This One Time, at Cheer Camp…

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***All characters mentioned in this story are 18 or older***

I was loading up the last of Emma’s bags into the back of my truck when she suddenly screamed, “Kayla!” I watched as Emma ran down the driveway and eagerly hugged her best friend. They giggled and laughed as I walked right by them and towards Kayla’s father.

“Hey there, you must be Mike! So nice to finally meet you!” As I reached out to shake his hand and help with Kayla’s bags in any way I could.

Mike’s eyes lit up, “…and you must be Will. Kayla has always spoken about how awesome you and your wife are.”

As we shake hands, I grab a bag, helping Mike with the two that he’s already carrying as we walk back towards my truck and past the two giggling girls.

I’ve been around Kayla dozens of times, having her over for dinner and study dates, but I have never grown tired of the brightness her presence tends to bring. Seeing the excitement each girl seems to bring out in the other seems to make everyone happy and puts me at ease. Afterall, agreeing to a 3 hour, one way ride, with a stranger wasn’t the most exciting proposition, but the plan wasn’t all bad. If I had to make the trip to State College to drop off my daughter for her yearly summer cheerleading camp, and Mike obviously needed to do the same… then it only made sense to carpool together, given the girls close friendship after last year’s camp.

As we walked past the girls I noticed they were each wearing their 2022-23 Junior Varsity squad t-shirts, the blue and yellow one with all the girls’ names on it. I was sure they planned that on purpose.

Now my little Emma was your typical bubbly cheerleader through and through. She stood at 5’6″, 105 pounds with green eyes and dirty blonde hair which she often kept in a ponytail. Her perky B cups worried me because if they continued growing, and filled out the same way her Mother’s C cups did, well I knew that I would be in a world of hurt due to the amount of boys who would naturally follow.

Emma historically had been an A/B student, though after becoming closer to Kayla, and as cheerleading became more and more the center of her personality, the grades naturally slipped into the B/C range. However, she was a great girl, an even better daughter and friend and genuinely a good person.

Kayla was the perfect match for Emma. Also going into her senior year, she had known Emma since junior high as they had year-in and year-out, almost always being on the same squads and teams together. The part that we all glossed over was the friendship, the close friendship, the two developed after coming home from last summer’s camp. Kayla’s hair was darker than Emma’s which made her blue eyes pop even more. She was just an inch or so taller and a tad heavier, though most of that extra weight appeared in her full, firm chest.

On the outside Kayla was a little more reserved than Emma. She had better grades and seemed to control her impulses a little better than Emma. But deep down, in her heart, she and Emma were the perfect match for each other, they were inseparable after last summer.

“Were you able to get any more condoms?” Emma quietly whispered to Kayla, “I only have a box of 12 and that won’t last us two days!”

Kayla grins back at Emma, “I got us covered. Took my babysitting money for watching those two insane kids and I went to CVS last night. I got two more boxes of 12 each. So if 36 isn’t enough for us, then maybe we have bigger issues!” Kayla smirked back as she quietly responded.

“See… This is why we’re best friends!” replies Emma.

“Are you girls ready?” I interrupted them.

Emma grins, showing her readiness as she hops into the seat directly behind mine. Kayla shakes her head as she hops into the seat behind the front seat passenger. Then both girls do what they normally do; they bury the heads in their phones and pop their ear buds in. The girls realized they could keep making their plans and chatting with us, completely oblivious riding in the seats in front of them.

I get in with Mike across from me as we take off towards the highway. Mike and I made small talk as we began to loosen up a little and get to know each other.

“The girls sure are growing up way too fast aren’t they!” I remark.

“Tell me about it… the other day I noticed that Lauren, my wife, was folding laundry, so I stopped and told her just how sexy her new panties were… boy the look on my face when she said that they were actually Kayla’s!” Mike replied.

I laughed to myself at his story though the image of Kayla in only her panties immediately jumped into my head unexpectedly. I continue driving, but my thoughts linger on Kayla as I finally respond to break the awkward silence.

“Well it can’t be too much worse than what their practice uniforms look like. Have you seen that girl, Nikki, on their squad? I cant believe seks hikayeleri her parents even let her out of the house dressed like that!”

Mike grins as he responds, “Oh yes I’ve seen it. And between you and me, that’s part of the reason I don’t complain when Lauren asks me to take Kayla to practice!”

