This May Have Ruined Sex For Me!

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Alexis Fawx

What you are about to real is completely true! It’s so amazing that it has basically ruined sex for me for the rest of my life! The only thing that isn’t real is the name.


So what I thought was a good life starting up for myself began to all fall apart. Feeling lonely, and feeling sorry for myself. The greatest lay I ever had called me out of the blue. I guess she had heard that things were falling apart for me. She asks if we could meet for dinner. So we met unfortunately I got called away for work and thought my chances for another night with my dream girl Sarah.

My obligations with work ended quite quickly and I called Sarah back to see what she was doing and to apologize for leaving so abruptly. She asked me to come by her house, she had a fresh bottle of wine and she didn’t want to drink it alone! So I went over and we hung out! She poured us each a glass, and we sat on the couch and started to talk about old times and what we have each been doing over the last few years. It was like we never missed a beat and we were talking and laughing like old times! She kicked back on the couch and set her legs across my lap. I could feel myself becoming aroused and started to slide my hands up her freshly shaving legs they were smooth as silk! Before I knew it we were kissing. Sarah has amazing lips and may just be one of the best kissers that I have ever had the pleasure to kiss!

Soon we were tired of being on the couch, there was a lot of kissing and touching. Sarah grabbed my hand and led me up her stairs to her bedroom. We were kissing and ripping each other’s clothes off. I threw her on the bed and ran my hand across her chest and grasped her throat. I then kissed her as deeply as I could. I kissed my way down her neck to her chest where I took her nipple into my mouth! Sarah for being over 40 has the most amazing tits accompanied by the longest and hardest nipples I have ever seen! I took one nipple the move over to the other one. While I was doing this I ran my along the side of her chest, across her hip and reached as far as I could down her leg. I circled my hand to the inside of her leg and dug my fingers into her thigh as I moved my hand up to her dripping wet, clean shaven pussy.

Sarah was moaning and bucking her hips now! She görükle escort was out of control with passion that I know nobody in the world could top at that very moment! Nobody on this earth was as turned on as we were at that very moment! She put her hands on my head and told me “I want to feel your soft lips on my pussy. You have the softest lips and nobody gives me oral the way that you do!” To tell the truth nobody’s pussy has ever tasted they way that her pussy tastes! I wish I could explain it but it is perfection!

I move down to her pussy and circle her lips with my tongue. I then took her clit into my mouth and began to suck on it, I swear I could feel it get harder in between my lips! I then fuck her pussy with my tongue, she taste so damn sweet. Her hands were grabbing the back of my head and she is bucking her hips on my mouth, I could tell she was about to cum. But in the back of my mind I was thinking is she going to squirt for me? Sarah is a squirter and not just a little bit, I’m talk like porn star squirt. Only Flower Tucci and Cytheria seem to be able to compare to her. If I could video tape her we would be rich! I could make her the most famous squirter on the net! Then I feel it, her muscles relax and she fills my mouth with her squirt, there is so much I can’t even swallow it all! She is now bucking her hips hard and faster than ever and she starts moaning, “More, more, more,” then she cums again in my mouth!

She then says I need your cock now! So I finish licking up all her cum around her pussy and I even lick the cum that has made her tight little asshole shiny! My mouth and face are covered in her cum. I kiss her and she proceeds to tell me that she loves tasting her self. I move the head of my cock to her pussy, it is clear she doesn’t want me to use my hands, she say she likes the struggle and the way her pussy lips rub on my cock the first time a cock enters her! There’s a lot of friction almost like were dry and sticky! Finally her lips spread and make way for my cock. I put my head in just a little and pull it part way out and I repeat this a couple of time then I grab her legs put them on my shoulder and with one last shove, I slam my cock all of the way inside of her! She is so fucking tight I can’t believe bursa escort bayan she ever had a kid. It reminds me of when I lost my virginity as a kid! I start to fuck her and immediately she is moaning “more, more, more!” I’m fucking her as hard and as fast as I can then she wraps her legs around my hips and then gushes all over my cock while it’s buried inside of there. She then begs me for my cock, but she wants it in her mouth, “oh God I love to taste myself,” she is sucking my cock like if she doesn’t somebody is going to lose their life! I stop her and tell her not yet I’m not ready to cum.

I lie on my back and tell her I want her to stand over me. When she does I told her I want you to squirt all over me. Do you think you can do that? She then starts to rub her pussy and in about 30 seconds she is soaking me with her sweet nectar! My body is soaked the bed is totally soaked, and her knees are weak! She the sits on my cock and begins to rock and forth, soon she is cumming again I can feel her cum squeeze out around my cock and I can feel it running down my balls and I can feel it soaking my asshole! By now I am ready to blow my load I reach under her and pull my cock out and rub the head of my cock on her clit! She begins to squirt all over me again as I am cumming now myself I can feel her juices and my cum mixing and it is the most amazing orgasm of my life! She then flips herself around takes my cock into her mouth and begins to clean up our cum! Never in my life have I experienced such amazing fucking!

I grabbed her ass and pulled her pussy onto my mouth, telling her I want her to grind me and fill my mouth with her cum! Well it didn’t take too long for that to happen she filled my mouth with my cum, both of us were tired and she layed down next to me. I layed on my side talking to her and running my fingers over her amazing body. We talked about relationships and why it seems like nobody ever understands us. Or why people are so uptight and so afraid so sex and fantasy. She asked if I had any fantasies that I never got to share. I told her how much I love pantyhose and stockings. I told her how I want a woman to take off her stocking stretch it over my cock, give me an amazing wet blow job, then fuck me while I’m wearing her bursa escort stocking!

Sarah got up and went to her dresser at this point grabbed a stocking and did just that! She stretched her black stocking over my cock and began to suck me off. Man I was going to cum quick, we didn’t get it quite wet enough so she poured some lube on my cock and then sat on top of my cock, it was amazing. We fucked and she came at least three more time, I know it sounds impossible but I promise I am not underestimating how many times she came that night!

I pulled out of her again just as I was about to cum and again I rubbed the head of my cock on her pussy and she came all over my cock as I was cumming inside of her stocking!

I could not believe how amazing this night was going, I haven’t come so hard and been so soaked with Sarah’s cum in my life! We both stood up and looked at the bed it was soaked with our juices, well mostly Sarah’s it was so fucking hot! We threw some towels on the bed because the bed was cooling off but Sarah was not done with me. Sarah love different positions and it so exciting it keeps my cock rock hard!

I was lying on my back again, I love it when she sits on my face! This time though I went for her ass. I wanted to fuck her ass with my tongue. This made Sarah quiver with pleasure! Her ass was taking my tongue and even gaping a little. She asked me if I would fuck her ass. So she climbed on top of me and I let her take the lead and slowly she lowered herself onto my cock. Oh my God I screamed you are so fucking tight amazing! She fucked me nice and slow for a few minutes. Let me tell you there is something so hot and taboo watching my cock stretch a tiny little asshole out. She wanted my cock back in her pussy. So she went down on my cock and gave me a quick blowjob, then climbed on top of me and fucked me like a cowboy rides a bronco! She came two more time and I was about to cum for my third time of the night! I loved how I came the first two times so much that I just had to do it again. Right as I was about to cum I pulled out and got her to squirt all over my cock while I was cumming for the third and final time of the night!

I was completely exhausted and my body was trembling. Sarah’s bed was soaked I have never seen anything so wet and it was all from us having sex! Absolutely the greatest night of my life! In fact till this very day as I write this nothing compares. I’ve had sex with other women and I just can’t get Sarah out of my mind! She’s all I think about she’s all I fantasize about!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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