Tonya on the Beach

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It happened last summer in Greece. Me and my friends spend some time on the small beach on the shore of Mediterranean Sea. I am from Canada, 21 years old, my friends are not older than me. We met two girls from Russia, one was 18 and other 19 years old, both very pretty. We talked for a while and then went to the sea.

We swimmed for a long time, then left the water and lay on the sand. The sun was hot, and weather was fine. We talked about everything with the girls, they spoke english very good. One that was 18 was more pretty than other. She was long-legged, with a firm tits, nice ass, all her body tanned. She was a blonde, her face like a face of a model, with a full lips and blue eyes. She had a pigtails.

Younger girl was a tourist from Russia, and older was a maid in the hotel nearby. I found that they was not a big friends – girl named Katia seemed to dislike the maid girl, Tonya, maybe because she was prettier than her, or maybe because she was an emigrant – who knows? I cared little about this matter, and about Katia also, cause I was entrapped by Tonya`s beauty.

She wear small bikini, very white on her tanned body, it was wet after the swimming, so I saw her perfect tits with small nipples through the thin material. She had such a grace in all her movements, that I just stared at her and spoke very little in our conversation.

Tonya squatted opposite of me, so I could see her innern parts clearly through her small thin panties. I stared at her slightly covered pussy with too strong attention, cause Tonya marked the direction of my sight and quickly sat on the sand, parted her legs and drawed her knees to her tits. I tried not to look at her, but of course it was hard.

We talked and talked and talked, my buddies flirted with the girls and, of course, tried to seduce them. Katia was cold as ice, she laughed at them openly and clearly was untouchable. Tonya was more promising person, but strangely both of my friends concentrated on Katia and left sexy maid for me alone. I glimpsed at her again and saw that her panties now was clearly seen between her spreaded feet. Girl saw me staring again and, slightly confused, grabbed her clothes and walked to the small building on the edge of the beach – there was a bar or something of that kind, but now it was deserted.

I looked at this retreating beauty with a porno hungry feeling. At this moment I decided to do something unusual for me – I raised and followed her to the building. I sneaked to it and looked back. My friends and Katia went swimming again, they seemed to forget about us completely. I took a deep breath and entered.

There was no roof, and walls was of bright fabric, with the metal stakes at corners.

Tonya stood at the wall and wiped her blonde hair. She faced the wall, so she couldn`t see me. I quietly approached her and stood right behind her back. She seemed to notice nothing. Her perfect body was close to me, little white pants seemed to shimmer on her round ass. Hot midday sun was right on the top of the sky and our shadows was small at our feet. My heart beated hard when I cautiously placed my hands on Tonya`s thighs. Girl shuddered, but continued to wipe her hair without turning back. I was encouraged and my palms, softly passed her flat belly, raised to her tits. I fingered her nipples through the material of her bra. Girl stopped wiping her blonde hair and sighed with hands raised to her head. I slipped my palms under her bra and begin to squeeze her perfect firm young tits. Girl pressed her back to me, arched it, her breath became louder. Her hands falled down, she was mine to do with her whatever I wanted.

“Such a perfect tits, Tonya…” – I caressed her, feeling that my cock is hardening quickly.

“M-m-m-m-m…” was her only answer, I begin to kiss her shoulders and her neck, she shuddered at every my kiss. I gently unbuttoned her bra and let it fall on the sand. Now she was only in her small panties, her back was all tanned, without traces of bra.

“I see you like to suntan naked, don`t you?” My voice was harsh of excitement.

“Yeah..” – she arched her back more and sighed. Her skin was like velvet.

My hands wandered down, down, passed her belly and lay on her panties. Excited, Tonya waved, shuddered, and my hands pulled down her last defence to her knees. Her ass was round, firm, and as tanned as all other body. It was so marvellous and so exciting. I slapped her a little, Tonya gave a soft low moan. Girl pressed her hands to the wall, arched her back and spreaded her long legs.

I kissed her neck and placed one my hand between her legs and other on her belly.

As I moved anime porno my fingers inside of her tight vagina, I heard an animal moan and felt that she was dripping wet. Tonya shuddered, panting, as I fingered her.

