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Tonight was the night, she just knew it, her fantasy would finally come true! Where else to meet up with some horny woman, but at a sex toy party.

As Tanya thought out loud “mmmm there were suppose to be about 10-15 woman attending this sex toy party tonight. Maybe, just maybe, one of these horny woman would let me suck her pussy and she suck mine!” “MMMM”

July, the delicious hostess, arrived one hour earlier than the rest to set up the presentation.

Tanya offered to help “July, tell me what I can do to help set up.”

July replied “help me unload and you can unpack that crate for me.”

Tanya continued to unpack the crate discovering many interesting toys, toys she only fantasized about using, both with her man and with another woman. Tanya offered July a drink and fixed herself one as well. Then she set off to make the punch – the name of the punch was “Orgasmic Punch” – what a blast!

Tanya blushed when July’s eyes met hers and she licked her lips. As July unpacked some of the sexy panties that she sells and came across a pair of crotch less undies she stated to Tanya “this is what kind of panties I’m wearing tonight.” Tanya wasn’t sure how to take this, maybe she was coming on to her. Maybe July could be the one for tonight’s fantasy to become reality!

Looking at all these toys and thinking about what July just said was making Tanya’s pussy tingle with anticipation. They continued to chat while they set things up and had another drink.

Everything was almost set up when some of the other guests arrived. Tanya offered the other guests a drink of the Orgasmic punch – one taste and they all said “OOOOOO” this is good! What a kick!

Tanya replied – “drink it slowly ladies or you will be on the floor in no time.” Lots of chuckles let out from the other woman and the sex comments and jokes started rolling.

July asked everyone to grab a seat and be comfortable so they could start the touching, tasting, feeling, licking presentation. How she said it was so erotic, after all she was selling sexual aids, toys, oils, edible undies, edible oils, all kinds of beautiful and kinky apparel.

Things started to heat up and the woman were all excited to get to their ordering. Lots of touching toys, licking flavours of oils, powders, etc. Lots of sexual talk and joking around, but Tanya couldn’t wait until all the other ladies left, her hubby would be home and she planned on using some of the toys she wanted to purchase.

All the ladies went into a private room with July, one at a time and purchased their secrets, some of which the ladies couldn’t wait to show their friends and hubbies. They all drank and had lots of laughs and then departed for the evening, leaving July and Tanya alone.

Tanya was so horny and feeling good from all that punch she had so her inhibitions were gone. As she purchased each toy she opened up to July in hopes that she would make a move. Tanya knew her hubby would be home soon as she went and called him to tell him she was alone with July now.

Tanya and her hubby had fantasized about making görükle escort love to another woman all week before this party in hopes that maybe this would be the night.

July commented on how pretty Tanya was and touched her shoulder softly caressing her hair. “You have such beautiful hair and lovely eyes, your lips look so soft, would you be offended if I touch them?”

Tanya’s eyes opened wide and she swallowed fast, her heart pounding faster and her breathing increasing and replied “I would very much like that.”

July pulled Tanya forward and her lips softly touched Tanya’s. They kissed each other softly a few times and pulled away to look at each other.

They continued to chat a little getting to know each other a little better, touching each other’s shoulders, arms, slowly and carefully touching each other’s breasts. July’s hard nipples were popping out through her lace bra.

As this was happening Tanya’s husband quietly walked in and peeked around the corner. The living area was lit with lots of candlelight and took a drink of the punch – “Wow! That’s tastey!”

As he continued into the dining area, the door was slightly ajar and he could hear his wife and July chating some sexy talk. July was describing in hot detail about the toys she didn’t show – they were her personal toys to share with someone special.

Rex thought to himself “Now that sounds even tastier!”

Tanya was getting so turned on by July’s descriptions of her toys she had to see them “Show me!” “I want to see them.”

Tanya pulled out a long purple double dildo. July said “This is my ultimate fav!!” Then she pulled out a flesh, realistic cock dildo and a harness… “This one I can use on myself or put it into this harness and share with a friend” “I know I can make you cum!”

At that comment Tanya was sure that this was the night, her pussy tingled and she squirmed in her chair. She looked towards the door and saw her hubby peeking in and new that this was her cue to continue this fantasy.

Tanya asked “I have this fantasy” … she continued … “would you (a slight pause, slightly blushing)… Want to be part of it … a fantasy with me and my hubby?”

July smiled and said “YES – I’d thought you’d never ask!”

July touched Tanya’s head caressing her hair and moving her hand down to her neck, pulling her closer and staring into each other’s eyes, their lips finally met, closed at first, and slowly pecking at each other’s lips. They slowly opened their mouths, their tongues meeting for the first time, encircling each other’s tongues and kissing each other very passionately. Their hands caressing each other’s backs and moving down towards each other’s buttocks. Both girls squirming in each other’s arms, breasts rubbing against each other. Soft moans “mmmmmm” they let out as they continued to kiss passionately.

This was Rex’s cue to come in … the girls didn’t see him yet as they were embraced in a hot passionate hold, lips locked, breasts squeezed against each other, moaning.

Rex came up from behind July, bursa escort bayan his body touching her back and moved his arms around to his wife’s back.

The girls broke their kiss – he reassuring them that it was fine and introduced himself to July …”It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

He hugged them and then stepped back and said “don’t let me interrupt where you were – I’ll just sit here and watch for a little bit.”

