Three Become One Ch. 02

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Upon reflecting on the events that transpired at the restaurant I severely wish I had been nicer to the twins. Had I only known then what I now know I would have dived headfirst into their game. You ever have that feeling where you try something for the first time and you wonder where it’s been all your life? Multiply that by ten and you’ll have some idea about how I feel.

In retrospect, from their perspective they really didn’t have many choices. If they had proposed to me that night what they would propose to me later I would have said no immediately. Would I have been disappointed? Yes. Would I have been in turmoil? Yes. But at least I would have taken comfort in the fact that I had done what was right. Not that what we did later or what we’re doing now is necessarily wrong; who’s to say what’s definitively right or wrong? All I’m saying is that I would have been a little more comfortable with myself over the course of that weekend, and perhaps the rest of my life.

But had that happened I would have missed out on my life. Those three women are my life.

Needless to say I spent the entire weekend obsessing over the twins and the events of Friday night. I’ve heard the phrase “healthy obsession” used before, but I can tell you now that there was absolutely nothing healthy about my obsession with Stacie and Kaycee Judd. There were times over the weekend when I felt physically ill. At that time I was certain the illness was a result of stress over my impending meeting with the twins on Monday. As I look back on it now I can see that it was more a withdrawal syndrome of sorts. I’d gotten a small taste of the twins; or rather, Stacie had gotten a small taste of me. But that was enough. That was enough to drive me absolutely wild with lust.

It was mind-boggling how incredibly hot they were. I was certain I wasn’t the only man there who had wet his pants, and frankly I was surprised I had lasted as long as I did. I nearly lost it all when they had bared their large 34GGG melons and proclaimed them as gifts for me; at that point you could have dropped a pin on my bulge and I would have shot strands immediately. All Stacie had had to do was lick my ear and I was unable to contain myself — I had never experienced anything like that in my entire life.

In the past I had dated lots of women. But even when having sex with said women I would have to conjure up the image of the perfect woman in my head in order to truly enjoy myself and achieve climax. But even then it was rare that I actually came. Most of the time the female I was with would cum multiple times, I’d call it a night, and then I’d return home and masturbate to my fantasy woman; as if the actual women in my life were simply a distraction. But that weekend, however…I jacked off to the Judd twins.

It was true; I hadn’t masturbated to the perfect woman all weekend. In her place were Stacie and Kaycee Judd. Their tits replaced hers. Their legs replaced hers. Their soft, beautifully identical faces replaced hers. She was still there — occupying space in my mind as an unobtainable goal, but now Stacie and Kaycee had taken over some of her duties; namely coaxing me to orgasm and catching my cum. I did find this strange, but it was overshadowed by the fact that I would be seeing the twins in my office on Monday. They’d made it clear that this whole breast reduction surgery thing was an absolute ruse they were putting on for their parents, but to what end? And what exactly would happen once they were in the examination room with me?

Only time would tell, and unfortunately time never tells you immediately because time…is a bitch.

Stacie had also mentioned that I would be touching their tits on Monday. There was almost always some light touching involved during examinations leading up to a procedure, but it was almost always related to sizing and checkup practices. There were times I felt I was a salesman at a lingerie shop because I almost always used measuring tape to measure a woman’s bust. In some cases it was dire because women would actually lie about their bra sizes. They would lie! Can you believe that? That’s one thing I’ve never understood — why go to a doctor just to lie to him?

Not that I needed the measuring tape. I knew a woman’s bra size as soon as she walked in the room. The tape was only there to provide reassurance.

It had actually taken me a while to guess Stacie and Kaycee’s identical bust size. I had seen that particular size before, of course, but they had always been fake. In my line of work there aren’t many sizes you haven’t seen. Stacie and Kaycee’s massive jugs were real, yet they shared certain features with fake breasts. There was absolutely no sag on them, and they looked firm to the eye but something told me that they were soft as pillows. While I was jacking off to them over the weekend I constantly pictured what I would do to their giant jugs.

There was something else that was bothering me about the Judd twins as well.

Identical twins were born identical, but throughout Keçiören Escort Bayan the course of life they often made changes to their appearance in an effort to establish individuality. Sometimes it was intentional; such as changing a hairstyle. Other times it was unintentional; such as receiving a scar. The Judd twins, however, showed absolutely no signs of differentiation.