I cannot wait any longer. My hard cock was about to tear my pants, so I removed them and pressed my penis to her wonderful ass. Girl moaned and bent forward, and I finally entered her unbelievable tight pussy. “Ouch…So big…” -panted Tonya, I felt a wave of triumph. I did it! This pretty russian maid was mine to fuck her, it was unbelievable.

I entered slowly, but deeply, then I begin to thrust her tight, throbbing vagina. I started to move quicker, pounding her, listening to her moans and gasps. Girl trembled, her cunt muscles clenched my powerful cock. Her breasts bounced, I grasp her sides and fucked her with frantic rhytm. I pulled my dick out, entered her again deeply, repeated this, listening to her little cries – we cannot make a lot of noise. I felt that my orgasm was close, so I fastened, mercilessly pounding her snatch, clutching her sides with my hands, and, finally, I shoved my tool deep inside her pussy and gasped: “I`m cumming!”

We came together, my cock exploded inside her, Tonya cried out in passion, and my semen filled her, I bited her shoulder, listening to her moaning some words I couldn`t understand.

We parted at last, I looked, as she dressed up her bikini. She raised her head, kissed me and smiled thankfully. I smiled in answer and we leaved small building.

I think that second girl, Katia, guessed what we did, cause she smiled mockingly at our happy faces and asked Tonya something in russian. Tonya answered her, and they laughed. My friends looked at me uninterstedly and returned to their impossible task to melt Katia. I grinned at them: why spend time at the piece of ice when you can screw a really hot babe without any words?

We swimed, walked a little, lay on the sand, till we became very tired. It was about 2 p.m. when we all felt sleepy and my friends and Katia seemed to fall asleep. I raised, and whispered in Tonya`s ear:

“Let`s go, I want you..” – she nodded and smiled at me. We walked to the building, entered it, and i begin to kiss Tonya in her mouth. I caressed her perfect body, and she did the same with me. Soon I throwed out her arap porno bikini, and she was in front of me, naked, with wide open eyes and smile on her full lips.

“Do you know what I will do with you now?” – I asked her, approaching her.

“I can quess…” – Tonya pressed her back to the wall and spreaded her legs.

I wanted to get something more from her, so I slowly removed my pants and my cock was shown. It was long, fat, about 8 inches and hard as a rock. Tonya looked at my powerful penis and smiled charmingly.

“I want you to suck my cock, Tonya…” – my voice betrayed me: I tremble at the thought about this full lips wrapped around my dick.

Girl grinned and licked her lips with her red tongue. I stepped closer to her and forced her to kneel in front of me. She stood in the sand on her knees, her eyes raised at me. I moved my hands down, on her blonde head, and pressed her mouth to my throbbing rod. Tonya kissed it, then her tongue gently touched its head. I groaned when she opened her wet mouth and my cock entered her.

She was a good cocksucker: dutifully and expertly she sucked my bone, her tongue flickered around its head, she gave a small moans, slurping sounds of her sweet work filled the place. I pulled my cock out of her willing mouth and pressed her face to my balls. “Lick it, girl, lick it now!” Tonya licked and sucked my balls, bringing me waves of pleasure, then I returned her to her main work. She sucked and sucked and sucked, polishing my dick like a professional whore, her hands caressed my balls, her moans encouraging me. She protected herself, holding my dick at its base, but I gasped: “No hands…” and she obeyed. I grasped her head tightly and thrusted forward, moving my powerful cock down her throat. Tonya gagged at first, but then her throan opened and I begin to fuck her in the way I like most, listening to her animal growls. I moved and moved, fucking her restlessly, Tonya fingered herself furiously, as I pumped her abused mouth. I felt the pressure and moaned:

“I`m cumming, girl, get ready!” Tonya gave a muffled scream, and next I unloaded into her mouth, filling it with spurts of my sperm, then I pulled out and shot my jizz into her waiting face. “Swallow it, girl!” – I held her head tight, till she gobbled, sucked, swallowed my sperm, then cleaned my cock, caressing it with her expert tongue.

I raised her, she dressed again and we continued our rest on the beach.

Right at this evening I moved out of my hotel and take a suite in the place where Tonya was a maid.

It promised to be a wonderful vacation.

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