The Uninvited Ch. 04-3

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Chapter 4 – Part 3

That faithful weekend would plant the seed of hatred in Jen… she had convinced herself that perhaps she had finally found the elusive happiness she so desperately searched for.

That search resulted in as many disappointments as encounters; one of them resulted on her becoming pregnant; she had thought, wrongly that the kid would secure him by her side; it wasn’t so… He had effectively disappeared, never to be heard of again. Canada is such a large place; leaving Alberta was easy… leaving someone’s life, even easier.

Cheryl had never been a promise, just a distraction… she was way to self-centered to even consider giving anything away… perhaps a woman would be the answer, that’s where Nanci fitted in so perfectly.

Jen thought for a moment that maybe Nanci was also searching for her twin soul; she could not possibly love her older girlfriend; it must be the comfort of a place to live and an alternative to loneliness.. Yeah, that must be it; – ” Nanci, I am the one… you are the one… “- I mean it was love in the steamy night? Was it Love what propelled Nanci to provoke Jen to that extreme? It has to be… there are no other explanations…

Jen, smiled as the workweek approached; she had called Nanci the following day but without success… maybe she was busy… That’s Ok, on Monday all will be back to normal and the passion will be rekindled… or so she thought.

Monday morning, Jen arrived unusually early görükle escort to the call center; she wanted to find out from Nanci why she didn’t return her calls, she’ll have the time to talk to her before falling into the routine of work. Nanci arrived late.. Jen saw her from her cubicle and she smiled broadly seeking Nanci’s eyes… But she just gave her a brief smile back..

“Well, maybe something went wrong at home… maybe she finally told her girlfriend that all was over; that she had found another to love, without the hassle, younger and eager as she was” … That night of passion couldn’t have been less than growing love, or was it?

Nanci, didn’t approach her back during the very first couple of hours, staying at the other side of the office where her station was, a couple of times Jen saw Nanci getting up and chatting as usual with the people there.. Never had she gone to Jen’s

I understand – Jen thought – she doesn’t want to clue the rest on their affair; I get it – She breathed a sigh of relief at finally understanding her strange behavior.

At some point she saw Nanci heading out to the corridor heading to the washrooms; she saw her opportunity… as a matter fact, her heart jumped in her chest in anticipation of a quick horny thirsts in one of the stalls.. Wetness manifested itself between her now pulsing snatch while she walked down the corridor.

Jen entered the washroom which was deserted… for a moment she thought bursa escort bayan Nanci had gone to another place in the building A sound at the very end of the room caught her attention; she walked towards one of the last stalls.

Nanci was just getting out when she came face to face with Jen

– “Oh, Hi Jen… What’s up? – Said Nanci with a big smile – “What you’re up to?” –

– “Nanci, I want to touch you, right here, right now!” – Jen demanded. Of course, she felt this time it was her turn to take matter into her own hands. She closed the gap between them and began to kiss her very heavily and to touch her breast. She lifted her shirt and took one of Nanci’s nipples into her mouth and started to tease the nipple with her tongue.

Nanci moaned, letting her know she was enjoying the attention.

-” Woahh.. Jen, what got into you?” – Nanci managed to say, her breathing becoming quite irregular as Jen’s hands slowly started to undo her trousers. Being a bit baggy, they just fell straight off of her sexy ass. Jen started to touch her with her fingers while continuing teasing her nipples with her mouth. Her hands roaming all over her clitoris, her pussy becoming wetter and wetter with every stroke. Jen didn’t said a word, consumed by an animal impulse to consolidate her possession

She wanted to taste her, so she got down on her knees. Jen began to please Nanci’s pussy with her mouth and tongue. At first, just light kisses bursa escort with her mouth. Then started to rotate her tongue on her clit, in motions from slow to fast. She started to breathe harder and harder. Jen knew she was about to give her girl her first orgasm. She knew then that Nanci was hers, just hers.

Nanci’s body felt like it went weak against Jen’s mouth when she started to cum.

– “Oh! Jen! – “Nanci looked down at her saying that.

Jen licked all her juices up into her mouth. Then stood up and looked deeply into her eyes and kissed her. Nanci flipped Jen around and pushed against the end of the stall wall, and told her it was her turn to please her. – “No. That was all for you. Now, I must return my desk, and go run some errands before the day is over with. And you must go back to work. “- Jen said to her.

She looked at her in amazement and said – “Are you for real?” – She told her

– “Yes, honey, you can please me soon, when I shower. You can get down on your knees and please me in the shower with water cascading all down my back and yours. ” –

Jen felt an enormous relief as she knew there would not be an argument as Nanci fell silent and reached for her pants still gathered around her ankles.

Jen walked out of the stalls and left the washroom. She could not believe she was leaving. But, sometimes it is fun to please and not be pleased. Just to see the look on Nanci’s face after she has been pleased satisfied her. Before she crossed the door she turned and smiled back at Nanci…

– Honey, this is just the beginning – And she let the door close behind her… a smile crept in her face while thinking… – “Oh yes Nanci, you’re mine… you’re definitively mine”

Life was good

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