The Zip Files Bk. 01: Zip Unzips Ch. 07

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Zip Unzips

Episode One of the Zip Files – the Saga of a Lesser Supervillain

Recap: Zack ‘Zip’ Zilch, the biggest loser in wealthy San Cajetan High School, has discovered he has the power to control womens’ clothing and to enlarge his penis. In one of his first acts using his new powers, Zip ended up losing his virginity to his buxom teacher, Mrs. Denise Sablier, in her own classroom; and came away with footage of her sucking and stripping for him on his phone.

Zip has now asked his busty teacher to come to his home on Friday night and give him further remedial instruction and she has complied – but his first attempt didn’t go quite like he hoped, leaving himself exhausted and her seemingly almost completely unaffected by his efforts. Having safely and pointedly hurled the condom full of his cum into the trash, Denise informed him he had thought too highly of himself, as he tried to recover from his refractory period.

Chapter 7: Zip keeps Training

Standing over him, hands on her hips, the naked teacher tapped a finger to her lips as she gazed down at him. Zip lay sprawled and spent beneath her on the couch. She smiled.. Then, her eyes dropped to his long limp penis. She may have disposed of the full condom, but his cock was still covered in cum.

“Let me get that,” she said cheerfully, pointing.

Darting over to his desk, she grabbed up a box of tissues intended for exactly this purpose – though they had never before been used by any hand other than his. Kneeling before him, she wiped off his cock carefully, and also where it had dripped on the floor. Then, reaching back, she tossed the soiled tissues in the trash.

By the time she finished Zip had started to recover – but his penis was still limp. Reaching out, a big smirk on her lips, Denise stroked it – as if consoling his big swinging cock for the failure of its first attempt to ‘tame’ her.

“You trying to make me hard again?” Zip asked her.

She giggled. Her slender fingers gave another caress along his veiny shaft, making it twitch. “Maybe,” she purred.

Spreading her hand out, she wrapped it around his giant squishy cock-head, and gazed upon it like a witch into her crystal ball. The expression on her face said, in effect, ‘why shouldn’t I wake it up? It’s not like I have anything to fear from it.’

Zip furrowed his brow.

“Why, if you didn’t get anything out of it?” he asked.

Looking up, Denise’s expression sharpened.

“Let’s get something straight, Zip,” she said. “I didn’t orgasm, but that doesn’t mean I got nothing out of it. Do you think I would have slept with all those guys, if I didn’t enjoy it at all? I mean… some of them, sure. But not all of them.”

Looking down, she gave his long penis another stroke, and smiled.

“I’m always happy to get a nice deep-tissue massage,” she said. “Especially when a guy volunteers to do all the work.”

Bowing her head, Denise gazed on his big and now half-limp penis, cradled in her hand, and smiled.

“Of course I got something out of it,” she told him. “Just, you know… not the kind of thing that’s going to make me come crawling back on my knees and begging naked at your feet, like you thought.”

Lowering her head further, she gave his long twitching penis a gentle kiss – as if giving his monster-cock a bit of consolation, for failing to live up to its over-inflated billing. Then, she lifted back up, gave it another smile, then turned her eyes back up to his face.

“Tell you what,” she said. “I’ll give you another special treat, to make up for all that hard work.”

Reaching over, she slipped her hand back up into her purse, and brought out another item from her careful early-morning supply run: a bottle of lubricant. She had purchased it just in case he had insisted on trying anal – but given his current half-broken spirit, there seemed little danger of that now. Pouring it down into her breasts, she rubbed it around until they shone. Then, a big smile on her lips, she lifted them back up, and tucked his still half-lip penis between them.

“There,” she cooed. She rocked her tits back and forth, letting him flop back and forth from one slick rounded surface to the other. “How does that feel?”

Zip’s jaw dropped, in awe. “A-amazing…” he could barely stutter out, as his long shaft wobbled back and forth, being squeezed and caressed by her twin giant melons, as if they were playing their own very private game. One very few people of either sex were properly naturally equipped to engage in.

Denise smiled. “It had better,” she cooed. “Even back in the day, I didn’t do this for just anybody…”

Then, reaching out, she wrapped both hands around the sides of her breasts and, squeezing them together, began fucking him with them. It was a little difficult at first, given how limp he was – and she had to modulate her pressure carefully, lest he pop out. But that was a problem that solved itself, quickly.

