Toy Shopping

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The new store was probably there about a month before I noticed it. Set just off on a side street is was close enough to downtown to be close to the action, but off enough to give visitors a bit of privacy when dropping in to shop.

I was on the way home around six pm, having gone to hit the gym and get showered up after work when I decided on a whim to drop in. Parking in one of the spots just down the road I casually walk down the sidewalk, enjoying the fresh air and the sun still glowing warmly.

Glancing in the windows I give myself a little smile and add a bounce to my step. I left my shoulder length red hair down, still wet, although had to change back into my gym clothes since of course I forgot to bring a change of clothes and didn’t feel like changing back to work clothes these days! I felt a bit self-conscious with the tight shorts and wearing a loose shirt over my tight tank top, but did find a light jacket in the backseat to put on before getting out. Be just my luck, I figure, I’ll drop in the toy store looking like a snack.

I push the door open, quickly looking around the well-lit room. The usual rows of shelves run the length of the room and the walls with all sorts of interesting toys, games even what looks like some bondage gear down on one side. Not seeing any other customers I quickly step inside, letting the door slowly close behind me.

Walking down one of the aisles I hear some noise from one of the back rooms and look over to see a curtain being brushed aside as the store worker comes out form the back.

I stop as I watch her come around the counter and casually walk toward me. Even across the room I can feel her eyes taking me in and feel a little tingle brush through me. After an experience I had last year in a supplement shop I was a bit more aware of some of these looks and felt myself get a little breathless at her confident poise.

Her dark red and black hair is pulled back over one side, the left side of her head shaved in a look I always found sort of hot. Her black eye shadow and lipstick makes her light skin glow while giving her an oddly authoritarian look. The outfit however was just wow. A red latex corset style top pushes her breasts forward in a tight cleavage, her bare arms covered to the elbows in long black gloves. Black leggings cover firm legs and the knee high red lace up boots look like something out of a movie. I have to admit I feel a little intimidated!

“Hi,” I say as she approaches. She probably figures I’m some hockey mom lost on the way to some clothing store. Ha, if she only knew!

“Hey,” she replies casually, stopping a few meters away. Her eyes openly scan me again with a little side smirk that Bayan Escort was just sexy as hell. I bet this place was pulling in tonnes of business with this one working the counter!

“So can I help you with anything in particular or just looking around?”

The slightly condescending tone fits the look perfectly and I feel a little smile struggling to escape. Ok honey, I can play this too!

“Actually looking for a replacement toy or too. I have a small egg style vibe but think it’s on its last gasp. Starting to heat up way too much.”

“What batteries are you using? Some of the smaller models need the more generic batteries or they do heat up pretty bad.”

“Yeah that’s what I’m using,” I reply enjoying the change in her tone.

“Maybe it’s time for a upgrade then?” She smiles slightly for the first time since I came in the store.

“I have a couple toys but sure what have you got?”

The smile is real now as she turns slightly to the side and gestures me forward.

“We have a pretty good selection in store,” she says leading me to the corner of the store with a row of different vibrators. “The usual vibes and dildos, nipple clamps. Are you in the BDSM scene?”

I blush slightly at the casual comments then chuckle, “Not so much,” I say looking at the far wall with the collection of masks and different outfits. I see a rack with a few outfits like she is wearing, wouldn’t that make story writing fun!

“Hmm, too bad,” she replies quietly.

Now I’m feeling a bit breathless. The sexuality radiating from this woman is intense! I glance down at her leather clad butt, imagining the feel of it pushing against me. Easy now, I mutter to myself.

We continue down the aisle joking about the shape and size of some of the dildo’s she has on display when I notice a large box sitting by the counter and my eyes light up.

“Hey is that one of those Sybian’s?”

Her eyebrows raise at my excitement and I can see her looking me over again.

“Ah no, it’s a cheaper version of the same device though,” she says leading me forward. I realize her hand is on my elbow but am so focused on the device I don’t care.

“Oh wow that’s so cool,” I say as I examine the device, “I always wanted one of these but never bothered to actually buy one. Are they as intense as the video’s make it look?”

“Oh yeah,” she says sounding interested now, “It’s unreal and gets right to the good stuff. You can play with the settings to if you want something quick or drawn out.”

“Have you tried it?” I ask looking it over. I’ve seen the things for years but never actually spoke with anyone, that I know of, that has used one.

“Certainly have.” The assured reply spikes my interest even more as I sneak a peek at her again while looking the device over. My mind is filled with images of her wearing that top and boots without the pants, straddling the device as it hums away.

