Torn: Flip Flops

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*Author’s Note: Any and all persons engaging in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.

Thelma saw the girl walking down Barcelona Drive, apparently limping. Thelma knew it was at least two miles to the nearest residence, a complex of Townhouses. She also knew the girl did not live in that complex; she had a townhouse there and knew all of her neighbors.

If anything, the African-American girl lived in the apartments nearly three miles down. It was a long walk on a normal day, but on this hot and humid early summer day in Pinoak, Louisiana, it was a miserable trek.

Thelma guessed the girl had been at the Pinoak Community Athletics Club, most likely the swimming pool. She deduced this from the threadbare towel draped over the girl’s shoulder as the girl trudged along the side of the asphalt road.

The girl had on a black tee shirt that had been ripped to expose her back to just below where her bra strap would be and blue jeans shorts that had been ripped or cut off to expose a good portion of her chocolate brown buttocks.

“Why do African-American girls have such delectable bums,” Thelma Byrd wondered aloud as she slowed and passed the girl.

The girl had a pretty face, a square face under a mop of black curls, large brown eyes, a straight nose and pouting lips and a square jaw.

“No, no, they’re called ‘Dreadlocks’ not curls,” Thelma said as she pulled over to the shoulder of the road.

The African-American girl slowed her stride, regarding the Cadillac with some suspicion.

“Hi; it’s just too hot for you to be trudging on this road, don’t you think?” Thelma called out through the open passenger window.

The girl smiled in relief, realizing it was a woman behind the wheel, not some creepy old white guy, like the last driver that had pulled over and accosted her.

“Hey,” she said as she approached the car.

“Hop in; I’ll give you a lift,” Thelma smiled, hitting the door lock button.

“Thanks; stupid flip flop tore all up,” the girl said as she opened the door of the car.

To demonstrate, she held up her right foot to show that, indeed, the strap that went from her toe insert to the inside portion of the sole had ripped.

“Well, that explains why you are just hobbling about,” Thelma agreed.

The girl smiled at Thelma’s odd accent as she slid into the car.

A car travelling east blew its horn as it passed them.

“Oh stuff it, bloody wanker, I’m well off the road,” Thelma spat at the horn blower.

“Where you from?” the African-American girl asked with some amusement.

“Originally? Hadley Court, Merry Old England,” Thelma smiled. “But I’ve been here in the States now for going on thirty years now.”

“I been here all my life,” the girl said. “Well, my Nana and me? We was living in Waters. Ooh girl, you don’t want be anywhere near that place, know what I’m saying?”

“Well, where to now?” Thelma smiled as she prepared to put the car into drive. “You certainly were not going toward Waters, now were you?”

“Barcelona Circle; them apartments right there,” the girl said and Thelma nodded.

“By the way, I’m Thelma Byrd,” she said as she checked for any traffic before pulling back onto the road.

“I’m Fiona; see, my momma was all up into Fiona Apple and since we Applewhite, she’s thinking that it would be all cool give me that name,” the girl said.

“That is pretty cool,” Thelma agreed.

The speed limit was thirty five miles an hour; Thelma was one of the few people that actually did travel the speed limit. Most people took the road at fifty, sixty mph.

“Well, I’m just up a bit; Courtyard Townhouses,” Thelma nodded. “Unit two oh two.”

“Them condos right up here on the left?” Fiona asked. “Ooh, I always wanted see what they look like up on the inside; they so fine looking outside, know what I’m saying?

“Well, I’ve got some cold things I simply must put up before taking you the rest of the way; mind love?” Thelma said, seeing a slight opening.

“Huh? Oh, yeah, yeah, my Nana ain’t expecting me back any time soon, know what I’m saying?” Fiona agreed.

Thelma put her blinker on and slowed to make the turn.

“Take it you’ve had you a bit of a dip?” Thelma asked as she slowed to go over the speed bump in the parking lot.

“Huh?” Fiona asked, tearing her eyes from gaping at the exterior of the stylish looking structures.

“Been swimming?” Thelma asked.

“Huh? Oh yeah, yeah, see? Got my bathing suit on under this,” Fiona agreed, lifting the hem of her torn tee shirt.

When Fiona lifted the torn hem of her tee shirt, Thelma’s rear tires jostled over the speed bump. When the car jostled, Fiona also caught the bottom of her bikini top in her fingers. Thelma caught a glimpse of Fiona’s nicely formed breast and dark nipple.

With a gasp, Fiona pulled both tee shirt and bikini top down.

Thelma stepped out of the car, pulled the lever for the trunk, and stepped around to the rear of the car.

“Just went to market,” she explained as she dug görükle escort a few bags of groceries out of the trunk.

“Oh here, let me help you,” Thelma grabbed the remaining bags and followed Thelma into the unit.

