Touching Heaven

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The morning was cool, particularly for a mid-summer day. But accompanying the coolness came a sky so blue and cloudless that one could get lost staring up into it trying to find its end. And with that blue canvas as a backdrop, the green of the trees jumped to life and crackled as the breeze rustled their leaves. There was promise, anticipation, and excitement in the air, and he couldn’t have imagined it being more perfect.

They agreed to meet at the Delaware Water Gap, for she expressed a desire to perch up on the very same ledge of which he spoke but a few weeks ago. Secretly, she desired the seclusion he spoke of. She figured from there she could freely disrobe and let her beautiful body drink in the sun and the view of the valley floor. For a moment, she closed her eyes and imagined herself standing atop the world, naked, as her nipples grew erect in the winds of the heavens.

He arrived first. He was nothing short of an excitable little boy the night before Christmas, anxious as if an unimaginable dream were about to come true. In fact, it was. It was still hard for him to imagine that he actually wrote to her — and she responded. But he was glad. There was something about her spirit that made her unforgettable.

After ten or so minutes a car pulled into the parking lot. He was leaning against his car, enjoying the morning — wondering.

As the dust settled behind her car, the door opened and she slowly stepped out. To him, it seemed as if life was a movie and it was just put into slow motion. First one beautiful leg unfolded from the car and then the other. His eyes followed her long shapely legs past her creamy thighs to her tantalizing midriff, up past her breasts, where his gaze paused, remembering her pictures, and then to her beautiful face. As her hair caught the morning breeze it gently cascaded around her face, concealing in mystery her gaze as she peered at him, curiously.

She slowly walked over to him and extended her hand and introduced herself. He took her hand and felt its warmth. He loved a woman with warm hands. It was in that touch, a touch that lingered a few seconds longer than normal, brazzers that he read her soul. She began to pull away and yet, at the same time desired to maintain the connection. She felt his energy course throughout her body, diving into every pore and crevice.

After a few moments of nervous humor and introductions they were on their way. He had waited so long for this moment, and he was not going to waste a precious second, so he dove right in with what appeared to be a list of never-ending questions. She was fascinated by his inquisitiveness. In fact, she found it quite endearing. It was not very often, even rare, that she found someone so interested in her. Who she was. Why she was. How she lived. Who she loved. What she hoped for. What she dreamed of.

The curiosity amused her in the same way the playful curiosity of her feline housemate did. Oddly, she felt comforted by this similar quality.

It was easy to talk with him. And she loved that. Nothing seemed off limits. He was willing to share his thoughts, bare his soul, and explore whatever question she could dream up. The conversation was so engrossing that she did not even notice the steep climb or the distance they traveled.

The same was not true for him, however. Not because he was not equally absorbed in the conversation, but rather, simply due to the fact that she walked ahead of him. It was all he could do to keep his mind focused on listening to her answers, for most of his attention was diverted by his masculine energy that was screaming through him. He could not get over how beautiful her legs were. They were so incredible that they demanded his attention as her toned muscles flexed with each step up the mountain. But that wasn’t nearly as distracting as her butt. He was clearly a leg and butt man, and watching her butt as it made its way up the mountain was almost too much for him, and it made concentration quite hard.

As they continued to ascend they began to clear the treetops. In that moment, he reached up and touched her arm, signaling her to stop. The touch of her soft skin sent tingles through his body. Once she stopped, he turned cuckold porno her around and the view momentarily took her breath away. He could see in her eyes that she felt the same as he did the first time he saw the view. Indeed, he saw more in her deep brown eyes. He saw what he had been searching his whole life for. As she gazed down onto the earth, he looked into her eyes and saw the Universe. His soul, his heart, and his body opened up into the vastness he saw in her eyes, and he was startled by his willingness to get lost in them.

After drinking in the view, they continued onward. They reached the outcropping in another 20 minutes. Getting to the perch was a bit of a challenge, and he could see that she was excited by the risk. They had both broken a sweat to reach their resting spot, and their bodies were now hot and slippery.

They sat down in silence as they were awed by Nature’s beauty. The green of the trees now lay below them. The air was so clear and crisp they felt as though they could reach up and touch the blue sky they thought was so far away from the valley floor below. Only the turkey vultures cut a silent path across the sky, filling in the void normally left to the clouds.

He was overwhelmed by all the beauty that surrounded him — not only Nature’s canvass, but also hers. It moved him deeply, and he was so filled with this love and passion that he leaned over and kissed her. It was bold and out of character for him, but something about her compelled him.

His lips were met passionately by her softness. He could not believe how soft they felt. It had been a long time, and he missed the feel of yin energy, and he got lost in their embrace.

His tongue gently pierced her lips and probed her mouth. It was met eagerly by her soft and wet tongue and they danced together as if doing their own mating dance.

His touch, soft yet confident, turned her on. As they kissed, sensations welled up from the seat of her soul. She had not felt this way in such a long time and she yearned so badly and for so long to feel this way. She kissed him harder to intensify the czech porno feeling, and held him tighter as a shiver ran through her body.

They were both lost within each other, and yet they sensed the warmth of home. He craved to see, touch, and caress all of her, and he began to remove her shirt. She would have resisted, but she painfully wanted to be naked with him. She wanted to feel him against her, throbbing. Her hand wandered down to his shorts and began exploring. He was wearing boxers, which brought a devilish smile to her face. She had clear access to his penis, and she took it.

He thrust as her hand grabbed him and he let out a moan. The wetness of their sweat and kissing had now spread to other parts of their bodies. She loved the hardness of his penis. It turned her on to know that she turned him on so much. It gave her a sense of power, and she enjoyed that.

He willingly let her hand roam as he moved down to playfully bite her breasts. They were perfect, and he pressed himself against her. He wanted to feel their warmth and softness. Her nipples were once again erect, a sight and sensation she loved as much as he did. She removed her hand from his crotch. Her fingers were slippery from his wetness and she rubbed them over her nipples. He moved to suck on them and tasted his sweetness. He took her finger in his mouth and sucked on it like a lollipop. She let out a desirous moan, wanting so much for the roles to be reversed, and for the finger to be his penis.

It was in that moment of desire that she was his, and there was nothing he wanted more than to taste her. To slide between her legs and drink from her eternal fountain. He loved the taste of a woman, and loved to satisfy them more than anything.

In an unexpected and quick move, he wrapped her legs over his shoulders and took his first lick. She was all but his. She leaned her head back on the ground, felt the warmth of the sun on her face and chest, and the warmth of his tongue between her legs.

She did not want this moment to end. And now it was she who couldn’t believe this all was happening. Never had she imagined that so much passion would have flowed from that first email message she received.

But in that moment she didn’t care. She just leaned her head back, reached down to feel him between her legs, and gently urged him not to stop.

So . . . want to go hiking? 🙂

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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