Meanwhile in the backseat the girls were furiously texting away to each other, making plans as their ear buds kept them oblivious to the conversation in the front of the truck.

Emma: “so who are you fucking first? I call dibs on Rob and his perfect cock!”

Kayla: “Good choice! But I want Tyler first, he was the only boy who knew where my clit was.”

Emma: “LOL…he was good with his hands AND his mouth!”

Kayla: “Dont forget about Josh and Adam, oh and Brian is getting more than just a hand job from me this year!”

Emma: “We’re gonna need a spreadsheet to compare notes and to make sure that we don’t miss anyone… Fuck why cant we be there already? Im so wet that I hope that I don’t stain my Dad’s seats!”

Kayla: “Easy girl, just a few more hours and we’ll have all the dick we can handle. I swear as soon as we register I’m heading to the counselors dorms! I already got a text from Nathan and he said he’s in room 103C… Im sooo there!”

Emma: “Hours to go and not a cock in sight!”

Kayla: “Unless you count the two up there!” She points to the front seat.

Emma: “OMG you are such a slut! But that’s also why I love you, but besides, you know I’ve seen my Dad like out of the shower and stuff… and even though he wasn’t hard… he was still HUGE! Like Logan Connell, huge!”

Kayla: “No way! Don’t tell me that! I bet all Dads are huge! Like they never stop growing or something. Well if we don’t get there soon, I might have to take a pass at your Dad!”

Emma: “Bitch! LOL… even if you did, whatever you did to mine, I’d do to yours!” She sticks her tongue out at Kayla as she sends the message.

Up in the front seats, I’m still making small talk with Mike as we get closer and begin to warm up to each other.

About an hour into the trip I interrupt Mike telling the story of how he met his wife and ask, “Think the girls are ready for a quick bite to eat? I need to top off too and I’m sure the girls could use a pee break.”

Mike shakes his head as I motion to the two girls in the backseat to take out their earbuds. “You girls ready to stop for a quick bite?”

“Nooooo” Emma playfully whines. “I just wanna be there already!”

Kayla rolls her eyes while slumping back in her seat, knowing this will only add to the length of the trip. She texts Emma “I cant get up from my seat or your Dad will see the wet stain that I left.”

Emma giggles to herself as she reads it. “Well let’s make it fast Dad! We can’t be late for registration or we’ll get crappy rooms on the top floor.”

I tap my brakes slightly, disengaging the cruise control, as I steer the truck towards the next exit. Soon we pulled into a little gas station with a diner attached to it.

As Mike and I get out to fill up, the girls hop out together on the far side of the truck. “Yall go use the restroom, we’ll fill up and meet y’all for a quick bite then it’ll be back on the road” I tell them.

The girls grin and go skipping off together inside. Emma immediately scopes out the interior, hoping that there might be at least one cute boy inside. She and Kayla are a little bummed to see the usual suspects found within a highway gas station.

They enter the restroom together and chat between the stall walls.

“Lets skip lunch, I’m only hungry for one thing anyways” says Kayla.

“We can just hurry and get back on the road” Emma replies.

“Hey Em, truth or dare?”

Emma smiles to herself as she finishes, sliding her shorts back up before replying “Duh… dare!”

Kayla laughs as she stands up and opens her stall door. “Remember that old guy behind the cash register? Well I dare you to flash him!”

Emma scoffs as she goes and washes her hands, fixing her hair in the mirror. “I thought you were gonna give me something hard!”

Kayla giggles, “Oh you wish!”

The girls quickly exit together, Emma knows she can’t back down from this dare. Plus knowing there are others inside the store plus her own Father will be inside any minute causes her to move with a sense of purpose.

Emma is all smiles as she looks around the gas station, seeing that everything appears calm and quiet. She gives a quick peek inside the attached diner and is relieved to see that there isn’t much going on. Em heads right up to the cashier, an older man, probably in his late 40s or 50s; he’s not particularly attractive, but not ugly either.

The man smiles as the girls approach him, “Can I help you two with anything?”

Emma wastes no time as she sex hikayeleri grabs the bottom of her t-shirt as she walks right up to the counter, “Maybe I can help you!”

She lifts her shirt along with the bottom of her bra in one fell swoop. Her perky tits come bouncing out of her bra as the clerk’s eyes are glued to her chest. Emma giggles, Kayla giggles and the man’s eyes light up.