I was drawn to this aspect once I had seen their breasts. One thing that influences breast size is weight gain, and their breasts were EXACTLY the same size. I then noticed that, in fact, their entire bodies were exactly the same size. I had scanned the image I had of them over and over in my head and could not find anything about their physical appearance that was even the slightest bit different.

I then took to social media in the hopes of finding pictures of the twins, but all of their accounts across different websites either needed a request or an invite. It was mind boggling for me. It wasn’t just their bodies. They wore the same clothing. They wore the same shoes. They styled their hair in exactly the same way. It was as if they were going out of their way to make themselves look as identical as possible and whatever it was they were doing…it was working. I thought back to that night at the restaurant and wondered if even Wendell and Stephanie had known which was which out of the two.

That’s where I stopped myself. Of course they knew which of their daughters was which. They were their parents, after all. They had even addressed them accordingly and confidently. But on the other hand…Stephanie had introduced them. It would have been easy for each girl to assume the identity of whichever name Stephanie called them by…

I told myself I was crazy for thinking that. After all, what possible reason would they have for doing something like that? There was nothing to gain…was there?

In any case I showed up to my office on Monday not quite knowing what to expect. They were my first appointment of the day and I had an hour before they were scheduled to arrive. The twins arrived half an hour early. My secretary allowed them in and showed them to the examination room where I was waiting.

That day they had chosen to wear black booty shorts and gray baby tees. They strutted into my office like models on a runway; each step brimming with purpose and determination. I was seated when they walked in. I was sitting in a black rolling chair in my full doctor’s garb. The twins walked in and immediately sat in the two chairs at the foot of the medical bed in front of me.

I didn’t quite know what to so, and so it was inevitable that the twins spoke first.

[u] “Hello, Dr. Geoffries.”

“Hi…” was all I could think to say in response.

“Did you enjoy yourself this weekend?” Stacie asked. “How many times did you jerk off thinking about us and our big, massive tits?”

“I didn’t do any of that.” I said, hastily and without much thought.

The girls giggled.

“You’re such a liar!” Kaycee responded in a playful tone. “We know you did.”

I ran both my hands from the front of my hairline to the back of my head and sighed.

“What the hell are we doing here?” I asked. “What is the point of all this….?”

“Mom and dad are in the waiting room…waiting for us, obviously.” Stacie said.

“Alright.” I said. “So what?”

“So we just need to pass the time so that they think we had a proper examination from you.” Kaycee said.

“Fine. Whatever.” I said. It was at this point that I realized the girls didn’t have their phones. This forced me to ask a question. “So what the hell are we gonna do?”

The girls giggled some more before Stacie spoke up.

“Well…” she said. “You could give us a proper examination…”

I should note that my cock had gotten hard the moment they walked into the examination room. I made little to no effort to hide it as there was nothing in between us to shield them from it and no other way I could think of to hide it. This erection wasn’t as extreme as the one I had gotten at the restaurant on Friday due to the excessive amount of orgasms I’d had over the weekend; I’d even jerked off at home before I left for work and again in the half-hour before they showed up in the examination room.

“That’s dumb. What would even be the point?” I said.

On the surface I was angry at them for giving me such an intense erection despite my efforts to keep it down, but deep down I wanted to do much more than examine them. I had also never been hard in the examination room with a patient before; this unfamiliarity only added to my anger.

“Well…” Kaycee said as she and her sister smiled brightly at me. “Maybe it would make you feel more comfortable if you actually did the work. You know like, I dunno, put your conscience at ease?”

I was silent for a moment. We all were. She made a good point, but at the same time I was thinking that my agreement with her might have been my lustful Escort Eryaman mind looking for an excuse to see their glorious tits again.

“Pleeeeeeease Dr. Geoffries?” Stacie said. “I promise I won’t lick your ear this time!”

I sighed as I heard her beg. For some reason hearing her say ‘please’ in that tone and in that manner made it difficult for me to say no; like a father hearing his innocent daughter plead for the first time.

“Okay fine.” I said as I rolled closer to them in my chair. “But this is just to pass the time, okay? And it will only be a medical examination; nothing more.”

