To Bask in Breastford Ch. 17

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Brittany’s bra was lying on the ground, next to Brooke’s. The girls had draped their clothing over the small benches in the girls’ locker room, but because of the sheer cup size of their bras and the weight they exerted it was difficult for their 36DD boulder-holders to stay draped across. They had opted to take to the ground, where they would have more freedom.

The girls stood in separate stalls rinsing down, as if trying to wash their troubles away. A tiled, concrete wall separated them from each other, but the glass doors at the head of each stall offered little privacy.

Brooke’s boobs bounced with vigor as she repeatedly reached up to adjust the shower head. When she got it just right, her huge rack jiggled still and she sighed as drop after drop of cool, fresh water splashed atop her smooth skin.

In the next stall Brittany gasped as her own DD’s received the same treatment. She sighed as rain poured over her busty mountains and trickled down into the deep valley of her cleavage.

Both busty babes were quiet as they watered their big, juicy melons…but it wasn’t long before one of them broke the silence.

“That was disgusting.” Brooke said.

“Unbearable.” Brittany answered, trying to speak over the sound of the splashing water.

“I mean, did you see what he tried to do at the end?”

“Yeah, yeah I know.” Brittany answered.

Brooke could sense the hesitation in her voice.

“Are you ok?” she asked her friend.

“Yeah, yeah…it’s just…I didn’t think things could get much worse, you know?”

Brooke paused for a moment before answering again.

“He’s a pig.” She said, finally.

Silence fell over them. It was as palpable as the cold water rushing down their bodies and making their nipples hard with excitement. For a while, the only sounds in the locker room were the sounds of running water and four glorious boobs bouncing beneath it as they splashed around playfully.

“He fucked our legs…” Brittany said as she ran her hand up and down a smooth, wet thigh.

“Don’t remind me.” Brooke said, unenthusiastically.

“He’s a pig.” She added.

“Or a dog, more like.” Brittany responded.

There was a quick silence, and then both girls bursted with laughter. Their giggles were louder than the sound of the cool water splashing down atop their mountainous breasts. But unlike the water, their giggling soon died down.

When it was over, Brooke spoke up with hesitation.

“Did you, umm, did you see the way he…the way he lifted us up off the floor?”

Brittany halted her shower for a moment. She knew, exactly, the moment Brooke was speaking of. It had been on her mind, as it no doubt had been on Brooke’s.

“Yeah,” Brittany answered, as casually as she could. “Yeah I saw…um, I could feel that.”

“Yeah.” Brooke said. “He’s pretty strong, isn’t he?”

“Yeah…” Brooke said, closing her eyes as she got lost in thought. “Verystrong…”

It was a second or two before the silence woke Brittany up and she realized she had drifted into a deep thought.

“I mean, either that or he must have really wanted it.” She quickly added.

“Yeah.” Brooke said. “You’re right.”

Brittany heard her busty friend’s shower come to an end as she turned it off. She soon followed suit and turned hers off as well. When she heard Brooke’s door swing open, she opened hers and stepped out of the shower at the same time as her busty friend.

The two busty babes stepped out of the shower and were immediately hit by a cool, refreshing sensation as their smooth legs came into view. They were naked for only a moment; their huge jugs could be seen in all their glory before they were covered by thick, white towels. They wrapped the towels around their slim waists and dried off as best they could, patting their huge boobs lightly with their warm towels.

They walked over to their lockers, where they bent down to reach for their clothes.

Brooke’s towel was the first to drop, and her full, naked body came into view. Her smooth legs traveled up to her tiny waist and flat stomach, and just like an hourglass her upper portion heaved as explosively as the bottom half. Her massive rack swelled proudly atop her chest without sag or any sign of age, and it jiggled with a giddiness she continuously gave off (being a teenager); but rarely displayed.

Brittany’s towel dropped next. Her body curved with the same explosive power Brooke’s gave off…in all the right places. It generated a heat that complimented her busty friend nicely, with its smooth, slender legs and curvy figure. Her chest heaved with a power that rivaled Brooke’s, but with a younger, more youthful and innocent bounce. When her boobs jiggled, it was with a force she could not control, but her nipples were a dead give-away that she was oh-so ready. They were just as suckable and piercing as her friend’s.

“Still haven’t thought of anything?” Brittany asked.

Brooke had finished drying, and had already begun to dress. She pulled her shorts up her long slender legs, and then started sex izle the tedious task of clothing her chest.