“Ooh,” Fiona sighed, looking around the spacious living room.

The room was sixteen feet wide by sixteen feet long. The far wall was at a forty five degree angle, a stone fireplace in the center of that wall. Beyond that was a hallway.

The living room was furnished with white leather sofa, white leather recliner, and white leather loveseat and large white leather ottoman.

There were bookshelves along the walls that extended from front door to fireplace.

A glass table sat next to the loveseat and had a crystal lamp. There was a glass coffee table in front of the sofa and a glass table next to the sofa, with a matching crystal lamp.

Just past the fireplace was a small glass table with four white leather chairs around the table.

“And right in here,” Thelma said, stepping into the kitchen and placing her grocery sacks on the counter. “Might as well just leave your thongs by the front door; there’s no hot asphalt in her burn those tootsies.”

“Leave my what?” Fiona asked.

“Thongs, those, those, whatever you call those things on your feet,” Thelma said, pointing to Fiona’s torn footwear.

“Oh!” Fiona laughed.

The black girl pointed to her denim shorts.

“See, I thought you was talking about my bathing suit and I was fixing tell you, I ain’t wearing no thong, I mean, yeah, I can wear one but you’d never see it, my big old black ass, huh?” the girl said, sliding the footwear off her feet.

She then put the few bags she was carrying next to Thelma’s bags and looked at the stainless steel appliances in the kitchen.

“And you’ve already seen all there is to the first level,” Thelma said, putting some things into the freezer.

“It’s beautiful,” Fiona said.

“Well, thank you,” Thelma said, smiling.

“That real leather?” Fiona asked, admiring the white sofa from the doorway of the kitchen.

“Oh God yes,” Thelma said, stepping up next to the girl and casually draping an arm around the girl’s waist. “Vinyl would make my arse sweat something fierce, wouldn’t do, and just wouldn’t do.”

Side by side, Thelma was a few inches taller than Fiona. She stood at five feet, six inches to Fiona’s five four. Thelma had long blonde hair, pale white skin, ice blue eyes, straight, slightly upswept nose, and light pink lips.

Her chest was a 34DD; Thelma deduced Fiona to be about a 32 D. Her waist was 27 inches around and she guessed Fiona to be about the same. But Fiona had a delightful little bit of an ‘outie’ belly button whereas Thelma had a dimple in her belly. And had a piercing, a silver hoop with a diamond heart dangle.

Thelma had a compact backside and 32 inch hips. She admired Fiona’s buttocks, especially how the torn strands of her blue jeans shorts framed the dark skin.

“And upstairs right this way if you’d care to have a peek,” Thelma said.

The scent of the girl’s skin, whatever moisturizer she used, coupled with the girl’s sweat was causing Thelma’s pussy to grow quite wet. She was sure that her khaki shorts would soon show a dark spot at the gusset.

She guided Fiona to the stairs, then walked behind the girl, watching the girl’s buttocks flex and stretch and undulate as the two women climbed the stairs.

“Guest bed right here,” Thelma said and Fiona admired the simple furnishing.

“And in here…” Thelma said and guided Fiona into a large bedroom with contemporary furniture.

“And…” Thelma said, showing Fiona the large walk-in closet, then the large bathroom.

During her guided tour, Thelma had again looped her arm around the girl’s waist. She rested her hand on the girl’s hip as she showed her the third bedroom, when was actually a home office slash exercise room.

“And finally, the guest bath,” Thelma said and Fiona nodded in approval.

“Man, girl, this place is way bigger than the place I’m staying at,” Fiona admitted, looking all around.

Thelma chanced a playful pinch of Fiona’s buttocks. As she guided them back toward the stairs.

If the pinch upset Fiona in any way, the girl did not show it. Instead, she smiled, then proceeded Thelma down the stairs.

“Must you go straight away?” Thelma asked as Fiona paused to put her flip flops back on.

“Huh?” Fiona asked.

“Oh, it’s nothing,” Thelma said. It’s just that, well, I was hoping we’d maybe sit and chat, have a glass of wine, perhaps even smoke a bit of hemp if you’d like.”

“Hemp? I mean, I don’t smoke, but I ain’t never heard of that brand of cigarettes,” Fiona said, again slipping her footwear off her feet.

“Hemp? No, no, dear girl,” Thelma smiled. “Marijuana; do you smoke marijuana?”

“Aw Hell yeah!” Fiona agreed.

“Oh splendid,” Thelma said and then chanced a quick peck to Fiona’s lips before gently guiding the girl to the leather couch.

She walked bursa escort bayan to a bookcase, found a porcelain ashtray and brought it to the glass coffee table.

“You like wine? I have an excellent white wine,” Thelma said as she flipped open a matching porcelain covered dish and pulled out two expertly rolled marijuana cigarettes and a solid silver cigarette lighter. “It’s a bit dry, not too sweet; care for a bit?”