[u] “Okay!”

I watched as the girls lifted their shirts up and over their chests; exposing identical pairs of black bras. They lifted their shirts up and over their blonde heads and shed them entirely. As their shirts fell to the floor they reached behind themselves and unclasped their bras. Then they shrugged the straps off their shoulders and pulled the cups away from their tits as they let their bras fall to the floor as well. I was suddenly in front of the two biggest pairs of breasts I had ever seen in my life once more.

“Did you miss them, Dr. Geoffries?” Kaycee asked as both she and Stacie cupped their boobs in their hands and presented them to me yet again.

“Is this what you’ve been thinking about since Friday night?” Stacie asked as they both gently jiggled their jugs in front of me. “Is this the moment you’ve been waiting for all weekend?”

I think it was at this precise moment that Dr. Geoffries left the room and Jed came in. I reached behind myself to the counter without taking my eyes off their generous chests and grabbed my measuring tape. I quickly rolled directly in front of them and brought my tape to each of their racks; desperately trying to keep Dr. Geoffries in the room. I hadn’t said a word; I’m ninety percent sure it’s because my mouth had been agape for quite some time.

I set the tape aside and stared from rack to rack. Stacie was on my left; Kaycee on my right. Both girls were sitting side by side and their four enormous breasts were lined up in front of me perfectly. I brought my head down to their chest level to examine them better. Their chests heaved inches from my face as they rose and fell with the twins’ breathing.

“Everything okay, Dr.?” Kaycee asked.

Her voice snapped me out of my daze and I was final able to speak…somewhat, at least.

“Y-yes…you girls are both, erm…you’re both very healthy.” I said.

The girls giggled yet again.

[u] “Thank you Dr. Geoffries!”

I rolled in front of Stacie so I could examine her breasts without the distraction of the second pair to my right. I leaned in to examine her nipples and as I did my nose caught the scent of her fantastic cleavage. I closed my eyes and basked in it, and after a moment I felt the full weight and soft skin of Stacie’s right jug hitting my cheek and dragging across my face from the left.

I let out a gasp as Stacie dragged her breast across my face. I could feel her hard nipple drag across the bottom of my eye and then across my nose. She then turned her body and dragged her left tit across my face in the exact same manner.

I felt my dick give a particularly hard lurch in my pants as Stacie rubbed her beautiful tits all over my face. I quickly pushed back on my chair and rolled away. I sat there staring at the twins, breathing heavily, panting…not sure of what to say or do.

Kaycee spoke up.

“What about me?” she said. “You haven’t examined my boobs yet…”

I gulped and slowly rolled forward until I was directly in front of her. Like Stacie she allowed me to place my face close to her chest without actually touching it, but unlike Stacie she reached around to the back of my head and pulled me into her amazing cleavage. I immediately felt both of her oversized tits jiggling around me; bulging into my face. Her skin was so soft you could sleep on it. As she lovingly clutched me to her big bosom my dick gave another hard lurch; this time I felt it get harder. Again I pushed my chair back to get away from the twins and sat there panting and breathing heavy as I tried to calm myself down.

As I sat there, wordlessly trying to catch my breath the twins slowly got up from their chairs and walked over to me. They stood immediately in front of me; I looked up and saw their big, heaving racks hovering above me.

“Dr. Geoffries…” Stacie said. Both she Kaycee then reached out to my face and gently, lovingly stroked my cheeks with the backs of their hands.

“Breathe.” Kaycee said. “Just breathe…”

Once again I did as Kaycee instructed. I breathed. My chest heaved from the deep breaths I was taking as I looked up at the two busty blonde beauties above me. They had looks of comfort on their faces as they stroked my cheeks. I suddenly felt overcome by warmth and I had to fight back tears. It was one of the hardest things I’d ever had to do.

As Kaycee kept rubbing Sincan Escort Bayan my cheek I felt Stacie’s hand ascend to the top of my head. She began stroking my hair as she spoke.

“We’ve had years to prepare for this…but you’ve only just found out on Friday. Kaycee and I want this, Dr. Geoffries. We want you…” she said.

It felt as though my dick was growing harder and harder. The more I focused on it the more difficult it became to speak. This had suddenly become a game of “don’t cum” and I felt like I was going to lose.

