The Young Duke of Tupping Ch. 02

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Feet Legs

This story may not be reproduced without explicit, authorized written permission.


Dressed in only his white silk shirt, the Right Honourable Tristram Framlingham-Smythe (newly elevated to be the Duke of Great Tupping and Viscount D’Enculade) reclined on his back on his huge four poster bed, one hand behind his head supporting his neck, the other slowly stroking his erect phallus.

With a slightly bemused smile he removed his hand from Mr. Priapus and gently passed his fingers under his nose. Even though he had bathed upon returning from his sexual escapade in cook’s room, the lingering feminine odour from her fanny was still faintly evident, and this essence was contributing mightily to the steely erection he was idly manipulating.

Were it not for the wonderful smell of her on his fingers he could possibly be excused for believing he had been dreaming, as the motherly cook had first sucked his manhood until he had exploded in her mouth and overflowed onto her glorious mammaries, and then lost his virginity as she wantonly guided him into her hot, wet, clingy experienced cunny.

His turgid cock seemed as rigid as a steel bar. As he idly stroked himself his mind drifted back to the unforgettable initiation he had undergone with the buxom and matronly cook, and her parting words that his education was only beginning.

What to do? His dilemma was quite simple: should he spend into a handkerchief for some instant relief, or save it in the hope he could sally forth once more today into Mrs. Lambert, the cook?

In his reminiscent state he didn’t hear his bed chamber door open…

…and was rudely brought back to reality by a loud gasp…

Still clutching his rampant phallus, he hastily turned towards the noise, and was greeted by the sight of the housekeeper, Mrs. Edwards, standing there clutching clean linen, wide-eyed, mouth agape, staring at his purple-headed heavily veined truncheon.

A widow of some ten years, Mrs. Edwards was of the same middle aged vintage as the cook, and was another retainer who had been in the family’s employ for as long as the young Lord could remember. Also like the cook the housekeeper had an exceedingly ample, well-fed figure.

In the midst of hastily searching for something to cover himself up with he glanced at the interloper, and was surprised to find that her eyes were still fixed on his weapon, her cheeks blushed ruddy and her bountiful bosom was heaving in a quite delightful and becoming manner. More importantly, she had not been overcome by an attack of the vapours and fainted, nor had she made any move to turn and flee.

Armed with his new-found sexual confidence the young Duke quickly surmised that the widow Edwards was fascinated by his manhood, and may not be averse to resolving his dilemma – if he approached her in the correct manner.

So, abandoning his attempt to cover himself up, he slowly advanced towards the housekeeper, his prick rampant and jutting out from beneath his shirt.

“Mrs. Edwards, I am sincerely apologetic for any distress I may have caused you by my unseemly behaviour,” he quietly murmured, with an apologetic smile.

“I… I… I…I’m sorry sir…”

“No, Mrs. Edwards, it is I who must apologize. I had completely forgotten that you make your rounds at this hour. I should have been more considerate,” he continued.

Quite involuntarily, her right hand strayed towards his magnificent tool, and as she touched it’s heat, she groaned: “Gawd,” she muttered, “It’s been years since I seen one of these, let alone one as ‘andsome an ‘ard as this.”

Resisting a victor’s smile, the young Duke quietly whispered, “You can do more than touch it if you wish Mrs. Edwards.”

“Rose, please sire, it’s Rose; an’ wot would you want wiv an old bag loik me?”

“But you have a mature beauty Rose; a magnificent chest, a beautifully rounded arse…”

“Make the most of this girl,” she muttered to herself, quickly shedding the linen she had brought into the room. Dropping to her knees, she reverently held his tool hard porno in both hands, brought it slowly to her face, and gently rolled it around her cheeks. Having savoured that for a few moments she then slowly fed his rigidity into her mouth and started to slurp on his manhood.

This woman was certainly no stranger to the art Tristram realised as his cock began to throb.

“If you continue that Rose I am going to spend in your mouth, and I am sure you would wish to avail yourself of my weapon more before I do so,”

“Oh sir” she gasped, “It’s been more than 10 years since my Bert passed on, and I ‘aven’t seen one let alone one as beautiful as this in all that time, and I damn well ‘aven’t got this close to one in an age before that.”

“Up you get then” he said, handing her his arm for leverage.

“Did you really mean it, sir,” she implored. “I can do more than touch..”

“Of course, what do you have in mind?”

It’s been so long sir,” she sighed. “Just take me please.”

With that she hunched up her skirt and petticoats, rapidly untied her drawers and pushed them down her legs and kicked them off, then turned round and bent over his bed…

Faced with the sight of this mature, demure housekeeper displaying her charms Tristram quickly moved forward, spread her large arse cheeks, ran his turgid prick along the hairy slit nestled between her cheeks, then slid forcefully up her hot, wet cunny.

“Oh my Gawd,” Rose cried out, “I never thought I’d ever again feel an ‘ot cock throbbing in me.” And with that, she screamed out another loud “Oh Gawd,” and convulsed into an earth-shattering orgasm.

It was all Tristram could do to hold on as all her ample charms seemed to jiggle in different directions. As soon as she began to calm down Tristram commenced to ream her hot, wet old hole, which soon had her screaming into another spend.

Enjoyable though this was, because he had already had two major spends himself earlier that afternoon, Tristram was quite content to let the old housekeeper enjoy reklamsız porno herself… for the moment… as he was nowhere near another eruption himself.

So after a couple more of her quaking orgasms he pulled out, jumped onto his bed and lay on his bed, and invited Rose to climb on top. This she quickly did, guiding him into her soaking hole.

As she started to bounce up and down on him he managed to undo her blouse one laborious button at a time. As soon as her magnificent chest was revealed he pulled down the top of her corset and out they spilled – two pendulous huge, blue-veined tits with large stiff crinkled nipples.

As he stuffed an erect nipple into his mouth Rose screamed out again, dissolved into a quivering orgasm, then flopped forward onto his chest.

As her heaving bosom gently slowed to normal she sat up and with surprise realised she was still impaled on his tumescent prick, and that her young Master had not yet spent.

“You haven’t…”

..” Not yet,” he interjected. “I’ve been enjoying you enjoying yourself.”

Whilst this was true, he was, of course, omitting to inform her that the cook had already coaxed two large loads out of him already just hours before.

Shakily climbing off him she surveyed the soaked and matted hair which surrounded his massive erection. Then, leaning forward she grasped his manhood in one hand then guided him into her accommodating mouth.

A few hand strokes, combined with her talented mouth soon had him at boiling point. And with a large groan his throbbing prick squirted several powerful jets into her willing mouth.

“Lovely,” said Rose, as she licked up some stray strands of his cream which had coated her lips. “Can we do this again, please Sir?”

“Of course, Rose” he murmured as he drifted off to sleep. The day’s exertions finally catching with him.


(To be continued… maybe.)

May I thank all of you who have kindly written to me. When I occasionally write these fanciful ramblings it is really nice to know that some of you derive some enjoyment from them. The positive feedback encourages me to write. The vicious feedback is somewhat sad: constructive criticism is always welcome – but the nastiness puzzles me, as it seems to be vindictiveness for its own sake. I suppose that’s life.

Rem Innes

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