“Yeah, that’d be cool,” Fiona agreed, wiggling her bare buttocks on the butter soft leather.

“Quite nice, isn’t it?” Thelma smiled, seeing the little wiggle movements of the girl. “Should feel it in your all together, I tell you.”

She went into the kitchen and poured two wine glasses full.

“Oh, by the way, love, you are how old?” Thelma asked as she carried the two glasses into the living room.

“Me? Eighteen, fixing graduate S.A. Hufstedler; that new high school they just built on?” Fiona smiled as Thelma handed her the glass of chilled wine.

She made a slight face as she drank the wine.

“Yes, yes, I’m on the committee,” Thelma agreed as she lighted one of the joints.

“You?” Fiona asked. “How old you is?”

“I is forty six,” Thelma responded, slightly mocking of Fiona’s poor grammar.

“You how old? Ain’t no way!” Fiona said as she accepted the joint from Thelma. “I’m like ‘aw girl, she’s twenty, maybe twenty one, twenty two.’ You ain’t no forty six huh? For real?”

“Well aren’t you just too sweet!” Thelma laughed and gave Fiona a kiss, directly on her lips.

“For real? You really is forty six?” Fiona asked as she drained her wine glass. “Man, this is some good shit.”

“The wine? Or the hemp?” Thelma asked.

“The dope, man,” Fiona said.

“Should be; got it directly from Turkey,” Thelma confided.

She rested her hand softly onto Fiona’s bare thigh.

“Bought a kilo of it in Islamabad, then thought ‘oh no! How am I going to get this into the States?'” she confided.

She then indicated the porcelain dish.

“Sat right there, in the hotel and rolled the whole kilo and stashed it in that dreadfully ugly little dish there,” she said. “When Customs asked if I’d anything to declare, I showed them the dish and they didn’t even bother opening it.”

She patted Fiona’s bare thigh softly.

Thelma marveled at her own self-control. The smell of Fiona’s sweat and skin cream or lotion, the feeling of the girl’s warm, soft flesh, the girl’s beauty had her positively mad with desire. She could actually feel her pussy soaking her knickers. And yet, she forced herself to slowly sip her wine, slowly smoke her hemp, instead of tearing the girl’s clothing from her and biting, sucking, kissing, nibbling, gnawing on the girl’s succulent flesh.

Fiona’s head was already buzzing. The marijuana was good, potent, and much more potent than the scraggly shit Sidarius was always coming around with.

And Thelma rolled it good too. Sidarius would roll his like it was his first time rolling a joint.

Fiona’s head was also buzzing from the close contact, the light touches, and the soft kisses this older white woman was giving her. That playful pinch Thelma had given her on her big ass, Fiona absolutely hated her big black ass, that pinch had gone from her big ghetto booty straight to her pussy.

Fiona was no virgin. She’d fucked Sidarius and all her friends, especially Rochelle were so jealous.

“Girl, he so cold, know what I’m saying?” Rochelle declared, scratching at a pimple.

“Can fucking have him, think he all that cold and shit,” Fiona thought to herself as she drew more of the potent marijuana smoke into her lungs.

She’d also fucked Tremont and Tremont’s cousin Savante. She’d gotten on her hands and knees and sucked Savante’s surprisingly small cock while Tremont thrust in and out of her pussy. Then Savante and Tremont switched.

Two minutes after sliding his slender cock into her slimy pussy, Savante suddenly pulled his cock from Fiona’s pussy and jammed it, quite painfully, into Fiona’s rectum.

“Aw yeah, bitch, that’s it, uh huh, that’s how we fuck,” Savante bragged as Fiona groaned and gurgled around Tremont’s cock.

But Fiona had never been with another woman. Two of her classmates were lesbians and made no secret of it. It could hardly be a secret; both sported extremely mannish hairstyles, dressed in mannish style clothing and quite often propositioned other female students.

But this classy white woman did not dress in a mannish manner, did have a lovely hairstyle, and was not as aggressive as Collette or Simone.

Thelma ran a finger around Fiona’s outie belly button, causing Fiona to giggle.

“Quite adorable, really,” Thelma praised.

“Really? Always thought it kind of ugly,” Fiona said, glancing down at her belly.

The woman’s pale white finger as it traced around her protrusion made a nice contrast against Fiona’s chocolate brown skin. She watched, in an almost stoned stupor as the woman slowly tickled her flesh.

Then Thelma bursa escort leaned over and kissed Fiona on her lips again. Fiona returned the kiss just as softly.

Thelma gently sucked Fiona’s tongue out of Fiona’s mouth, then wormed her tongue into Fiona’s mouth.

The two women kissed for a long moment, then Thelma crushed the smoldering joint out in the porcelain ashtray and got to her feet.