She bursa escort bayan gasped softly, staring down, as, sliding her cleavage up and down him, she felt him start to harden rapidly between them. Soon enough what had been a flopping rope once more swelled back into a proud veiny scepter, towering upwards between her breasts. Said gigantic melons continued to stroke and wobble around it joyously – as if happily welcoming their new colleague once more back into the exclusive absurdly-oversized-sex-organ club.

“Mmmmm…” Denise said, staring downwards. Reaching down in between her big glistening tits, she ran a fingertip around his enormous cock-head – and giggled, as she felt his re-hardened shaft pulse eagerly between her wobbling jugs. Then, extracting him, she dried him off with some more tissues, opened up another condom, and unrolled it down him.

“I will give your big long thing this,” she cooed, stroking up and down him again. “It may not have quite lived up to the hype… but it is persistent!”

He sighed, and nodded towards the couch beside him.

“Lie down,” he told her.

She smiled, and did as she was told. Climbing up onto the couch and once more sliding down onto her back upon it, she looked back down at him.

“I didn’t hit a nerve did I?” she asked him, as she spread her legs once more.

Zip shook his head. “No,” he lied.

Still, he was feeling a bit discouraged, as he climbed back up into position atop her. He re-entered her, making her whimper as he spread her pussy wide once more, and then panted rhythmically as he began to lay into her.

But then yet again, stroke after stroke after stroke, even his gargantuan cockhead plunging in and out of her didn’t seem able to get her much further than that.

After a couple more minutes of his sweaty and seemingly fruitless exertions upon her, Denise shook her head – and then demonstrated his continued ineffectiveness within her by engaging him in some further conversational banter.

“Zip,” she cooed up at him comfortingly, as the sweaty boy continued to vigorously work at laying pipe into her. “It’s sweet that you’re so into pleasing me. Really, I’m quite flattered. But I think it’s time to consider that you really are barking up the wrong tree.”

Perched atop her, his hands wrapped around her sweaty bare shoulders, Zip grimaced – but said nothing, and continued to pound thrust after thrust into her. He varied everything he could think of – force, tilt, tempo – within her taut yet sloppy hole. All seemingly to no avail, other than the slight tremor in her voice each time she spoke.

“I think you need to accept,” she said up to him, even as her big breasts jiggled against his chest, and her thighs quivered to either side of his thrusts, “that if you really want to get good at this, Zip, then you need to grow up. And that means putting my needs first, and yours second. You need to accept that ladies like me really are purer beings than you. We can’t be satisfied by mere carnal pleasures, like you men. If you want to please me, you need to start by worshiping my soul. And furthermore…”

She continued on this vein but, gritting his teeth and clinging tight to her curvy flesh, Zip wasn’t really listening. He could barely feel her gooey channel, through the thick condom – but its squeeze was enough to keep him hard.

He was very frustrated. Not really paying attention to what she was babbling up at him, he was instead focused on her body. Though she appeared impervious, he had started to realize she still could not help but give him a few signs. Like how she shivered a bit, every time he rubbed just so along one spot right along the front wall of her pussy. Or the way her breath caught ever so slightly, every time he nudged a particular point very very deep. And he knew exactly what he was doing whenever he caressed his tip along the nub at the top of her vulva at the outer end of each stroke, and her thighs pressed in and shivered against his flanks in response. But, to his irritation, try as he might, he could not seem to hit all of those spots simultaneously. Or any of them, consistently, either, if he tried to speed up.

But then he suddenly realized he might have a way to cheat. If he could adjust the size of his penis, could he also adjust its shape? He decided to try.

While he was all the way in her, he paused momentarily, feeling her squeeze around him and trying to visualize where he wanted to be. Then he pulled out, and shifted his position slightly. And while he did so he envisioned his penis shifting too, taking a bit more of an upward bend, and also twisting ever so slightly to the right. It worked. Then he slammed back in again – and could instantly tell he was not quite there. So he tried adjusting his shape a little further – and then a little further.

Denise, busy coming up with more advice for him, hadn’t really noticed anything.

“And another thing,” she said. “If you really want to please me, you can gorukle escort start with your behavior. Nothing turns me on, Zip, like a man who does exactly what I want him t-“

Then, suddenly, on what seemed like just another smooth deep stroke of Zip’s penis, her voice suddenly caught in mid-syllable. A shiver ran through Denise’s entire lusciously curved body, and her eyes spread wide.

