sensation was incredible and in seconds he was pumping her full of warm sticky semen.

She collapsed on top of him, giving him a deep wet passionate kiss. They drifted off to sleep, their bodies entwined.


The sunlight assaulted his eyes as she threw open the blinds covering the French doors.

“Wake-up sleepy head. Time to go have fun.”

“But my head hurts,” he complained.

“There’s aspirin and water on the table for you. I’m going in the shower,” she told him as she gave him a quick peck on the cheek.

She walked across the hall to the bathroom as he plodded out to the kitchen. He downed the water and pills. Slowly he made his way to the bathroom to splash some cool water on his face.

The mirror was already steaming up from her shower as he splashed the water on his face driving the hangover demons away. He downed several more glasses of water trying to replace the fluids he had lost. While filling up his glass he caught a glimpse of her in the mirror.

She was washing her breasts, rubbing the luxurious soap all over her large bosom, the shower creating a waterfall of suds down her cleavage and between her legs.

Well, he thought, a shower might help with the hangover. He opened the glass door and slipped into the shower behind her.

Finally, she felt his hands cupping her breasts from behind as she worked the shampoo into her hair. “I was beginning to think you weren’t going to join me,” she said turning to face him. Her hands went to his chest, covering him with suds.

They stood there for several seconds rubbing each other’s chest, the shower jets engulfing them with water. Her hands worked their way down his body finally lathering his shaft as it grew in her hands. “Well the hangover certainly hasn’t affected some parts of you.”

“Honey, I’d have to be dead for that not to effect me.”

She smiled as she tilted her head back to rinse her hair, one hand slicking the suds from her head, the other sliding up and down his shaft. He leaned forward, his lips kissing her throat while he inhaled the fruity fragrance of the soap. She smelled good enough to eat. He kissed his way down to her breasts, kissing and licking them as the water washed over his head.

A lavish shower and sex. What a way to start the day she thought. Both hands went to his head, holding him tight as he suckled her breast, his tongue flicking her nipple until it was hard. She felt a brief pang of disappointment as he took one breast out of his mouth and replaced it with the other. He rolled the hard nipple between his fingers as he sucked the other one to an equal state of arousal.

While sucking her breasts, he slipped a hand between her legs. She spread them willingly, his hand probing her wetness from something other than the shower. Quickly he dropped to his knees and began kissing between her legs as she spread them even further. His tongue reached out and flicked her swollen clitoris causing her to tremble. She held his head tight between her legs as he licked her to orgasm.

He kissed his way back to her breasts as she regained her composure. “Well I guess turnabout’s fair play,” she said spinning him around and sinking to her knees.

She rubbed the head across her lips inhaling the fragrant mix of soap and arousal. Hung over or not he was hard as a rock. She licked the shaft up and down several times before sucking him deep in her mouth. She bobbed up and down for several minutes, massaging his balls as he thrusted in and out of her mouth. Sensing he was close, she pulled him out of her mouth and stroked furiously, enticing several blasts of creamy white semen onto her chest.

She stood up and kissed him, the warm water washing her clean.

“You stay and finish your shower, I’m going to get dressed,” she said getting out.

He just stood there for a minute. Well, at least he’d discovered a hangover cure. He spent several more minutes just letting the warm torrents of water run over him. He stepped out of the shower and toweled off as he headed for the bedroom to get dressed.

She was already dressed and waiting for him. “So what’s the plan of attack?” He asked.

“Well, I thought we’d go get some breakfast, then maybe set up a spa appointment for me, then either lounge by the pool or on the beach and work on my tan.”

“Sounds good to me.”

He dressed quickly and they left arm in arm for a day of fun and excitement.


They had a fun day, she thought to herself, but this was truly relaxing. The water jets and bubbles soothed her muscles still aching from windsurfing and jet skiing and volleyball. The rum punch didn’t hurt either, and she’d sent him down to the bar for at least two more.

The setting sun shone brightly over the gardens and the light streamed in the huge bathroom window. She leaned her head back on the pillow and exhaled deeply, the warm water forming a cocoon around her.

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