Before he can say anything, Em quickly lowers her shirt as the girls skip away, giggling, arm and arm together. They head into the attached diner and crash into a table, laughing uncontrollably.

Within just a minute or two, I come walking in with Mike on my heels. We slid into the booth across from them. Mike is seated across from Emma, while I’m across from Kayla. We immediately notice the girls can’t stop laughing but wont answer why when we ask.

The waitress interrupts us all as she comes and takes our drink order. The girls finally calm down and place their orders. As she walks away I ask the girls a second time, “So seriously, what was soooo funny?”

Emma flashes a grin to Kayla who then answers, “Oh nothing Mr Will, just an innocent little game of Truth or Dare!”

“Truth or Dare? Like we used to play when we were kids?” Mike asks.

“One in the same”, Emma blurts out. “Only ours is way way way more fun!”

I lean forward in my seat, “hows that?”

Kayla answers before Emma, “because we’re a lot more fun!”

I turn and give Mike a look who is shooting the same face back at me. “How so?”

“Nevermind Dad… it’s not like you would want to play” Kayla responds.

I can sense a small amount of excitement in the air as my eyes dart back and forth between Em, Kayla and Mike. The tension is cut as the waitress returns with our drink order and takes our food order.

As she walks away we all sit in silence for a moment before Mike speaks up, “so who goes next?” He asks as he smiles softly at me.

Kayla and Emma look at each other and grin, “No, no Dads allowed!”

“Why? Scared that we might win?” I grin back.

Emma looks to Kayla with a playfully stern look, “Fine, Mr Mike, you’re first; Truth or Dare?”

Mike perks up in his seat, surprised that we are actually doing this. “Truth!” he says.

Emma’s eyes glued to him…. “Ok, is Kayla’s Mom the only one who you’ve, you know, done it with?”

“Emma!” I forcefully interject.

Mike grins, “Its OK Will… I guess this is gonna be that kind of game… well the answer is ‘no’, no she’s not.”

Emma’s eyes bug out of her head. One, because he actually answered and two, what the answer actually was. Now she’s old enough that she knew deep down that was likely the answer, but for the life of her she didn’t think that he’d actually answer and answer so truthfully.

Kayla sees this as her opening and says, before anyone else can speak, “So Mr Will, Truth or Dare!?”

“Truth….” the word slips from my lips without me even thinking about it, my brain still trying to comprehend what is going on.

Kayla winks towards Emma then leans in to ask, “Ever been caught… doing it?”

I’m caught like a deer in the headlights as I look to Mike for a lifeline. He just smiles and shrugs his shoulders indicating that everything is cool. I then look at Emma who seems very, very into my forthcoming answer. Finally my eyes land back on Kayla who seems to be waiting on pins and needles.

“Well… I mean, we weren’t exactly caught… but we did have a recent close call… Emma, remember a few months ago when you brought that boy home after class, Jacob, I think was his name”

Emma quietly nods with a strange look on her face.

“Well your Mom and I had been in the kitchen and you know, one thing led to another… and we weren’t expecting you home that early. So we were in the middle of… ‘baking’ in the kitchen when we suddenly heard the front door open and your voice.”

The look on Emma’s face turns from strange to one of general concern.

“Well I was almost finished with my ‘baking’ when Mom suddenly pulled away at the sound of your voice and pulled her dress down. That left my ‘batter’ with nowhere to go. So you know that bowl we keep on the counter… with apples or oranges…. yea” I trail off.

Mike coughs as he sips on his water as Kayla lets out a laugh.

Emma thinks on it for a moment… “Wait, I remember that day! I introduced Jacob to you and Mom in the kitchen… Jacob ate one of those apples!”

Kayla bursts out even louder at Emma’s statement.

“Im so so sorry Sweetheart” I try reassuring her. My face turns slightly red as I grin.

Emma sits back with a playfully frumpy scowl across her face. “Well serves him right for cheating on me.”

Kayla playfully slaps Em on her arm, “Oh calm your tits, it’s not like you didn’t take him right back a week later!”

I sit back in my chair and steal a glance with Mike. Neither of us had ever heard our own daughters talking like this… so open and honest… it’s weird but in a refreshing kind of way.