“Uhhh…..I….errr…I…” I stuttered.

Kaycee’s hand trailed along my face as she brought her index finger to my lips.

“Shh. Shh. Shh.” She said. “Don’t speak. Let us do the talking.”

I moaned, or maybe it was a whimper. Either way I felt both girls’ hands trail down my face; their soft, dainty fingertips tracing over my biceps and down the length of my arms. Each girl took my hands in their own and held them up for me in front of them. They looked down at me with looks of solemn comfort. I remember having this feeling like everything was right with the world.

Both girls now began to guide my hands to their big tits simultaneously.

“It’s okay, Dr. Geoffries. Like we said the other night; these are our gifts to you…” Stacie said as my hand grew closer to their huge tits.

“They’re yours, Dr. Geoffries…” Kaycee said. “They belong to you…”

I could feel the warmth of their bodies as my hands drew closer and closer to them.

“Touch them…” Stacie said as my fingertips landed on their soft, supple skin.

“Take them…” Kaycee said as they clamped their hands down over mine and forced me to squeeze.

[u] “Mmmh…”

“Ohhh….fuuuuck…” I moaned as I felt their tit-meat fill my hands. I squeezed willingly now; throwing caution to the wind.

The girls had their eyes closed and sweet, lustful smiles crept across their faces as they held my hands to their heaving breasts. I could tell there was more they wanted to do with their hands, but it seemed they didn’t want to take the chance of me pulling away.

As I sat there letting the twins use my hands to grope their giant tits I looked over the rest of their bodies. God, were they sexy! And they really were identical in every way. I searched and searched as their boobs filled my hands and I found no traces of individuality on their gorgeous bodies. I looked up at them. Both Stacie and Kaycee had their heads craned back; their blonde hair casually strewn across their faces and chests as I squeezed their massive tits in my hands.

“Uhhhhh…..uh!” Stacie moaned as she pressed my hand into her tit.

“Mmmm…uh! Uh!” Kaycee moaned as I squeezed hers.

This went on for a few more moments; me fondling their juicy melons until all of a sudden my orgasm snuck up on me. I realized all too late that I was going to cum and I tried to hold it back but it was no use. The twins opened their eyes wide and looked down at me as I struggled to hold back the cum to no avail.

“Uh!” Stacie moaned as I felt the first streak of cum fly out of my dick and pelt the inside of my pants.

“Uh!” Kaycee moaned at the second streak.

I squeezed their tits harder as I came; I wanted them to know I was cumming. I wanted them to know that I wanted them. I didn’t care about the repercussions; all I knew was that they were the bustiest babes I had ever seen and for that they deserved to be drenched in my cum.

The twins kept moaning and grunting at each one of my cumshots until my orgasm died down. When it was all over they held my hands to their chests tighter and shivered. I began to shiver as well. They felt this and immediately closed in on me. Kaycee held my head to her busty bosom and Stacie nuzzled her head against my neck.

“It’s okay…it’s okay…” I heard Kaycee chant as she slowly rocked my head and her chest to and fro. “Shh…shh….shhh…”

I could feel the cum on my crotch dripping down my legs to my feet. I also felt Stacie bring her head back up as she stood up straight once more. She leaned down and began planting kisses on top of my head. They were the softest, most gentle, most comforting kisses I’d ever felt. I breathed heavily into Kaycee’s chest as she did so; trying to catch my breath from the orgasm I’d just endured. Once again I had cum more than I thought I was able.

As my heavy breathing finally subsided the twins pulled away. I felt the warmth of Kaycee’s chest leaving me and the tenderness of Stacie’s kisses disappear. I felt disappointed. And it was at that moment, having experienced the sheer comfort they had offered me, that I had the realization that this was real. These girls were not simply toying with me or trying to amuse themselves; they genuinely had feelings for me. Whether these feeling were just the misconstrued emotions of teenage girls or your stereotypical schoolgirl crush remained to be seen, but at the moment I was in no condition to determine which.

I was in a daze. Cum had gathered in my socks and shoes and I was still recovering as I watched the twins reach for their shirts and put them back on. Now their enormous breasts were covered, and my erection could finally have a bit of rest. Finally, I opened my mouth and spoke.

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