“No.” she said. Her voice was muffled by the fabric of her gray shirt.

Brittany sighed as she, too, started to dress.

“I told him we wouldn’t be back.” She said.

“Yeah,” Brooke responded. “You’ll have to deal with that.”

Brittany shot her a sad, disapproving look before her own face was covered by a school-issued article of clothing.

When they were finished, the girls began fixing their hair and stretching their shirts out over their mountainous racks as best they could; the word “Breastford” stretched across their chests obscenely in dark blue letters. They said nothing as they continued by fixing their hair.

The silence went on until they were done dressing completely. They both walked towards the door and exited. Once they were out of the gym, out of the school, and well on their way home Brittany decided to speak up.

“What do I tell my mom?” she asked.

Brooke paused before answering.

“The same thing you told her last time.” She said.

“Practice?” Brittany asked.

“Practice.” Brooke confirmed.

The rest of the walk home went on, uneventfully.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Coach Steven Blue awoke to the sound of the phone ringing the next morning. The previous night had been a bad one. The busty duo of Brooke Biguns and Brittany Bust had left him hard as a rock with their talk and tease of a double-titfuck. That, coupled with the fact that he had taken a large dose of Paula’s concoction prior to their playtime, had ensured his boner was still alive when he and his wife got home. He had tried every excuse in the game: headache, drowsiness, not in the mood; but none of them held water against the tent he was pitching under their bed sheets.

Laura could sense that he was wide awake as well, because he was. Unbeknownst to her, however, was the StaminaX he had been taking on the side to withstand his nightly rendezvous with the busty blonde teens Brooke and Brittany – and their massive hooters.

No matter how hard he tried, Coach Blue could not deny that he was a new man whenever he took that blue concoction down the hatch. It was a miracle drink; it provided stamina, energy, and everything else he needed to become the sex machine he now was.

But last night it had backfired. With no defense holding water against his horrendous wife he had had to make it as quick as he could. He was hoping it would last as short as fifteen minutes, but the potency of the blue liquid had almost squeezed an hour out of him. He had finally managed to blow a load on Laura’s lower back after ramming into her from behind (he couldn’t stand seeing her saggy breasts and ugly face staring back at him). With his wife not hindering his thoughts, it was much easier to think back to the big-titted duo and force his load.

He’d gotten a good night’s rest though. Upon waking up he had feared that his morning erection would betray him once again, but the phone ringing provided a modest means of escape.

He rolled over and answered the phone.

“Hello?” he said, drowsily.

“Steven?” said a voice on the other end. “This is Paula. Good morning!”

“Oh, Paula.” He said, immediately sitting up with intent. “Good morning.”

Laura turned over and listened in on her husband’s conversation as she awoke.

“Good morning.” Paula said again. “Listen, I was wondering if you might spare me some time today.”

There was a slight pause as Paula hesitated. But before long, she spoke up again.

“I want to offer you sweet relief from that horrendous wife of yours…” she said seductively. “…and give you a real woman’s touch.”

Coach Blue’s eyes lit up with excitement. Laura was now straining her ears and doing her best not to make a sound that she might hear the conversation, but it proved no use.

“Absolutely!” Coach Blue said. He turned his head and directed the receiver a little farther from his wife. “I’d like to give you a touch…”

Laura could now only catch small fragments of speech draped in a hush tone.

“I’ll be there as soon as I can…” Coach Blue was saying. He paused and gazed over at his gym bag and the sports bottle that was jutting from it. “Just let me have my morning drink first.”

When her husband hung up the phone, he looked and sounded fully awake. The conversation had lasted only a minute, but it looked as though Coach Blue were a new man.

“Paula?” Laura asked.

“Hm?” Coach Blue responded, trying to stall as he thought of what to say. “Oh, yes. She needs to go over some new methods with me.”

Laura gazed at her husband as he stepped off the bed and began to dress. She tilted her head to the side and rested it on her hand, which stayed propped on the bed at an angle.

“Is that all?” she asked of him.

Coach Blue did not look at her as he spoke.

“Yeah, well, you know…” he said. “It’s just always good to get a second opinion. You know us teachers.”

“I know.” Laura said. alt yazılı porno “How long is this going to take?”

“Don’t know.” Coach Blue said, as he threw a shirt up and over his head. “Could be a few hours.”

“Hours?!” Laura replied, shocked.

“Yeah, well, I don’t know, honey. One, two, maybe a few? At least. We may even need to spread this out over several days.”

