Trapped in my Magic 2

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Trapped in my Magic 2

Unlike the 1st chapter, I’ll be in the character of Brian for this chapter.

He snaps his fingers…

“Jason. Stop it! This isn’t funny man. I’m a guy, not a fucking faggot.” I shouted.

“Just shut up or I’ll rip your ass if you don’t shut up.” He slaps me. “Besides, it turns me on when a guy beg me for mercy or more.” He whisper on my ear. He licked my ears and bit it.

“Why can’t I move my body?”

“Didn’t I tell you? I only gave you a will of sound. But not on your body.” He licked my neck and bit it slightly. I can’t believe this is happening to me.

“Now, let’s begin the session.” He tried to kiss me again but I just avoid it. He smirk, “Just remember Brian, if you moan you’ll be my slave forever.” He started to lick and suck my neck. His hands are exploring my body. His right arm pinch my left nipples while his left hand is slowly getting to my cock.

Damn! Why am I getting around with this shit! “Jason, please-aww”

He pinched hard my right nipples. It hurts! It burns! “I told you not to complain. Fine! If you endure this foreplay, I will lose but you need to survive this in 30 minutes. So just shup-up and enjoy it.” He suddenly sucked my right nipples while playing with the other one. His left hand reach my cock.

“Ohh, so you’re aroused by this. Don’t worry, I’ll make you to a wonderful submissive woman.”he suddenly slapped my cock.

“Aww! Shit!”I want to curl my body but my body didn’t respond an inch. He grabbed my cock and stoke it slowly.

“It hurts.”tears run down my cheeks.

“It’s your fault for not cooperating. Now you pissed me off. I’ll make you suffer. I’ll make you beg for my cock.” He looked me in the eyes with a lustful eyes.

He grabbed my dead 6 inch cock again and stoke it slowly. “Hi big mouse.” His thumb rubs the tip of my cock. “Aren’t you a little tired? gaziantep escort reklamları Want me to make you alive?” He kissed the tip and blow it. My cock twitch by the warm breath. His mouth slowly taking my cock with his tongue moving all over it.

Shit!…Shit..! My cock is starting to grow. He released my cock from his mouth and lick all over my balls then back to my cock. Then release it again and lick my asshole.

“Fuck! What are you doing? Stop that!” My body won’t obey me anymore. My cock stand tall pointing to his direction and hungry for attention.

“That’s it big boy. I think you’ll satisfy me with that 8 inch cock you’ve got.” He licked my ass again while stroking my dick.

“N-no. Jason.”I almost moan. I looked at the time and I’m halfway there. There’s only 15 minutes from this torture.

“Look at me Brian. Look how hungry I am.” He put my cock inside his mouth again and taking it deeper into his throat inch by inch. His warm and wet mouth is completing my cock and I just can’t believe it.

He’s bobbing his head up and down my crouch and taking my cock deep inside his throat.

“I can’t hold it anymore!” I said. “Hmm, Ja-jason. Take my cock deep in your throat. Faster! Faster. Ahhh…ahhh.” he picked up the pace. He hummed and gives vibration to my dick.

“Shit! That fee–feels good!” He snaps his fingers. I suddenly can move my body. My hands holds his ears. “Take this shit!..Take…this…shit! I’m gonna cum.”I face-fuck him harder and faster. My hips trust to his face. My hands gripping his ears, pulling closer, my cock is getting deeper to him. “Fuck!” I cum inside his throat. 1..2..6..8 jets of cum. He’s drinking it. I can feel his throat squishing my cock.”Hmm..” I released him as I catching my breath.

He coughs and snaps his fingers again. I can’t move. I tried gaziantep escort resimleri to speak but I can’t.

“You moan.”he smirks. “You even beg for more.”He kissed me on my lips. He grabbed my soft dick and start strocking it. Humiliated, I moan just by his touch.

“Let’s we what we got here.”He rubbed his forefinger to my asshole and starting to penetrate it. “Hmmm, interesting. Your asshole relax to my finger. You’re such a slut.” He whisper. He licked my ears, my jaw line, my cheeks, my eyes and my lips. He sucked my tongue and I sucked his. I gave up. I totally surrender to him. He keeps on adding a finger to my ass. We break the kiss,”I think you’re ready. ” he aligned his cock tomy asshole.

I feel the warm of his cock outside my anus. It slowly penetrating me. There’s a pop as the head of his cock enter my ass. It is big, it feels like a hand is ripping me inside. It hurts but my body didn’t mind. He keeps on pushing his dick inside me. Just how big his dick can be. It feels like forever when he finally stop.

He whisper again, “I’ll release you. But if you will resist, I will give you a rough fuck.”

“Urg.” He pulls his dick out and trust it hard to me.

“Do you understand what I am saying?” I nod. He snaps his finger to release me again.

“Aww! It hurts!”the first words come out of my mouth.

“Just relax Brian.”He gently hold my left hand with his right hand. Our hands intertwined. “Kiss me.” He commanded. I give him a quick kiss.

“Not like that. Kiss me like your life depends on it. Or else I will ravage you like a beast.” I can’t do anything in this situation. His cock is inside my ass and I’m too small for him. I reach the back of his head with my right hands and pull him close to me. We are exchanging breath, saliva, sucking each others tongue. His left arm reach my gaziantep escort sitesi back to pick me up. We are now sitting with me above his thighs and his cock inside me. We keep on kissing and my cock is getting hard again. He started to move inside me. Slowly but a long hard trust. I moan, I shout, and I hugged him as he speed up his pace. “Hmmm..hmmm…hmmm..” I didn’t realize that I close my eyes with my mouth open.

“You like that, huh?” He trust faster, harder deep inside me. I didn’t respond. He then stopped, and grind inside me. “I didn’t hear you.”

“Hmm..” He totally stop. “Hmm, what? Tell me.” He commanded.

“I…I like it.”I said in hesitation.

“You like what? Tell me!”

“I..I..-“he trust hard. “Ahh!”I moaned loudly. “I like when you fuck me! Ilike it when you grind your hips with your dick inside me. Urg-” he trust again deeply and grind his hips. “I li-like….it when…you fuck me so hard. I love everything you do to me!” He keeps on grinding his hips with me.

“So? What do you want me to do now?”

“Fuck me! Fuck me with your huge cock. Fuck me roughly! I need it!” I pleaded.

He smiles,”here’s your reward for being honest with me. He throw me back to the floor in my knees. He shove his cock inside of me. “Ahh!..hmmm…hmmm…hmmm…hmmm…ahh!” I moan in each trust he gave me.

“Hiw do you like that huh? Who’s the faggot now?”I didn’t answer him so he slaps mt but hard.

“Ahh!”I shouted as he slaps me. “I am! I’m the faggot one. I loved your cock in me. Penetrating me deeply!” I screamed like a girl as he goes faster and faster and faster.”ahhhh! Ahhh! Ahh!…hmmm..hmmm..hmm!” We both came.

“I-I can feel your hot cum pulsing inside me.” I came to my senses.

“Fuck! What have you done to me. Shit! Just let go of me!”

“Not yet, I haven’t break you yet.” He snaps his fingers again to froze me.

He pushes a button and tell to his driver to go to his suite. “Clean yourself. You’ll just act as what I’ll say so. You can’t do anything against me or your mom will die.”

Thanks for reading my stories! Hope you’ll leave some comments on how I’ll enhance my writing. Bye bye. Wet-lots and wet dreams! :-*

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