“Was that it?” he asked her, eagerly. “Did I just nail the A-spot?”

Mrs. Sablier’s eyes blinked repeatedly, while her lips just quivered silently – as if she were still struggling to come to terms with exactly what she was feeling. Then, before she could formulate words, his own body moving eagerly, Zip had already slid smoothly back out and then slammed back in – nailing the exact same spot, only a little harder this time.

“Glu-glugh!” Denise gurgled wittily. Her eyes seemed to bug out slightly, upon her suddenly pale and sweaty face.

“There?” Zip asked. Staying deep, he touched it again with short little strokes, one after another after another. “I finally found it, didn’t I?” he asked her, eagerly.

Pinned beneath him, Mrs. Sablier shivered uncontrollably, as he continued to touch the mystery spot again and again. She could also tell, deep down, that he was somehow also perfectly stimulating everything else she had to offer too… but that was not having nearly the same impact, so to speak, as his mammoth cock-head pushing into a deep center of pleasure she had never had touched before. Had, somehow, never even found herself. She shivered again, as he rubbed that fact in once more, literally, deep within her. Then, unable to speak, her lips trembling, she slowly and silently nodded.

“Awesome!” Zip laughed. In celebration, squeezing his hands tight around her breasts, he swung his hips back and nailed the little spot he had found deep inside her, harder than he ever had before. The impact made Denise’s eyes cross, and a tiny unintelligible gurgle emerge from between her luscious lips.

“Alright,” he said down into her, across her immense jiggling breasts caressing his chest, while continuing to tease the new weak point he had just figured out how to exploit, “get ready Mrs. Sablier. Now that I know just how to fuck you, I’m going to go ahead and let you have it.”

And then, he started drawing back. And, as his big penis drew back out of her cunt, her mind started to slowly clear – as if the fluids clouding it were being pulled back by the enormous suction provided by his giant plunger, moving back down her tautly-sealed vagina. With that momentarily clarity, her eyes slowly spread wide and her jaw dropped open – as it suddenly sank in what was about to happen to her.

“Oh!” Denise gasped. Her eyes turned up and stared up into his face, blinking wide in shock. “Zip!” she gasped. ” I… I don’t know if I can…”

But, unfortunately for her, by that point the first stroke of his furious new tempo was already inbound. With a delighted little cackle of his own, Zip suddenly slammed down into her – and his mammoth cock, plunging down into her pussy, cut off her ability to speak in mid-syllable with the same totality as if it had just gone down her throat. And then, setting a brutal rhythm, he proceeded to do so again, and again, and again and again – as fast and hard as he possibly could.

Her eyes going so wide they seemed to be trying to pop out, Denise’s jaw dropped wide open, and a shiver ran through her. And then, moments later, still denied the ability to speak, she seemed to also suddenly be put upon an iron-clad decree, dictated by his long and hard-thrusting royal scepter, that she could not remain silent either. Lovely head thrashing back and forth and up and down, Denise began to let out an unending series of ululating vocalizations that, though they shot up and down the register and involved all sorts of wild contortions of her mouth, had two things in common. First; not a single one even vaguely resembled an actual articulate word; nor provided any other evidence of actual thought occurring within her pretty shrieking head. Second, each and every once seemed to be forced out of her by the action of his enormous cock making another vicious plunge down into her absurdly wide-stretched cunt.

Zip was only slightly less surprised.

“Oh… oh wow!” he gasped.

For suddenly it did not seem so much like he was lying on top of her, as experiencing what an earthquake would feel like in a world made entirely of sleek thigh, flat belly, and giant wobbling breast. Denise’s body thrashed and spasmed helplessly beneath him, as he pounded into it – as if, along with giving her a dictate not to remain silent, his royal scepter had also just delivered into her a decree forbidding even a single part of her curvaceous body to lay still. Her enormous breasts began to surge up into him like the tides, bouncing and slapping almost painfully off his chest. Her belly writhed and wriggled up against his abs, every bursa merkez escort bayan time he sank deep up inside it.