So the girls looked at each other and took hold of their embrace again, with their tongues flickering at each other’s mouths.

July slowly undid the buttons of Tanya’s blouse, gently brushing it off revealing her beautifully full breasts, her nipples hard and sticking out through the thin material of her lace bra.

July caressed her ample breasts and pinching her erect nipples through the bra, squeezing them between her fingers. She leaned down and started to kiss Tanya’s neck, whispered to Rex “come over and kiss your wife with me!”

Rex went behind Tanya and started to kiss the back of her neck, touching and squeezing her buttocks with his hands. July bent down and sucked Tanya’s nipple through the lace, gently nibbling on them. Tanya sighed “mmmmm that’s good” and turned to Rex to kiss him full on the lips, their tongues met and entwined each other.

July worked her way down Tanya’s body, Rex undid Tanya’s bra and removed it. July slipped her hands beneath Tanya’s short skirt, only to find a hot wet pussy.

Tanya was soooo wet and hot that she thrust her pussy towards July’s roaming hand, wanting release. July flicked at her hard clit protruding through the flimsy wet panties. Tanya squirmed and moaned as July increased her flicking and teasingly removed her hands and squeezed her breasts as she got up to suck them. Her tongue flicking her nipples, sucking her boobs gently.

Rex reached over and grabbed the lubricant on the table, put some on his finger as he directed July to remove Tanya’s panties, and she obliged.

He reached down between Tanya’s ass cheeks and slowly penetrated his lubed finger into her awaiting butt hole. Tanya arched her back to meet his protruding finger. July still sucking away at Tanya’s breasts and now fingering her own pussy as well as Tanya’s pussy.

Tanya was being finger fucked in both holes and kissing and sucking coming from both sides, her hubby and this lovely sexual lady.

“OOOOOOOOOOhhh! She moaned as their thrusting increased knowing that Tanya was on the brink of orgasm.

“OHHHH, OHHHHH OHHHHHHHHHHHH! YES!” She came on both of their fingers squirming, both of them feeling her ass and pussy tighten with each wave.

They removed their fingers, Rex went and washed up and came back only to see both girls in a 69 position. Both of them digging into each other’s wet pussy.

Tanya on top sucking July’s pussy and July sucking Tanya’s pussy was more than he thought he could take – he grabbed his rigid dick in his hand and stroked slowly, not wanting to come to fast.

He watched the girls suck and tongue fuck each other bursa escort until they came together – writhing on each other’s faces, pussy juices flowing all over their lips.

Rex came from behind his wife and placed his hard dick into her wet hole. July continued to flick her clit while Rex fucked his wife, slowly in and out, digging deeper and thrusting faster. July flicked her tongue on his balls and licked Tanya’s pussy, back and forth. July grabbed the double dildo and placed one end into her wet pussy while Tanya licked her clit.

Tanya grabbed the dildo and thrust it into July matching her hubby’s thrusts into her own pussy. They fucked and sucked like which seemed forever, both girls cumming numerous times, they were so wet.

Lots of moans “OHHHHHH OHHHHHHH OHHHHHHHH OHHHH MMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmm” screaming both girls as they came another time together. Rex trying not to cum yet, pulls out of his convulsing wife’s hot wet pussy.

“She wants to fuck you honey – get on the other end of that,” as he pointed to the double ended dildo, “I want to lick both your clits.”

Tanya wasted no time and hopped onto the other end, slowly pushing it into her hot wet pussy. July squirming to meet Tanya’s wet pussy with hers, pushing the dildo all the way into each of them, their pussy lips mashing together.

Rex couldn’t believe the erotic site of these two beautiful women fucking each other. Thrusting themselves together, mashing their pussies together, making all kinds of wet noises, driving each other into another wild orgasm. He bent down and started to lick their clits while they squirmed back and forth driving the dildo into each other.

The girls both reaching over to stroke his hard dick, Tanya asked him “come closer to my face, I want to suck you.”

Rex moved as Tanya swallowed his hard dick, flicking her tongue over his head and swirling it around the tip, driving him wild. It was hard to hold off for Rex but he did, he wanted to suck his wife’s pussy after being fucked by another woman, he knew she would be real tastey and wet!

The girls thrust together faster and faster as they reached another orgasm.

As their intense orgasm subsided they relaxed for a few seconds, then Rex turned his wife around and licked all her wet juices from her pussy lips, he could taste both girls cum on his wife’s pussy – it was so sweet. Tanya squirmed and thrust her hips towards his probing tongue. He was an expert on licking and sucking pussy – he made her cum so hard on his face – the juice was flowing down his chin.

July met his face and licked off the cum then they both took turns sucking and flicking Tanya’s so very hot pussy.

Rex need release now so he climbed up and thrust his hardness into his wife, her hip meeting his every thrust.

July climbed on top of Tanya’s face, onto her hard tongue. Tanya lapped up July’s juices and ate her with all her might as she was getting the fuck of her life from Rex. “OHHHHHHHHHHH OHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!

As Tanya came on his dick, July was cuming on her face “YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!

Rex fucked his wife so hard and so fast he couldn’t take it anymore and with an immense explosion pulled out of his wife and came all over her ass. “YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! They all collapsed on top of the bed – hot, wet and tres satisfied!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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