“Days??” Laura exclaimed. “I don’t like this, Steven. I don’t like you being over there and I especially don’t like you being there with…her.”

“Aww, honey.” Coach Blue coaxed. “Give me a break. I’m trying to do my best here. I’ve got a job to do and I intend to do it, alright?”

“Why can’t I come with?” Laura asked.

“Honey,” Coach Blue said. “You’re not an educator. You wouldn’t understand, and plus, we can’t exactly discuss school policy and practices with, well…you understand.”

“Fine.” Laura said. “Fair enough. But you call me, okay? I want to know what you’re up to.”

“What am I, ten years old?” Coach Blue responded. “I gotta check in with you all the time?”

“Just call me.” Laura said.

“No.” Coach Blue responded. “You call if you want, but I’m not gonna stop what I’m doing just because Laura says so.”

“Okay, fine.” Laura said. “I’ll call if I get worried.”

“Yeah,” Coach Blue said as he finally finished getting dressed. He took a few steps and opened the door. “Yeah, you’ll call.”

Laura watched him open the door and walk out, but to her surprise he came back.

“I need a little refreshment.” The coach said as he picked up his gym bag and took a long swig from his sports bottle.

Laura did not have a chance to say anything as he stepped out the door and made his way out of their house.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Paula breathed deep as Coach Blue stuck his tongue into her mouth. He had approached her with a confidence she had never seen him exhibit, and even now his actions were proving bold.

The two of them were sitting on the couch in her dimly lit living room. Although it was only morning, the sun was barely shining through the curtains as they caressed each other’s mouths and faces.

She leaned back and bent over the armrest as Coach Blue leaned into her with force. He was really attacking her, and she decided that this was not necessarily a bad thing. She reached down between their bodies and made a beeline for his crotch. Her hand lightly gripped the bulge in his pants, and she began to caress it lightly.

Coach Blue reached up and placed a hand on one of Paula’s large breasts. He had to squeeze and knead it through the fabrics of her work jacket and blouse, but he didn’t mind. He squeezed the bulbous melon with enthusiasm and vigor, causing Paula to moan into his mouth.

The two of them stopped kissing and started to catch their breaths. Paula continued to massage his bulge through his pants, while Coach Blue took to unbuttoning her jacket and blouse.

“I never thought I’d get to see these babies again.” He said as he pulled Paula’s blouse and jacket apart.

He reached in and began to knead her tits through her bra. Paula arched her back at the touch, pushing her tits further into his grip.

“Will Natalie be joining us today?” Coach Blue asked.

Paula opened her eyes and went into thought. That was a rather bold thing to say at this moment, especially for Steven Blue.

“No, no she won’t be.” Paula said.

Coach Blue shrugged.

“Then these milk jugs are all mine, then…” he said as he began to dive in to Paula’s enormous rack.

He was interrupted, however, by the sound of the phone ringing.

“Of course…” he said, as took his hands off Paula’s gorgeous body and pulled away.

“I’m sorry…” Paula apologized as she gathered her bearings.

“It’s no problem.” Coach Blue responded. “The telephone has not been my best friend lately.”

“This will just take a second…” Paula said as she turned to answer the phone.

“Yes?’ she said. “Mhm…..mhm…, no, not at all….of course…you’re kidding…”

Coach Blue listened and waited as patiently as he could. He hoped this wouldn’t take much longer. He’d taken an unusually large dose of Paula’s potion this morning, and his hard on was raging with a vengeance.

“Okay, I’ll be there as soon as I can.” Paula said. “Bye.”

And with that she hung up the phone.

“Something wrong?” Coach Blue asked.

“No, no.” Paula said. “I’ve just got to go to the office for a bit. Can we postpone this little meeting?”

Coach Blue’s heart sank. But he quickly picked it back up when he realized that this afforded him an opportunity to restock on a certain…chemical.

“That’s alright.” He said. “I’d be more than happy to continue this some other time.”

“Wonderful.” Paula said.

She stood up, as did the coach, and the two of them made their way to the front door. Upon opening it Paula saw her daughter, Gretchen, approaching them from the driveway.

“Gretchen, dear.” Paula said. “Back so soon?”

“Yeah,” altyazılı sex izle Gretchen said as she walked toward the front door. “Nina only wanted some company for a little bit.”

Coach Blue perked up as he heard Nina’s name mentioned, and he stepped out beside Paula to let Gretchen know that he was here. As soon as she saw him, Gretchen’s eyes lit up; and she became like a whole new person.