Emma sits back up in her seat, “If we’re gonna continue, you guys can’t pick ‘truth’ all night.

“Fair enough” says Mike, “who is going next?”

Kayla perks right up, “Emma, Truth or Dare?”

“Dare!” She answers confidently.

“I dare you to go into the bathroom, take your panties off and leave them here on the table.”

Before Emma can answer, the waitress returns and begins passing out our plates. Mike and I can barely say ‘thank you’ to her as we wait to see what Emma’s response will be. As the waitress leaves we all take a bite or two in silence, almost as if Emma relishes the suspense.

“Oh right… I’m up!” Emma stands up as we all three watch her disappear into the restroom. After what seems like forever, she calmly exits and returns to the table. We can’t see anything in her hands, but the suspense is palpable.

I take another bite in silence, but my eyes are glued to Emma, as are Mike’s. Emma appears to laugh to herself as she reaches below the table top and moments later lays her black lulu lemon athletic thong on the table. I instantly recognize it, not only because it obviously came from Emma, but Sarah wears the exact same ones.

“Seriously too easy Kay!” Emma smirks.

“Well you know I’m picking a ‘dare’!” Kayla says as her eyes are glued on me.

Mike can’t even hear what his own daughter is saying as his eyes are glued to Emma’s thong laying right there in plainview on the table.

Emma looks over her shoulder and around the diner. “Hmmm Kayla… I dare you to flash whoever you think is the cutest guy in here!”

Kayla’s eyes widen as she turns slightly red, immediately drawing her eyes away from my gaze. This request even brings Mike out of his trance with Emma’s panties. He looks at Kayla in disbelief at this request.

Kayla draws in a long deep breath, knowing there is no way that she’s gonna let Emma win, she attempts one last ditch hail mary effort to win without having to go through with this.

“Sure you can handle this Mr Will!?!”

Im stunned, taken completely off guard, “Me?”

“Well you are the hottest guy in here, no offense Dad.”

“No offense taken” Mike quietly replies.

“I… um, sure, I’m cool.” As the words exit my lips I’m half expecting Mike to punch me but as I look towards him, I see his eyes down on Emma’s thong still displayed in the middle of the table.

Kayla played her last card, her only card, but she still won’t give Emma the satisfaction of beating her. She looks around to make sure the coast is clear as she reaches up under her shirt and lifts everything just enough that her breasts spill out from below. I’m able to see her ample size and soft pink nipples proudly on display.

Kayla returns her shirt back down as she notices the waitress coming out from the kitchen to check on us. As she asks if we are ready for the check, I watch as Kayla is playing with her bra outside of her shirt, readjusting everything. The waitress either does not see it, or for some reason, she ignores Emma’s panties front and center on the table.

“I think we need to get back on the road guys!” I announce as I take two $20 bills and set them down on the table. Mike also throws some cash down and we all get up to leave.

“Dont forget those Mr Mike.” Emma says as she motions towards the table, obviously to her panties. Mike doesn’t need to hear another word as he quickly snatches them up and into his front pocket.

As we all walk out, Mike and I are in a stunned silence. Our brains are trying to process every detail of what just happened while our imaginations run wild with ideas of what might come.

Emma whispers to Kayla as they walk infront of us, “We really doing this?”

“I cant wait any longer, can you?”

Back at the truck we all get into our original seats. As I turn the truck on, I wait to put it into drive. Kayla’s voice finally pierces the silence inside the cab. “Wanna switch seats Daddy?”

Mike looks at me as I do the same to him as he answers his own daughter. “Sure Sweetie!”

As they both get out on the passenger side of the truck, they pass each other for a brief moment, “Dont do anything I wouldn’t do Daddy!” Kayla whispers.

Mike slides into his new seat as Emma grins. Kayla slams the door closed as she gives me a big, toothy grin now that she’s up in the front seat.

Emma wastes no time. She props her right leg up on the seat, leaving her left on the floor and spreading herself. Mike’s eyes glued to the small piece of fabric that is barely covering her. Mike instantly remembers that he has her panties and that small strip of fabric is all that’s currently containing her.

“See something you like, Mr Mike?”

Not to be outdone in the front seat, Kayla looks over and sees the outline of my cock obviously pressing against my pants. “Looks like someone is excited! Can’t we find a rest stop or somewhere quiet!?!”

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