This Wasn’t Supposed to Happen

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This is a work of fiction, nothing of it was real.

All Characters are 18 and above.


Hi, my name is Edward. I am a 67 year old lawyer reminiscing about times past and the events that led me and my wife coming together. When the following events occurred I was a 22 year old college student without a girlfriend and little prospects of getting one in the near future. On the Saturday this chain of events began I cleaning up the mess the Friday’s storm had created. One of the Elders asked me to tidy up the grounds for Sunday.

I never expected the following chain events to happen nor did I plan to them happen. They just happened.


I was clearing away what was left of a tree which that fallen during the storm on the church’s yard. It was every bit as humid and hot as it was the day before so it wasn’t long my shirt was soaking wet as was everything else covering my body.

Mrs. Lambert, the parson’s wife, called from the kitchen window to me, “Edward, come in to cool off before you become sick. ” I headed in to find her dressed in a very modest sun dress which buttoned down the front. The first four buttons we not fastened. When she came with a glass of lemonade she bent way over so I could look down her dress.

I looked down the dress. like most guys would have done, finding that she wasn’t wearing either a slip or a bra. Her tits were just hanging loose. They were a large C maybe a D cup and very beautifully formed. Her nipples stood up erect inviting my mouth to suck them but, the hell, this is the preachers wife.

“Are you cooled down Edward.”

“Yes I am Mrs. …,” she interrupted me, “Pease call me Grace.”

“Yes I am Grace.” I went back to the fallen tree.

A half hour later Grace called me in. This time she bent at the waist allowing the fan to blow her skirt up. Holy Mother of Jesus, she’s not wearing any panties because two round cheeks stared back as at me. She then spread her feet some just enough to let her pussy lips to be seen. Damn, this woman is calling out for me to fuck her or my imagination is running away with me.

I went back to the tree. A little while later I felt a cool puff of wind then I could see the the sky was darkening then the sounds of thunder reached my ears. I yelled, “Grace, turn on the weather channel!”

There was a green line crossing the whole sky, This was going to be a very violent storm because their where green clouds. That is a bad omen.

A short bit later she cried out, “They say there could be tornados associated with this this strong storm and that we should take cover. Edward I am scared come to me.”

There was no basement or storm shelter in the parsonage so we had to hide in the house . The southwest corner of the house just happened to be the bedroom. The only shelter was under the bed, fortunately the frame was high so it was not hard to get under the it.

We were very close and she was very scared I found a way to kiss her and as the wind blew, “Grace there is nothing to be afraid of. I am with you. Our lips met again so we kissed again but for a longer time and we kept exchanging kisses and tongues as the lightening flashes lit the sky. In our little cubby hole we met lips again taking each other’s tongue as deep in as we could outside the rain came down in torrents we were kissing preparing to make love. The storm was passing and my cock was rock hard.

I had coveted-Grace for sometime. I like everything about her and I dreamed of laying with her. Adding to my lust was the way our eyes would meet, I thought I saw love in hers. I knew she saw love in mine.

We slid out from under the bed The her first words were, “Edward, take me Please do not deny me.”

We got out from under the bed after the storm was passing we laid on a soft runner beside the bed. We kissed. As we kissed I was unbuttoning her dress and she was searching for my cock in my shorts. She found it and began stroking it after my shorts and briefs were discarded.

“Let me suck you.”

Of course I let her. “I’ve never sucked a cock before, do bear with me.” For being an armature she knew what to do. She kissing the head then licked around it. she di this a couple altyazılı porno of time. She then takes it laying in on my stomach licking and kissing down to my balls which she kissed and licked sucking on each one. She works her way back up my tool. Looking at me she ask, “How am I doing.”

“Excellent. This is not your first time.”

“Yes it is.” Then she take me into her mouth down to the base then sucking her way back up letting pop out of her mouth. when she reached the top she repeats the for weeks I think because all I could think of was the intense pleasure she was giving me.

“Grace I am going to cum.”

“Okay, I’ll be ready to receive you,” Grace said she goes down the shaft sucking again and again till I feel the cum coming up.

“Grace I am to fill your mouth now.” She gave a thumbs up just as I began to my semen into her mouth. She swallowed all of it.

“How was that?”

” You drove me mad with pleasure.

“Where did you learn to suck cock like that?”

I have my own tablet and server account for so I watched porn, a lot of porn because he won’t fuck me.”

“I want to fuck you.

“After you eat me we will.

“The women in the movies draw such pleasure from that but I have never experienced it, so eat me.”

Getting down between her wide spread legs, I positioned my mouth kiss and suck her clit. When my tongue first touched her down there, she shouted, “FUCK!” her body shook as her mouth uttered moans.

“O Edward, please keep going that felt so good. Bring me to have an orgasm. I’ve never had one.”

