Training Notes: Sophie’s Story

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“Shave her cunt.”


The kneeling girl’s head snap back just slightly, but I don’t think John saw it. He seemed a little distracted. Who was she?

I waited to see what else he wanted.

“Oh, and her tits. Yes, well…” He went behind her, had her stand and cupped first one and then the other breast with a thoughtful look. “Definitely big for Rogonfeldt!” was all he said — but that had been obvious to me. Then “Well, leave them for now. Let William decide.”


“Now bend over Sophie, take the edge of my desk. That’s a good girl.” He squatted behind her to inspect and ran his finger up along her slit. I could see her mouth open in pleasure at the slight touch — a good sign if she was to be one of us. “Yes, definitely shave her. But her ass is fine.” He slapped it then, but not hard, just a signal to move back to her knees.

“Then take her downstairs and give her an easy fucking. I’m giving her training to William but he won’t be back till tomorrow. You can show her around. Introduce her to the girls.” John hadn’t introduced us but at least I knew she was a Sophie. “Then we’ll let her rest. She had a big day yesterday, today too I guess. Tomorrow may be hard for her.”

I nodded — more to myself than him. The girl knelt with eyes down but I could see a blush of red had formed across her neck and breasts.


“Yes, Master.”

“It’s just Sir here Sophie. Not Master.”


“Are you sure you’re ready to begin? I need you to be sure. Rather give you a few days off now to collect yourself than have you break down once William begins.”

“Yessir. I’m sure. I’ll be better off keeping to my work.”

Master looked at me and rolled his eyes, still unsure of the slut.

“Then we need your total focus on your job. Starting tomorrow. You understand? “


“And you’re ready for Chloe to fuck you now?”


I could see Master shake off the doubt — he had decided.

“All right then. Welcome to Rogonfeldt House. I think you’ll find that our expectations of you are high but fair.” He paused and chuckled to himself. “Well at least we try to be fair. But expectations are certainly going to be higher than what you experienced with LaFontaine, no disrespect to his memory. “


John nodded in my direction — he was done with her for now.

“Oh, and, one more thing Sophie. I want you to relate your story — well mainly the last few days — to Chloe here. She’s going to put it in the history of Rogonfeldt she’s helping me with. It’s an unusual case.”


Then to me. “Take her story after you fuck her. I want to see a copy by tomorrow. You may go now.”

“Thank you Sir.”


I took Sophie’s hand and walked her from John’s study.

Sophie didn’t say a word as I led her to the shower room seat. I had seen most of her body when she stood and bent over for inspection by John. I’d seen her slender shoulders and arms, how they set off her nice tits just right, her slender back and thighs when she knelt before his desk. Now I got a better view of her delicious looking ass as I walked her down to the grooming stable. We didn’t speak.

John had said “his memory.” Did that mean…?

Her face was either plain or beautiful — she was one of those girls where it’s hard to say. Delicate features and very nice skin — features I knew might be more attractive to women than to the masters. (But we all know that women are notoriously cheap when it comes to the acquisition of pussy — too bad for her!) A cute nose and nice cheekbones, nice dark eyes set off her fair skin and hair. But she had thin lips (at least for one of us) that would detract from her value as a cocksucker. Still there was something like an old money classic beauty to the girl. I didn’t know if she came from money but even nude she carried herself like she ought to have. My pussy gave me one or two little tugs as I thought of her as more attractive to women.

I got her pussy trimmed down with scissors and then lathered up before she began to cry.

“Oh, don’t be a child. You just told Master that you were ready for this. And I’m just shaving your pussy.”

“I know but…. Through the tears as I looked up from between her legs. “It’s just Mr. you know — he let me keep it.”

“Mr.? Mr. who?”

“Just Mr. He is my Master. Oh….” More sobbing. “I mean he was my Master. Now I know Sir is.”

“Call him Master now.”

She looked confused. “I thought it was Sir?”

“Sir to his face. Master when it’s just us girls or there’s an event with other Masters.”

Now she was crying full on.

“Don’t worry. It won’t be confusing after a few days here.” I knew that wasn’t her reason for crying. But I had to say something. “Besides Master is giving you to Master William. And he always goes by Master to us girls.”