“Gretchen, be a dear and show Coach Blue home. I’ve got to run to the office.”

Gretchen stared at Coach Blue with adventurous eyes as her mother walked to her car.

“No problem, mother.” She said, twirling her fingers through her hair as she stared at her coach.

“I’ll be back in a few hours.” Paula said as she stepped into the car and started it. “Treat him with kindness. And be courteous!”

She shouted this last part through the window as she began to pull out.

“Okay, mom!” Gretchen shouted as her mother pulled out of the driveway and out of earshot. She began walking toward Coach Blue at the front door, slowly, twirling her fingers through her hair and staring at him with wanting eyes the entire time.

“I plan on being very kind to him…” Gretchen said as she stepped closer to Coach Blue. “I also plan on being very kind to his big, hard, throbbing cock…”

Coach Blue was taken aback by Gretchen as she stalked him like a tiger stalks its prey. He awkwardly stepped back as Gretchen came up on him. She pushed him backwards, and back into the house.

She then turned around and closed the door, locking it as she did so.

When she turned back, Coach Blue was face to face with the busty teenage vixen and her generous D cups.

“Won’t you please come in?” she said.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

“Mhmmmmm….mmm! MMM!” Gretchen moaned around Coach Blue’s cock.

She could feel every inch of it throbbing, especially the head, as it tickled the back of her throat. She rewarded each and every throb of his manly girth with a powerful suction from her moist lips, making him throb even more.

Coach Blue was lying back in her bed, relaxed as could be. It was amazing. Gretchen was a beautiful bombshell of a babe, but if she wanted to make him cum she was going to have to blow him for hours on end. And he would love every minute of it.

Gretchen pulled his dick from her mouth and released it from her lips tenderly, making sure to run her lips around the tip as she did so. She caressed his throbbing rod lovingly as she held it next to her face, as though it were a friend she hadn’t seen in a very, very long time. As it nestled and throbbed against her cheek, she turned her head and began to kiss it even more tenderly. She smothered it in gentle, girly kisses; making sexual noises and moans as she did so.

“Uhh…” she moaned between kisses. “Oh…uhhhh! Uhhh!’

“Whoa…”Coach Blue moaned.

Gretchen looked up at him as she smoothed his dick out with her lips, running them along his length.

“You like that?” she asked.

“Yeah…” Coach Blue moaned in ecstasy.

“Then you’ll love this…” Gretchen said.

She then let his dick fall back and put her hands on the bed on either side of his body. She brought her fully-clothed chest up as she stood tall on her knees and lowered it so that it collided with Coach Blue’s laying cock.

Coach Blue moaned as he felt the fabric of Gretchen’s multicolored shirt rubbing against his shaft. It was a soft, silky, and inviting fabric…and it was somewhat kinky.

Gretchen began to buck back and forth over him, running her chest up and down the length of his rod. Coach Blue’s dick found its way to the middle of her rack and made an indention between her massive tits, pressing into her shirt and nestling into her cleavage. Gretchen could feel it throbbing as her boobs slid up and down it.

“Yeah?” Gretchen said. “You like that?”

“Mmmm…” Coach Blue moaned.

Gretchen now brought her hand down the bottom of her shirt, almost to her waist, where she gripped it and began to raise it against her body. She gave it a quick yank and soon Coach Blue felt his dick meet with the material of her bra as she pulled the shirt up and over her expansive chest.

Coach Blue looked down at her and saw her bra-clad beauties rubbing against his crotch as her shirt stayed bunched around her neck.

Gretchen shook her tits from side to side, batting his cock with her bra-clad bosom. Precum leaked out of the tip and soaked into her bra; she could smell the musty aroma of a man as his cock slid against her bra.

“That feels so good…” Coach Blue said.

Gretchen smiled briefly, but it didn’t last long as she now had a serious look on her face. She reached behind herself and began fiddling with her bra. Soon the unmistakable snap of a bra coming loose filled Coach Blue’s ears, and he saw the straps of Gretchen’s 36D bra come loose over her shoulders.

Gretchen quickly wreathed her way out of the bra, and soon the cups fell forward on to Coach Blue’s aching prick. She then moved the bra out of the way, and exposed her fully nude breasts to her coach in all their naked glory.

Coach Blue licked his lips as he stared at Gretchen’s massive beauties. He could hardly contain himself as she took his cock back into her hands and guided it into her cleavage.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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