The curse of an active imagination I feel my nipples getting hard at the thought and swallow quickly to regain my composure. My fingers trace down one of the attachments and I feel her step a bit closer to my side.

“What do you think?” she asks quietly. I feel her fingers brush against my butt and push back slightly out of reflex.

“Looks great, I like it,” I say softly as I look at her face then let my eyes drop to her chest. The electricity in the air is unbelievable. The tight knot of excitement in my chest threatening to burst out!

Her hand cups my butt and squeezes as I bite my lip and caress the attachment.

“It’s pretty quiet right now, maybe you’d like to check it out?”

I look in her eyes, the excitement I’m feeling mixed with a touch of hesitation in the question. At the same time her strong personality is just pulling me in so much I can’t help but give in.

“Sure,” I reply after a moment. Unsure what else I can say I just smile as she squeezes my butt again.

With a beautiful smile she takes my hand and we go behind the counter and past the curtain. She presses a button on the way by locking the door and I step into the back office. The room opens quite a bit with the usual back store set up.

Squeezing my arm she reaches for a box and opens it quickly and sets up the device on the floor. Obviously practiced she had a small attachment set and quickly cleans everything off.

“Not your first time with this huh,” I say laughing despite myself.

She looks up with a smile that would melt your heart, her dark rimmed eyes sparkling with mischief. Standing she takes my hand and leads me over to where she is set up. I feel a flash of nerves, her latex clad hand squeezing mine tightly.

“You’ll need to drop your shorts for this you know.”

My mouth opens as I realize this is really happening. Sensing my concern she steps forward to kiss me on the lips, her tongue licking before gently biting me. Her hands feel odd as she runs them over my belly, pulling up my top to rub the bare skin. I feel myself jump slightly as her hand drops lower, cupping my pussy and pushing her fingers against the material. I let out a squeak at the sudden rush of pleasure, my hips pushing forward against her hand.

We both start pulling my shorts down, kicking them off to the side as her fingers explore me. The latex slips over me before stepping back and guiding me over. I carefully straddle the device, things sliding into place easily as I slowly lower myself.

My low moan fills the room, the excitement of the unbelievable moment burning like fire. Saying nothing she sits in front of me with the controller, starting the vibrations and movements slowly.

“Oh my fuck!” I say as the vibrations fill me. Leaning forward the attachment starts a slow rotation, my hands gripping my knees and head dropping forward to cover my face as I feel myself get overwhelmed. I feel myself moving with the motions as she makes minor adjustments in the rhythm. She brings me close at one point as the speed and vibration increases, my nails digging into my thighs as I breathe faster, muttering under my breath.

Feeling so warm I sit back and pull off my top, noticing her eyes focusing on my chest. Not even caring any more I pull off the sports bra, grabbing my breasts and pulling on my aching nipples. As I lean back the position of the attachment changes and I take a sharp deep breath again, unable to even speak with the intense sensations.

She is obviously enjoying herself playing me like a vibrating toy, her smile wide.

Setting the controller down on a medium setting that almost has me drooling she reaches into another box and grabs two nipple clamps connected by a thin chain.

Grabbing one breast tightly she clamps my nipple, then the other tugging on the chain, smirking at the look of desperate passion on my face. She adjusts the device again, increasing the rotation as I lean back, pulling the chain on my nipples.

Leaning forward her hands caress my belly, squeezing and shaking my breasts before sliding to my mons. Pushing in and down slightly I let out a cry as the vibration pushes directly on my clit. My body shudders as she rides me close to the edge before backing off again.

“Oh fuck let it go!” I say loudly as the attachment circles away inside.

“Do you deserve to go?” she asks sternly. Pulling the chain again and squeezing my chest I let out another cry, the mix of pain and intense pleasure unlike anything before.

“Yes,” I say softly as I can.



The vibrations and rotation increase sharply and I drop forward with the pleasure surging through me. She expertly makes me ride the device, slowing the speed as I stop shuddering.

“Oh my fuck,” I whisper as I drop forward, pulling myself off to collapse on the floor. She turns it off and slides forward, her hand brushing my now sweaty hair back from my face.

“Good girl,” she says, “so do you think you’ll like it?”

I take a shuddering breath before rolling over on my hands and knees. With a smile I give her a kiss and sit back, carefully removing the nipple clamps.

“Oh yes, I’m sure I’ll have to work something out.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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