I began shaving her. Which got more tears. More to distract her than anything else I asked “So Mr. let you keep your pussy?” görükle escort She nodded. I shaved some more. I had to say that I saw his point. The hair on her cunt had been fine and wispy and sparse. It covered nice pouting pussy lips and now I was looking inside at a very strong erect clit. Delicious! And I wondered then if John might give her to me to sleep with tonight.

I realized I had better concentrate and not botch the job. That would be bad. And realized that I had been thinking of Master as John the whole time. I began to wonder if my branding had given me a big head, whether I was losing my slut edge.

“What’s he like? Master William?”

“Strict. You’d better be ready.” There was no sense babying her — she would begin tomorrow. The tears had given way to sniffles now that her pussy was about bare. I was just cleaning up some edges. It only had to last until we got her a full wax in the next couple of days. “Oh, do stop blubbering Sophie! Master William is strict. But as Master John said they are very fair here at Rogonfeldt. You’ll see. The girls here love it.”

“I’m not afraid of that — of the work. Mr. was stricter with us girls than most people thought.”

I was skeptical since I’d never heard of him, never heard of this LaFontaine House at all. How good could they have been? But I ignored it — she was going to find out for herself soon enough.

“There! Clean as a whistle!” Again I had the urge to lean in and lap at it. It was so pretty! Maybe not as pretty as Martha’s was, but close. And wait till Sophie found out that Master let Martha keep her cunt. Then we’d likely see the tears again. (A girl can be so sexy when she cries over things like her pussy!)

I turned on the shower and we washed up. I concentrated on getting back to business. Then I took her to the training room.

There were no more tears from her as we got down to work. One thing I discovered early about her: she’s a vigorous little fuck! Of course I only had the 8 inch black cock strapped on since Master had specified an ‘easy fucking.’ But still. The way she took it. The way she got so wet for me I hardly needed lube. The way she raised her cunt up for me and the way she rolled her hips and pussy back over the black cock! Seeing the cock disappear under that creamy ass! The way her pretty breasts hung in that position. I was not used to fucking bigger breasted girls like Sophie. And the way she made those girls noises so soft sweet sexy submissive that I nearly came from the friction of the beast when she did, which happened about 6 times in the 30 minutes I did her. Oh my God but she was a sexy vigorous fuck! Where had this slut come from?

Just as I finished her I heard the door open behind me. I figured it must be Master Joshua and I was right.

“Oh. Missed it did I? Slut came for you nice?”

I had just pulled out of her cunt and said “Yessir.” Master Joshua is a Sir just like his uncle, Master John. Another confusion I’m sure for Sophie.

“Dammit! I wanted to see her.” Sophie had stayed in position bent over, keeping her head down and her ass up. “Whoa. Nice tits too. John must be losing his mind.” He laughed.

“Tell you what. Raise up you face slut. Let me see it.” She did as demanded. Then to me “Let’s let her clean the cock. See what the little twat is capable of.”

I moved in front of her. The cock was gleaming with her juices. I brought it to her lips and she began to suck it clean. An easy cocksucking motion, but then it was only the 8 incher. And her lips were thin!

I could feel Master Josh behind me and thought he might want to fuck me while she serviced my cock. I spread my legs wider and bent in a bit over Sophie’s head. But he didn’t want me. He brushed me aside as he unzipped and gave her his own cock. She sucked it greedily for maybe two minutes and I thought ‘vigorous at her work here too!’ It struck me again how her upper arms were so slender and feminine — the contrast with her tits really showed them to very nice advantage. Then Master Josh pulled out and sprayed cum all over her face, hair and tits. Master Josh is about 9 inches and pretty thick, bigger than William when it comes to that department. Sophie had done well and I was proud of her.

He raised her chin to admire his work and said “Pretty enough too. Figures William got ….” And then left the rest of the sentence unfinished.

He grabbed me by the hand and pulled me towards her once more. “Now you can clean her up Chloe. Return the favor for her sucking your dick.”

I knelt before her and began lapping up the cum on her face. Her mouth and mine were together, sharing the juices as we heard him zip up and leave. But I finished the job — doing her tits and scooping what cum I could from her hair. I said “That was Master Joshua, Master William’s brother and Master John’s nephew. You call him Sir. You’ll like him.”

“His cum is delicious.”

“So is your mouth.” I gave her another kiss and a big smile. “You did great. Master Joshua won’t forget bursa escort bayan that blowjob in a hurry.” Sophie blushed again. I kissed her again, pretending this time that I’d missed a cum streak on her lip.