And those were not the only parts of her that started moving. Up until now, save for when she’d helped him up and got him into position, Denise had adopted an almost entirely passive ‘I’m going to lie here and let you try your best’ approach to getting nailed by Zip’s penis. Suddenly, her arms leaped up and seized a tight grip up on him, her shivering fingers clenching hard as they sank deep into his flesh. Zip was suddenly seized by the fear that she was about to yank him up out of her and then cast him off of her, just to make the storm of bewildering new sensations stop.

But though there was clearly a part of her that wanted that – and he could see it clearly as every emotion she had now rippled openly across her gorgeous contorting face – for better or for worse, it was outnumbered by all the other parts that could not imagine a more horrible fate. Having seized hold of him, as her wild eyes stared up at him, her shivering hands were just able to hold him tight and claw at him – but were able to do nothing whatsoever to stop the continuous slamming of his massive cock up into her defenseless cunt.

Recovering a bit from his own initial shock, Zip smirked down into her face.

“What’s the matter, Mrs. Sablier?” he asked her. “Didn’t all those guys you bragged about fucking prepare you for me?”

The flippant query seemed to cut into her swirling cock-blendered brain just enough to drag her back to her senses; at least a little bit. She gaped up at him, her shining cheeks suddenly growing pink. And then, as if loosened up by his question, her lips started to move in a way that just barely managed to form words – if still not terribly coherent ones.

“I… I…” she gasped. She paused to groan, her entire body shivering under another deep thrust, and rolled beneath him in a way that thrust her huge breasts up harder into his chest. “I… I don’t… I never… I didn’t…”

But her brief attempt to return to her previous chatty demeanor failed. For not only had she suddenly been jumped up to a far more intense state – but this time, inside her, things were accelerating rapidly. Without even realizing it, her buxom hips had started to push back up instinctively into his every thrust – helping his giant cock ream down into her outmatched pussy just that bit much harder and deeper. Juices were vomiting out of her absurdly over-stretched vulva every time his massive shaft slammed home inside her – and yet more seemed to come out with each and every thrust. And Zip, for all his inexperience, could sense it too. Sense the way the clenches and convulsions of her pussy, which he could feel worshiping him even through the thick condom, were growing faster and more enthusiastic with each stroke he made into her.

Soon it was all he could do to hold on and enjoy the ride – and keep making sure each and every thrust landed right there, where she was weakest. Denise’s brief attempt at speech dissolved back into a series of warbling gurgles.

And then, suddenly, things seemed to go even further. He felt her body tense beneath him, in a way he hadn’t ever felt before. She pushed up into him, pressing every inch of her sleek sweaty flesh against his – as if she were trying to unify her sacred shapely body with his own by pure force of eager enthusiastic will. Her eyes wobbled before him, and then rolled up. Then, throwing her head back until he could only see the underside of her sculpted chin, she began to shriek loudly and continuously, in a way that nearly made his ears split. And in that same instant he suddenly felt her pussy go into a frenzy, clenching wildly on his cock – while he suddenly felt a rush of fluid onto his balls.

Even being Zip, it didn’t take very long for him to figure out what had just happened. Throwing his head back, he suddenly started to laugh. He thrust ecstatically, into her gushing pussy, laughing each time he slammed home yet again.

Whatever it was, the intense wave that had suddenly slammed through her seemed to crest, and then gradually subsided. Her shrieks grew weaker, fewer, and then trailed off into quiet mewling. Visibly exhausted, she slumped down limp beneath him – though her body continued to squirm and wiggle, helplessly. Having pushed her through her peak, Zip backed off from his own frenzied burst, but continued to pump unceasingly through her now completely flooded pussy.

“Was that what I just thought it was?” Zip asked, leering down into her sweaty, disheveled face.

Mrs. Sablier had come down off her peak – but from the look on her face, she had done so in the sense of a mountain climber falling off a cliff. For a few seconds her gorgeous face just twitched, her eyes blinking emptily, beneath a thick sheen of sweat. Then, gradually, the question seemed to sink in. She took in a sharp breath, and her eyes suddenly swiveled up and fixed on him.

“I… I don’t… I…” she started to say.

At her confusion, Zip just grinned.

“You just orgasmed, didn’t you, Mrs. Sablier?” he asked her.

She took a deep breath – and her face suddenly seemed to go a little pale. Instinctively, she shook her head. “No!” she gasped. “That’s… that’s not possible!”

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