She was already wet. Her juices came out like a faucet covering my face but she did taste good so I lapped her up as I licked her pussy. When I reached her vagina.. I stuck my tongue it as a deep as I could. Grace grasped loudly and pulled my face down to the entrance of her love cave. After she release my head, my tongue went up her slit taking her clit into my mouth once more. I didn’t have to service her clit for very long for before I heard, “Don’t stop! Go faster! I I think that an orgasm is building in me. I did pick up the pace kissing and licking her pussy. In a short time after that she pushes my face into her pussy as hard as she and holding it there as a, “O GOD!!” pierces the house as she bucks off the floor taking my head with her.

Grace collapses on the floor.

“Edward, what did you just do to me?” Whew!

“I believe that you had your first orgasm Grace.”

“Wow. It was intense but it was pure pleasure. Thank you Edward.”

We kiss on the lips again.

“Let’s get on the bed Edward. I’ll be right back”

Grace the hops off the floor and runs into the bathroom coming out with a bath towel which she spreads out over the sheets. She then lays down on it a motions for me to join her.

“My lover, take me. Make me your woman.”

She was so very tight that pushing in was difficult even though Grace was very lubricated with love juice.

“Does the Pastor ever fuck you?”

“He’s never been in that hole. Please be gentle I need to get use to a cock in me.”

“Wow!” Given that information I push very slowly as she moans till I am balls deep.

“O god, Edward, it feels so very good inside me.”

The look on her face was one of pure pleasure and ecstasy. She laid flat on her back with eyes closed and her face pointed straight me.

“Kiss me tenderly.”

We kiss tenderly several times as my cock is buried within her.

My lover, fuck me now. But be gentle.”

I was gentle with her. As I pulled out she would say, :”Ah…ah.” and when I pushed in she’s say, “OOO” with an occasional, “Edward Fuck me. I love you.” thrown in for good measure.

Without warning there was an “Edward I am going to have another orgasm, fuck me faster.” Then, “My lover, go faster and harder.”

“I am going to cum Grace.”

“Cum with me. Fill my womb with your seed.”

I said, “Grace here it comes.”

“Yes, I feel the hot seed in my womb.

” AAAGGGGHHHHH” that was her second orgasm.

After I shot all my cum in her. I remained mounted on her until my limp cock slid out of her.

“Thank you Grace, that was wonderful.”

“I love you Edward. I’ve been admiring zenci porno you ever since I first saw you when he took up this calling. The admiration turned to affection and the affection turned to desire.”

“Strange, I have has a crush on you to Grace. Wondering what she’s hiding behind all those drab clothes. I dreamed of being with you like we are today. But your were another man’s wife.”

“Edward were lovers now and I hope we remain lovers for a very long time.”

We kissed in the after glow and I felt my cock getting hard again being so close to her.


“What my love.”

“Are you ready for round two?”

Her answer was to straddle me then to impale her self on my cock.

We slept together that night.

In the morning the events of yesterday seemed surreal in my mind, ‘Had I really fucked the preachers wife?’ The answer lay beside me naked in a fetal position with a smile on her face.

My cock was hard, With that knowledge, I spoon beside her then slid my cock into her. A soft “MMmm” came out of her mouth thinking she was still asleep. So being proud of myself I begin thrusting in and out of her. All that came out of her were low “mmmmm” sounds. My cock rode he in and out for a good 15 minutes before I exploded in to her. She has to be awake. “She is faking it. No one could sleep through that.”

As I was thinking that, she stirs rolling over to face me, “Did you just fuck me?” I responded positively, Grace just nodded then sleepily said, “Get closer. Put your cock in my ass crack,” My new found woman rubs me up and down until I am hard again.

“Now fuck me Edward.” As she rolls on her back then open her legs wide so I accept the invitation by sliding into her again.

“You naughty boy, taking advantage of a woman when she’s sleeping.

“I am awake so I want to feel your hot cum in me.”

We fuck a good long time. Her pussy is a bit more open today but she is still tight, wet and hot. My stamina is greater today can keep it up more today so we fuck longer. I can feel Grace tightening up realizing the she is near climax, “Fuck me Edward, fast and hard.”

“Cum with me baby.”

When she says, “Edward!!” I fire my ropes into her pussy.

When we recover a bit Grace says, “Now Edward, that is the way to wake up.”

She hops out of bed to begin her day.


We’re drinking our coffee when I say what is on my mind, “Grace I didn’t come over hoping we’d have sex.”

“When I saw you in the yard I wasn’t intending to have sex either, but after you came in that first time you came in, it knew that it was, now of never time for me but what really sealed it off for me was when we were under the bed taking shelter I knew I wanted you and not that homosexual husband of mine.”