But I was worried about Joshua’s reaction (and noted to myself that I had put myself again on a first name basis!) First I figured he came down to get Sophie once he found out from Master John that she was being trained by Master William. Fair enough I suppose — but I thought Master William might not approve as readily as I had. And Josh had been very snappish with the girls recently — part of the stress the entire house was under after all the crazy things that had been going on. He sensed I think — I mean we all sensed — that William was taking more and more control of things John used to manage himself. Then it occurred to me that I was judging them again — getting above myself now that I was a branded slut! I needed to stop that and concentrate on our new girl!

I unstrapped Sophie and took her in the shower again. I was behind her and took in a perfect heart shaped ass, one high and tight enough for any Rogonfeldt girl (even if her tits were big.) I thought again ‘What if they give her to me for the night?” Kissing her mouth when I had cleaned her from Master Josh’s use! Kissing her tits! Just holding her beautiful tits had been such a turn-on. I was sure it was her and not just Master Joshua’s cum, although I agree with her that he serves up a delicious load. I had certainly seen a delicious looking clit on her and knew that I wanted it. Oh my God! Was I falling in love with the new girl so easy? So fast?

After that we toured the house and grounds. Sophie’s eyes were as big as saucers.

We were at the stables when she said “Oh my God I’ve never seen such a beautiful place! Do the girls ever get to ride?”

I thought of all the smart-ass responses to that one. I could see Emily giving her pretend-vacant smile and saying with her head cocked to the side: “We get ridden a lot. Is that the same thing?” But I held my tongue — no sense in inviting more tears now.

“Ride? You mean ride naked? That doesn’t sound like fun.” I wondered if this LaFontaine House provided the kind of leisure time a girl would need to go riding. Sophie gave a little girl frown at my answer and we moved on.

Two of the stable hands were casually looking us over. One of the perks of their job was that from time to time two nude sluts holding hands would show up to watch them work. But we were safe. They knew better than to do more than look and crack a few quiet jokes. I was sure their eyes were focused on her. They’d seen me plenty of times before. And she did have those tits!

“Oh. I just thought. You know. Cause I rode a lot as a girl. My mother wanted me to. Said it would build the muscles I needed in my legs and in my core. You know for ….”

Now I laughed with her. “Yeah. I know. She wanted this for you then? Knew what you needed?”

Sophie smiled and nodded. “My Mom was great!”

I took her back to the house and introduced her to the girls. Some of their eyes got big too when they saw her body. But I made it quick, and avoided Martha and her unshaven cunt. I got Sophie settled into her little room for a nap. “Master’s going to let you eat your dinner alone up her tonight. Keep you from the distraction of the other kitty-kats you just met. Then I’ll come up around 6 or so and you can tell me that story. OK?” She nodded as she pulled the covers up over her nude body. Suddenly I could see she really did need sleep. “Six or so. Because I have to get it all written up before I can get to bed. And I’ve got my own training tomorrow.” But she was already sleeping.

The girls were full of questions about her at dinner, as I knew they would be. But I had very few answers. Other than telling that she was a Sophie, that she had come from a house named ‘LaFontaine’ (which drew blank looks from them all), that her former Master had been called ‘Mr.’, that she had been through some sort of ordeal involving “his memory”, and that Master had had me shave and fuck her there was nothing I could say. I certainly was not going to tell them about Master Joshua’s blowjob and the cleaning — that was master business, not mine.

“So. Master Mr. Master — he didn’t have her pussy shaved?” That was my good friend Emily. Once she said it he would forever be known in our house as ‘Master Mr. Master’, that is so long as Sophie and our own masters were not around.


“Must be a funny place. Low standards.” She giggled and went on “Plus I don’t know about her — has big tits for Rogonfeldt.” Emily looked around the table, batted her eyes and said innocently “Sorry Rainee.” Rainee was the only other Rogonfeldt girl with large breasts, or at least she was until Rafa joined us recently. And now Sophie had them too — maybe the whole character of the house and its girls was changing?

Rainee snorted and laughed at the same time. “Hell I’m offended by her not by you. Her bursa escort tits are bigger than mine.” She continued laughing and said “Least slut Sophie looks like a woman. Hell with all ya’ll some days I have to check for a cunt to make sure you’re not teenaged boys” We sniggered appreciatively at her dirty joke. “And you see her ass? Pure Rogonfeldt ass. Master John knew what he was about getting her.” A few of us nodded. “But I’ve got 2nd place tits now, not even counting Rafa! I wish he’d left her little coochee bearded, then Martha would be pissed too.”