Her ice blue eyes searched Fiona’s brown eyes as she gently pulled the girl to her feet.

Standing, face to face, Thelma wrapped her slender arms around the attractive girl and kissed her on her lips. Fiona wrapped her own arms around the slender blonde. Her head whirred and buzzed with the marijuana, the wine, the excitement.

Thelma broke the kiss, looked into Fiona’s eyes, and then pulled the girl by her hand toward the stairs.

Again they climbed the stairs, pausing at the small landing to kiss again, breasts mashed against breasts, hands cupping buttocks.

In Thelma’s large bedroom, Thelma pulled the girl to the bed, then easily pulled Fiona’s scrap of a tee shirt up and off.

She did smirk slightly at the American flag design printed across the girl’s bikini top.

Then she kissed Fiona hotly as she unsnapped Fiona’s bikini top, freeing the girl’s 34 D breasts. Even as she returned the woman’s kisses, Fiona was fairly passive as the woman undressed her.

“God; they’re beautiful,” Thelma whispered as her small hands cupped and cradled Fiona’s breasts.

Her thumbs ran around Fiona’s large dark purple nipples and Fiona’s nipples quickly crinkled in the chilled air of the bedroom, crinkled with the excitement.

“Beautiful,” Thelma repeated and bend to suck one of the large nipples into her mouth.

“Ah!” Fiona cried out as the woman’s warm mouth suckled and licked at her sensitive flesh.

Then the woman’s hands unzipped Fiona’s small denim shorts, even as her mouth switched from right nipple to left nipple.

Then Fiona’s shorts and bikini bottom were being pushed down her legs.

Thelma pulled her mouth from Fiona’s nipple and the woman knelt to assist the removal of Fiona’s clothing.

“Oh, thank goodness,” Thelma said when she saw the small triangle of black curls that capped Fiona’s plump pubic mound.

“Thank goodness?” Fiona asked, voice barely more than a whisper.

“Hate shaved beavers; so bloody unnatural,” Thelma said as she actually rubbed her face against the tuft of crinkly pubic hair.

“Ooh, know what you mean,” Fiona agreed.

Then Thelma eased Fiona to sit onto the bed as she quickly divested herself of her clothing.

“Ooh!” Fiona sighed as Thelma’s belly piercing came into view. “That hurt?”

“Better believe it did!” Thelma agreed. “Why I never had my hat pegs done.”

Thelma’s breasts were large melons on her slender frame, and they sagged from weight and age.

Her pubic mound was capped by a thick bush of light brown pubic hair, but even through the thick hair, Fiona could see Thelma’s light pink pussy lips sticking out, could see that they were wet with excitement.

Then Thelma was crawling onto the bed, and pulling Fiona to lay on her back.

“I simply must,” Thelma murmured as she hovered over Fiona, her beautiful face upside down to Fiona’s view.

And she again kissed Fiona, not an easy task in this upside down position.

Then she wiggled forward and again suckled Fiona’s right breast, licked and sucked on Fiona’s nipple.

Fiona craned her head back and found Thelma’s right breast.

“Oh yes,” Thelma hissed as Fiona found her large pink nipple and began imitating Thelma’s actions.

Light bites to Fiona’s nipples produced light bites to her own nipples. Hard sucks likewise produced hard sucks from the African-American girl.

Then Thelma reached her hand down and began toying with Fiona’s pussy.

At first, she combed her fingers through the dark curls that covered the girl’s mound.

Fiona reached back and also cupped, then stroked Thelma’s blonde pussy.

Multitasking was not a strength of Fiona’s. When she was playing with Thelma’s pussy, she forgot to suck, lick and lightly bite Thelma’s hanging breasts. And when she licked, sucked, nibbled on Thelma’s hard nipples, her hand was idle.

Thelma wiggled forward, pausing to suck for a moment on Fiona’s adorable navel. She smiled as the girl giggled. Then she gave the nub a hard lick with her tongue, then wiggled forward again.

There was a heavy musky smell coming from the girl’s bright purple-pink lips. Thelma breathed deeply of the smell.

Her last girl, a sweet little slip of a girl, a nineteen year old college student, had cleaned her pussy so thoroughly that there was no smell or taste to the girl’s thin pussy lips. Thelma had to coax an orgasm from Britney, or Whitney, or whatever the girl’s name was before the girl’s hairless pussy had any taste at all.

Then the little twit thought to try and ‘borrow’ some money from Thelma. Thelma had grudgingly given the girl a crisp one hundred dollar bill. The girl had stared at Thelma blankly until she realized there would be no second or third hundred dollar bill joining the one in her dainty little hand.

But Fiona’s pussy had a cap of dark curls adorning it, and a delicious scent emanating from the folds.

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