She takes a long sip then takes my hand, “Edward I wanted you to be my man. I have thought about you, observed you and dreamed about you. Yesterday when that storm threw us so close together, I gave myself to you and you took me. When we had sex, our union was sealed for me.”

“It was sealed for me as well, but the State of Michigan is smore particular. The require a marriage license but we cannot get one while your still married.”

“I know that, which is why I am contacting my lawyer to file for a divoce.”

Then she throws the question I’ve been dreading and hoping for at the same time, “Do you have room for me ay your apartment? ” Grace, I have a one bedroom queen sized bed apartment. Things will be cramped but there is room.”

“Great, I’ll begin packing my clothes now.”

Fortunately she didn’t have much but she did pull some cosmetics out from some where and a dew books plus some skillets, pot & pans. She also whipped out a note to her legal husband with a copy to the Church Elders why she was leavening a why and divorcing him. Finally when she went in to check her hair she found some combs and brushes she wanted.

“Let’s go Edward,” then Grace as her final act of defiance, tossed her keys into the bushes.

The car was packed to the limit, we pulled out of the parsonage and headed for my place. Unpacking the car was every bit as much work as work as packing aldatma porno it but that wasn’t the end of our day, after Grace checked the refrigerator, the cupboards and my small pantry, then it was off to the store. It was nearly midnight before we hit the bed and so tired that even washing one another’s gentiles didn’t even arouse us.

**************The Day After:

The day after was a Sunday.

Around 2 in the afternoon, there was this ringing then it stopped, it began again, “Grace what’s that noise?”

She held her ear out then ran for her purse, “My phone!”


“I am great.”

“With Edward Smith.”

“Wait he’s going to want to hear this.”

When neither Todd (Grace’s husband) nor Grace showed up to mill around “glad handing” and alike, Joe Webber (The Head Elder) went to the parsonage, found your note to Todd and read it, he said he had to sit down for a while before letting the other Elders see it, after that they agreed to read it to the congregation. We all prayed for you and Todd.

Additionally, the first being that my Michael Harper (a CPA) was presently auditing the books line by line looking for anything suspicions entries and two other Elders were tracing Todd’s steps in Chicago because the conference ended Thursday afternoon so why wasn’t he home?

Grace turned to me after the conversation saying what did I think. I told her that I thought that the shit was about to hit the fan. I was scolded for using such colorful language but those were her thoughts to.

Monday morning arrived she got ready for work and I for school. She looked great in standard girl clothes, makeup and alike. I told her so and she told me she’s happy to reapply make-up for a loving kiss. As for me I got a hard on but I still had to drive her to work and I to school.

When I picked her up I could see she was excited because she was nearly dancing on the side walk.

“I’ve so many things to tell you!”

She talked all the way home, half hour drive with good traffic with traffic like this at least twice that. She was talking away but I was flustered by traffic. Grace finally realized she wasn’t getting through, “I’ll talk when we get home.” Thank you dear.

“Feeling better Edward,” Grace whispers in my ear. “Yes Grace.”

Then she told me about all the compliments she had gotten and how everyone said how happy she looked. Finally she came to the juicy stuff.

Jenny Wallaby, who worked in a different office, in the same building told her that Penny Wilson, a wife of an Elder, told her that when they tracked back Todd’s steps in Chicago, it was discovered that he had had some homosexual dealings because he frequented homosexual bars. That the Elders were conferencing Monday night on whether to defrock him.

“Wow,” I remarked.

After dinner and clean up she kicked my ass on three games of Scrabble and began then we watched TV and began to neck which to bed and sex.

Tuesday evening was even more eventual. We discovered that Todd had been defrocked they gave the 5 days to leave the parsonage and he cried like a baby.

Also, irregularities had been found in the church’s books and the police were brought in to investigate.

By Wednesday the police had issued an APB seeking to arrest him. Seems like over $10,000 was unaccounted for and al of it was directly linked to Todd.

On Thursday he has been found and taken into custody.

Friday morning the police were knocking at the door asking Grace to come down and identify the body. Todd has hanged himself Thursday night. I went with her. She was shaken and sobbed a little bit as she identified Todd as the corpse. She composed herself rather quickly and was ready to go home in seconds. As we drove home she told me that hated the bastard but seeing him dead still hurt her a bit.

“Grace we can get something out if you want.”

“No, I am okayed and I can make our dinner. You will need the strength for tonight.”



We married less then a year later and had our first child the next year her second came two a half years after the first two, then she has graced me with three more.

We’ve had the ups and downs of life but we have weathered the storms together and we grew in love because of them. Right now we are waiting for the clan to assemble for the Independence Day picnic can be served.

Young legs are hurrying up the stairs, “Grandpa, Grandma says for you to…”

The End.

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