Martha joined in “Damn! You plotting against me Rainee? A slut’s really gotta watch her back with girls like you around.” This got a real laugh. The two of them had been casual but consistent lovers (with John’s approval) for the last year of their training.

We all knew that Martha was about to be sold. In fact Martha, Emily and Juliette had been at auction a week earlier. All had demanded outstanding prices — even by the high standards of Rogonfeldt. The $2.5 million for Emily set a house record we were all proud of, and Juliette’s price was just under $2 million. For Martha the bidding had continued beyond the day of auction among 3 potential buyers. She alone was still unsure where she’d end up, but it looked like her price too was going to be well over the 2 range. All 3 girls would likely be gone from Rogonfeldt in the next few weeks. Which was sad.

I turned to Martha, “Tomorrow still the big day?”

“Maybe. Master told me tomorrow or Wednesday should be the decision.”

“Still the Frenchman?”

“Master says it’s between him and a master from Brazil. Both are new at it, new money I guess, so it’s an opportunity for me to be first slut in the door.”

I said “Both are also handsome and rich and, from what I saw, not too rough on girls. You’re going to be so happy.”

“Lucky! No wives!” That was from Juliette. “Emily and I got masters with wives, kids and full stables of sluts. Should be a blast. I’m back at square-one slutwise.” I knew she meant it to be funny but it made us nervous — the thought of a slut complaining in advance about her new master. Emily pouted to be included in the complaint through no fault of her own.

Renee turned the conversation back to Sophie. She asked “How’s she fuck?”

Me: “I hate to tell you but: great.” That got some ‘oohs’ from the girls — who were probably imagining what I had already imagined all afternoon, making love to the new slut.

Emily said “Let’s see how she does in a blowjob trial with those little lips.” We snickered and then Emily said “Oh. I am such a bitch!” But she was a funny bitch and a loving girl who I adored.

We went on like that for a while. But when the clock on the wall said 5:50 P.M. I was off like a rocket. I figured that was close enough to my 6 P.M. date time.

I’d been so sad for the last 2 weeks. Emily, my number one friend at Rogonfeldt, was leaving for a new Master in India. I loved Martha too and, as stated, she’d be leaving soon for parts unknown. In addition we were losing Juliette (to a Canadian financier) and Wendy was already gone. Wendy had made a fool of herself at her branding (which I hope to tell you about at some point) and had been sold off quick right afterwards (for a bargain price!) to a mining magnate from South Africa. The masters had needed at least 4 new girls and grumbled constantly about the poor quality pussy that had presented so far. Of course Master John created a sensation with his first selection — Rafa, the girl who flunked the blowjob trial she’d been in with me and Wendy. But that created its own stress as Rafa was now in hospital for an operation on a malformed trachea. This apparently had been the source of her problem handling Baby on the night of the trial.

But despite all the bitching from us girls, things were starting to look better. We did after all have Rafa — and she was an extraordinary slut by any standard, at least so long as we could trust the doctors to fix her medical issues. And now somehow we’d ended up with Sophie, about whom I was, let’s just say, more than eager to learn more. So it was with some good feelings that I went off to visit her.

I found her sitting primly on the side of her bed, her dinner over and cleared.

“Welcome again, new girl!”

“Thank you…..Chloe? Right?”

I nodded and asked if her meal and bed were OK. Trying to keep things neutral before we went into whatever story had been deemed so unusual by Master John.

Sophie interrupted my thoughts: “I was wondering over dinner, I mean I know we have work to do but it would just take a minute and I ….”

“What on earth Sophie? What only takes a minute?”

She pulled herself together and looked me in the eye.

“I saw your brand. You bent over near the stable to pick that flower for me. It is soooooo pretty! Oh, I mean the brand — well the flower too but I meant the brand.” We shared a laugh at that. “And I was wondering if, if its ok with the Masters, and with you too I mean, if I really could look at it, you know, more closely.”

I laughed and shifted myself in front of her, turned my back and bent over for her. “Of course honey! I’d love to have you look. Just got it 2 weeks ago!” I was so proud of it then, and so happy she liked it.

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